During State election time in 2014 six South Australian criminal government public officers illegally imprisoned me for defamation "on Youtube" their claim, one stated that on video as they bundled me into the back of an Ambulance that waited out the front of my house for half an hour for police to arrive. It's recorded in my published video on my other website (www.2-dogs.club) the six included two uniformed police.


But instead of using the courts where they knew they'd loose, they criminally abused the Mental Health Act and imprisoned me in a high security mental health facility, dozens of their State health public officers claimed amongst other things I was "delusional" because I believed there was a conspiracy to imprison me illegally.


This false delusional claim is what they used to permanently cancel my driving licence in 2018 at the next State election time, after I insisted in 2017 that I should be able to use my name with my signature and a photo less that 12 years old on my photo driving licence.

brain 01 right eye.jpg
Card MRI Science of Criminality 100pc .p

The Science of Criminality

Some people hate other people because they're different. Government falsely give it labels, racial discrimination, anti-bikie laws, conspiracy theorists have mental health issues, a war on cannabis is for our protection, so they can legally hate both inside the deemed 'offensive' boxes and legally hate outside the labels to harm outspoken free-thinking people like me they can't put inside one of their delusional boxes.

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