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her network of brazen chronic lies are unlawfully supported by prominent Australians, year after year.

first published 16 January 2021

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Lets have a peek into the world of the Lynette Styles fantasy.


In her “Kangaroo Court” book where she claims by inference my life over 15 or so years occurred between 1995 and 1999, which is obviously impossible.


When we wipe away all the government's bullshit we see that Lynette STYLES published her Kangaroo Court on 26 May 2014 as it was 15 years after we'd left council her exposé appears to be a veiled direct response to my filed application on 1st April 2014 suing for copyright infringement in Sydney Federal Court NSD339/2014 the respondents were Allen & Unwin; both alleged authors of Brothers In Arms; and the Rex Walters family. I withdrew when A&U's CEO produced photos he claimed Rex Walters claimed were Leanne Walters. None were the fabled "cherished" 1984 newspaper photo subjected to the "ear" tampering. I withdrew my application to fight another day, as many of my successful warring royal ancestors did.

Looking at writing style of this BROTHERS IN ARMS and this KANGAROO COURT it appears they are very similar. Brothers In Arms has a few spelling errors (always spelt allways many times) and wrong reference to the day "On Sunday 3 September" in 1985, which was not a Sunday. The first Sunday in September 1984 was 2nd Sept. Because 1984 was a leap year (29th Feb) the first Sunday in September 1985 was on 1st September after only 28 days in February 1985. A person/s with a propensity not to fact check wrote BROTHERS IN ARMS. They guessed the day instead of looking for a perpetual calendar (in 1980s) one of which was usually published inside the back cover of Collins 3880 (red A4) Account Book Indexed Through #10926.  I sold them for $12.95 at my Camden NSW retail store circa 1989.


Evidently they looked at the 1988 perpetual calendar (#13) because they were either drugged, or chronically incompetent they looked at the 1989 perpetual (#1) errantly using that as 1985, instead of the 1985 perpetual (#3). BIA authors guessed many other unsubstantiated claims they made about more than one person they identified by name or visual image. Or they had a 1988 desk calendar when someone had a gun to their head telling them to write about the event in their own words as if it were 1984. Whatever takes your fancy.

Source: Collins 3880 image


Source: Simpson & Harvey's BROTHERS IN ARMS as altered after 2012



Lynette STYLES went on a multi-page tirade allegedly describing me when we were fellow elected councillors on Wollondilly Shire Council. Evidently, "Kangaroo Court by Lynette Styles" is STYLES appraisal of her own feelings to perpetuate her compulsive criminal vendetta towards me, to cover up her own 1984 crimes when STYLES allowed herself to be the fake murder victim Leanne Walters five years later in 1989 NSW / federal Australia government decided to use my face as the same murder victim, (soon after I purchased my residence at 39 William Street The Oaks & the year after ex-Cooma NSW cop Freemason Jack Frederick Bassett killed himself on 24 April 1988 the evening of the very day he realised he'd protected another Freemason after my rape when I was 2 years old & who went on to rape many more children)  in the Freemason book they labelled "Brothers In Arms" its therefore interesting that STYLES should pen a family history book she names "Three Brothers" after she criminally defamed me with her own Kangaroo Court on me using my political identity (Clr Jenny Hall) when I was Mrs (Owen) Hall. This is an extract of STYLES own Kangaroo Court in her words where STYLES is clearly the perpetrator not the victim:


“In her mid forties with five children, her elevation to a seat on Council was the highlight of her unhappy existence. No longer just. a separated women on a pension, she was a community leader with a cockeyed view of her own self-importance. Living in assisted housing in Bowral with her two youngest children, Hall's downfall was her pugilistic disposition and erratic temperament. She nurtured a deep-seated resentment against women who succeeded in business, having failed in her own small business selling computers in Camden prior to her election on Council, and she nurtured an exaggerated belief in her own capabilities. A woman with little education, she didn't have the skill to debate issues logically. Her method of winning a point was to silence her opponents with pulverizing (sic) aggression.”


Ok so you do the math. We were both elected in 1995; I was born in 1956. I was 39 when elected and illegally dismissed just before my 43rd birthday. Clearly I was not in my mid 40s until after I left council, the rest is just as accurate. I was studying a Bachelor of Economics when I was elected and had secured a near perfect score in my IT course exam at the UWS Nepean Campus.


WOLLONDILLY SHIRE COUNCIL illegal 2019 response came in three letters

LINK https://app.box.com/s/q0vknerwl35cr2ewj6nwtqkqrpphbey1

This is example of an unlawful conspiracy (pursuant to Australian law) between two government public officers to do something unlawful.

In this instance "the evidenced desired outcome" is to “pervert the course of justice” Can you guess the conspirators?


Wollondilly Shire Council's employed position they quaintly named "Head of Integrity" is "autonomous and independent" of council; and is specified (in their own documents) as the "final" point in a discussion with the appropriate official in Council. Therefore the "integrity" officer has no lawful authority to deem "Council's" response to a decision in first instance.


Which is precisely what happened when Eric IMBS answered my complaint in the first instance which is in breach of Council's CODE OF CONDUCT.


In his letters, Eric IMBS claims CEO Ben Taylor “instructed” Eric IMBS to respond to me instead of the appropriate officer within council, eg: Council's own lawyer, Bruce McCann.


If the CEO had instructed Eric IMBS to respond to me on behalf of the CEO, that is virtually the same as CEO asking his mum to respond to me on his behalf as CEO. Or same as State Parliament asking State Ombudsman to enact a legislation on behalf of parliament. Its Constitutionally impossible.


The evidence suggests the instruction came from State Government as Eric IMBS position forces him to liaise only with the Department of Local Government (there's no entity that can be legally defined as a “local Government” its a parliament-less unconstitutionally misleading title)


There is no "supply chain" in Wollondilly Shire Council between the General Manager (CEO) and the Head of Integrity, Eric IMBS, they operate in parallel, one with the authority of the Local Government Act; and one without it, guess which one that is.


Obviously Wollondilly Shire Council position on Integrity doesn't come from the head, it comes from the arse, full of bullshit.


Australian definition of a cartel Competition & Consumer Act, section 45AA "restricting outputs in the production and supply chain by parties that are, or would otherwise be, in competition with each other."


Note that government public officers are only protected under the prohibitions of the Act when acting in compliance with their own State law or Codes of Conduct.


If the State attempted to exclude their public officers from civil or criminal penalty of unlawful conduct by an enactment of parliament (Act or law) that would be in direct breach of the Australian Constitution which applies equally to federal and all state parliaments; and they can't exclude state or federal public officers from the public service with intent to undermine the Constitution as that would be unconstitutional (in breach of the “good government” clause)


Australian Constitution (part (I) and (ii) omitted for easy reading)

SECTION 52. Exclusive powers of the Parliament

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have exclusive power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(ii) matters relating to any department of the public service the control of which is by this Constitution transferred.


I'd been unable to study previously as my male parent refused me permission to complete high school in 1972 when I was 16 - I was kidnapped off the street and pack raped three times and became a mother when I was 17. I'd already been raped at an all-girls party when I was 15 by a boy one of my very best friends let in to rape me. A number of the rapists were children of NSW cops who refused to take my statement of crime. I was 15 same age they claim Leanne Walters was in the BIA book despite that the official age was 14 before the BIA book. Is it no wonder I'm a recluse?


STYLES intentionally defamed me, knowing no one would probably tell me about her 2014 Kangaroo Court book which I discovered in November 2020. The Australian governments intentionally defamed me, as a 15 year old rape victim they probably figured I'd be devastated or terrified when I read about Leanne Walters being 15 and dead with my ADULT face identified as that 15 year old murder victim.


There can be no doubt whatsoever that government officials (and Wollondilly Shire, Lynette Styles) conspired to physically harm me and criminally defamed me to protect FREEMASON associates, eg: ex Prime Minister ALP Bob Hawke etc. That's an act of terrorism with an obvious "political cause" and obvious "serious harm" and "intent to cause fear". So what are the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE doing about it? Fuck all, "anything goes" when it comes to Liberal Party and Labor Party political terrorism in Australia.

At this point I'll highlight that the illegal surgery in my head in 1997 (as seen in 2012 MRI the Australian health departments criminally refuse to acknowledge) linked to the same Lynette Styles was obviously intended to make me act like a retard. It has caused me brain damage where I reverse the meaning of things I want to say. However I still got a high distinction (perfect grade) in my 2018 Defamation law assignment for my Bachelor of Laws (not completed).

I'm not stark raving mad as a result of my experiences in the aggressive communities which I've lived because of my DNA. I'm and INTJ personality because of my DNA. As an INTJ I gathered all the facts I had and presented them logically to the government, repeatedly, still they illegally label me "the" mental health patient that I've obviously never been and refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence of criminal conspiracies in their own documents. Clearly it appears quite obviously  that in these events Janette is the ONLY PERSON who isn't as mad as a cut political snake or as nutty as a fruitcake.


On the back of her vanity publication STYLES ran for election. Her vanity publication, (Kangaroo Court by Lynette Styles) was wilfully maliciously, (illegally) deemed the truth by a number of NSW Government public officers, who obviously thought was a good idea to list in Wollondilly public library for public loan. Defamation is a tort under civil law. Reckless defamation is a State crime, that potentially had a federal effect.


It sat there for several years until I discovered it late in 2020 along with the Google Books online (eBook) version of the book.


On the face of it, defaming me was intended to make STYLES look the customary “victim” to secure the sympathy vote, after all it worked for the terrorist's "political cause" when Lynette Mary STYLES' faked her own death in 1984 as the government promoted bikie slut they named Leanne Walters.



Evidently, to assist STYLES on lying to the election public to better her changes of a future election win:

In 2013 to Goulburn NSW press published on 2 August 2013 this outright lie of her "lawyer" status has the heading "Lawyer runs for softer One Nation", story extract by Tom Sebo:

STYLES false quote A, "Being a lawyer..."; and

STYLES false quote B,  “As a lawyer, I don’t..."




Two years later in 2015 to Bowral NSW published on 18 March 2015 this contextually misleading story (extract) by Megan Drapalski:

“POLITICS is a plight of passion for Wollondilly candidate Lynette Styles. Ms Styles ... worked for the Wollondilly community as a councillor between stints as a criminal and family lawyer.”

https://app.box.com/s/5151x8rcfckqrg3z3gc1mygmblaltz3g or


LAWYER: "A barrister or solicitor; a person qualified to practise law..."

source: LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary, p368.

Proving that before she published her criminal defamation in her book "Kangaroo Court by Lynette Styles" Lynette Styles Wollondilly had already publicly proved herself to be a habitual liar. Ergo: Wollondilly Council senior officer, Alison (Ally) Nancy Dench, had no reasonable grounds NOT to believe Lynette Styles had published politically motivated lies in the book Ally Dench approved for library loan, with obvious intent by Ms Ally Dench to be a willing or willfully blind unlawful-conspirator with Lynette Styles to "politically" defame me on outrageous lies in every aspect of my life. That is, to conspire to do an unlawful action by abusing her position as a senior public officer to intentionally cause me harm, (physical harm or harm to my reputation.) That's the definition of an act of terrorism in The Criminal Code, Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

As a point of curiosity, I note that Lynette STYLES and Alison DENCH have same taste in gold necklaces.

As another point of interest; Wollondilly Council's senior officer Ali Dench was a very close friend of my now ex defacto Owen Neil Hall (1964-2010) when Alison attended Campbelltown High from year 7 to year 10 as Owen did. This is why Alison Nancy (Ally) Dench in her own hand wrote her name and signature as me second proposer for my nomination for election on Wollondilly Shire Council in 1995. The same year she started the law degree that gave her the senior position on Wollondilly Council a few years later.


Owen Neil Hall stole my real estate (in The Oaks NSW)  two days before I gave birth to Owen and my second child, in concert with Graham Holby from Macarthur (Mutual) Credit Union. When I asked him to leave my house he refused. His refusal was backed by local uniformed NSW police officers who criminally claimed Owen Hall was the Land Totles Officer, Torrens Title owner of (my) residence at 39 William Street The Oaks, on the basis that the corrupt cop claimed, with words to this effect "Owen has a solicitors letter to prove he owns the property." The letter like Owen Hall and Lynette Styles was a fraud. Like myself, Owen Hall features prominently in the A&U book "Brothers In Arms" and named as someone other than he really was. I suspect Owen's been given another identity rather than died of lung cancer aged 45 and on smoker.


Contrary to Lynette Styles falsified defamation, Owen Hall became an attempted murderer, either by incentive and greed or by being brainwashed. Soon AFTER I'd been elected to Wollondilly Council, Owen Hall had planned to murder me three times. He loosened the steering on my Mazda 929 circa 1996, (a matter that can be proved.) After Michael Banasik and his sister had successfully stolen my Mazda 929 in concert with another Catholic ALP supporter in Bowral NSW, (a matter that can be proved.) Owen "gave" me a small sedan with a significant fuel leak in the engine bay. I had the leak repaired, (a matter that can be proved.) He then planned a murder suicide with our children asleep in my Bowral private rental when he turned on all 4 gas stove jets presuming I'd arrive home through the kitchen with a lit cigarette. He then swore in court filed affidavit (complaining I'd stolen his car) that he'd only lent me the car, (a matter that can be proved.) He then swore via another court filed affidavit he gave me the car when a decision was to be made on the amount of child support he had to pay, (a matter that can be proved.) 


Interesting point is that when someone was lying to my next door neighbour claiming my older sons were my "paid lovers" I sprung our Lynette Styles exiting from another neighbour's residence in Tulip Close Bowral, the same street myself and Michael Banasik's sister lived. I was in private rental, evidently they were both in State housing rentals. So what was Wollondilly Shire Bowral resident Lynette Styles doing in the Wingecarribee Shire, Tulip Close Bowral, talking to my neighbour? She ignored me when I called out to her and kept running to her vehicle, the witchmobile.

I'd lived in the Tulip Close Bowral residence for two years when I was an elected Wollondilly Shire councillor. I moved to the neighbouring council area to attempt to bring an end to the criminal assaults I'd been targeted with.  Councillor Lynette Styles made a formal complaint during Council general meetings that I'd moved out of the Shire she said something like "the residents have a right to know" She also complained in Council meeting that the General Manager had written a "glowing" reference for me, complaining that she didn't get one. Centrelink required the reference to pay me the supporting parent benefit, gleaned from the opening paragraph. After their male parent had tried to kill us all - Lynette Styles lodged a formal complain that I'd fed my small children the Council purchased sandwiches I was supposed to eat before a meeting. I stopped bringing my children to council meetings unable to secure child care I was ultimately illegally sacked by the 1999 elected members as I was unable to secure child care during meetings.

Lynette Styles is/was the perpetrator not a victim. My illegal sacking was the KANGAROO COURT moment in my election term, not Lynette Styles "under the radar" perpetual complaints about nothing reasonable.  So what's Council's Meetings Child Care Policy for elected members in 2021 ? That'd be part of why there's only ONE elected female. The other part is the entrenched government supported sexism in Wollondilly Shire. In 1999 government public officer illegally caused my formal complaints about "sexual harassment" from Michael Banasik (inappropriate touching & questions) and the Wollondilly Shire Council (for refusing a child care policy)  to the Anti-Discrimination Board to be cancelled, after they illegally and unconscionably sacked me from my elected position. Its therefore in Wollondilly Council's Michael Banasik's best interests to defame me as extensively and as often as he can. One of the statements I'd made to the ADB was that Banasik held up the Wollondilly Library copy of A&U's Simpson & Harvey "Brothers In Arms" with my photo inside, excitedly exclaiming to other councillors that, "This'll be a collector's item." This complaint was evidence that they all accused me of being the Leanne Walters in that book. Including the original Leanne Walters, our Lynette Styles, also known as Visyboard's Elaine Sloman from Green Valley, State government's housing estate and prime criminal hot spot in 1970s/1980s NSW. Michael Banasik was interested in the statement that alleged the "Leanne Walters in the book" had "tattoos on her boobs" that read "Sweet" and "Sour". Something like 'show us your tits Jenny.'



To make matters even worse, my then partner, Owen Hall, had bought me a pair of black Windsor Smith 'biker style' boots. Only he omitted that bikers usually wear them. I wore them as I had significant back pain and needed flat shoes but have very broad feet and can't wear most off-the-shelf womens shoes. Many of my Council associates took my boot wearing as evidence I was a Rebels biker chick. This they accused me of to my face refusing to accept my denials. There were even admissions that "NSW police" informed them I was "really" Leanne Walters.

I had male (Labor Party) councillors from Campbelltown NSW at MACROC meetings and the Local Government Conference asking me to "sit on (their) face Jenny" it was intolerable, especially when the other councillors merely laughed. I attempted to file a statement at the local police station by the uniformed cops claimed, "You've probably done something to make them think its ok." Mike McGann's detective friend Mr Harding at Bowrakl as I recall.


I'm everyone's critic. If you Google ex Wollondilly councillor Marina Voncina you'll see she is the lawyer whose practised Family law and Criminal defence law. Marina was elected in the same 1995-1999 term STYLES and myself were. Marina had been elected the prior term and later subsequent terms. Marina had also been Mayor in our term. This is an example of political PARTY spin. They use a little bit of truth to spin their outrageous lies expecting most will remember something like the new story so won't bother to check the facts.


Considering STYLES (press stated) political aspirations with the One Nation Party and Clive Palmer's political party have seen her stand as a candidate in NSW elections near Tahmoor NSW, its reasonable to presume when communicating with the traditional newsprint company, (Southern Highlands News who used to have an office in Bowral when I lived there in private rental accommodation) Lynette Styles either stated as fact or inferred she was legally practising law in NSW for employment and or as a volunteer qualified solicitor / lawyer.


Out of curiosity, I searched to verify the facts in January 2021 and discovered that Lynette Styles is not listed as a lawyer in NSW





Closest I can find to “Lynette Styles” securing a law degree was when a “Lynette Mary Styles” secured a Graduate Diploma in Law at Wollongong University (UOW) NSW in 2001. I'd failed to find any other BEFORE (or after) that date. Evidently this is a fake qualification. How could someone scrape through a Ba Arts and qualify as a practicing lawyer in the same year? Its impossible.





I don't know if our Lynette Styles is a or this Lynette Mary Styles. So I keep searching for the truth to prove my assertions, as I always do and have done many times in the past.


In the same 2001 UOW document a “Lynette Mary Styles” secured a Bachelor of Arts Honours (Class III). To understand the grade I searched and found the UOW document that explains the Clas III grade as 50% to 64% overall mark and the grade above an outright fail.



In another UOW document I found, this one dated 1997, a “Lynette Mary Styles” secured a regular Bachelor of Arts.



The Australian Business Number registrar lists a “Lynette Mary Styles” as having ABN 29255051038 since 2009 and last updated on 12 October 2015. This Lynette Mary Styles registered her ABN in NSW 2573. Postcode 2573 is Tahmoor NSW.



In one perfect circle (I love circles) the origional news story quotes our Lynette Styles as saying, “I live in Tahmoor”.



I'm quietly confident our Lynette Styles is the same Lynette Mary Styles in all the above documents.


What say you Lineypoo? Are you as full of it as you actually appear in this set of documents? I'd ask you in email but as you've refused to respond to my first emails to your yahoo and gmail accounts I'm, afraid of sending more in case you sue me for vexatious harassment or contact "A Current Affair" again with even more outrageous lies about me “complaining about the numbers of dogs on your property” and being active with “a long vendetta against you” I think it was the first year we were on council and I didn't even actually know where you lived. That was well before I realised you are Elaine Sloman from Visyboard 1981-1984; and Leanne Walters the first photo of the 2 September 1984 bikie murder victim aged 16 when you were probably in your early 40s. I guess I can safely say your Kangaroo Court is your own appraisal of your feelings of criminal intent towards me, not the other way around dear. Hence the smug look "down" on us all.


If you know the street address of this Lynette Styles, kindly send me an email as I need to sue the vindictive bitch for defamation, click click boom.

jenny a t RobRoyMacGregor.com

the real Janette Gail FRANCIS, (Clr Jenny Hall)

Janette's good looking, modest and highly intelligent, what a combination.

beep beep

Above: Lynette Styles as 16 year old murder victim in 1984 when she was 30 something. 

Proving Australian PRESS DIRECT BIAS in their full support of political crime

(aka terrorism)

Below: 2015 Lynette Styles opposing a rate increase, copying Clr Hall with less than she did in 1996 when she delivered one flyer to every residence in her electorate at her own expense. Local press credited another Labor Party Councillor Banasik for Clr Hall's actions, they ran NO story about Clr Jenny Hall. evidently as Labor Party intended to nominate Banasik for federal election in Macarthur and Labor Party "owns" all local press.

Source: https://www.wollondillyadvertiser.com.au/story/3246718/ratepayers-associations-flyer-calls-for-rate-rise-opposition/

2016 Lynette Styles -Anti Rate Increase
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Moral rights

Moral rights protect the personal relationship between a creator and their work. Moral rights concern the creator’s right to be properly attributed or credited, and the protection of their work from derogatory treatment.


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the truth is out there

Lawyer Claim another FRAUD from Lynette
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Many ignorant people assume a small head means an incompetent brain. I've got a notably very small head, long neck, broad shoulders, broad hands and broad feet, (have nothing to do with not wearing shoes as a child, almost always wore shoes.) Singling people out in individual photo as opposed to group photos, makes it easy for criminal minded persons to alter their relative appearance, as seen below where Marina's head looks smaller than mine and above where you can see Marina has a much larger head than me.  Janette.

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