AUSTRALIA's smoke & mirrors when the national threat is to their tourism dollars.

AUSTRALIA's smoke & mirrors when the national threat is to their tourism dollars.

The principle of law "anywhere" isn't about innocence or guilt, it's about a complete lack of Government's evidence to support their guilty outcome, which naturally infers absolute innocence & perversion of natural justice. If we deviate from the "evidence" principle we're nothing more than barbarians.

These three matters establish 100% that Australia's Governments are controlled by terrorist barbarians.

Ivan Milat 1970s.jpg
Lindy Chamberlain 1980.png
1989 BIA Stolen Photo Janette Gail Franc

Lindy Chamberlain

Northern Territory

Born 1948 NZ. Convicted & imprisoned in 1982 NT for killing her baby who was snatched by a Dingo in 1980 at a popular tourist destination.


Government's forensic tests said carpet glue in the family car was blood.


If not for unfaltering legal support from her church Lindy would probably still be in prison.

Ivan Milat

New South Wales

Born 1944 NSW. Arrested in 1994 NSW for killing several "tourists" in a forest location 1989 and 1993.


There was no actual or DNA evidence linking him to the murders.


Hair found in the hand of one victim didn't match Ivan or any of his family.

In 2019

Ivan died in prison.

Janette Francis

New South Wales &

South Australia

Born 1956 NSW, SA resident from 2004.

Janette was surgically raped in 1990s after being identified in a 1989 Government supported paperback as a (fake) 1984 fatal shooting victim during a two motorcycle club conflict in southern Sydney on a Sunday afternoon.

Despite the expert federal Medicare evidence supporting Janette's case since 2006 SA State Government, NSW & SA medical industry, police and parliamentarians continue to illegally harbour the surgical rapist in 2021.

This is Janette's story so far.

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