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TERRORIST implants


1984: Bob Hawke's LABOR party government created the Fathers Day fake WALTERS murder victim.

1989: Nick Greiner's LIBERAL party government employed one of the two women who were the FACE of the fake WALTERS murder victim after they swapped places with me using my face instead as I was then and now a Masonic brotherhood of paedophiles, WHISTLE-BLOWER.

Card 1984 Fake Sandra Harvey GPO Terrori
Card 1984 Fake Lindsay Simpson GPO Terro

Hand photo: shows the pulsing, heat generating, numbness causing, palm implant, around palm base of my ring finger & my extensively dislocated thumb both matters Australian physicians claim they can't see - obviously in exchange for a criminal reward.


As TERRORISTS facilitating their own political vendetta for my persistent complaints to physicians & politicians the "PARTY" in 2014, had me illegally imprisoned & forcibly drugged for several months, by criminal abuse of the state Mental Health Act. They'd assaulted me illegally with 2 or 3 illegal lobotomies & other illegal brain surgery, obviously using a NEUROSURGEON in 1990s Camden NSW, when I was an elected Town Councillor, (Alderman) which is why I now have a impediments that cause me to reverse speech and actions & associated brain injury.


In AUSTRALIA they're worse than the NAZI PARTY because they torture under the radar of their own laws, showing their public fact to the rest of the world that's the exact opposite of who these creeps in PARLIAMENT & MEDICAL RESEARCH really are. Linked video at




When I was little, after I'd been raped by a Freemason (3 March 1959) two months before my third birthday, other Freemasons being NSW registered physicians negligently failed to “see” that my inability to see things was a sign of myopia. From the argument I witnessed between the 1963 visiting NSW school male physician and the visiting NSW female school nurse, I'm pretty sure the Freemason decision to deny me seeing glasses was an intent to ensure I remained uneducated. When I was in primary school Freemason dentists refused to fix the holes in my teeth resulting from me loosing all my front lower teeth by the time I was 11 the dental refusal persisted into my adulthood, forcing me to have all my teeth by the time I was 20. Years later when I presented to Australian physicians with signs that I've been surgically raped and complain I've been surgically raped, all they see is the silicone wrinkling my face (one of many illegal implants) so they use preconceptions. First they have me tested for liver damage and other associated blood tests. When that shows all clear do the hear my words with me saying I've been subjected to illegal implants? No. In their gross negligence of repeatedly refusing to hear my words, they see my silicone face all they see is a drug abuser and or alcoholic, completely refusing to hear my words as in their deficient mind they've decided they're right and me wrong despite that I'm the one with the first hand experience of being surgically raped.


Then in 2014 Australian physicians decided that because I had my teeth removed when I was 20, I was a danger to others if I had the illegal implants removed so they illegally imprisoned me under the Mental Health Act for several months to forcible drug me in their attempts to terrify me into submission to accept the illegal implants inside me and accept their false diagnosis of me being a drug abuser or alcoholic and now also schizophrenic with delusions because I persist in insisting I have illegal implants but they only (incompetently) diagnosed me with drug abuse and alcoholism.


In the same year (2014) Australian/Irish Terrorist, Lynette Mary Styles, published a paperback that Wollondilly Shire Council (NSW State Government) published in their library as a public loan book; everything STYLES wrote about me when I was known as Clr Jenny Hall was completely false (criminal defamation supported by NSW police) amongst her drivel STYLES used words so that women would hate me. Therefore the males surgically raped my face so men would be revolted by me and defamed my character so women would detest me. The political goal, my complete isolation in my community, shunned by everyone. A watertight political prison I would never be released from.

Down the decades, Australians in positions of authority have proven themselves to be chronic sadistic psychopathic arseholes. This is an example of how they “got” Ivan Milat, Lindy Chamberlain and probably many others just as suppressed as me who may actually be drug abusers or alcoholics as well as subjected to illegal experimental implants.

Amongst the many harms Australian based physicians have caused me while their peers are harbouring the career predator perpetrators of these crimes, its become a mush of politically motivated acts of terrorism combined with a hate campaign over just about every secret grudge twisted humans harbour. I became their whipping post. I've been suffering from Nasal Valve Collapse for the past 30 YEARS from illegal surgery with a 100% political motive considering I was kidnapped off the street for the surgery when I was an elected member of Wollondilly Shire Council.


I have repeatedly complained to numerous doctors that I can't breathe through my nose properly. Even went to ENT Paul Varley where he was busy covering up for others and himself that he didn't bother to consider my health, then criminally defamed me to the referring doctor who posted the defamation in the Medical Practice database for all doctors at the practice to see. So in their BROTHERHOOD they all run with the Paul Varley version of his false defamation totally ignoring the fact my nose has Nasal Valve Collapse on both sides.


I find it hard to BREATHE and have been forced to spend $$$ on medicines I don't need perhaps now you understand why I have little or NO RESPECT for Australian HEALTH OFFICIALS

I don't doubt we're distant cousins, the "other" fake Leanne Walters & myself

PDF at right: The first thing you'll notice is the absence of hair on my face., this denuding is reflected over my arms and legs. I first noticed my hair loss in late 1990s, obviously after the political terrorists turned on their illegal implants inside me to make me the target of their “monitored”  24/7 criminal bombardment of microwaves via the global telecommunications network - which is actually another element of this crime under Australian law.


To address narks who love to detest me because of my “appearance”: my sunken mouth is due in part to my parents lack of concern about my appearance & oral health my lower adult teeth were removed before I was a teenager; had half front upper tooth thanks to my evil sister Sharon, until age 20 when I got my first set of false teeth; no local Campbelltown NSW boy would look at me as a teenager unless they intended to rape me as they did when I was 15 & 17 thanks to local freemason police family children. 2020 I have no lower gum line from 1996 surgical rape soon after my last teeth in 1996.

My freemason male parent died aged 94 with all his own teeth yet his oldest and youngest daughters (10 years apart in age) had full set of false teeth before they were 21, no drugs (on our part) involved; for me, despite that I've always been a healthy eater, lots of fruit and vegetables. What does that tell you about your precious freemasons?


Lets borrow a little further: After male parent was very briefly imprisoned for brutally and sadistically raping me in 1959 the good people of Cooma NSW didn't care about my siblings and myself, they just didn't want him near their children so he was virtually run out of town. Which is why we moved to Campbelltown NSW in June 1962 where it didn't take long at all to establish himself as a paedophile in the considerably more accommodating southern Sydney police community. He found an entire masonic lodge of pederasts in Allman Street lodge Campbelltown NSW where I personally witnessed rape and murder involving 2 boys my own age the year before my front lower adult teeth were removed from my mouth. Being a Sydney region "Liberal" mason meant he was never charged for anything after Cooma, even the hit and run on a pedestrian crossing with all of us in the car.


After all, after his own male parent died when he was 3, he was taken under the wing by a Petersham / St Peters mason. Sydney NSW is where he was born & trained to be a paedophile, around the corner from Petersham HQ of United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of New South Wales, and "who" he'd “visit” in Canberra when we lived near Cooma.


He was only briefly imprisoned for raping his 2 year old daughter because his “best mate” was local Cooma cop Jack (John) Bassett. Who put in a good word for his masonic brother. It appears from my example that masonic “victims” become the political-government's villain and vise versa.

These illegal (criminal) terrorist attacks on me are 100% illegally supported and funded by Australia's government public officers, on bipartisan-political grounds. Therefore they are self-confirmed sadistic psychopaths.

The following (very unflattering) pictorial evidence in 18 photos (one out of focus) are my face and neck after 10 minutes outside doing very light exercise at about 3:00 pm (DLS time Adelaide Australia) on 2 November 2020. I recorded the outdoor (yard) temperature at about 30 degrees Celsius (83 Fahrenheit.)

At this point in time I was literally dripping with sweat all over where the illegal implants are. The poor quality of the photos doesn't let you see the beads and dripping sweat coming from my forehead where there are an abundance of implants that have the ability to move under my skin so that they are visible to anyone looking at me. I'm about 166cm tall (5' 6”) my bathroom scales to record my weight on this day at 72 kg (11st 7lb) so not what anyone would expect from a person of my height and weight.

I used to be able to feel my cheekbone under the skin but since the 1990s I haven't, even when my weight was below 55kg as it has been until the past decade. Palpations of my cheeks and nose indicates someone has inserted silicone or another type of “filler” in their attempt to make me look more like the visual representation of “the fake Sandra Harvey” as photographed in the Sydney “Daily Mirror” newspaper in September 1984 as “fake murder victim Leanne Walters.” My face isn't the only place they put silicone or fillers and I suggest it accounts for a considerable amount of my current weight. So as they've spent a lot of money “converting” me you can understand why they “believe” they “own” me.

ADDITIONALLY: digital photography has the unique ability to see infrared light and associated matter that the human eye can't so if you look closer you'll see irrefutable evidence of the implants on my face. I note that I've NEVER had pimples as a teenager and NEVER had freckles or any other skin blemishes or afflictions like hives, eczema or psoriasis, so there should be no scars, yet there are probably hundreds of them.

What they've done to me proved that Senator Bill Heffernan was right, there is a "brotherhood of paedophilia" among police, judges and lawyers in NSW. What they've done to me is irrefutable evidence to substantiate the Pickering-Heffernan assertion. (LINK)


NO ORGANISED CRIME supporting child sex crimes according to this pederast's friend (right) the pivotal police Minister of NSW State parliament when I was being medically mutilated while I was pregnant in the southern Sydney region in 1980s and 1990s. Well wonder why federal court Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacey WADDY felt so secure in exonerating my male parent of raping me in 1959 Cooma NSW in his REASONS FOR JUDGMNENT when he heard the matter my defacto brought to the court involving our children in 2000 one of whom was raped by my male parent and was supported in that by NSW and Federal police, judiciary and the court allocated children's lawyer in the Family Law Act matter; and despite that my male parent went to prison in 1959 for raping me when I was 2 years and 10 months old. Thing is with parasites like PICKERING is they honestly believe victims of child sex crimes will grow up into timid defenceless voiceless adults ashamed of their assault. Many are but when someone whose naturally kind and introverted like me comes along and they rapidly discover I'm overtly strong-willed and they can't silence me, their 'plan B' is to bury me under a volcano of 99% fabricated political bullshit 1% truth.


This NSW paedophiles best friend in NSW parliament was named Edward Phillip Pickering by his parents. I have no idea if his own male parent was a NSW Freemason or a pederast, I do know my own male parent was both; and he rubbed shoulders with likeminded fellow Masonic judges, lawyers and police in NSW and across Australia; and he was a life long LIBERAL psarty supporter because that's where most of his supporters were, according to him. Unlike Senator Bill Heffernan I have never campaigned against homosexuality. I have had known homosexuals as friends, indeed as much as a friend to me as anyone else.


I even engaged john Marsden as my lawyer in 1990s despite knowing he was the type of person why appeared to naturally hate women, as many homosexuals do, not all but in my personal experience many do. In reflection of past events it appears to me that the Freemason pederast and paedophile supporters in AUSTRALIA's governments have indeed “whitewashed” me with the same brush, falsely accusing me of being a hater of homosexuals because I detest pederasts and paedophiles.


When I wrote to NSW Law Society for a referral to address the 1984 falsified police evidence and linked Leanne Walters fraud in about 2003 a "Bridget Sordo" responded to tell me to drop dead. Why would they do that I asked myself many times. I'm the genuinely kindest most thoughtful and non-judgemental person I've ever met when it comes to a person's personal preferences.


However I draw a long think black line when it comes to pederasty and paedophilia which is abhorrent and inexcusable the ultimately unforgivable unconscionable conduct and despite overwhelming public agreement, our NSW police department and federal social security department rubber stamped it along with by the likes of Ted Pickering ex police minister NSW 1988-1992 when I failed in getting NSW police to arrest a pederast I'd caught in the act of defiling a 3 month old baby on 24 April 1988 and the Freemason magistrate in Camden NSW refused me my right to an apprehended violence order to protect my remaining children from the Freemason pederast protected by Ted Pickering and his brotherhood of paedophile mates in parliament.

I've been to self-professed poofta John Marsden for legal help on these issues and his good friend barrister Michael Lee (LINK.) Both treated me with destain and a sexual based hatred when I'd mentioned nothing to them of my then personal and not-published stance against pedantry or paedophilia. So why have I been denied my legal rights and been assaulted with professionally inserted items inside me and refused my right to have them removed if there's NOT a "brotherhood of paedophilia" among police, judges and lawyers in NSW and indeed in Australia generally? The simple answer on the obvious evidence it that there is a "brotherhood of paedophilia" and its raging river flows through our parliaments carrying boatloads of paedophile Masons paedophile Liberals and paedophile Labor men to parliaments legal sanctuary where only the victim of these diabolical crimes are made to pay.


So there's my big "fuk you too Tedo".

GPO Beavers Logo.jpg
Card Secret World of Australian Freemaso
11 Pulsing 1990s Palm Implants & Disloca
Card Politics - Surgically Raped to look
Nasal Valve Collaspe.png
Card Ted Pickering 1988-1992 The Fake Po
Terrorist Harm -HEAT.png

BELOW: Don't let the photo mix fool you, they weren't political allies but they did share a common masonic bond which dictates bipartisan politics globally. Yes they look like cousins from the nose down.

Card Secret World of Australian Freemaso

Lets spell this out for the mentally dull. An act of terrorism in Australia isn't limited to blowing things up, as in USA 1773 Boston Tea Party or the 1978 Sydney Hilton bombing. When any government public officer, (GPO, that's everyone, employed, contracted, elected or with tenure, but excludes ABC personnel) plans or does and act or fails to do something they're legally obligated to do, where that act will over-ride the Constitutional powers of any government (State or Federal or Territory) in application of Australian law; and their actions will benefit any political party, then that person is a terrorist as defined in Australian law. More serious terrorist offences occur when an innocent person is disadvantaged, threatened or harmed as a result, directly or indirectly and it only needs to be one innocent person harmed, its not applicable if the person acting is harmed. Yes it includes NGO people but they are less likely to be white collar terrorists unless they  act in concert with a GPO, then that includes ABC personnel. 


To be a terrorist you plan or act unlawfully to cause fear or harm on the basis of a political or religious cause, but that intended fear or harm need not have occured.


FYI: Despite many claims to contrary by narcicists that white people were the first terrorist victims, the first terrorist attack in Australia, by definition of the events, was the first time a resident of Australia was threatened, harmed or murdered to benefit British Colonial Occupation or promote the Christian religion; and narcicists we've all heard about are promoted on TV as "heros" for allegedly performing the government funded occupation they're paid to perform.

GPO Beavers Logo.jpg

Lets burrow a little further. If a GPO wilfully performs and unlawful act or omission, they do so without lawful authority as no person in Australian government is “authorised” to act unlawfully. Therefore the perpetrator is NOT protected under Australian law as they would be if they acted for or on behalf of the government. Government can't legally protect public officers including police for doing an unlawful act. Our constitution expressly says parliament has constitutional authority to “make laws for the peace order and good government”. There's no clause to allow criminal, politically motivated or wilfully negligent acts or inactions. These falsely alleged “independent” authorities (ICAC, Ombudsman et cetera) who excuse police or any GPO for illegal actions that the rest of us would be facing criminal court if we did it, are NOT acting independently. They're acting independently of government who MUST act legally, yes 100%, but they're NOT politically independent, they're acting in support of the political party that controls the government. When a State court Judge says, “this is a complex issue” what they mean is this is a political issue and I'm about to make an illegal direct bias political centred decision; they're considering the SWOT of being a terrorist.

Politics is complex, the law is clearly defined in legislation.   I'm of the opinion that no GPO or lawyer should be allowed to belong to or associate (associate includes friends) with a political party, magistrates should be over 50, Judge over 60, no GPO (excluding elected person) should have been a member or associate of a political party (less than 10 years prior to appointment and if the government want legal advice they should look no further than a State Crown Solicitor's office because contracting private lawyers, as they do, makes sure every lawyer's potentially a government public officer beholding to a political party for income.

Now you're in the proper mindset to have a look into the location of the illegal implants, illegally inserted inside me without lawful authority, without my knowledge or consent at multiple times in late 1980s, 1990s and last ones in 2002. The placement of which directly benefit the person who implanted them but that was done for the intended and express benefit of Rex John Walters and Lorraine Leslie Walters “family”; Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Jane Simpson “family”; Labor Party Government and Liberal Party Government and their “family.”


Many Australian Federal statutes contain criminal offences. In this matter, best enforcible Act of parliament is CRIMES ACT 1914 (Cth) and the part I'll concentrate on for the moment is Part III—Offences relating to the administration of justice. The sections that are most relevant in this matter of harms perpetrated against myself and my family where we were resident from time to time along east coast NSW generally or in Adelaide SA are:


34 Judge or magistrate acting oppressively or when interested

35 Giving false testimony

36 Fabricating evidence

36A Intimidation of witnesses etc.

37 Corruption of witnesses

38 Deceiving witnesses

39 Destroying evidence

41 Conspiracy to bring false accusation

42 Conspiracy to defeat justice

43  Attempting to pervert justice

44  Compounding offences


Section 15GE serious Commonwealth offence or a serious State offence that has a federal aspect: Slavery, Harbouring criminals, Forgery, Perverting course of justice, Corruption of State or Federal officer. (previously s15HB)

These videos are ample evidence for our law enforcement officers to present to the FEDERAL director of public prosecutions on the matter of surgical rape. However this is NOT the limit of evidence, the total evidence is much more extensive.


That the appropriate government's people refused in a manner that was expressed by attacking me with events that are described pursuant to CRIMES ACT 1914, Part III, is an act of terrorism. As no government can benefit politically from anything the government are not the political terrorists. The terrorists are the political party that controlled the government at all the material times.


Ergo Labor Party and Liberal Party. I attempted to sue them in 2007 in Adelaide Magistrates Court. Despite being in receipt of a Supporting Parent's Pension under the Commonwealth benefits scheme and Social Security Act, the government controlled by the Labor Party unlawfully refused me access to Legal Aid and free legal advice on how to take legal action in the circumstance against any political party. The government funded Community Justice Centres in Adelaide stated that they were not funded to sue government; that in itself dear friend, is harbouring terrorism and terrorists.

EXTRACT AU 2002 AGE Masons in Gov .jpg
EXTRACT UK 2018 Police Masons in governm
EXTRACT  Brotherhood the secret world of

Define "cartel."

No its not a fancy car parking complex.

According to ACCC a cartel might control the output or be limiting the amount of goods and services available to buyers. Cartels are illegal in Australia because they destroy consumer confidence in an entire industry sector, including creating negative consumer sentiment towards law-abiding businesses that are not involved in cartel conduct.

The evidence ABOVE proves the existence of at least one illegal cartel limiting my access to medical services and legal services. Just because its government funded doesn't make it legal. Are we on the same page now ATTORNEY-GENERALs have I "unpacked" that enough for you'll?

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