FRANCIS v COLE Direct Bias

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Card Finlaysons Ralph Boing Professional
2011 Bruce Lander ICAC Health Crimne Rep

Alison Barbara Jane COLE (left) a British citizen on a work visa in Australia made medically unsubstantiated false statements to government public officer (Nicholas above) that are clearly criminal defamation, made at the express request of motor vehicle driver licencing department ultimately being an act of defamation & in breach of my Australian Consumer Law guarantee, not fit for purpose medical consultation. Purpose of COLE's "medical service" was for a legally proper medical certificate. COLE's statement that I was "delusional" because I complained about "illegal implants" that COLE claimed by inference, not by evidence, that my 'illegal implant' claim had been disproved. COLE has no evidence whatsoever to that effect, nor does anyone else. COLE's 16 March 2018 faxed statement to old Nick at RTA, day before 2018 State election, was cited as the reason why my untarnished licence was cancelled. In court COLE "officially" claimed her statement was “not a medical diagnosis”. But the Judge refused to acknowledge that “in court verbal admission” made by COLE's in court lawyer, the ex-Law Society president, BOING the co-terrorist.


Points to note:

  • COLE insisted I might have arthritis which I agreed was possible. However she was not specific where she believed this mystery (to me) arthritis is. Considering I complained of illegal implants in my shin and forehead I suspect a person is not in need of a medical degree to firmly state with knowledgable authority that "no I have no arthritis in my shin or forehead" because arthritis forms on an injured joint. Not the smoked kind either. Clearly on the ample evidence COLE participated in a politically motivated act of terrorism against little old me at State election time in 2018; fully supported by both major political parties. Which is pretty fuked up, to say the least.

  • Every Medicare or private paid meeting with a medical doctor is a "medical service" under Australian law, therefore every statement made as a result of any "medical service" in a official "diagnosis."

  • The motor vehicle driver licencing government public officer acted in "abuse of public office".

  • Both acted with reckless "criminal defamation" .


  • Yes, its medical negligence, but it's much more than medical negligence its also in breach of (federal) ACL and stinks of organised crime in breach of (federal) Criminal Code when in walks Judge with outrageous direct bias decision to appease an ex South Australia Law Society president, representing a FINLAYSONS for defendant COLE see  LINK HERE.

  • Professional liar is obviously someone who will lie in a circumstance in the course of their occupation despite knowing it's against the law and in breach of professional standards in that context, but lies anyway in order to preserve or increase their income or reputation. Ralph Bonig's LinkedIn quote:

"In 2011 I joined Finlaysons as Special Counsel where I work primarily in the Litigation Department with a focus on catastrophic events and risk management. I have and continue to advise and represent a variety of clients including individuals, corporations, insurers and SA Government entities in complex multi-party professional indemnity claims, medico-legal matters including coronial inquiries, public liability and catastrophic personal injury claims.


The question is is there any in Australia with what it takes to be a really good lawyer / barrister and take on this matter under the terms above? Thus far the answer is: heck no.

AUSTRALIA MEDICAL PROFESSION where crime does pay & pays well.

The Supreme civil court in Adelaide made sure a Master of the court took my matter. On the rules of the court an application in interlocutory decided by a Master can't be appealed.

FIRST defendant Cole and SECOND defendant Gpaxis both filed an interlocutory to dismiss my claim on the basis it was "vexatious" which was 100% unjustified.  It never entered my mind that the judge would ignore all my evidence but that's exactly what the Judge did.

“Vexatious” means productive of serious or unjustified trouble and harassment, see:

Oceanic Sun Line Special Shipping Co Inc v Fay (1988) 165 CLR 197.


With direct and open bias the (Master) Judge Bochner agreed totally ignoring all of my medical evidence.

I can't appeal the decision despite the criminality of it, therefore the Supreme Court of South Australia as created a rule" that is "vexatious" and  in  breach of our Australian Constitution.

Gpaxis Pty Ltd is a medical practice in Adelaide's "Seaford Meadows" and "Munno Parra". Alison Barbara Jane COLE is (still) one of their agent medical doctors and at all material times was on a work Visa from England. 


At State election time in 2018, COLE illegally agreed with a Transport public officer to criminally falsify a openly fraudulent medical certificate so the State could illegally and permanently cancel my driving licence making it look legal and have the same effect as if it was legal .

​In court COLE claimed  (through her lawyer) her information to the Transport department public officer on a commonwealth proforma "medical certificate" was NOT a medical diagnosis.

Therefore, the department cancelled my licence on unsubstantiated hearsay otherwise known as "criminal defamation".

Cole admitted by inference to "criminal defamation".

The Transport department public officer evidently in need of some fast cash is Nick Hadjisavva who by default committed s251 criminal abuse of public office and s257 criminal defamation, but State police and State Transport Minister both don't give a damn.

Due to criminality of SA State government (executive) Transport department, (judiciary) Supreme Civil Court and (parliament) Minister of Transport, I've not been able to legally drive since 2018 that's been over 2 years which has caused me serious physical injury on at least three occasions in that time.

COLE and GPAXIS on the other hand breached my Australian Consumer Law rights by not providing me a service that was “fit for purpose” etc.


Unbiased "executive government" decisions are also guaranteed under Australian law and extend to Australian Consumer Law.

I'm not afraid of bullshit or bull-shitters, sure it stinks and is offensive however I wasn't afraid of you when I was little and despite of all the bullshit you've all thrown at me I'm still not afraid, I'll never be afraid of total scum by any name.

News media across the country reported on the woman being arrested for incitement on her Facebook page, something which ill informed people do every day in Australia. I ask you to question why no news media outlet has picked up this gross invasion of our Constitutional rights that prevents me from correcting criminal surgical rape, both medically and in the court system, actions that have resulted in my unlawful defamation by persons in the medical profession and in the THREE ARMS of GOVERNMENT to conceal any part of this organised government crime in breach of Australian and international HUMAN RIGHTS law.

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