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Alex Vella's Rebels MC

Card 2020 Fake 1984 Rex Walters Murder V

if you don’t interfere with Janette's family Janette won’t interfere with you.

I'm the mother your parents warned you about - I never forgive.

If you can't take it from a mother don't dish it out like a motherfuker.

I’m a “the whole truth” sort of person. It used to drive my poor mum crazy when I was a child as I was unable to give her a simple explanation for anything. I’m quietly confident this trait drives dishonest people to distraction but hey, in my defence, you are who you are, you can’t help being what your DNA has designed for you.

Considering I was told by me ex Campbelltown High School 1969-1972  friends that if you don’t interfere with “The Rebels MC” then they won’t interfere with you. So you can imagine
how shocked I was (pun intended) when I discovered they’d claimed I was one of their’s. Even if I lived a thousand years I’d never consider being subservient to any other person, man or woman or Monarch of the Glen.

Considering the ongoing SERIOUS HARM these malicious lies have caused to my children and my extended family through accusing me of being a Rebels bikie moll who faked her own death - then all I’ve ever wanted is to know is the truth and rescue my innocent family and my equally innocent self from this political saga of completly depraved and utter bullshit.

Recently I discovered a
Wikipedia page on an “Alex Vella” which led me to his website where he claims to be a family man in need of being reunited with his brothers. So I left this note as a comment for this specific Mr Vella. Before I posted copy on my Facebook page as Mr Vella’s comments are linked to your Facebook page, by enabling verification of your ID, as used on your Facebook profile, be it a fake or genuine Facebook ID.

5 December 2020 (today)
“Hi Alex. Considering you're such a wonderful and caring family man, would you make an official statement about your involvement with the consortium concealing the 35 year fraud about the person born circa 1945 known as your Liverpool NSW Rebels associate, “Lynette-Styles and Leanne-Walters and Elaine-Sloman” ?
Your rersearch reference is at these links:-"

In my (Janette Francis, 1Kingston1) Facebook linked post I wrote these 4 comments. Coincidently, I’ve read that for Asians the number 4 is said to be an unlucky number. It’s a good thing this Mr Vella isn’t Asian is guess. That being said I mean this Mr Vella no harm, I’d like him alive to tell his side of this 35+ year outrageous political propaganda:

Facebook comment #1

“Janette Francis 5 December 2020
There was a Campbelltown NSW veterinarian practise that was operating for many years by someone with the last name "Vella" as printed on their business name sign out front of that business. Indeed my male parent went there many times with our family dog a black kelpie "Kim" he bought as a flea-ridden pup from a fruit market in the 1960s Liverpool area. Is "Vella" a common family name? Alex and his 10 siblings all immigrated to Australia with their parents after all, maybe some uncles and cousins also immigrated. What's the odds the Vet is family related to this Alex Vella?”

Facebook comment #2
“Janette Francis 5 December 2020
According to his website, Alex Vella's parents owned a Strawberry Farm in south west Sydney before Alex started his Rebels Motorcycle Club. I wonder if that was why the Simpson & Harvey fraud authors wrote about the fake Leanne as being "an associates of Alex's Rebels MC" and loving "strawberry" milkshakes. I did wonder why they put that fruit reference into the book with a title "... the inside story of two bikie gangs". Was that an example of product placement advertisement?

Card 1984-2018 Police Brothers Lie ears
Card 1995 Janette Family at Christmas 10
1966 Janette East Campbelltown Primary S
Card 1970 Campbelltown High School class
1961 Bunyan NSW.png
BIA Bikie Wars.png

Didn't strike me until today 5Dec2020 how much Alex Vella Rebels MC (below) from his website, looks like actor portraying Comanchero MC

Jock Ross on BIA Bikie Wars 2012 cover (left).

Alex Vella RMC looking like BIA Bikie Wa
BIA Postscript Milperra Massacre Nect Ti
Australia Map Trans Flag Logo.png
Card 2019 Janette selfie aged 63.png

Facebook comment #3
“Janette Francis 5 December 2020
Naturally the next curious question is: Did the current Prime Minister "Scott Morrison" cancel Alex Vella's Australian Visa when he was immigration minister in 2014, because the Liberal Party considered Alex Vella a "loose cannon" and potentially liable to "spill the beans" on the Liberal Party's involvement with the consortium concealing the (then) 30 year fraud about the person born circa 1945 known as Alex Vella's Liverpool NSW Rebels associate and the bipartisan 1984 (fake) "bikie murder" victim, “Lynette-Styles and Leanne-Walters and Elaine-Sloman” ? The mind boggles.”

Facebook comment #4
“Janette Francis 5 December 2020
My history as a bipartisan political enemy of the criminals in Australian governments taught me that this consortium create new "outrageous government crimes" against me seemingly to create a diversion (subterfuge) to detract me from the main event. The original fraud on front cover of the Sydney main daily newspaper on 3 September 1984, the "fake bikie murder victim Leanne Walters aged 16". The evidence strongly suggests the fake author Lynette Styles is the natural mother of the fake author Lindsay Simpson who in 1989 wrote about her mother's fake death as an Alex Vella Rebels MC "moll" murdered by a rival motorcycle club with me and my family used as the scape goats since the Simpson & Harvey book of lies was published in 1989. Shame on you "fake family man" Alex Vella. A real "family man" doesn't do anything to hurt any other "family" if for no other reason than his negative actions might come back to harm his own family. #RebelsMC”

All I’ve ever wanted is to know the truth and rescue my innocent family and my equally innocent self from this political sage of complete and depraved and utter bullshit. Naturally I'm happy to publish this Mr Vella's comment below. So Mr “Alessio Emmanuel Vella (born 5 June 1953), or Maltese Falcon” to quote another tenacious female Australian politician; “Please explain.”

But wait there’s more.


Also on this Mr Vella’s website was discussion of his insurance payout after a motorbike accident. The website explains that 1/4 million dollars enabled his purchase of a Harley Davidson store. Unlike fake author Lynette Styles I’ve not been stalking Mr Vella so I have no idea about the details of his personal life or even whether what’s on his website is fact or fiction, as I haven't put any implants in his ear I can't profess to know what he's "thinking." But I will say that if it is true it’s a perfect example of the entrenchment of inequality for men and women in Australia.

As a 1960s child I knew my male parent was a deviant and always kept children my age and younger away from him when I was around him. Like when he was hired to work on the extension to buildings at my East Campbelltown primary school circa 1968. Between then and my high school years I’d forgotten all that, I say intentionally interfaced with. Circa 1968 I woke up one morning with the shivers. I couldn’t stop shaking. This went on for a couple of weeks. The doctor told mother to give me kelp  (seaweed) vitamin tablets which she did. Recent research suggests I may have been given a lobotomy.


Also some time in the mid to late 1960's my oldest sister, Lynette Francis was working in Sydney as a sewing machinist at Lido Ties she was walking over a pedestrian crossing with her best friend, Judy, when my sister Lynette was hit by a motorcyclist. My sister spent many weeks in hospital with her leg in traction and in a great deal of pain during and well afer her long stay in hospital; she never worked again.


In stark contrast to Mr Vella my sister Lynette got no compensation, to my knowledge. The only thing of value my sister owned was a portable record player our parents bought for her 21st birthday. She never had the confidence to drive I say because of her accident.


As Australian law deemed in the 1960's and for another 15-20 years still, Australian men literally “owned” their wife and children who were classified under Australian law as the husband’s “chattels” which also meant they “controlled” withdrawals from the bank account of their wife and children, who needed written permission from the husband/male parent to even open their own bank account.  This situation outraged me immensely causing me to often break out in a tantrum to the bank’s teller from time to time when I was broke and needed train fare to get home. It also meant I’ve never had a savings account refusing to conform to male domination. It wasn’t until mid 1985 that Australia’s federal government finally rescinded this absurd law thanks to people like my 1970s hero of women’s rights Germaine Greer.


Therefore, in 1960s it would have been in our male parent’s best interests to hire a lawyer to sue the person who ran over my sister, or sue the “nominal defendant”, or sue whoever you sued Lido Ties as my sister Lynette was on her way home from work (worker's compensation.) He knew enough Sydney and Canberra lawyers and physicians in the Freemasons to get someone good enough for the right price. But he didn’t. My question is why? Who was it that ran over my sister? Did our male parent get something of more value to him than money?

Recent research says the Lido Ties started in 1949 and wound up the year after Alex Vella's Australian Visa was cancelled.

“Fast forward” to 2001, when I read the Simpson & Harvey reference to the NSW police arranging an anniversary neck tie to celebrate their fake bikie murder victim success in the book that had a photo of me (aged 28) as the fake 14 & 15 year old murder victim; it reminded me of my sister Lynette, her motorcycle accident and that she worked for Lido Ties sewing mens neckties. What a coincidence I thought; not.

In about 2003 I went to the advertised Granville NSW address of the Hells Angles with this to see if they had heard any rumours about this police crime" - their street number was the same as mine in Goulburn. They were clueless, so I knew it was all in the police family.  Freemasons and politics generally.

​Click on book images for their PDF link which is an excellent example of "bad character" in the NSW police department and Australian governments generally:

Extract "Brothers In Arms: the inside story of two bikie gangs" Allegedly written by fake Lindsay Simpson & fake Sandra Harvey c1989, reprinted 2001 with new cover. Reprinted in 2012 with third cover and re-badged as "Brothers in Arms: Bikie Wars" the "Postscript" entries on page 266 were omitted, thus:

"Detectives: All of the detectives who took part in Operation Hardwalk were invited to buy a Father's Day Massacre tie. The police ran a competition for the best design. On the second anniversary of the massacre, they held A Viking Tie night, entry being by wearing one of the ties. About 80 people turned up for a smorgasbord and a few drinks. One police officer described it as "a few postmortems on the whole thing." A comedian was hired for entertainment."

Now that I have your attention, I can say this, quite honestly I can't decide whose the biggest arsehole in this entire series of events, the Australian governments historically and generally or the then and current president of the Rebels Motorcycle Club in Australia who claim "my face when 28" was the face of one of their alleged "Rebels bikie moll" aged 15 or 16.


Whatever reason any of you bastards had, the fact remains YOU support and cover up decades of organised Australian Freemason and bipartisan political party paedophilia, because YOU participated by your actions or inactions in defaming me with this false link to the Liverpool NSW bikie scene. Fuking selfish retards.

NSW Police Milperra Massacre Neck Tie Co
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