Masons Secret Brain Surgery

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Article 7  Freedom from torture and other cruel, inhuman or

degrading treatment or punishment. ICCPR,  

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

extract from Attorney General Australia Public Sector Guidance Sheet/s titled 'Absolute Rights'.


The lawless refusals by Janette's Australian State and Federal governments to investigate these "political crimes of terrorism" harming (Janette) me every day of my life for the past thirty something years, are inline with the manner the entire MacGregor clan became enemies of King James VI of Scotland, later King James I of England, a homicidal maniac in his own right. Current Australian government vexatious decisions to retaliate against me for demanding my legal rights, my absolute human rights, have been arbitrary, based on no valid evidence whatsoever. Exactly the same way England treated my Scottish and Irish ancestors, their kith and kin, in the reasonably recent past. When you go through the evidence you realise the interesting fact that a 21st century senior lawyer for the Australian Labor Party opposing Janette's (my) ABSOLUTE right not to be subjected to arbitrary non-medical surgical mutilation in 2007 Adelaide Magistrates Civil Court and arguably 2019 Adelaide Supreme Civil Court, has the last name of Colquhoun.

Abuse of Public Office Criminal Law Sout
Abuse of Public Office Criminal Law Sout

Let it be said that no person "attacks" or "suppresses" another, unless the aggressor is afraid their victim can harm them by force or by evidence of their wrong-doings.  Notably, the wanton "actual-bias" that exists in the judiciary and executive arms of Australian government ensures there are NO lawyers independent of government influence in Australia, because the government as "Crown" may seek advice from any private lawyer (thereby buy their inactivity at any material time) despite having an entire legal department of public officers at their disposal. In the 21st century the elected democratic governments are no more just than the cruel psychopathic Kings of our past. Given enough power some people  we admire are predisposed to becoming the type of person they once hated the most, 

In those times we can't see the forest for the trees

RR V2 MacGregor History Repeats Preferre

Peeking behind the iron curtain in Australia

The separate registered medical doctors reporting on each  Medicare Australia funded image refused to acknowledge these very large and very obvious abnormalities dated (L) 2012  and (R) 2006. Every associated government health department has supported this criminal activity from start in 1997 to the current day in 2020.  Their actions are defined in Australia's Commonwealth Criminal Code (Criminal Code Act 1995) as terrorism at all the material times.

To illegally silence Janette since 1997 Australian private medical doctors have refused her antibiotics to treat infection in her head others have falsified medical records to claim Janette has a “delusional” mental health problem based on her “delusional belief” the MRI images exist. (conspiracy to murder and defame)

State and federal police have arrested Janette for no crime events (abuse of public office and refuse to action an investigation on the matter of the illegal implants inside Janette since c.1997)State police and other State and Federal government public officers have wilfully falsified medical or government records by falsely claiming Janette's “belief” these abnormalities exist in MRI as "proof" she's "schizophrenic" or “delusional” and therefore illegally imprisoned her in a maximum security mental health facility in 2014 at State election time, then illegally cancelled her no-fault accident driving licence in 2018 at the next State election time.

Multiple State court Judges and other government public officers  have refused to acknowledge the above MRI evidence when Janette has submitted it in multiple Affidavits in multiple private civil lawsuits since 1997.

Janette has been refused her legal right to compensation under common law.

No Australian lawyer will stand by Janette, obviously on “political grounds” or in fear of retaliation which makes that terrorism pursuant to The Criminal Code.

But there is something else at the centre of all the above; the actual reason Janette was medically mutilated in 1997, this became evident ten (10) years prior in 1987 when State police charged Janette with negligent driving and fabricated witness statements to claim Janette drove recklessly in her four-cylinder car, allegedly ripping off the front bull-bar and front bumper bar of a large soil truck in a 100 kph zone with the front of Janette's 1981 TE Gemini.

There was no mark on the front of the Gemini but the boot was caved in, the back pillars creased and the sub-frame twisted after the soil truck rammed Janette from behind, twice. (planned attempt to murder)

The outrageously excessive attempts on Janette's life by police and other government public officers was the effects of a Freemason vendetta against Janette for reporting Freemason child sex crimes to Freemason police in South West Sydney. Janette's male parent was a (high ranking) Freemason and State government public officer at all material times.

The evidence against the two terrorist political party groups is irrefutable. They happily deny Janette her Absolute HUMAN RIGHTS unlawfully justifying their actions as political in courts laced with actual bias oozing like puss from every official orifice.



Terrorism Politics

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Politics - Shit Party v Shit Light Party

Falsely alleged democracies that are really autocracies have done just about whatever they wanted, secretly, with intent on harming their residents / citizens in order to illegally experiment on them, on me, on us.

You'd be a fool to think the 21st century is any different. Their toys are smaller and considerably more sophisticated than in decades past.

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C.1984 Stephen Knight; PDF link keeps vanishing so here 'tis.

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