Political Cartel

From governments own policy & actions you wouldn't know cartels are illegal in Australia. Government "policy" is not law and no defence in the High Court.

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Your precious Political Government only form Political Parties to be Organised Criminals

I have the government documents to prove Labor and Liberal Party in 21st century Australia are no different to Germany and their Nazi Party mid 20th century; when I've spoken out against “The” Labor Party or Liberal Party they illegally retaliated. These are some of the most outrageous State Government examples. I've not been allowed to access Civil court for damages under Tort Law for anything.


NSW 1988 a Local Court Magistrate refused to hear my evidence in Camden Local court on my application for Apprehended Violence Order to protect my children and my sister's children from a Freemason sex predator who I'd caught in the act of raping my three month old baby; and Camden police refused to take my statement about the incident because he was a fellow Brother Mason, the Camden Masonic Magistrate tossed my application out of court because the respondent was a fellow Brother Mason and a Liberal Party supporter. By their actions at the Executive government level, Federal government supported this illegal State decision. Naturally Australians are kept clueless on how to legally defend themselves from criminally inclined government public officers so I had NO LEGAL RECOURSE.


NSW 1989 they published a “true crime” paperback with my adult face as the only child murder victim.


NSW 1991 they forged documents to illegally steal my real estate and residence.


NSW 1998 they forged documents to illegally steal my Mazda 929.


NSW 1999 they had me illegally dismissed from my community elected position in Local Council (Wollondilly Shire Council, Clr Jenny Hall) after I complained they'd assaulted me and refused to be silent on it.


NSW 2004 they broke into my house then arrested me illegally many times for complaining then had me arrested and imprisoned threatening me in Goulburn Local Court NSW that either I remained silent about “the Party” or I'd go to prison.

Adelaide SA 2007 (ongoing) they forged more State government documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act.


Adelaide SA 2007 they illegally arrested and assaulted my minor child and myself because I defending us after they illegally assaulted me.


Adelaide SA 2007 they they forged more documents to illegally deem me mentally ill in secret records because I was suing “the Party” In the lowest State court.


Adelaide SA 2009 they refused to acknowledge my Australian birth certificate as my own, claiming it belonged to “someone else”.


Adelaide SA 2014 they forged more documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act.

Adelaide SA 2016 they forged more documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act but failed.


Adelaide SA 2018 they forged more documents to illegally cancel my driving licence, heald without disqualification since 1973, when I was 17.

Adelaide SA 2019 begun Tort law proceeding FRANCIS v COLE & Gpaxis Pty Ltd, in State Supreme Civil Court, where I was unconstitutionally blocked with direct bias, where my legal rights as an Australian citizen were completely ignored, where the existence of Australian law was denied and where the existence of my affidavit evidence was also totally ignored to unconstitutionally toss out the matter on the first Interlocutory Application by both respondents; and in the best interests of the State who were the not-so-silent third defendant in the matter. That was Judge Katrina Bochner's part in this political cartel or actions of terrorism in concert with the person (Chief Justice or another) who “appointed” BOCHNER to have carriage of my matter relating to the illegal and political State cancellation of my State driving licence without any lawful grounds whatsoever.

Naturally their prime objective is to silence me. To achieve that some of your “politically aligned” precious registered medical doctors refuse to prescribe me antibiotics for infection near my brain (one MRI seen implant) behind my ear and the linked connecting cables in my adjacent jaw on the grounds someone phoned them to say I “faked” the visual appearance of the infection which included a very swollen outer ear (like mastoiditis) they also refuse to acknowledge the network of illegal implants inside me some seen in radiology but like my evidence in Supreme Court they're ignored. Some out of fear of our democratic government, some out of intelligence with the network of political criminals within Australia's governments. Possibly the implant of most concern is the one that vibrates in my throat behind my voice box intermittently preventing food and liquid from passing and spontaneously contracting as I'm chewing which forces food into my lungs. Naturally the vibrations in my mid throat cause me to dry cough incessantly until I can take measures to ease the vibrations that are ALWAYS intermittent which under the circumstances entertains the supposition the illegal implants are being monitored by a person/s, as are all current radio frequency/microwave medical implants.


Every time I've attempted to get a government official to investigate why I can't get access to illegal implant diagnosis despite the extensive evidence of illegal implants inside my person, they pull out their “you're delusional card” and threaten me with incarcerations and forced drugging under Mental Health Act, just as “The Brain Doctor” did to “WIZz” page 50; or African trained medical doctor, Gpaxis Pty Ltd Seaford Meadows physician, Earnst Winfred Saunderson did to me in Adelaide SA (South Australia) when I told him he should check Australian law as he had unlawfully defamed me - 29:55 - At the end of this consultation https://youtu.be/lwxvustBUDM --I didn't edit the sound track at all as you possibly can tell.


In short the intent of your precious bipartisan Labor and Liberal Party Australian governments is to torture me and slowly murder me by politically enforced medical negligent and claim total ignorance.

Adelaide SA 2017 I begun a law degree at UniSA where I hadn't realised the criminally offending State Health Minister John David HILL was handed a spot on the board circa 2015 but it explains quite a few experiences, like not telling us how to write a potentially successful State or Federal court application; and claims by a lecturer that the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act crimes against humanity, torture etc doesn't exist. That (the Act says) you must (unconstitutionally) seek "permission" from federal Attorney-General to privately prosecute (government) for your own illegal torture indicates the parliaments actually do only have political parties to be organised and opportunistic political criminals, ie: terrorists. Which is “a law for bad government” in breach of sections 51 and 52 of the Australian Constitution, "The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government"


Evidently the Adelaide State public officers don't recognise federal law in Adelaide in same way they don't recognise my official NSW birth certificate, my children's NSW birth certificates, my NSW divorce papers and my Victoria State marriage certificate. They'll have you believe I'm “really” Leanne Walters shot dead someone their political “Party” deemed was mentally unstable in their Simpson & Harvey paperback (Masonic) Brothers in (each others) Arms as above.

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition & Death Penalty Abolition) Bill 2009:
Date introduced:  19 November 2009
House:  House of Representatives


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