Unless I said them when I was being illegally drugged and milked for my memories when I was an elected (Alderman) Councillor in Wollondilly Shire, I don't think I've said these things about my sister before. I never said anything about any of my family. I'm essentially a secret person who thinks these things are no one else's business but mine. Now that this OTHER family of arseholes stole my ID knowing I was a secret type and had told no one anything about myself, they decided to make their own stories up spreading them about behind my back, as lowlife parasitic scumbags do, all too well. This is why I'm now forced to spill my guts so to speak to counteract our GOVERNMENT's political marketing team's blatant lies.


My name is Janette Gail Francis (ex Mrs Hall) apparently my sister Sharon Ann Greene (ex Miss Francis) has been saying nasty things that are obviously false.

On page 10, in THIS LINK my sister Sharon claims "I have often said that as I’m the only ‘normal’ sibling and that I must have been adopted!"  

I hope you get to read this, evidently it'd be the only way I can reach you after you put a brick wall between us as a result of events on 24 April 1988. I often wondered what you tell people to cover for the reason we no longer communicate. You know Jack Basset killed himself that evening, don't you? The way I understand brainwashing is that the perpetrators work on the core personality of their target. That's why they were unsuccessful with me, I work on logic. You unfortunately work of envy, not your fault its your DNA, I would have thought you might like to address that at some stage. I feel the need to note that if you did marry a Mr Greene, then I suspect he's associated with the NSW police, Allen Greene I think he was. If so I also suspect he's the Mr Greene who was the NSW police representative at the traffic committee meetings I used to chair at Wollondilly Shire council. If that's also true Sharon then I suggest you step back and impartially analyse how he came into your life. I'm not your enemy, NSW Government public officers with their insane political drive are. The “divide and conquer” principal in a nutshell is why all the members of our birth family are separated, because its in the best interests of the current political Governments that we are all divided and hate each other. Read the effing evidence Sharon. I take offence to being labelled as “not normal” by my big sister and hereby seek my legal right to redress the matter because my sister Sharon has been brainwashed to forget reality by our terrorist government public officers linked to the (political cause) FAKE murder of the FAKE person Leanne Walters, also known in 1980s as Elaine Lynette Sloman and since 1980s as Lynette Mary STYLES.

Enough is enough Sharon. My sister Sharon is the only sibling (of four children) with black hair like mum and male parent, so to ever claim she claimed as an adult she was adopted and she's the only "normal" one is just another in a long line of attention seeking traits Sharon has.  Fact is because mum gave so much attention to Sharon, I had asked mum when I was little if I was adopted. I resolved that I wasn't when mum answered.  I was the silent shrinking wall flower type not wanting an overt amount of attention just enough to feel respected. My personality type has been confirmed (to me) by my Myers-Briggs personality tests, I'm and INTJ personality. Sharon and myself are like chalk & cheese. Sharon loves to be "in charge" of everyone and loves to be the only centre of attention. Sharon confided in me when I was in high school that I was the only one who didn't fit in our family and that no one loved me. I responded with something like, "You're an idiot."  Its from this very statement that I suspect is compelling evidence that Sharon has been "Freemason Brainwashed" soon after I witnessed the Freemason child sex crimes and murder in about 1967, when I was about 11 and Sharon was about 13.


I'm pretty sure I still have the scars on my hands where Sharon stood behind me reached into the soap suds washing up water grasped the back end of the carving knife handle I was washing from the back of the palm of my hand and pulled the handle causing the blade sliced the inside of my finger on the other hand, just missing the large, visible vein. She didn't apologize she just frowned and snarled at me claiming it was my fault she had to hurt me. I was about 16 so Sharon was about 18. Around the same general time she threw a bread & butter knife at me which sliced a chunk from my upper arm as it flew past. Can't remember why she did that but I do remember saying, "What was that for?". When we were a few years younger she flicked me in the face with our deceased grandfather's jacket because she insisted I wasn't allowed to take it from her wardrobe to wear it. It was hers and hers alone. The metal zip from grand pop's bomber style jacket chipped off half of my front upper tooth. I never got a cap on the tooth, so I had to go through high school and puberty with half a front upper tooth and six missing front lower teeth. These visual deformities ensured I was socially reserved, I was  already naturally very shy and blushed profusely when a stranger looked at me for longer than a few seconds.  It all depends on what you deem as "normal" Sharon. Defaming your siblings in such a nasty manner is NOT normal in my books.


** Fake Coffey DNA: As my sister Sharon is convinced our usually always tanned male parent "NEVER TANNED" then this Ancestry DNA result is fake. That's him sitting with a child standing behind. I'm calling "bullshit" on everything you say Sharon.

Not her fault entirely, she's a slave to her DNA and weak personality. She's easily brainwashed. I've noticed that when they brainwash they build on the target's existing personality. I'm always assessing and reassessing information to keep myself logically centred. Sharon, my closest age sister on the other hand is not like me. She's 2 years older than me. If we had common friends they were her friends. If I had something she liked she stole it and hid it from me to make it hers. If I had an idea she liked it became her idea.


Psychologically speaking, Sharon deemed I was an "invalid" addition to our  family because I'd been born after her, else she was "envious" of my blond curly tresses against her jet black ones and my overall "cuteness" against her old wrinkled worn-out self at 2 years of age. Who knows what sparks the action potentials lurking between another's ears. Her younger sibling envy never ended, which was demonstrated when we were about 14 & 16 and I was taller than her, she was mortified & outraged, how dare I grow taller. It wasn't just younger sibling jealously, Sharon had to deal with, the obvious fact that she didn't look like any of her siblings and she was the only one with black hair, like both of our parents. Apparently she'd decided (in adulthood) she must have been adopted. Marvellous how people cope when they fail to understand the intricacies of genetics and reproduction like Henry VIII who blamed his wives for not popping out healthy male children. On mum's side we have a huge gene pool spanning from UK to Russia and almost every country in between.

As I recollect Sharon was livid a boy from her year in high school had turned up on our doorstep to take me out (1973). I'd left school in 1972 and was working in a government office in Sydney. She'd been out of school for about 3 years and engaged to be married. Later in the evening she saw someone parking and kissing in a car parked out front of our house, so being the hero of the moment Sharon went out to tell me to come inside. Just happened to be one of our neighbours. Laugh is not the proper word for that pleasure. I dread to dwell on what she's said about me to others to get them to detest me as much as she does. I still love you Sharon, despite yourself. If you don't want to be laughed at, try chilling out and learn to laugh at yourself. You've done some crazy shit. I'll list them if you've forgotten sis.


Sharon wasn't an easy sister to grow up with. I understood her and accepted her as she was but I haven't spoken to her for over 30 years after she forbade me form having any contact with her children, because I reported our male parent to Camden NSW police for child sex crimes (24 April 1988). In my sister's defence. I strongly believe she was brainwashed to believe everything was all my fault.


I note that our male parent's best friend, Jack Basset took his own life the evening after I'd reported my male parent to Camden NSW police. Jack Basset was my male parent's best friend when my male parent raped me as a toddler and Jack Basset a Cooma NSW cop and Freemason gave testimony to a court to the effect that what my male parent did to me was “out of character and one off” what Jack Basset didn't know until he was enlightened shortly before he took his own life was that my male parent had a history of raping his children and continued to rape children including the child he raped on 24 April 1988 as I told Camden NSW police unfortunately they too were Freemasons and knew my male parent as a fellow Camden NSW Freemason, which is why, as they told me, they Camden NSW detectives and uniformed police, the entire police station on 24 April 1988 refused to take my statement on that crime.


They were or went on to become the Camden police Local Area Command. Within a few months the SIMPSON & HARVEY Unwin & Hyman book, “Brothers In Arms...” was published with a photo of my face as the child murder victim, as approved by the Freemason controlled State & Federal Governments. That's what this website is all about.


It just so happened that when I examined the photos in that book (in 2003) I realised the police had falsified the evidence of the men who were killed that day, it was obvious senior police had moved bodies, obviously to accommodate the fake shooting of the fake child murder victim. An “assistant” Police Commissioner wrote to me to inform me to the effect that it didn't matter what crime I'd discovered, didn't matter if the crimes were terrorism causing serious harm, fact remained that police would NEVER investigate the government's OWN crimes.


I ask, how much can a koala bear?

Card 2003 Sydney Australia Police Falsif
1959 Bunyan Janette and Sharon Bunyan Ho

Right: My siblings and parents. I wasn't invited. Boo hoo (not).

My head is about 3/4 the size of Sharon's, similar to Lynette's. Lynette and myself also have long necks.

Card the only Gladys & Aubrey - STRACHAN
Card Three Full Sisters Lynette Gladys F
2003 NSW Police Commissioners Office Ter
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