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Cousin Sir Francis SUTTOR


Francis, Grosvenor, Suttor.

Janette Gail Francis age 10 - 1966 Campb

Right: (1966 Janette) When I lived with my birth family they'd decided that I was simple-minded because they couldn't understand what I was telling them. As human traits demand, innocence is almost always perverted by the greedy in control of our governments.

Card 1995 Janette Family at Christmas 10

Can I believe my July 2020 "LIVING DNA" test results after proving my August 2020 "ANCESTRY DNA" test kit was stolen when in the hands of our Federal government's Australia Post's seat of organised postal service crime? Obviously not.  Will Australia's press report organised Australian government crime? Heck no its too close to home, might put their rellies in the stew.

Crime -Ancestry DNA -Australia Post -Yel

LEFT: Any fool can see NSW police stole my Christmas family photo to fabricate this 2012 alleged photo of their fake 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters; morphed photo/s of my third child with another or other stolen photo/s of me and my children, we all have long neck and square shoulders.


Why would an Australia Post worker steal my DNA kit in 2020 if not for intent to continue the Freemason government police existing false link to the lying REX WALTERS fuked-up family. Remembering SANDRA HARVEY author of Brothers In Arms with my stolen photo as "1984 bikie murdered Leanne Walters" was also employed as a "spin doctor" aka "press secretary" of the NSW fuked-up POLICE MINISTER as she advertised in her 2001 fuked-up reprint; first published in 1989 the year after I tried to get an AVO on my male FREEMASON parent for his Sunday 24 April 1988 child sex crimes that Camden NSW FREEMASON police refused to even take my statement; but FREEMASON ex-cop Jack BASSETT took his own life over as best friend of my male parent when my male FREEMASON parent raped me aged 2 years 10 months on 3 March 1959 - my parent's wedding anniversary.

Why would a stranger email my estranged sister *Sharon Greene on an April Fools Day claiming my male parent is really from the COFFEY family allegedly descended from an 1800s SYDNEY NSW cop if not to criminally (falsely) link us to the fuked-up REX WALTERS family of losers.


Elementary deductions on the ample evidence, so where is Jack Bassett's NSW police detective son who blamed me for his male parent's 24 April 1988 suicide, and could he explain why he blamed me without incriminating himself in the Freemason crime of kidnapping and illegally drugging me on the same day 24 April 1988 ? No he couldn't.

Yellow Pages REFUSED this valid and verified customer REVIEW of Ancestery Level 3, 387 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 on their Yellow Pages website listing for Ancestry's Ancestry's official Australia Office in Sydney. Sounds like another conspiracy considering the email arrived at midnight, the witching hour for crime at Australia Post's sorting centre in Granville NSW. website advertised the item as AU$129 plus postage. Ancestry DNA invoiced me at $158.99 with no indication of what the postage cost was so presumably cost $30 to send the 160 gram delivery label stated package.

I used a different delivery name (Lena G) as I suspected my parent's DNA kit had been tampered with previously.

Australia Post Granville, (Sydney NSW) cancelled the first package that was sent, cancelling it the day before I'd ordered it which is obviously fraud. The government officially refutes the capacity of ESP so legally Australia Post can't cancel something before its been ordered.

With first package cancelled Australia Post Granville (Sydney NSW) sends another package at midnight (19 August 2020) two days after my order which is evidence of package tampering, potentially to EXCHANGE the "send to" address for my (your) DNA sample.


A bone marrow recipient can’t DNA test as they'll get a false result. All someone needs to do is spit in your DNA spit sample and they mix their DNA with yours creating a FALSE DNA reading. Ancestry DNA know this fact and fail to properly secure their DNA kits during postage. Heck federal AUSTRALIA government has failed to secure our DNA kits during postage.

I contacted Ancestry DNA by email ( informing them of the crime but they refuse to respond. The plot thickens. Looks by inference I have proof my male parent's DNA sample was illegally intercepted by Australia Post packing centre staff, as custom of practice.

The plot thickens looks like I have enough evidence to prove my male parent's DNA sample was illegally interfered with by Australia Post sorting staff just as mine was, evidently DNA tampering is “best practice” for the Federal Government. Now it’s a triple crime. Ancestry, Australia Post and Yellow Pages.

under my Australian SUTTOR / GROSVENOR / FRANCIS family rug we go 

Executive version: Can I believe my July 2020 "LIVING DNA" test results after proving my August 2020 "ANCESTRY DNA" test kit was stolen when in the hands of out Federal government's Australia Post's seat of organised postal service crime?


My research and Autosomal DNA proves that my male parent's great grandparents are Grosvenor FRANCIS &  Elizabeth  (MacKean) FRANCIS, both born in London England area married in Sydney and birthed 6 children. They immigrated to USA, San Francisco  with some of their 6 children in 1870 never to return. His male parent had the same name he'd married RUTH GROSVENOR 2 April 1801 in Church of St. John the Evangelist, Westminster, London, daughter of William GROSVENOR and Ann LOWE. Henry & Elizabeth left behind their 2nd son, my great grandfather George Arthur FRANCIS oldest son was Grosvenor Charles FRANCIS, I'm evidently related to Grosvenor FRANCIS MP. Grosvenor senior evidently lied to his wife about his age to make himself 8 years younger, for the entirety of their 60 years marriage; also related to SUTTORs (below), also early days of federal and NSW State parliaments and the NSW GROSVENORs (family name) attempting to get into parliaments late last century when I was a local council Alderman in Wollondilly Shire (Jenny HALL 1995-1999) when I was illegally dismissed on political grounds. Most or all of whom were or are Freemasons. Evidently to preserve "their" reputations they choose to destroy my great grandfather's reputation as far back as 1937 by illegally altering his NSW marriage record and destroy mine since 1980s.  That's how Australian politicians role. You can't keep a good woman down.

Which also means I'm grandparent related to Wars of the Roses Lancaster's and  England's King Alfred the Great and the first kings of Scotland through Kenneth McAlpine from BOTH my parents. Luckily, I'm not blood related to Henry VIII related by marriage only, by 16 degrees to GG Henry through a Simpson marriage to a great aunt, there's a personality trait hint there.

Living DNA quote about my Autosomal DNA profile below: 

"Your recent ancestry is based on the DNA you’ve inherited from both of your biological parents. The scientific term for this genetic code is your ‘autosomal DNA’. Typically, recent ancestry results can trace back approximately 10 generations in your family lineage. We compare your DNA to population groups around the world to determine where your ancestors may have been from." Anything below 5% is from further back in your family line.

My DNA results are in.  Refer below for full story.


RIGHT: Janette's DNA result 2020. There's NO south Ireland DNA to correspond with the COFFEY of County Cork in Kerry Ireland (left) as claimed by the alleged Robert Coffey to my sister in what not proves was a DNA fraud claiming my male parent was really a Coffey family member.


My own DNA result compared to the (fake) Coffey Y-DNA results (below) indicates if my male parent was a Coffey he's not my male parent. Considering I'm youngest and we lived in a country Cooma (Bunyan NSW) when I was conceived with my closest siblings 2 and 4 years older, its highly unlikely I'm NOT my male parent's daughter due to another itty-bitty fact - mum has the blood group 'O" where as my male parent's was "A" as it so happens I inherited my male parent's blood group along with his low blood pressure. Mum's mitochondrial DNA says there's a 16% Irish mix. What's even more interesting is that both my parents had black hair but only one of their four children also had black hair, the rest had blonde brown hair that lights up to Viking copper when the sun hits it. These days there's more silver than copper. Mine literally glows silver and copper in the sun. The majority of my myDNA is from North Africa, 61% Tuareg (Fezzan). A huge percentage of the rest is from various parts of Spain, Europe, UK and Ireland.

My male parent's own mother's birth Family name is "Battle" from the town of Battle south east of London England.  The SUTTOR's were from London see below. The Grosvenor's are probably English after 1066 (William the Conqueror) French before. 


My Irish ancestry probably comes from MacLachlan's who evidently moved from Scotland to Northern Ireland after the massacre at Culloden, 1746. They married Irish people. For my male parent to be Irish as well as my mother's Irish, I'd have much more Irish. Considering they claim the COFFEY family are early Sydney police, then the COFFEY DNA claim is perhaps another example of NSW police family bullshit and who else has authority to intercept mail with DNA samples in it?

East Anglia is the region of Boudica, the Iceni Queen who led a revolt against the Romans; and the first Kings of England to whom I'm related through my mother.


Great Britain and Ireland 100%

  • East Anglia 47.4%

  • Ireland 10.6%

  • Lincolnshire 8.1%

  • South England 6.9%

  • Cornwall 5.6%

  • Orkney and Shetland Islands 4.8%

  • Aberdeenshire 3.6%

  • North Wales 3.2%

  • South Central England 2.8%

  • Devon 1.6%

  • Southeast England 1.6%

  • Northern Ireland and Southwest Scotland 1.4%

  • Northwest England 1.2%

  • Northumbria 1.1%

Below: because sometimes I like to boast.

DNA First results Janette 2020.jpg


Suttor Family UK.jpg

Perhaps also relevant, if you were from Sutton back when names were being enforced you might have called yourself Suttor as my paternal relatives from Battle did. Battle (town) is near where English King Harold Godwinson died, another maternal GG+.


Sutton is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as having two churches and about 30 housesSutton is the principal town of the eponymous London Borough of Sutton in South London, England. 

BELOW: The fake Coffey DNA result was probably a SUTTOR who approached my sister Sharon, circa 2017 to perpetuate the SUTTOR family lie. 

DNA Not Coffey County Cork.jpg
Janette mtDNA.png


My Sister Sharon Greene

* Sharon is my closest age sister, she's two (2) years older than me. On page 10, in THIS LINK my sister Sharon claims "I have often said that as I’m the only ‘normal’ sibling and that I must have been adopted!"  

I hope you get to read this, evidently it'd be the only way I can reach you after you put a brick wall between us as a result of events on 24 April 1988. I often wondered what you tell people to cover for the reason we no longer communicate. You know Jack Basset killed himself that evening, don't you? The way I understand brainwashing is that the perpetrators work on the core personality of their target. That's why they were unsuccessful with me, I work on logic. You unfortunately work of envy, not your fault its your DNA, I would have thought you might like to address that at some stage. I feel the need to note that if you did marry a Mr Greene, then I suspect he's associated with the NSW police, Allen Greene I think he was. If so I also suspect he's the Mr Greene who was the NSW police representative at the traffic committee meetings I used to chair at Wollondilly Shire council. If that's also true Sharon then I suggest you step back and impartially analyse how he came into your life. I'm not your enemy, NSW Government public officers with their insane political drive are. The “divide and conquer” principal in a nutshell is why all the members of our birth family are separated, because its in the best interests of the current political Governments that we are all divided and hate each other. Read the effing evidence Sharon. I take offence to being labelled as “not normal” by my big sister and hereby seek my legal right to redress the matter because my sister Sharon has been brainwashed to forget reality by our terrorist government public officers linked to the (political cause) FAKE murder of the FAKE person Leanne Walters, also known in 1980s as Elaine Lynette Sloman and since 1980s as Lynette Mary STYLES.

Enough is enough Sharon. My sister Sharon is the only sibling (of four children) with black hair like mum and male parent, so to ever claim she claimed she was adopted is just another in a long line of attention seeking traits Sharon has.  I on the other hand was the shrinking wall flower type, confirmed by my Myers-Briggs personality tests, I'm and INTJ personality. Despite her life-long spitefulness I still love her. We're like chalk & cheese. Sharon loves to be "in charge" of everyone and loves to be the only centre of attention. Sharon confided in me when I was in high school that I was the only one who didn't fit in our family and that no one loved me. I responded with something like, "You're an idiot."  Its from this very statement that I suspect is compelling evidence that Sharon has been "Freemason Brainwashed" soon after I witnessed the Freemason child sex crimes and murder in about 1967, when I was about 11 and Sharon was about 13. I'm pretty sure I still have the scars on my hands where Sharon stood behind me reached into the soap suds washing up water grasped the back end of the carving knife handle I was washing from the back of the palm of my hand and pulled the handle causing the blade sliced the inside of my finger on the other hand, just missing the large, visible vein. She didn't apologize she just frowned and snarled at me claiming it was my fault she had to hurt me. I was about 16 so Sharon was about 18. Around the same general time she threw a bread & butter knife at me which sliced a chunk from my upper arm as it flew past. Can't remember why she did that but I do remember saying, "What was that for?". When we were a few years younger she flicked me in the face with our deceased grandfather's jacket because she insisted I wasn't allowed to take it from her wardrobe to wear it. It was hers and hers alone. The metal zip from grand pop's bomber style jacket chipped off half of my front upper tooth. I never got a cap on the tooth, so I had to go through high school and puberty with half a front upper tooth and six missing front lower teeth. These visual deformities ensured I was socially reserved, I was  already naturally very shy and blushed profusely when a stranger looked at me for longer than a few seconds.  It all depends on what you deem as "normal" Sharon. Defaming your siblings in such a nasty manner is NOT normal in my books.


** Fake Coffey DNA: As my sister Sharon is convinced our usually always tanned male parent "NEVER TANNED" then this Ancestry DNA result is fake. Image with red shadow boarder is our "tanned as a berry" male parent.  In linked PDF Sharon has Arthur Henry Francis, our male parent's own male parent "Arthur Henry FRANCIS born 1883 at Mt McDonald NSW died 1926" However NSW Births Deaths & Marriages has the same Arthur Henry FRANCIS born at CARCOAR NSW, nearby but too far awar to be the same location, and registered as dead in 1925 not 1926. Obviously someone is falsifying NSW BDM records.

My mtDNA result says we, you and me Sharon, are 15% Irish from our MOTHER's DNA and not the Australia Post Granville sorting centre STOLEN Ancestry DNA kit, see opening story.

Any "COFFEY family male" can take a Y-DNA swab/spit and call themselves "Aubrey Bernard Francis" in the obvious alternate, any FRANCIS from the Suttor Grosvenor Y-DNA line can have a Y-DNA test and call themselves "Grant William Coffey".

Get with the program Sharon. Our government public officers are dishonest arselickers.

Arthur Henry FRANCIS BirthCarcoar NSW  &
Card 1985 Freemason Crimes Nowra NSW Aus
Card TROVE George Francis Coffey 1856-19
Fake DNA Janettes Male Parent.jpg
DNA Endurance.jpg

Irish are traditionally Catholic, my male parent (Aubrey Bernard Francis) was not.


Like the SUTTOR's my male parent's family religion is Anglican (Old Church of England in which I was Christianed as a child); my Scottish mother's is Methodist Church, originating in Scotland. As an adult I choose no fantasy by religion or elsewise, I choose only cold hard facts; not some random NSW police family member who historical are pathological  liars, just like career politicians.

DNA Strength.jpg
DNA Tendons.jpg
1953 Male Parent  words CROP.png
02 Charlotte Augusta Ann Francis 1817-18
Circa 1925 Grosvenor FRANCIS words.png

under my England-Australia


family rug we go.

UK Cousin Hugh GROSVENOR words.png
01 George SUTTOR 1774-1858 Bathurst NSW.
This SUTTOR / FRANCIS family’s historical NSW politics connection explains why I've been targed with so much criminal harms by government public officers employed or elected in New South Wales, South Australia  and their Federal governments before and after I’d been 1995 elected to local council as an Alderman / Councillor in NSW Wollondilly Shire. In 1999 I was unlawfully dismissed five months before next scheduled election after I'd indicated I might stand for election in NSW State parliament.
Subsequently I'd been arrested and charged for 'lawful' acts of freedom of speech in letters I wrote to police and community. No joke, I have a criminal record for complaining about crime in NSW State government, under defamation law its the Lange defence, freedom of political communication.  NSW State arrested me under criminal law as they knew they'd fail in any defamation action - is called 'business as usual' to Australian politicians. They get away with it because I'm not affiliated with a political party and they have the criminal co-operation of many government public officers and State judiciary and the news media. So I left NSW in 2004. We live in an autocracy not a democracy. They do whatever the hell they want with the public purse and our rights.
In 2014 South Australia State did that trick again when they illegally imprisoned me for defamation, but instead of using the courts, they abused the Mental Health Act and imprisoned me in a high security mental health facility for complaining about government corruption.
2009 South Australia Christies Beach State government Transport authority insisted my NSW birth certificate bearing my last name as FRANCIS was not my own refusing to let me use my last name on my driving licence. After I'd addressed and corrected that the SA Premier's office intercepted, destroying my official 2009 photo from my licence, destroying my signature on official record as FRANCIS and reinstated an outdated photo of me under my prior common law married name HALL and reinstated my signature as HALL making my licence invalid as identification.
They persisted with this sending me out renewals in the same manner until I complained again in 2017 so 2018 State public officers decided to cancel my driving licence with no legal authority whatsoever. Challenged in State Supreme Court in 2019 the biased judge deemed State government had the authority to cancel my licence indefinitely without any need for due process or legal justification.
That battle over my right to use my legal birth last name continues, only no Australian lawyer I've asked will assist me so largely they've managed to alter all government documents identifying who I am and what I've done in my life. without any legal challenge whatsoever; as CIVIL STATE COURTS unconstitutionally toss out every challenge .I've made representing myself with the tick of approval of all our representatives in every parliament across Australia.
All  NSW and SA ministers, State and Federal have given this illegal change to my records the nod. I regress in 1988 when I was pregnant with my second youngest child without any legal excuse a Camden NSW police mans wife employed in Federal Social Security destroyed my entire family record file replacing it with criminally false data claiming my second and third born children were fathered by my oldest child. My children were born the year I turned 18, 20, 22, 32, 35.   So I can imagine what great grandfather George Henry FRANCIS was up against in late 1800s early 1900s. 
SOURCE: OFFICIAL government documents linked via my other website at
02 William Henry SUTTOR Snr 1805-1877  B
03 William Henry SUTTOR Jnr 1834-1905 Ba
Francis SUTTOR NSW Parliament.jpg
John Bligh SUTTOR Jnr 1883-1960  NSW Par
John Bligh SUTTOR Snr 1883-1960  NSW Par


AUSTRALIA 100 years ago: Late 1800s early 1900s my male parent's grandfather (allegedly named George Henry FRANCIS) lived in Cowra NSW where he disappeared without a trace in NSW government records.


About my FRANCIS family and the political embarrassment

Evidently we pose an embarrassment to the ‘other’ descendants of my cousin Sir Francis Bathurst SUTTOR 1839-1915, member of NSW Parliament 1877-1915, elected member for Bathurst three time (lower house.)

Embarrassment, that's the reason the State has used to toss out every civil challenge I've made to protect my legal rights in civil court under Common Law. Evidently government embarrassment trumps a citizen's legal rights in the Australian State civil court system.


Sir Francis Bathurst SUTTOR may be rolling over in disgust in his grave. He was appointed to the (upper house) Legislative Assembly in 1900. He was President of the upper house when he died suddenly from heart failure. History says SUTTOR was not a member of any party when first elected. From his second election he was member of the “Protectionist” party which merged with the “Federal Liberal” party in 1909.


His father, William Henry SUTTOR Snr 1805-1877, had been member of Bathurst before him also had an extensive career in Australian politics. Suttor River in Queensland was named after his father. His mother is Charlotte Augusta Ann FRANCIS 1817-1879.


His brother, William Henry Suttor Jnr 1834-1905, also had an extensive career in Australian politics. Just before his death Francis Bathurst SUTTOR had publicly stated that ‘between his father, uncle, brother and himself they’d given over 80 years of service in parliament; and that there were then 138 living descendants of his father and mother’ in 1915.


His grandfather, George SUTTOR 1774-1858, is internet stated as being English/Scottish and born in Chelsie England. George SUTTOR purchased 320 acres of Bathurst Plains, eight miles north of Bathurst in 1821, Brucedale, this property has remained in the possession of the SUTTOR family. Presumably Brucedale is named to honour the royal Scottish ‘BRUCE’ family, most likely ancestors to the SUTTORS as they are in my mother’s maternal pedigree. Its really a very small world genetically.


SOURCE: (in part)

Fast forward to 2017 and the ‘dual’ citizenship debacle in federal parliament I’d posted on my website, my family tree up to my grandfather, Arthur Henry FRANCIS, born 1883 in Carcoar NSW, died 1925 Sydney. Arthur Henry FRANCIS is the oldest son of the missing in NSW records - George Henry FRANCIS.


After my Family-Tree post in 2017 a stranger approached my (gullible) two years older sister, a long-term member of a genealogy society in NSW, to ‘suggest’ our Scottish/English-Anglican heritage male parent (Aubrey Bernard FRANCIS) was really of Irish-Catholic heritage and should have been named Aubrey Bernard COFFEY.


The COFFEY stranger and my male parent, through my sister, did two sets of DNA tests. According to my sister’s online presence the first set of DNA swabs went missing in the post. The second one allegedly proved out the Aubrey COFFEY theory.

The COFFEY stranger just happened to be from a Sydney police family to be sure to be sure my gullible sister would trust them.


I note recently (2019) I received a DNA kit through Australia Post that had been tampered with, it was delivered, pre-opened, to my home address from overseas. I didn’t use it.


I don’t doubt DNA results, but I do question the human element between the test result and the delivery of the information either by Australia Post or digitally as we all know literally everything can be hacked into and altered.


The linked (Asletts Family) document says this FRANCIS family is linked to Bathurst where BDM marriage record says our George was in 1882 when he married Jane PIESLEY 1858-1907.


SOURCE: https:/

If anyone cares to look at the 'asletts' entry for the six children of Grosvenor FRANCIS and Elizabeth MacKEAN, (probably should be MacLean) they’ll see that five of their six children are listed as being NSW born between 1852-1868. However, only three of the six births are listed on NSW Births Deaths and Marriages government public database, children “1.”, “3.” and “6.” are not there when they should have been.

Potentially our George is listed as child number “6.” marked only (in Asletts) as “George Francis SUTTOR details unknown”.


However if you'd murdered one of your relatives

you might like to make a false trail.


The Aslettes document and the three missing or altered NSW BDM records for this FRANCIS family and our George’s missing or altered BDM records, strongly suggest this FRANCIS family’s cousin / uncle was a long-term member of NSW parliament and Bathurst pastoralist named Sir Francis Bathurst SUTTOR (1839-1915).

04 Francis SUTTOR 1839-1915 Bathurst NSW
30 April 1887 TROVE Death in Street -Joh
1887 our George FRANCIS 1887 Arson and u
Card 1988 Ongoing Australian Political C
1887 John George SUTTER  1841-1887 Death


If he is my great grandfather I have the right to investigate his mysterious (by today's standards) death.

Its more probable on the following data that our George was not a FRANCIS he was really John George SUTTOR 1841-1887, son of Mary Grosvenor FRANCIS 1808-1889 and Thomas Charles Cadogan SUTTOR 1804-1889.  1887 NSW coroner's inquest, page 7571, found John George SUTTOR died age 45 of "heart disease" the "value of property possessed by deceased" is stated  as "not known." Of approx., 70 people on same page only two deaths were attributed to the heart.

SOURCE not dated:


Newspaper QUOTE: "… John George Suttor ; yesterday afternoon between 4  and 5 o'clock he had served a customer, who drew his attention to deceased, who at the time was in a cart in the street ; wit- ness looked and saw deceased sitting in a cart, he was swaying to and fro on the seat, and the horse was stationary ; witness ran over quickly to him fearing that he would fall out ; as he reached the cart de- ceased was slipping into the body of the cart, and witness held him to prevent him from hurting himself ; as witness caught hold of him he drew a deep sigh ; he was quite unconscious, and witness saw that he was dying; witness called Mr. Freeman who stood at the opposite corner ; deceased drew two other sighs, and with the last there was a gurgling sound in his throat, and witness saw he was dead …"


There was no autopsy on John George SUTTOR.


Containing ricin, Ricinus communis L. (Euphorbiaceae) causes increased heart rate then death, commonlky known as the "castor oil" plant its known to be toxic to cattle and people and grows prolifically in Australia along the SUTTOR River in Queensland. Historically 1880s SUTTOR's were into studying plants and farmed livestock so they would’ve know this back in the 1887 where there was no drug lab to test for poisons.


Considering every FRANCIS family my male parent encountered when I was a child he'd ask to see if he was related and had not been able to find his ancestors despite knowing his origins were in NSW Australia.


NSW Colonial BDM records were freely altered anomalously back then as they are today when there's ample political motive, or George was able to assume any name he choose; then there’s also the probability our George FRANCIS did what my brother-in-law did to my sister, by leading a double life with two families one in Camden NSW the other in Orange NSW his first wife and his mistress birthed children in 1980s at same general time.


Perhaps our George FRANCIS (birth and death unknown) was a cad who had a double life with Jane PIESLEY 1858-1907.


Perhaps our George FRANCIS parents are Mary Grosvenor FRANCIS 1808-1889 and Thomas Charles Cadogan SUTTOR 1804-1889.


Perhaps our George FRANCIS is John George SUTTOR, 1841-1887; who married Celia Ann ALLWORTH 1845-1918 she birthed several children to him being

  1. Beatrice 1874 Sydney,

  2. John 1876-1950 Sydney,

  3. Hilda 1878-1956 Bathurst,

  4. Oswald 1880-1884 Sydney,

  5. Phillip 1882-1884 Macquarie,

  6. George 1884-1885 Macquarie,

  7. Pearl 1886-? Macquarie.


Perhaps he was murdered in 1887, the same year our George FRANCIS apparently disappeared from Cowra NSW, indicating probability his dual life was discovered and not taken well.


Jane PIESLEY 1858-1907 birthed only three children to our George being;

  1. Arthur 1883-1925 Carcoar,

  2. Florence 1884-? Carcoar,

  3. Clement 1888-? Carcoar.


A 1987 Coroner’s inquest was reported in New South Wales Police Gazette dated 15 June 1887, infers a death or deaths occurred in the arson fire near Singleton on 20th (April ?) 1887 (the month is not specific) however the coroner made a point of inferring (without proof) that fire was set by a Robert PIESLEY. That property was insured for £100.

  • Then 10 days later on 24th (April ?) 1887, another death or deaths occurred, also from deliberate arson, this fire destroyed our George FRANCIS’ Cowra house insured at £230.




I repeat, our George disappears in that year 1887.

John George SUTTOR is recorded as dying near Bathurst "about" same week  our George's relatively nearby Cowra house burns down.


Its reported John George SUTTOR died “on or about 28 April 1887” according to his August 1987 Probate notice.


On the scant available data and becasue there's nothing about our George's death, there’s a very high probability our George was murdered for bigamy.

  • Perhaps by his first wife’s ALLWORTH family.

  • Perhaps by his second wife’s PIESLEY family.

  • Perhaps by his own SUTTOR family to save the family and political embarrassment which was significant in those days.


There's no Probate notice or BDM death record for a George Arthur FRANCIS in NSW at the relevant time.

Between 1988 and 1998 a government public officer at NSW BDM illegally altered one of my children's NSW birth certificates so that it looked like my previous name was "Clerk" which it wasn't. There's always been crooks working in NSW government. SOURCE: Certificate copy on this web page.


Fifty years later in 1937, perhaps after a death-bed confession to murder, an unknown third party comes along and altered our George's marriage record to our Jane. There's no record of what was altered. As the marriage record stated our George's father's name is John, I suggest they altered or added the entry that claims our George's father's first name to John and added his second name as Arthur, to remove any trace of his SUTTOR family link.


NOTE: That no State BDM public record indicates the age at death or last name of the mother its generally difficult to know which deceased person is a missing relative without buying certificates for everyone with a similar name. I suggest that’s the government’s plan


SUMMARY: From the available evidence there's a HIGH probability our George FRANCIS is really John George SUTTOR murdered for bigamy. In that's something a Freemason or influential person was able to do without challenge then and now.

My Freemason Parent 

Aubrey Bernard Francis

... and why I have zero support in my fight against our terrorist government to have my legal and human rights recognised. The term "minions" springs to mind.

This entry is to prove that my family were brainwashed by Australian FREEMASONS to see our male parent (and husband) as a paragon of virtue, not the demented paedophile he really was. Despite that I will never trust them because they're so easily led, I still love them because they are as much victims as I was. I'm the lucky one who got the fool-proof DNA, I'm more tuned in to reality than they are.

My older sister wrote this for public journal in 2017, some months after our male parent AUBREY BERNARD FRANCIS had died and none of my family had enough respect for me to inform me. I found out after Googling his name after reading the garbage she wrote.

Quoting my older sister the self-professed family historian: Extract "Camden Calling" published by Camden Area Family History Society Inc. Nov 2017, p 15,

"My father has pale white skin, never tans and had black hair (now very white at 94) and beautiful blue eyes. He used to like a ‘pint or two’ too many”

About Freemason first, male parent last, Aubrey Bernard Francis see photo card.

His blue eyes were a muddy blue, not nice at all clearly reflecting his soul. The photo shows how dark brown his born white skin was from working outdoors as a NSW State government public officer in the 1980's.


He's seen here fondling himself and acting like the drink bottle was a penis to my children. I think I fainted and had a mini brain seizure when I realised what he was doing seconds after I snapped this photo.

Our male parent was a very violent alcoholic and a coward who only ever picked a fight with his wife or children.


He loved to drink away his pay almost every payday. Tiny fragments of most of our dinner plates are probably still embedded in the wall in out old kitchen in East Campbelltown NSW because he didn't “like” what my mother cooked for him.


From my earliest childhood memory when I could entirely fit under a kitchen chair and was smaller than our medium sized dog, he was in a drunken stupor having devoured all the family food money at the pub loading and reloading his bolt action shotgun and rifle threatening to kill our mother (or our dog) using the word "kill" or "shoot" as he carted around his loaded rifle and shotgun looking for her (or the dog) because she had left him between the births of my oldest sister and my only brother who is older than the sister who wrote that quote.


When he wasn't violent drunk he was asleep dangled head first half out of his car in the driveway after he drove home drunk from the “Good Intent” pub or Campbelltown Catholic Club (he was not Catholic). Evidently the cold air rendered the drunk unconscious when he opened his drivers' door.


When sober he was a very cruel person. Cruel for pleasure. He enjoyed torturing his family after all according to Australian law, he literally "owned us" as his "chattels". He'd often quietly stir his boiling hot tea then burn the family member closest to him with the hot metal spoon and give out a raucous laugh when they shrieked in pain. My clueless sister included.


He was openly a paedophile and a cruel mongrel, protected by the Australian Freemason dominated police services across Australia.

If he hadn't been a pedophile I would never have split from my birth family back in 1988 because I caught him raping my 3 month old baby son.


Its only paedophiles who rape babies and children because they "can't help it".

Australian authorities never penalised Freemason Aubrey Bernard FRANCIS 1923-2018 for his known paedophile activities.

Card 1985 Freemason Crimes Nowra NSW Aus
2017 Lynette, Alan, Sharon, Mother and m
1957 Lynette, Alan, Sharon baby Janette,

Modus operandi

Modus Operandi
a particular way or method of doing something.
Card 1989 BIA Fake Story 50pc.png
Card 1975-2020 Janette Above and Below.p

Criminal police have been aided by government and our TERRORIST politics perpetually since federation because the first police were drawn from criminals sent from England to serve their sentence in Australia. The photo cards describe what Aubrey Bernard FRANCIS and his Freemason 'brothers' did to his youngest child, Janette after she reported his peadophile activities to Freemason police in early 1980s; and what they did to his own grandchildren after one of them gave a statement to police, reporting his Freemason grandfather Aubrey Bernard Francis, for paedophile activities when they were a child. Guess which adult child?

the most
obvious explanation is generally the
correct answer
Card 1984 Newspapers BIA Fake News Leann
Card 1995 Janette Family at Christmas 10

You can't prevent stupidity but

You can correct it

"In Australia this is called “fair dealing”, and it's different to the law in the US, which is called “fair use”. ... These exceptions are safety valves in copyright law – they allow lots of beneficial uses that society has agreed copyright owners should not be able to charge for, or worse, prevent. Jul 18, 2017"

AUSTRALIA 100 years ago:


Late 1800s early 1900s my male parent's grandfather (allegedly named George Henry FRANCIS) lived in Cowra NSW where he disappeared without a trace, then in 1937 a mystery 'third' person altered 'something' on his alleged Bathurst NSW marriage certificate to the sister of a (hung) bushranger. At same time C. 1920, my maternal grandmother Olive HUSSEY 1907-1989 was being raped in Charters Towers QLD by her Freemason male parent Oliver George Hussey and sold into prostitution with her two younger sisters Annie 1915-1980 and Florence 1917-2005 by their own family after their mother Jane Gauvin 1990-1921 had been murdered, allegedly by her husband. I was under the 'belief' Jane died about eight months before Agnes was born but Agnes is missing from QLD Births Deaths and Marriages.

My paternal FRANCIS family are linked to both Cowra NSW and Charters Towers QLD events as discovered recently in the two FRANCIS links below whose copyright is owned by another descendant and distant cousin, Geoffrey Garrard Aslett from Jindalee QLD

I don't profess to know all the answers, nor am I willing to put 'blind faith' in anyone alive to discover the truth.

1952 Male Parent - Gladys, Lynette, baby
1940 Far Left Grandpop Nana back row Mum
Whatever it Takes Politics




Olive birthed a deaf and retarded child to her RAPIST FREEMASON male parent, Oliver the child was cared by Olive for the rest of her life, in mid to late 1980s she too (Agnes b. October 1923) was raped, by a male nurse in her State government nursing home after which I made many written complaints to various Sydney authorities to no avail.  Despite knowing who fathered Olive's child the Australian authorities never penalised Freemason Oliver George HUSSEY 1875-1958 for his known paedophile activities.  Agnes is also missing from NSW Births Deaths and Marriages, if she's still alive she'd be 97. My grandmother told me she made sure Agnes was eventually given my grandfather's last name. So clearly the accuracy of government ID records depends on who employed in government has access to them at the relevant material times.

Below left Agnes c.1987, below right, her mother Olive c.1940 whose grandmother is Agnes MacLachlan GAUVIN also from Charters Towers QLD

Agnes Strachan.jpg
Circa 1940 Nana Olive Agnes Harriet Huss
Card TROVE George Francis Coffey 1856-19
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