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AUSTRALIA: The bipartisan Liberal-Labor “cleaning crew” have gone around after me erasing the footsteps of my life from local history, possibly in their "carbon neutrat footprint" budget; and evidently just as they did to my male parent's Liberal Party federal and NSW State parliament “family related” great grandfather who was born in NSW 102 years before me, he had a wife and children and owned a residential property that burnt down in main street Carcoar NSW before he completely disappeared from Australia's government records and history. After these freaks of humanity defamed me they stole my family home, all my possessions, twice, and made sure I found it impossible to find eployment and private rentals with my youngest children, then made sure I was homeless with my school aged children three times by illegal State Residential Tenancy Tribunal government orders, one in Newcastle NSW 2002 for Valentines Day, one in Goulburn NSW 2004, the other in Adelaide SA 2006 for day after Anzac Day. We spent two years living in our Holden sedan with our dog and cat in an attached box trailer so they spread false rumours claiming we were faking being homeless and that I still owned my stolen residence in NSW. “They” include Australian police in website thread they named "Australia Sux" (eg: The Brain Doctor) they kept going with it over two years (2005-2007) ending few days before local Christies Beach police criminally assaulted me (2 May 2007) then arrested me assaulting me a few more times then assaulted my 15 year old daughter for crying about them assaulting me. This happened when we were homeless and trying to use a public toilet so she could freshen up before she was due to start school that day. We had multiple local SAPOL police on multiple days/nights bashing on our car as we slept to wake us to ask us what we were “doing” despite that they knew we were homeless. We had local Christies Beach police telling us we weren't “allowed” to cook in Council public picnic areas or sleep in public car parks. They suggested we go somewhere bush and out of sight. The hate campaign falsely claimed on opening I lived in Commercial Road Port Noarlunga, which was someone else they lived to defame. When I started legal action against them they started forged State records falsely claiming I'd mental illness and was an addict. That's "some" of what your precious Labor & Liberal Party politicians & Party supporters do to innocent families to keep their political secrets & their pension that they're actually not entitled to due to their criminal fraud and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 evidently when the crime involves politics the perpetrators are above the law.

Psychopathy is a part of human nature, we all have the capacity to be psychopathic in varying degrees. Everyone is capable of the intent to kill another person or creature to protect a loved one or themselves. People attracted to any position of power over another are more psychopathic than those who are not. People who'll readily undermine or sabotage a “friend” at work to grab a better financial or social position for themselves knowing they're taking that from another, that's a higher level of psychopathy and even higher still is possessed by all who've been a part of this conspiracy to seriously and extensively “harm” me and my family at any time for any reason are the highest level of psychopath.

If all the relevant facts were known the major parties would be presumed guilty of committing serious criminal fraud, that includes the WALTERS family, all involved with publishers of BIA and the TV Miniseries reasonably knowing it was fraud, which includes PICKERING the executives of the political parties. Section 192E of the Crimes Act says that a person who, by any deception, dishonestly obtains property belonging to another, or obtains any financial advantage or causes any financial disadvantage, is guilty of the offence of fraud. The maximum penalty is imprisonment for 10 years. The maximum sentence would be “in the public interest” and serve as a warning to those following so tempted to fraudulently further their political or private career.

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions informed me they can only take an evidence brief from police. So how does that work PRIME MINISTER when police are part of a terrorist organisation or “brotherhood of paedophiles?” Because PRIME MINISTER NSW police in Bowral, Camden and Nowra told me this is how police investigate adult and child sex crimes; they ask the alleged perpetrator if he did it. If he says no then they do nothing because what I say isn't evidence and the case is closed. They refused to investigate my male parent every time I went to report a child sex crime “because he's a Mason.” State and Federal police refused to take my statements in NSW and SA for ANY crime. When I went to police after a circa 1994 rape video was circulated with me being the illegally drugged rape victim, Camden NSW police detectives told me I needed to get signed affidavits from the 'males' admitting it was rape or confirming it wasn't by consent.

Then there's the civil law element where the matter is the published false story is in breach of old Trade Practices Act and Australian Consumer Law (Competition & Consumer Act 2010) and the “harm” they've inflicted on me is primarily defamation as well as multiple matters in physical assault, theft of my real estate and other personal property loss including the unlawful killing of my dog Samson and my cat Oscar; and loss of income for not only myself but my children who were minors or unborn when this political fraud started in 1984. The total tally,  Millions.

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Allen & Unwin; Australian Labor Party; Liberal Party of Australia; AND another unincorporated corporation/body corporate:

TRADE PRACTICES ACT 1974 (successor, Competition & Consumer Act 2010, Schedule, Australian Consumer Law)

TPA 1974; PART V-CONSUMER PROTECTION, Division 1- Unfair Practices; section 52 Misleading or deceptive conduct; s53 False representations; s74 Warranties in relation to the supply of services; s82 Actions for damages; s84. Acts done by servants or agents of body corporate. The (CCH Australia Pty Ltd) Macquarie Concise Dictionary of Modern Law 1988, page 16, "body corporate: the traditional term for corporation."

Alternate link AUSTLii:



CARTEL: might control the output or be limiting the amount of goods and services available to buyers. Cartels are illegal in Australia because they destroy consumer confidence in an entire industry sector, including creating negative consumer sentiment towards law-abiding businesses that are not involved in cartel conduct. Pursuant to Australia's CCA 2010 and old TPA 1974, a cartel is illegal in Australia.


The obvious visual age differences of the "fake Leanne WALTERS" published photos, extensively contradict the government's own story.

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Above: “Leanne Walters, seriously ill in hospital the year before she was killed at the Viking Tavern.”  Source: eBook BIA-BW p14.  ​ANOTHER MORPHED PHOTO?

BIA Pamela Walters Recognises

What's that you say Skippy? She's his mother as a child?

ABOVE: perfect example of parasitic scum, too spineless to face me in a legally convened court of law, seen here attempting to look like he's a grieving parent. I never wore pigtails in primary school my hair was never long enough, when it was I only had plaits or one ponytail as having naturally very curly hair inherited from my real male parent, pigtails looked grotesque on me. So why wasn't this photo used in BIA Rex?

Never was any explanation why fake Leanne photos were removed for 2012 republication of 1989 & 2001 BIA re-badged BIKIE WARS paperback, eBook & TV mini-series NSW State & Federal governments funded; on paper it's embezzlement or more politely it's misappropriation of public money. When you realise the reason or cause served, its politically motivated terrorism.

One cause served was for the 2 major political parties to "save face" or so they weren't apolitically embarrassed by one too many political scams at federal election time in 1984. Government's "key" victim: Officially 14 when dead but also 15; lets not forget the “sketched in” ear lobe PDF PAGE 4 on photo fake Leanne's photo published front page of Sydney's major newspaper (Sun) following day after the shootings where she was identified as 16 as that's what that girl looked like, the government hope you do forget, that'd be why that photo never made it into the book but they spoke about it BIA ebook PAGE 50 and 134 as they did in 1984 press. Females SIMPSON and HARVEY wrote: It lent weight to the rumours she was a bikie moll I'm not taking the bate, that text was written by a male. Most Australian males in 1980s “wanted” to believe that every girl who wore a motorcycle brand t-shirt was automatically a bikie whore. The Holden and Ford t-shirt wearing females must therefore "driver sluts". Arrogant arse-fuckers

Page 58 "You look like a cheap little slut!” yelled Cheryl, wrenching the stud from her sister's nostril" that's what Rex John WALTERS wanted associated with the "sex licence" photo of his fake child daughter he approved for publishing.

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Insane evolution of obsessively blind “male” lust for total control from ? to alulim to pharaohs to emperors to vikings to royal families to freemasons to 21st century political party terrorists.

International human rights law generally defines terrorist/s as holding one or many political or religious goal/s that will cause terror and harm to the general public. Like the proverbial 'wolf in sheep's clothing' (eg. Road Runner cartoons) all terrorists hide amongst us pretending to be our allies. Remember the cartoons, the wolf sneaks up on the sheep little by little with a sheep skin over him, the sheep didn't realise it was really a wolf until it was too late.


When terrorists control a government they pretend to be working in our best interests. Little by little they change our laws to coincide with their political goal, being untouchable ultimate power. An example of deeply entrenched government terrorism is the fact that in the last 100 years protections in our Constitution has been eroded by party political interests. Our criminal laws now say we must ask “permission” from an elected politicians to privately prosecute three major areas of crime “perversion of the course of justice” and “all human rights crimes against the person” and “your own rape by a male parent”.


Therefore, inside our State and Federal criminal law is irrefutable proof that our own Australian governments are headed by at least two terrorist organisations, you know then as Labor Party and Liberal Party, in WWII Germany the terrorists called themselves the Nazi Party.


Our home grown terrorists refuse me my legal right to have removed painfully sparking and vibrating foreign items illegally placed inside me from head to toe, placed when I was noticeably pregnant and when I was an elected local council Alderman. They had no respect for me because they decided controlling my life on political grounds was their right as “the” government.


That dear friend is 100% proof that in their mind they “own” me in the same way any person owns a slave and decides their fate, 100% proof our Australian governments are controlled by terrorists who are just as psychopathological sadistic as a terrorist that blows things up; our Australian government terrorists are more cunningly dangerous than that.

The general public have been trained by the government to think how the political powers want the people to think. They did this through the heavily politically influenced news media and honed their skills since TV was common in Australia. We got our first TV when I was about 8 or 10. I noticed the difference. Anyone my age will remember reciting TV commercials like nursery rhymes. To say TV has no influence is political propaganda in itself. I still remember many TV commercials, from my childhood, you do too. Government brainwash their communities with terminology, like “moving forward” and “team player” they include the waving of hands as the active component to reinforce your memory. Government and their sole-mates the news media, place a huge importance on terminology.


I don't know when the first instance of the word “massacre” was used, my dictionary says its old French of unknown origin. A massacre generally entails the killing of one group by another more powerful group, perhaps its meant to be a politically satanised word when the intent is genocide. One thus example is the word massacre used to describe British Colony government's Australian killing of indigenous people. Myall Creek Massacre instantly springs to mind, on "10th June 1838, a gang of eleven convict and ex-convict stockmen led by a squatter, brutally slaughtered a group of some twenty eight Aboriginal men, women and children who were camped peacefully".


Its a massacre when those killed are disproportionately defenceless against their killers. Like the Battle of Culloden when 2,000 Scottish were killed as opposed to 50 killed from the British aggressors on 16 April 1746. There is no doubt that the deeply entrenched British rule by brutality mindset, was adopted by our Australian government.


If you're going to disarm the community then police should also be disarmed. Noone should be allowed to own any type of firearm. Sports clubs could keep electronic firearms not to be removed. Our Armed forces should be the only group with firearms. A community that needs to kill for fun is a community of psychopaths.

Any experienced psychopath or narcissist can easily discover which psychological buttons to press to make someone do what the psychopath / narcissist wants and still believe it was their own idea. The news media do it every day to you by spoon feeding you the stories they want you to hear using words they know will provoke an action they want. In 2020 the majority of news media outlets do the governments bidding knowing if they do they will be allowed to continue in their line of business. The TV and press news know they walk a political tightrope which causes them to politically lie to you each and every day. One of those lies includes refusing to report this story, despite the obviousness that this government fraud is political terrorism in breach of Australian Federal law.

When our Sydney Australia news media started reporting on the 1984 “gunfight” at the Viking Tavern in Beaconsfield (its not in Milperra) they used the term “massacre”. "Fathers Day Massacre", "World Shocked by Massacre", "Milperra Massacre". So who were massacred? Six (6) members of two motorcycle clubs who until recently had been friends and MC brothers; and literally no other. This was a government planned cull. How can I be sure it was pre-planned murder? Despite having no involvement with pubs, motorcycles or anyone in these groups, I was expressely invited and pressured to attend. They'd obviously also planned to murder me. My only question is, how many motorcycle club members shot at during this gunfight were like me, child victims of Masonic sex crimes?

Lets examine Rex's BROTHERS IN ARMS INSIDE STORY OF TWO BIKIE CLUBS (BIA) book claims that I'm his daughter and I was a bikie whore but he's not quite sure how old he wants her to be.


First lets look at the basic facts I know before everything else.


On 1 May 1984 I'd turned 28, I was the natural mother of three sons aged 10, 8 and 6. I was known by my birth name, Janette Gail FRANCIS. I rented a three bedroom house at 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie, near Camden NSW. I was working two office jobs. I owned a yellow 4 door 4cylinder 5 speed floor gear shift 1981 TE Gemini, with air-conditioning, I'd purchased from Pat Cullen Holden in Liverpool for about $5,000 and was still paying it off. My Gemini had one of those then trendy large black louvres on the back window and my twin side mirrors were black, not colour coded as mine was an SL the SLX were colour coded. SL stands for Standard Luxury. Due to my excellent reflexes I usually won at the traffic light “start”. My aim was to beat the other driver off the mark, not across the intersection. I would have been an excellent drag racer. It was a secret desire. I won 99.9% of the time. My reflexes are still excellent. I put it down to being the best Jacks player in primary school. (Five knucklebones. I preferred the plastic ones or stones.)


My FRANCIS male cousins were all older than me. Oldest two (Jim & little John) used to race dirt motorcycles in the 1960s when they lived with their parents (John & Jean) at 41 John Street Granville NSW. Their little sister, Jeanette (not to be confused with me as Janette) is one month younger than me. According to family sources Jeanette married a Michael Howard in 1980s and he was a biker. I don't know that for sure as I didn't go to her wedding. I don't know if he's related to Prime Minister John Howard either. I was dealing with my own family issues and wasn't up to pretending to be happy to family who know how to push all your angry and hurt buttons.


I'm a very private person. Having to do this website exposé is a major intrusion in my personal life but one I'm willing to do for the public interest, to expose the “real” criminals, our political governments. In this “Leanne Walters” matter the “outlaw” motorcycle clubs are innocent.


Rex John Walters looks like he's DNA related to the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

The event where several members of two motorcycle clubs were shot dead was in the federal electorate of the then Treasurer Paul Keating, a prime minister in waiting.

The matter occurred in September 1984. The federal election was soon to be called but releasing the election date was a well published procrastinated by Hawke and his Labor party it eventually occurred in December 1984 after the Leanne Walters bullshit had been settled.


NSW police took a long time before they released the alleged identity of the fake Leanne Walters.

Circa October / November 1984 My landlord, Len English who was also my neighbour when I lived at 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie (Camden) NSW and whose son looked like a biker, approached me angrily insisting I was Leanne Walters as he said, “He saw a photo of me on the TV news police said was Leanne Walters the murder victim.” I went to Camden NSW (Local Area Command) police station, but they refused to show me the publicly released photo of Leanne Walters.


The two photos in the Sydney press 1984 of the fake Leanne Walters don't even look like the same person. Neither are me and don't even remotely look like the photo (of me) REX JOHN WALTERS used in the 1989&2001 BIA book. Nor do either of them look like the very young girl published for the first time in the ebook version of BIA in 2012 making it look like that was the year before she was fake murdered, you can see she's younger than the girl with the huge boobs from the 1984 Sydney Daily Mirror newspaper story and nothing like the photo of me in Rex John WALTERS BIA book. The obvious visual age contradictions of the published photos establish the government's own story is fraud.


NSW assistant police commissioner's official written reason, to me in 2003, not to investigate this serious organised terrorist's murder fraud was “budget constraints” with the notation by inference that there would never be enough money in the budget to investigate this politically motivated Labor party terrorist government crime that's also been equally illegally sanctioned by consecutive Liberal party governments.


First REX JOHN WALTERS bullshit alert

I wrote to the NSW Coroner's office they responded telling me the body of "Leanne Walters aged 14” was identified by a 'person she lived with and had known for 5 years. Therefore NOT a parent, which is in breach of Australian law. When a minor (aged 14) dies under violent circumstances (during a firearm conflict where inferred participants included under cover NSW police) the body “must” be identified by a parent in conjunction with police”.


Second REX JOHN WALTERS bullshit alert

The NSW Coroner's letter continued. Informant for death registration was “P Walters” with the inference it was her “BIA alleged” mother Pamela Walters. Again that would be in breach of Australian law, informant must be police. A death certificate must me registered by a doctor or funeral home and not a member of the deceased person's family for pretty obvious reasons. In case you're that dumb, in the event the person was murdered by their family member which happens quite a lot to females after they're been raped.


Third REX JOHN WALTERS bullshit alert

The "police falsified" NSW Coroner's letter stated Leanne Walters was aged 14 when allegedly murdered but the government is obviously not sure of that; when a story is officially classified "true crime" then funded by State and Federal governments on that basis and it states contradictory ages of an alleged child murder victim, being officially 14 but also 15; but lets not forget the “sketched in” ear lobe for fake Leanne's photo published front page of Sydney's major newspaper (Sun) following day after the shootings where she was identified as 16 as that's what that girl looked like, the government hope you do forget, that'd be why that photo never made it into the book but they spoke about it as they did in 1984 press. Wearing a t-shirt with the “Triumph” logo means a girl is a automatically a bikie whore. Outrageous. If there's one abhorrent and ignored fraud for identification of the government's “key” victim, there's bound to be more. I assure you I've found heaps despite having no personal knowledge of the events. If its not true telling of facts then its not "true" begging the question how many other "not true" matters are there? It is however evidence of crime that's been perpetrated "in concert" by the NSW State and Federal Governments from 1984 to 2020 inclusive. Its a false document if it contains false or misleading information or belief.


BIA 1989&2001 back cover: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “Among the dead, a fifteen year old girl caught in the crossfire.”

BIA-BW p9: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “Seven people died that day, including a 15-year old girl caught in the crossfire.”


BIA-BW p14: “Leanne Walters, seriously ill in hospital the year before she was killed at the Viking Tavern.” (above)

BIA-BW p80: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “Mary Larkin had grand-daughters of her own. She felt sorry for this fifteen-year-old child.”


BIA 1989&2001 un-numbered photo pages: This photo was not included in the 2012 publication for the TV mini-series funded by two governments (Federal & NSW). The fake “sex licence” (side column this page) with my stolen photo of my adult face attached (not by me) by members of the REX JOHN WALTERS gang who wrote my birthdate as “6.4.69” which would be 6 April 1969 which would mean the fake Leanne Walters was aged 15 years 4 months 27days at time of the fake murder. I initially presumed 6 April must be of significance to someone. Then I realised, 15 years 4 months 27 days was about my age when Rhonda Wark, the little sister of Neil Wark, my brother's best friend in high school, and the daughter of a NSW policeman, had arranged my rape in an act of psychopathic jealously after I refused to befriend her. We were both attending Campbelltown NSW co-ed public school and both in 3rd form or year 9, it was September 1971 and an all-girls birthday party for my fellow high-school friend Sharon Love. Future Sharon and her husband ran a successful Harley-Davidson Motorcycles shop for some years, near the “big prawn”.


BIA-BW p121: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “I understand that one of the victims is a girl aged 14… the other dead”


BIA-BW p122: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “You know the 14-year-old girl who was shot in the bikie massacre”


BIA-BW p129: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “7. Walters, Leanne, 14 years old, 117 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool. Associate of Rebels Motor cycle gang.”


BIA-BW p131: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “..Police have identified the 14 year-old girl who was shot dead as Leanne Walters of Elizabeth Drive, Liverpool…”


BIA-BW p142: Talking about the fake Leanne Walters, “the middle-aged man and the 14-year-old girl sitting around the back of the hospital having a smoko, both misfits in their own way.”


More facts the general public didn't know:


I studied nursing at Liverpool NSW hospital circa 1977 when aged 20/21, see top of page notes on "brucellosis".

September 1984 I was the mother of three sons aged 10, 8 and 6. I was permanently separated from my alcoholic husband William PETERS, despite that we were not divorced I'd reverted to using my birth family name FRANCIS. I was working full-time in the office of a business physically behind the back boarder of Liverpool NSW hospital over the railway line; Visyboard, Scrivener Street Warwick Farm; I was the data entry person entering the sales into the mainframe computer back in the day personal computers had 8 inch floppy discs. My work was imperative part in the 'production team' computerised process headed by Barry Quon, he used my entered data to schedule the factory runs for Richard Pratt's corrugated fibre containers down stairs, cardboard boxes to you.


In about three evenings per week I went back into Visy to back-up all the mainframe data from reel to reel for safe off-site storage in the event of a fire. One fire occurred after I was illegally sacked in 1885 on my birthday 1st May. General Manager, Tony Feathersone alleged the fire destroyed the personal records, which was bullshit, every record was computerised, there was a “reel” copy off site. I admit that seeing Tony on the news saying this and knowing Tony for the past almost five years, he had an expression on his face that told me he was in fear of his life. The first thing Bary Quon said to me when I came into the office the day after Fathers Day 1984 was something like, “Half the factory is either dead or in jail.” Amongst the black&white photos on the un-numbered pages of 1989&2001 BIA that I bought in 2001 and saw for the first time is a photo of a black utility I'd often parked behind when I worked at Visy.


About photo below: The first vehicle I was allowed to drive on my own was my male parent's work ute. I got my car licence on first test after three half hour lessons when I was 17. I remembered the black ute by the numberplate, which was similar to my model of car I was driving, my little yellow TE SL Gemini, a similar model was SLX TE Gemini. My brain stores everything by association which allows me to accurately remember just about everything I see. I associated the "LSX" with "SLX" as the ute numberplate is LSX-187 and 187 is like the red 186 Holden engine, its an engine not a motor, I associated it with the 186 motor. My guess is its a Ford as I can't remember the model. Circa 1976, I emergency fixed a blown water hose on ours (Holden red motor) using aluminium foil and glad wrap. Foil, plastic, foil, engine heat vulcanised the plastic. I have no memory of the person who drove this ute. There were often a group of males in the canteen when I arrived I never knew them by name. I was painfully shy, if any male looked at me too long I'd blush. I was told that there were bets on whether I could park my HQ Holden in one specific small space directly in front of the canteen. Those who bet against me lost. Only name in BIA I recognised from Visy factory was "Zorba" didn't know Visy's Zorba personally.

I'm a bit of a Holden fan, not fanatic though. I detest motorbikes for safety reasons. Never been on one and never will. Love old cars.


In 1990s I paid $1,500 for a complete but dismantled 1920s Pontiac. I paid. My defacto Owen Hall (1964-2010) stole that from me after he stole my real estate, in concert with NSW police and his new partner NSW State government public officer, Robyn M Noonan JP, some 13 years Owen's senior. I suspect Australia's terrorist governments gave Owen a new identity for the greater good of the two political parties, Labor and Liberial, not even voters can tell 'em apart these days.

Like I said I used to be painfully shy. I took the Myers Briggs personalty test a few times and get the same result. I'm an introvert, doesn't mean I'm a brainless loser, it means I'm not affected by peer group pressure. They classify me as an INTJ which means I'm one of a very small percentage of the rest of you. It doesn't mean I'm stupid, it means that because most of you are less intelligent than me, you think I'm less intelligent than you. Evidently to most of you that means I should be bullied by you and have my life ruined just because I don't have a group of friends like me from the, less than 1% of INTJ women.


Card 1984 The Motorcycle Clubs are innoc

ABOVE: SIMPSON & HARVEY's Brothers In Arms 1989 & 2001 paperback covers hold in full view, irrefutable evidence that our NSW State Government knowingly and criminally falsified evidence at this 1984 murder scene when moved body of Ivan Romcek or moved bodies of Mario Cianter and Tony McCoy then falsely claimed they “fell side by side” also establishes the identity of those personally responsible. In 2012 NSW and Federal Governments  funded the new book removing any incriminating evidence then funded a TV miniseries to commit to the 1980s lies.

BIA Authors: Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson gave their face as murder victim Leanne Walters, the first “Sydney newspaper” photos of this fake murder victim so Australian news media could provoke  global anger towards the accused motorcycle club members. These are blatant acts of criminal incitement. Subsequently, State of NSW police ministry employed HARVEY as a “press secretary” then the Commonwealth employed her in the ABC Four Corners news project. Various Governments have employed SIMPSON in “tourism” or “teacher-lecturer” in our Universities. Adelaide's major newspaper sought her input on stories related to local motorcycle clubs. Federal and State employed them as reward for their crimes of perverting the course of justice etc., before 1995 that was called false political propaganda, since 1995 its been a federal crime called politically motivated “terrorism”.

Source : BIA-BW p154.

BELOW: Rex John WALTERS (above) looks like he's DNA related to 1984 Prime Minister Bob HAWKE; and not even slightly like Janette's real DNA male parent, Aubrey Bernard FRANCIS

BELOW: NSW State Government public officers falsify evidence at shooting sceene. Either they moved the bodies of Mario Cianter and Tony McCoy, or they killed them as they stood near Ivan Romcek.

My guess is that whoever killed unarmed Ivan Romcek was a government public officer, the identity of whom they government criminally sought to conceal on political grounds.

Card 1984 Police #Falsify Murder Evidenc

BELOW: Rex John WALTERS fake daughter's SEX LICENCE he had published with Janette's adult face when aged 28 in 1984, giving her a birth date that secretly links the BIA book defamation of Janette, to 1971 date when Janette (aged 15) was raped by a NSW policeman's daughter.

Source: BIA 1989 & 2001

FAKE Leanne BIA 1989-2012 Sex Licence _1

BELOW: 30 June 1987 when the Bandidos and Comancheros accused of murder were facing court in nearby Penrith, Local Freemasons evidently arranged to murder me in my yellow TE Gemini in high speed vehicle impact on Camden Valley Way in Catherine Field, just north of Deepfields Road. A soil truck registered to a “MH Baker Leppington” rear ended me twice sending me spinning into oncoming traffic, stopping about an inch from the steel railing on other side of the road now facing the direction I'd driven from. Another driver swerved off the road well after I'd stopped and impaled his car on the end of the steel railing that protected me completely. I walked away unhurt my unborn baby was safe too. NSW police charged me with negligent driving in a noticed bearing the last name "Stephenson" Campbelltown NSW court unconstitutionally sent my traffic infringement appeal, to arbitration, where I failed to attain due process of law. Police claimed the unmarked front of my Gemini ripped off the truck's bull-bar and front bumper bar. Police gave that evidence which was accepted as fact by Campbelltown lawyer Bruce Hanrahan the court appointed arbitrator, with traitor being the operative part of that word and not to be confused with Brian Hanrahan. This HANRAHAN used to be part of “Dignan and Hanrahan” Mr Paul Dignan was a very nice person, he did the legals on my real estate in The Oaks. He told me about local police who'd falsely arrested his son and he'd been unable to help him. When I was about 5 months pregnant (Sep 1987) Rex John WALTERS knocked on my door at The Oaks NSW claiming, "You're my long lost daughter." I slammed the door on the psychopath. How did he know where I lived? I watched from my window as WALTERS went inside a house on north west corner of Mary and William Streets The Oaks, where was/is residence of Sydney detective I suspect his name is Peter Robert BRADBURY, wondering if he's STEPHENSON's son-in-law page 108 and if STEPHENSON's wife's was Gloria Pennington page 108 who befriended me 1990s Zonta Macarthur (ZM) where I was a foundation member (C.1993) Pennington laughed when she claimed her “husband a policeman with different last name knew me” I had no criminal record. When I was member of Narellan Rotary (C.1996) with NSW police (new) Superintendent Bob Gollon. Circa 1996 a Marsden's lawyer (husband of fellow ZM member) angrily withdrew his membership at meeting in my presence on stated grounds I was “not a fit and proper person to be in Rotary.” I've done nothing wrong in my entire life. When I stood for local council 1995 my new neighbour & biker, son of long-tern The Oaks Postmistress, created a scene at The Oaks polling booth saying I was “not a fit and proper person to be in Council.”

Circa 1994 NSW police detective Paul Shields pp 228,231,232 with two uniformed NSW police tried to arrest me at gunpoint as he waved 1989 copy BIA at me claiming “You're Leanne Walters.” His little brother Martin was his "intelligence" we were both in Toastmasters was my second meeting where I was trying to get over my shyness, I never went to another meeting. NSW and Federal Governments screwed my life up with their politically motivated lies, if this isn't enough evidence for you you've in need of a brain.

Card 1987 to 2018 NSW Police Detective R
Card 1984 Janette Gail FRANCIS 1984 Arch

BELOW: Janette when 48, in her backyard in 2004 with her VT Holden Calais local "friends of" Goulburn NSW police had mechanically vandalised when Janette put it in for a rego check. They stole my air-conditioner and caused some other major damage as I was trying to leave NSW for Adelaide.

Card Secret World of Australian Freemaso


Yet another example of why history should

be recorded by citizens because people of government are lying thieving murdering political terrorists.

So mote if fuking be.

2004 Janette when Living in Goulburn the

BELOW: “Police search Foggy's utility in the carpark, laying the weapons on the bonnet. The video taken of this event was later shown to police cadets at Goulburn Academy as how not to conduct a weapon seizure. (BRUCE MILLER)”

Source : BIA-BW p156.

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