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John David Hill & Organised Crime

I'm a freelance journalist I only publish researched unbiased content in the public interest.

For some people in Australia the only place they get proper medical attention is in a CORONERS COURT. I'm confident I won't even get that, because I complained to police about Freemason child sex crimes in 1980s. I've not met anyone in authority in Australia who thinks the matters on this website are unacceptable, they're all happy to call me a liar then do anything in their power to make sure my legal rights are further infringed. That's the REAL Australia.

Perturbed about the recording of a private phone conversation? The click heard on the line at the start of the call indicates the call was probably also recorded by the member for parliament's office staff. You can do just about anything legally if its “in the interests of justice”. More recently: SURVEILLANCE DEVICES ACT 2016 (SA) s5 the use is reasonably necessary for the protection of the lawful interests of a person; or s6 in the public interest; or s9 there is an imminent threat of violence to a person - which means POLICE can't legally stop you filming them questioning or arresting someone.

"The AFP has said many times — with the endorsement of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton — that journalists are not above the law."


Evidently the Australian Federal Police believe their fellow State and Commonwealth government public officers are, wghich actually proves the existence of organised crime involving Australian State and Federal police and others, linked to these very specific medical crimes - ergo, the Masonic link.


2006 Brian Roache Perrett illegal Surger

Organised Criminal Defamation Ringleader John David Hill

The link from the PERRETT RADIOLOGY LETTER dated September 2009 (above) proves in the WRITTEN radiology report that I've been surgically RAPED as I've had NO SURGERY legally to my knowledge, none whatsoever, ringleader John David Hill and police refuse to acknowledge this report, water damaged when I was homeless in 2006 and 2007 due to this same series of political crimes. This written radiology report prompted State government to contact referring Dr Dang to tell her NOT TO consult with me any further; and Perrett Dr Roache to disappear from ALL future Australian medical records becasue he wrote "consistent with previous surgery" thereby some 14 years ago, proving my"prior" surgical RAPE in 1990s - an act of terrorism especially as it was when I was an elected representive of residents and ratepayers in my local council area, in Wollondilly Shire A Ward. They've since changed it to North Ward which still sounds like a mental health institution area.


They should drop the "ward" and reinstate the "riding". Likewise with "Councillor" as opposed to "Alderman" - the word "woman" contains the word "man" so where's the offence!  Its like the words "access point" replacing "man hole" yet our modern verbal and visual entertainment contains words to make your ears melt and images of extreme sexual violence and murder. Where's the consistency in that? Its all about control, manipulation to suit a political purpose or preening the youth to be OVERTLY sexually active to suit the proven perverts and pedophiles in our government; which in turn infuriates people of religion, in their minds, provoking them to rape and murder which in turn, turns others against that religion. On and on it goes in a self-perpetuating cycle because religion is allowed to rule over communities quietly allowing the Freemasons or Masons to continue with their illegal secret meetings and affilliations that criminally over-rule and illegally suppress all Australian laws, without exception.


The majority of us can say,

"When I went to school we were never taught our rights under Australian law and how to protect them, or how to seek criminal penality for breach of my rights with a private prosecution (like RSPCA does) under criminal law in criminal court, or how to get compensation in civil court under common law against tortfeasors, I still don't know that, but every week in public school we had to sit through a scripture class taught by a mum or dad from the local church."



No CRACKS for this one to "slip" through with over 100 government public officers or Australian registered medical doctors involved in South Australia, Adelaide with the same afgain in Sydney region New South Wales then only a government of people who are actually sadistic psychopathic terrorists would actually support medical doctors who outrageously lie to say there's nothing wrong in these MRI images (below) dated 2006 and 2012. It causes my head to vibrate, which is abated with correct application of strong magnets, therefore it’s an illegal effing implant John arsewipe Hill, you ALL belong in prison for the rest of your worthless life.

For some people in Australia the only place they get proper medical attention is in a CORONERS COURT, I'm confident I won't even get that, because I complained to police about Freemason child sex crimes in 1980s.

From 2006 to 2019 under Australian Labor Party State government. These 98 persons below are SOME of the names of the people who have falsely, maliciously, or recklessly defamed me in my Australian health records, SAPOL records or Transport records by claiming I’m “delusional” or “schizophrenic” or otherwise have a “serious mental illness” that needs treatment by forced imprisonment to drug me in 2014.  Many of these 100 persons below criminally defamed me multiple times. As soon as the government put the false MENTAL HEALTH label on you everyone in the community shuns you - refusing to see the incidious political crimes.

The “motive/s” to defame me are personal or group politics. I know. I only know the names of the government public officers and my malicious neighbour as result of Freedom of Information documents in 2018.

State officials redacted over 100 complete pages of the 2007 documents which is impressive as I don’t and have never had a mental illness.

The 2007 false medical record was created when I was suing the Minister for Health in 2007 for illegal State public officer interception into my access to health services after a private radiologist identified that I’d been subjected to illegal BRAIN SURGERY in September 2006 and another private radiologist refused to report the MASTOID INFECTION (brain ear area) and his personal refusal to answer my questions about experimental medical apparatus and otherwise allow or enforce me my legal rights in my access to medical care in Adelaide, Australia and otherwise my ultimate Common Law right NOT to be maliciously or recklessly defamed.  In 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2019 State courts or Tribunals have REFUSED to see my evidence that PROVED my case in each instance.

All the above indicates serious organised crime or acts of terrorism.

2017:  I started a law degree to address the crimes in this website as the politics means that police just laugh at me and NO lawyer in Adelaide or Sydney I've approached has the courage to represent me.  Three months after the illegal decision in FRANCIS v COLE ANOR [2019] SASC 179 which the court Rules deem I'm not allowed to appeal, because its a decision of a Master on an interlocutory application - the South Australia,  ADELAIDE ringleader of these crimes that major in BASELESS criminal defamation, was appointed as a member of the board of directors at the university I was studying my law degree. I refer to John David HILL who has not even a drop of honour, on the documents. Its as if they (State government public officers) are intentionally provoking me to commit acts of terrorism in retaliation for being refused my basic legal right not to be a victim of illegal medical implant experiment and other matters.

Note to self: The (various) decisions were overtly directly biased by heavy reliance on verbal evidence of the offender and almost entirely dismissive of the complaint's extensively documented evidence. The reasons for defaming the complainant were rather specious as there was no medical evidence to suggest the complainant was affected by a mental illness of any kind at any time.

The 12 September 2006 radiology report image above with the explanation of the surgery being illegal was included in the evidence for Francis v Cole but Judge Katrina Bochner stated in her reasons to throw out my application that I had no evidence to support my claim that Dr Alison Barbara Jane COLE had illegally defamed me as being "delusional" in not having evidence of illegal surgery on my head. In court COLE lawyer claimed COLE's defamation was not a medical diagnosis but good enough for the State Transport public officer to permanently cancel my driving licence for no other reason that the medical doctor COLE criminal defamation at election State time in 2018 when UK citizen COLE was still on a Work Visa from mother England.



& Organised Crime

1989 with words 1975.jpg
RR V2 MacGregor History Repeats Preferre
A few words to the gullible;
This planet is dominated by psychopaths. Governments & medical industry are saturated with psychopaths. 
PSYCHOPATH (noun) a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour which includes passive-aggressive violence the type of violence John David Hill and his bipartisan psychopaths political cohorts do best.
2020 John David HILL ex politician.jpg
Personality INTJ 2percent.png

Dominant psychopathic traits include (alphabetically):

  • Always expect others to implicitly trust them, despite

their own lies (aka politicians’ mantra).


  • Callousness and lack of empathy.

  • Criminal versatility.

  • Cunning and manipulativeness.

  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions.

  • Superficial charm.

  • Lack of remorse or guilt.

  • Pathological lying.

  • Superficial expression of emotion John.





John David HILL

You belong in prison for the rest of your worthless life John David Hill.
All belong in prison Medical Crime John
Brotherhood Masons Stephen Knight.jpg

​AHMED; Dr Mohamed Riyazuddin; private Medicare fraud in multiple claims from Mt Annan NSW when I lived in Adelaide SA; 1

ALTMAN; Emma; Health SA; 2

ANDERSON; Ann; Health SA; 3

ANON; to my 2006 current medical doctor over phone only know as they told me in 2006; Noarlunga Health SA; 4

ANON; to my 2014 ex medical doctor in letter; Noarlunga Health SA; 5

ANON; to my 2014 family in letter; Noarlunga Health SA; 6

BACKHOUSE; Julia; Health SA; 7

BAIRD; Alan; Health SA; 8

BALLESTRIN; Matt; manager Noarlunga Health SA; 9

BARKER; Judith; Health SA; 10

BEE; Police detective Alison; SAPOL; 11

BIENEWITZ; Daniel; Health SA; 12

BISHOP; Susan; Health SA; 13

BISSONAUTH; Dr Luveen; State Medicare fraud; 14

BOTHA; Dr Isobel Stephina; private Medicare fraud; 15

BROWN; Naomi; Health SA; 16

BYRNE; Shaun E; Health SA; 17

CHAMPION; Dr Andrew Robert; State Medicare fraud; 18

CHENG; Dr Georgina Ai-Chin; State Medicare fraud; 19

COLE; Dr Alison Barbara Jane; private Medicare fraud; 20

COSCIA; Dr Claudio; private Medicare fraud; 21

COULTER; Robyn; Health SA; 22

COVENTRY; Dr Elizabeth Rachael Tavell; State Medicare fraud; 23

COX; Helen; Crown Solicitor’s Office; 24

DANG; Dr Diem Tran Quynh; private Medicare fraud; 25

DOWELL; Dr Barry Simon; private Medicare fraud; 26

FONG; Dr Sonnie Wah Onn; private Medicare fraud; 27

FORBES; Lynda; Health SA; 28

FORWARD; Madeline; Health SA; 29

FURLER; Darien; Health SA; 30

GIANNAKOUREAS; Dr Angelos; State Medicare fraud; 31

GILFILLAN; Guardianship Board L; Health SA; 32

GOODYEAR; Dr Shane Andrew; private Medicare fraud; 33

HENDRICKX; Julie; Health SA; 34

HENLEY; Paul SHILLDARIEN HENLEY aliases Alexander PAUL aliases Paul HENLEY; Vexatious neighbour; 35

HIGGINS; Sue; Health SA; 36

HILL; John David; Health SA; 37

HODGE; Police officer Don; SAPOL; 38

HOUSING SA; Heidi; Noarlunga team leader; 39

HOUSING SA; Rachael; Noarlunga; 40

HOUSING SA; Renee; Noarlunga; 41

HOUSING SA; Toby Tobias; Noarlunga; 42

JAMES; Sian; Health SA; 43

JONES; Annette; to my 2013 current medical doctor; 44

JOSLIN; Priscilla; Health SA; 45

KAYES; Dulcey; Health SA; 46

KEEN; Alexandra; Health SA; 47

KENT; Sara Louise; Health SA; 48

LANGFORD; Lesley; Health SA; 49

LAWRY; Christina Elizabeth; Health SA; 50

LAY; Shannen; Health SA; 51

LOFTUS; Dr William Kingsley; private Medicare fraud; 52

MACDONALD; Cathy; Noarlunga Housing SA; 53

MAERSCHEL; Guardianship Board R; Health SA; 54

MAH; Dr Jee Ken; private Medicare fraud; 55

MASON; Jody; Health SA; 56

MCCARTHY; Sue; Health SA; 57

MCKINLAY; Heidi; Health SA; 58

MILLER; Sean; Health SA; 59

MINNIS; Dr Neville Lister; private Medicare fraud; 60

MOIR; Janette Anne; Health SA; 61

MORPHETT; Dr Antony Andrew; private Medicare fraud; 62

MOYES; CEO Belinda; Health SA; 63

NANCE; Dr Michael John; State Medicare fraud; 64

NARANIA; Umesh; Health SA; 65

NELSON; Dr Allan; private Medicare fraud; 66

NIELSEN; Dr Kate; private Medicare fraud; 67

PETRIE; Janece; Health SA; 68

PETRUCCO; Dr Michael; private Medicare fraud; 69

PRIOR; Alex; Health SA; 70

RANKINE; Heidi; Health SA; 71

RAWLIUK; Tanya; Health SA; 72

ROBERTSON; Greg; Health SA; 73

RODNEY; Vic; Health SA; 74

SAGE; Dr Michael Radford; private Medicare fraud; 75

SAUNDERSON; Dr Ernest Wilfred; private Medicare fraud; 76

SCHEFE; Rebecca; Health SA; 77

SETAYESH; Dr Saman; private Medicare fraud; 78

SHERBON; CEO Tony; Health SA; 79

SNELLING; John James; Health SA; 80

STRACHAN; John; Health SA; 81

STRAUSS; Leonie; Health SA; 82

SWAN; CEO David; Health SA; 83

TAVKOFF; Yasmin; Health SA; 84

TAYLOR; Renee; Noarlunga Housing SA; 85

TELFER; Dr Richard Thomas; State Medicare fraud; 86

THOMAS; Ben; Health SA; 87

THOMAS; Dr Ian; private Medicare fraud; 88

THOMAS; Katherine; Health SA; 89

THOMAS; Kerry-Lee; Health SA; 90

THOMSON; Dr Kieron Joseph; State Medicare fraud; 91

TILDESLEY; Dr Celia Emmeline; private Medicare fraud; 92

TINGAY; Dr Helen Regina; Private practice; 93

WEATHERILL; Police officer; SAPOL; 94

WEATHERILL; Premier Jay; State of South Australia; 95

WILKINS; David; Health SA; 96

WILLCOCKS; Marg; Health SA; 97

WRIGHT; Denise; Health SA; 98.

Above irrefutable evidence of illegal items NOT reported in radiology thta I know are illegal vibrating, sparking, implants with all the traits of medical im,plants naturally equipped with radio communication ability.

Here's two other examples of medical doctors (quacks) being loopy or intentionally defaming me, also evidence that too much knowledge to a half-wit can be a dangerous thing for their innocent victim.


1) Since the government's illegal surgery in my face the extra electrical current makes my face irritated, so I press or rub it to relieve the sparking. If you do that when talking to some people who believe they can tell someone is lying by body actions which includes scratching or rubbing your face, then they deem me lying based on that absurd superstition.


2) Like most people who use rubber bands or hair elastic I have a tendency to slip one on my wrist to use in a few minutes. I did this so often that sometimes I'd forget I'd put one there. I had a hair elastic on my wrist when I consulted with a quack. Obviously, your general consultant quack scrutinizes "everyone" all over to look for clues of mental illness, regardless of the reason you seek a service from the quackery industry quaintly self-termed “medical practitioners” which, by default, is also automatic “false advertisement” under Australian Consumer Law. I've read that some psychiatrists encourage patients to "retrain" themselves from addiction to do this the quack recommends the patient slip an elastic band on the wrist and flick it when they have bad "thoughts". My consultant quack saw the elastic on my wrist and asked me why I had that there? I suspect he recorded I was lying to him as I happened to rub my face at the same time I answered.

I do avoid people generally partly because the majority tend to be loopy, believing in the latest superstition or fad. I don’t want to be a party to that bull shit. I recall the look on the face of several people as I spoke to them in different situations for the fact that if I think of something to say when someone is talking to me, I cross a finger. If I have multiple points, I cross several fingers. I do this to avoid interrupting the speaker. When they’ve finished talking, I hold a crossed finger as I make my point then uncross it moving to my next finger and point. It’s a great memory tool but screws with, primary school brain adults, in positions of authority beyond their intellectual capacity, who still think a crossed finger means you're lying.

As a matter of habit, I also used to flick any band on my wrist for no reason at all or spin my wedding band on my finger also for no reason at all. Perhaps it was an indication I was bored with the bullshit poaring from the mouth of whomever I was speaking.

Therefore, point to note: your local “quack” is nuttier than anyone you'll ever meet as they're been trained to believe all baseless superstitions because someone more important than them told them to have blind faith.

The persons on the left have criminally defamed me based on their own obvious "medically delusional" belief that foreign items in the above MRI radiology doesn't exist.


From 2006 to 2019 under Australian Labor Party State government spearheaded a criminal campaign to falsely defame me (Janette Gail FRANCIS) these 98 persons named below are SOME of the names of the people who have falsely, maliciously, or recklessly defamed me in my Australian health records, SAPOL records or Transport records by claiming I’m “delusional” or “schizophrenic” or otherwise have a “serious mental illness” that needs treatment by forced imprisonment to drug me.  Many of these persons criminally defamed me multiple times.

The “motive/s” to defame me are evidently personal or group politics; or perhaps they believe my VISIONS of future events prove their religions are total bullshit. I only know the names of the government public officers and my malicious neighbour as result of Freedom of Information documents in 2018; not all private doctors were in my State health records. Ahmed was in my Medicare record and I saw him in Flinders hospital in 2014 where they held me as their POLITICAL prisoner at State election time in their maximum security mental health facility; AHMED was my private doctor when I was surgically raped in 1990s NSW his participation in my medical records in 2013 and 2014 proves the extremely high probability he was also involved in my 1990s surgical rapes. Why else would he be there? As I said I NEVER had mental illness EVER, not anxiety, not depression nothing. AHMED did prescribe my 1990s de facto husband with rohypnol when the de facto (coal miner Owen Neil HALL) was using it to have me raped by his friends in the police and coalmines. They video taped those crimes. Naturally Camden NSW police refused to charge their gang-rape-mates.


I do have a mental health "condition" that the government are aware of when NSW public officers illegally interrogated me under the illegal influence of their illegal drugs. I've known about since it emerged the first time in 1972 when I was 16. I don't know any of my family with the same affliction so must be an ancient gene. I blame it on the Vikings. I deal with it myself by NEVER getting angry because if I did/do, as I used to tell my children, don't make me angry else I'll turn into the 'incredible hulk' - when I get angry my brain short circuits and I go into a blind rage inflicting heartless violence on my target with no knowledge of what I'm doing as I do it and not even a single memory of what I'd done after the fact. Naturally, when I'm illegally drugged I have no control of my anger. This is why I don't take drugs and never get fall down drunk and also why I know when I've been illegally drugged. Apart from the one event when I hit my sister in 1972 I've NEVER lost control. I did lose control and act violently circa 1998 and 2002 when NSW public officers illegally drugged me. The chair through the upper floor window of Wollondilly Shire Council was one of those events. A black eye to Councillor Michael Banasik was another. A split skull to a short fat bloke in Branxton/Newcastle was the third. Naturally I can remember what happened immediately before and after these 'blind rage'  blackouts. It can't sneak up on me without m knowing I've experienced "blind rage" I suspect its linked to my "seer" trait (see below) as I feel the physical change in my brain when either are about to happen thereby allowing me to avoid the full blown cycle. Admittedly the first time in 1972 I had no idea what was happening.

Brotherhood Masons.jpg


I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ personality type. If you took the test multiple times and came up with different results it means you're emotionally unstable; not that the test is wrong. I took the test three times in three separate time periods. Two times I answered as I am since I was a politically 'enlightened' adult giving me the INTJ result. The third time I took it I answered as I used to be before political enlightenment, than I was another rare personality who was more emotionally committed to others than I have become post political enlightenment. One thing that has never changed is that I see everything from every perspective all at the same time. For instance a person looking in a shop window will see the items therein. I see the items in the window, the person looking in the window and the building, the local environment, the town, the country, the planet from outer-space. That's an example I can't really see from outer space as I've not knowingly been there. Its to give you understanding of how my mind works. I'm not like anyone I've ever met. As an INTJ I do care about others but in a deeper sense that I can't explain.  For the dickheads, no I don't 'believe' I'm God or Jesus or anything else. I'm INTJ, which means I see logic evidently others can't or don't want to see because seeing the lie ensures they're accepted into the society of "fantasy believers".



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