Who controls Australia?

The short answer both Labor Party & Liberal Party.

Australia's Constitution enables three separate ‘arms’ of government; the legislature (parliament); the judiciary (judges magistrates); the executive (everyone else). All people employed or elected or contracted to work for government in any way are equally “government public officers” including your local council who are merely an elaborately constructed ‘committee’ of the applicable State government.


When does domestic violence become domestic terrorism?

Australia’s two party preferred system of government guarantees that at all material times in the modern era Australia is solely and equally controlled by the two major political parties - irrespective of the political party with the majority of seats in parliament. The opposition political Party is supposed to put appropriate pressure of the governing political Party for the common good, not for the Party good. But that never happens.

Everyone in Australia knows someone who is suffering an injustice at the hands of an Australian government; or someone who hasn’t been able to access medicines they need to ensure they live a reasonable quality of life.  It all boils down to politics and the inner sanctum's determination to  relentlessly protect the "LL" political “cause”.


In other words, its multiple acts of terrorism, as clearly defined by the only legislation that lists the only “parliament” recognised crimes against the country of Australia, the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) wherein the SCHEDULE named The Criminal Code contains the legal definition of terrorism is basically “serious harm” or “fear of serious harm” caused to even one person by others with a “political cause”. Follow the below link.


Enacting (the Act) or making the laws prohibiting "terrorism" and other "crimes against humanity" is where it stops. Australia's terrorism laws are never used for domestic terrorism. They're only used on persons with a “political cause” that differs to the “LL Party” despite that the “LL Party” have caused many more serious harms to Australians than any other accused terrorist in Australian prisons since the enactment of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

Australia’s “LL Party” have refused to ensure their “LL Party police” within their “executive” government enforce anti-terrorist legislation against our home grown terrorists in their own “LL Party” therefore federal parliament, actually the “LL Party” as an unincorporated organisation, do actively facilitate terrorist crimes against Australians by their common-knowledge inactivity to ensure enforcement of The Criminal Code against themselves and political refusals to protect Australians from the subsequent "serious harm" directly precipitated by their very own “political cause” where the common cause between them (LL) is to ensure they remain the two dominant political parties.

Right now in history Australians are in a worse position, humanely, than people in Nazi Germany had ever been. Our LL government have the types of easily concealed micro-electronic and microwave "torture toys" that the Nazis could only dream of. Our “LL Party” have more in numbers of sadistic medical doctors who are protected by the “LL Party” than Nazi Germany ever had. They don't all need "torture toys" to torture, they only need to withhold appropriate medical services and that includes access to and the price of cannabis used by communities for for healing and for pain relief, for centuries, before it was criminalised for a "political cause" last century.

​While the "LL" political parties intend to act like psychopathic maniacs, as the Nazi Party did during WWII, then Australia’s government will continue to be overtly infiltrated with people who are sadistic psychopaths, whose sole purpose or main objective or "political cause" is to work to ensure their preferred political party is in control of government.

As you will recall it was the Nazi political Party’s government's medical doctors (and government public officers) who tortured and or murdered with lethal gas millions of innocent people for  Nazi Party's "political cause" and not the German army.


People are naturally attracted to a profession that suits their personality. Without reservation I can honestly say most medical doctors must naturally be sadists as we have all encountered a doctor who will only offer us treatment for symptoms, not a cure for the cause of our symptoms. This ultimately guarantees chronically sick people will attend multiple doctors or the same doctor, trying to find the cause of their symptoms if they're the mind to want to be well. Some people are suckered in by the smiles of their doctor as they refuse them appropriate medical treatment.

While this same "political" thread of psychopathic sadism is allowed to weave its way through our day to day lives despite the enacted "terrorist" and "crimes against humanity" prohibitions in The Criminal Code, then innocent people in Australia will continue to suffer incredible injustices for a domestic "political cause" to benefit of the inner sanctum of the “LL Party teams” and their sadistic medical practitioner parasites who have and are actively and criminally forcing me (and many others) to live with "serious harm"; mine is caused by the illegal implants intentionally left inside me by Sydney NSW Australia medical doctors in the 1990s when I was pregnant and after the 1995 Criminal Code Act was made law and I was an elected member of my local council in Wollondilly Shire and known by my common-law marriage family name as Clr Jenny Hall.

An interesting fact many might not know: The current building housing the Wollondilly Shire Council used to house the regional electricity supply office of the Nepean River County Council, all they did was sell electricity from 1954-1979. In those days Wollondilly Council was located in a much smaller building next door, so I was informed.


This is a link to a publication co-written by my sister Sharon who met her now divorced (cheating husband) Russell when they both worked at NRCC in 1970s Picton. I've never met Mr Greene. However I do know our maternal grandfather's mother's family name was Green before she married her husband; and an aggressive State delegate member of the Wollondilly Shire Council Traffic Committee that I chaired as Clr Hall in 1990s, his last name was Greene.



Unlike my sister Sharon, I'd rather gouge both eyes out with a fork than perch half naked on the back of a truck being driven down the main street of Campbelltown for Fishers Ghost Parade in 1970s then parked for some time in Bradbury Oval on for all and sundry to gawk at.  Sharon and mum thought it was more of a "moral outrage" in 1973 when I had my ears pierced the old boring way, that is until Sharon and mum teamed up to have their ears pierced a couple of years later. Being the youngest in my birth family was being on the "outside" of the family unit, looking in. Still I never rebelled I just quietly went my own way while trying to make it appear I was a part of a loving 'normal' family until I couldn't fool myself any longer. I'm still convinced they were brainwashed by Freemasons to keep me isolated because I was the only (child) family witness to Freemason child sex crimes the Freemason's couldn't silence with brainwashing, as I recall.

Janette Gail Francis.

HCA Kable case and Rule of Law in Australia by Kevin Lindgren AM QC 

Separation of powers at state level – going the whole hog instead of making the dog bark many times by Bede Harris. 

"... that idea that (Australia's) separation of judicial power is not a feature of State Constitutions is at odds with the rule of law and democracy, and that fidelity to these values, as applied in decisions on separation of judicial power by the courts in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the commonwealth, provides an alternative basis upon which to find that separation of judicial power applies to the State."

"High Court of Australia on Kable v Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) (1996) 189 CLR 51; 138 ALR 577; [1996] HCA 24 (Kable) means State governments wishing to “crack down on crime” and politicians wishing to vaunt their “law and order” credentials must not assume they can simply conscript State courts as their instruments. “Kable doctrine” or “Kable principles” show not only convention, but also the Constitution itself, demands the institutional integrity of State courts as “courts” and, in particular, as the potential repositories of federal judicial power, be respected, acknowledged and preserved."

Below: Card MRI Australian Medical Crime and Political Cause Terrorism in 2020 mainland Australia.

Card 1972 and 1973 Fishers Ghost Parade
2020-06-17 Dutton Contempt of Court 03.p

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton threatened with Contempt of Federal Court and prison.

The Hon Kevin Lindgren AM QC.png
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