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Only criminal psychopaths with no care for human life would protect an equally sadistic and psychopathic  medical profession who criminally claim there is nothing abnormal in left MASTOID air cavity (right side) of these two separate MRI images of my head, dated six years apart in

2006 & 2012.

Truth is

Political government don't want me to have a win in the court system because it will expose them for their many insidious crimes involving many other people. They want to keep the flood gates tightly closed. Its this very action that proe them terrorists towards their own citizens, no better than the barbarians who burnt witches at the stake all those years ago.


What Australia's government of public officers are trying to conceal is that historically they've been perpetually grossly negligent in the interactions in my life and the lives of many others. Example; when male parent raped me aged 2years 10months I should have been removed from my family home.


In fact I should not have been born. Even before that my 10 years older sister should have been removed from unsupervised contact with her male parent permanently separating my parents. I know oldest sister was raped by male parent as day I was raped she was crying, aged 12 going on 13. She was crying as she knew I'd been raped she knew what that meant. Mother said to her stop crying and something like, “... he's left you alone hasn't he.” So I have a case of wrongful life against the State of NSW. Our patriarchal society made my mother a sociopath unable to protect her children from male parent.

Putting that aside, every time there's been a time for the government of New South Wales State, South Australia State or Commonwealth to step up and take action against crimes against me they've burred me in more of the same thing, or worse.


If I had been separated from my parents I'd been put into an institution where I would have been sexually abused because that is what Australia was like. Writhing with child sex crimes wherever you looked. Governed by child sex criminals. That's the reality the government of today avoid discussing.


Two of my siblings also have a case of wrongful life against State of NSW. I know at least one other sibling was raped when little on a regular basis by male parent as as sibling came to me to tell me many times being th most empathetic person in out house. I in turn told mother who was too scared to do the right thing in 1960s as there was a lot of discrimination against separated women and little or no income support as Australia was too busy fighting the Vietnam War to impress USA. I know male parent raped the other sibling as I heard him talking about it.

I'm so grateful I'm not like either of my parents or the majority of the population. I won the DNA lottery. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything. I'm not afraid to say what ought to be said about the uncomfortably common practice of child sex crimes in Australia, in all religions and social circles, including government public officers' own family.

Further the Bill recently put to Victoria's Australian State parliament would be an act of terrorism if passed as legislation as it causes Australians to fear being arrested and imprisoned and defamed for doing nothing criminal. Planning it in a political party caucus is criminal action of “planning terrorism” where terrorism such as the Bill to give police those powers is, is clearly outlined by its effect in the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995.

There were no similar laws over 100 years ago despite there was an influenza pandemic killing off a larger chunk of the population than this COVID soon after the new Federation of Australian States and the passing of the Australian Constitution through the British parliament when Australia was still under British rule – because the people in Australia knew such legislation was contrary to the intent of the new Constitution.

If the VIC Bill is successfully passed through both houses it will be a “class action” in waiting and also in breach of international human rights laws. The global alleged democratic governments believe they've successfully “groomed” the new generations to accept this “new normal” just like any other paedophile.

Every individual has the inmate right to choose their own risks. That's not up yo any government to decide. Like China.

To give you two examples of how the government abuse their powers to detain:

2014: South Australia State Premier Jay Weatherill and his opposition parliament allowed to happen to me at election time in 2014. In absolute breach of the Mental Health Act State health public officers illegally imprisoned me for several MONTHS under Mental Health Act, in their own words, because I planned to sue them.

2004: New South Wales police illegally arrested me for legal freedom of speech after the State court in Goulburn NSW illegally imposed an Apprehended Violence Order on me for FIVE YEARS because I complained about their criminal activities in public.

Both government State court systems refused to allow appeals and compensation for the illegal matters. That as they say is the tip of the iceberg. Australian government public officers have committed multiple crimes against me and despite that I've never had a record for committing ANY crime whatsoever myself. They act like all compulsive paedophiles, they've hit on me so many times its humanly impossible for one person to legally deal with the events one by one and they criminally block my every attempt.

Click MRI images above for the actual, criminally fraudulent medical reports on these images, funded under federal government's Medicare Australia program. Making these federal crimes and breach of my Australian Consumer Law irrevocable rights. Police refuse to charge the medical authors from these crimes that threaten my life due to potential for infection as seen in 2006 MRI, proving these Medicare crimes are Australian government funded sadistic acts of politically motivated terrorism against an Australian citizen in Australia. In 2011 and 2012 Adelaide Australia medical doctors criminally refused me antibiotics to treat infections in my face and outer ear next to the illegal implant seen as a screw like item cut in half by the radiologist to make it appear smaller in 2012 image. That's criminal intent to pervert the course of justice and criminally harbouring the person who implanted the foreign 'screw like' item in my head circa 1997 when I was an elected member of my local NSW Wollondilly Shire Council and without any lawful authority whatsoever.


Terrorism and attempted political assassination. AUSTRALIA still a colony of parasitic criminals.



C.1984 Stephen Knight; PDF link keeps vanishing so here 'tis.

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