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R v Michelle Jane FRANCIS [2007] SASC 364 (11 October 2007)

Supreme Court of South Australia (Criminal)

Justice Gray


...3. On December 2006, the defendant, Michelle Jane Francis, was arraigned on charges of attempting to murder her former husband, John Graham Francis and in the alternative, endangering his life...

6...Mr (John Graham) Francis then took the bag containing the food items to the police. Upon examination, the cake and biscuits were found to contain a lethal quantity of the drug digoxin...

42. For these reasons the suppression order of 5 December 2006 is revoked.

I discovered the above document at;

This my PDF LINK to same R v FRANCIS document

As I didn't create the AUSTLII document myself, I can't verify its authenticity. I will say that the Government Public Officers within the State of South Australia have proven themselves to be willing and capable of criminally falsifying legal documents, evidently for a political cause. Even a Supreme Court Judge in Adelaide and two judges in the District Court in Adelaide have falsified records to harm me and my children.

My parents a Mr & Mrs FRANCIS named me Janette Gail FRANCIS.


  • I have a paternal cousin name Jeanette Michelle FRANCIS.

  • Our families had a mutual family friend in a family named “Gray”.

  • Both of our male parents (brothers) were pedophiles.

  • I'd witnessed my uncle rape my cousin when we were little, (circa 1964) this resulted in the two of us being permanently separated by our (male) parents so we didn't grow up together.

  • My uncle's name was also "John FRANCIS."

  • We were born in 1956 a few days apart, me in Cooma NSW her in southern Sydney NSW.

In those days what the male parent said is what happened, the wife had no legal say in the matter.

As far as I know I have no FRANCIS relatives in South Australia.

From how I've been treated in Adelaide since I came here in September 2004 from the southern Sydney region of NSW where I'd lived since 1962, people may believe falsely I am this "Jane Francis".

Mid 2007 State of South Australia Government public officers criminally falsified State medical records to falsely diagnose me as "schizophrenic" because I was "suing politicians." Police refuse to take my statement on that crime. In fact they added some of their own criminally false and baseless documents in the same State health record. I didn't discover these acts of politically motivated terrorism until 2018. I'm still trying to get it into an Australian court because no Adelaide lawyers will represent me.


From how I've been treated in Adelaide by the medical profession and the Government generally, I'd hazard a guess that one of the many false rumours about me include that I am the same “Jane Francis” the defendant in this attempted murder matter. Obviously I am not. But as every news reporter knows, “you never let the truth stand in the way of a good story”.


In 1985 I met my last partner, Mr Owen Hall, in Campbelltown NSW where we'd both grown up. At the time I'd been separated from my legally married husband, Mr William (Bob) Peters jnr for a few years but was still married.

In about 1986 Mr Owen Hall asked me to marry him. This meant I had to divorce my husband so I started the procedure. I admit in retrospect there were a lot of red flags I choose to ignore in favour of creating a superficial (theoretical stable) family environment for my existing 3 sons.


I had purchased my own home which is the dwelling we were all living in. I hadn't realised my humble real estate was on Mr Owen Hall's agenda to steal from me.


In 1987 Mr Owen Hall tricked me into believing I had taken my regular contraceptive pills, causing me to become pregnant. Our son was born some weeks before my divorce came through from Mr William Peters. After the child was born I changed my family name to HALL by statutory declaration because no I was divorced Mr Owen Hall decided he didn't want to marry me any more.


When I purchased my real estate, despite being married to Mr William Peters, I purchased the Torrens Title in my birth family name as  Janette Gail FRANCIS.

During our union Mr Owen Hall attempted to murder me several times, police refused to even take my statement on the events.

Mr Owen Hall had loosened the steering on my car. I saw him do it but he made the excuse he was tightening it up. When I took the car to a repairer, he'd jacked it up on a hoist touched the steering mechanisms and the steering linkages fell off in the mechanics hands. Understandably he went into shock.


Mr Owen Hall had turned all 4 self igniting gas burners on in my kitchen, they were all unlit when I came home exiting the garage iinto the kitchen next to the gas cooktop. He'd drugged himself and was asleep on my lounge room floor, anticipating he would suffer the least damage I'd imagine. Our children's bedrooms with their doors open were located off the open plan kitchen dining area. It was a small house. Mt Owen Hall believed I'd be smoking a cigarette when I walked into the kitchen, which was my usual habit. Fate decided I wasn't.


Owen Hall also drugged me with the date rape drug, Rohypnol several times, and invited strangers to rape me. He got the Rohypnol prescription from Dr Mohamed R Ahmed in Nt Annan. A medical doctor who I strongly suspect was involved in my many surgical rapes in the 1990s & has falsified many claims for payment for consultations with me, despite that I was not involved.  I found a Rohypnol prescription packet with the names of Mr Owen Hall & Dr Mohamed R Ahmed in Mr Owen Hall's wardrobe. When I took these matter to the police they refused to take my statement.


In 1996 when I'd decided to call the relationship over, after 10 years of pure hell Mr Owen Hall refused to leave my residence, so I was forced to leave for my own safety. Police refused to help me evict him. Local lawyers and courts refused to tell me how to get him out legally.


In the first residence I lived in 1996, I'd found wires I suspected were an illegal camera in my rental residence. Police refused to take my statement on the grounds, quote, “You probably put them there yourself.”


In 2009 my youngest child to Mr Owen Hall turned 18, so I reverted to my birth family name FRANCIS. The last Government record I'd changed was with the State of South Australia, department of Transport. In fact it was the only record I had with any State department. The department refused. When they saw my NSW birth certificate with my name as “JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS” the State Government public officer and alleged manager of the Christies Beach motor registry office (now closed) claimed that, quote, “That belongs to someone else.”


When I got my last name changed in the State Transport record at the Marion motor registry office (also now closed) an unknown State Government public officer stole the associated photo and my signature from my State Transport record forcing me to have the “HALL” signature and an old photo on my driving license for several years until I decided to call an end to that in August 2017. In April 2018 the State Transport Department illegally and permanently cancelled my driving license with no lawful authority. Yet they've made it enforceable.


Needless to say I've had unanimous lack of support from Adelaide lawyers, the political Government & executive Government, to have my legal rights as an Australian citizen recognised.


In 2019 after completing half of a university Bachelor of Laws, costing me many thousands in deferred HECS fees, I launched a private civil lawsuit against the private citizens in the Adelaide medical community who (falsely) defamed me to the State Transport Government public officer who allegedly cancelled my driving license on "Dr Cole's medical report" but refused to give me that report which they are obligated to under the same statute they claimed to revoke the license. When I did get the document from the Crown Solicitors months later, It was obvious State had no authority to cancel my license.


My Francis V Cole & Gpaxis Pty Ltd, Supreme Court Civil case was dismissed because the Judge refused to acknowledge my medical evidence, by denying its very existence in Affidavit using a clever tactic of not even mentioning the document in the attachment or the description of the document in the affidavit. Instead the judge wrote, quote, “there is no evidence.” See FRANCIS v COLE AND GPAXIS PTY LTD


So you see, considering no State or Federal police in Australia will agree to even take my statement on any whatsoever of the multiplicity of criminal transgressions against me, as described & evidenced in this website, I naturally find it impossible to believe Australian State police took Mr John Graham Francis' word that his wife tried to poison him and that I see it obviously criminally unconscionable that any Judge in any State Supreme Court would allow an innocent 11 year old child to be exposed to harm from the hundreds of proven maliciously false gossiping & psychopathic members of the community who saturate the Adelaide regions, by lifting the suppression order of 5 December 2006 protecting the identity of that child.


I hadn't published my children's photos until they became adults.

I feel myself asking, did this State Government lift the suppression order with premeditation, to be able to confuse me and my similar aged son, with this Ms Francis and her son?

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