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Medical Crimes

Evidently these political lowlife scum injected PERMANENT FILLERS in my chin and elsewhere on my face to change my appearance.

Anyone who knows me also knows I've always had low blood pressure & I've always gotten red cheeks when its hot, however I rarely sweat. I've only ever associated with people I work with & people in politics. Some of these people in politics have claimed my red face was due to me “just having sex” or “just had a drink of alcohol”. I know this for sure as many people have moved in on me to have an obvious “sniff” of me. So damn rude. The multiple face implants are causing extra heat which also makes sweat as if I was 20 stone heavier. This harmful outcome was clearly "medically" premeditated when they designed the types of illegal implants. This sort of obviously calculated physical harm is repeated throughout my person in the placement of the illegal implants. The ones across my knees cause Bakers cysts behind each knee making it impossible to bend my knees without pain & due to muscle & nerve compression from the swelling around the illegal implants its increasingly painful to sit, walk & sleep as time goes by. The ones in my neck vibrate causing me to cough & completely dry out my throat even as I sleep. Preventing me from having these illegal implants removed can't get much more sadistic than that.

2020 Janette's face heat mild exercise.p

MEDICAL CRIMES caused by NSW Government Public Officer Terrorists

State Mental Health Department Champion.
Belinda Moyes SA Health Documented Crimi
Crimes Act 1900 s5 malice -5 year AVO on
1989 Lindsay Simpson as 1984 Fake Leanne

Above: My head is small, it's 6" ear to ear, 7" front to back. I suspect that's WHY these mongrels claimed I was a teenager back in 1980s. Even today POLICE & other State public officers still spread blatant lies about me in government records. Head size brain size, has no relevance to intelligence. That's an urban myth spread by grossly unintelligent creeps and proved by fact I'm about half way through a law degree despite brain DAMAGE they've caused from their ILLEGAL SURGERY to my head leaving items that constantly VIBRATE inside my head, neck & spine.

Card 2004 Masonic Organised Crime NSW Fr

in assessing whether defamation has occurred and awarding damages, intention or "state of mind" of defendant is irrelevant, its the effect of defendant's actions that mattes.

Australia's uniform defamation law, Defamation Act 2005; section 34 in South Australia; and section 36 in WA, in QLD, in NSW, in VIC and in TAS.. proving by default South Australia parliament's  'state of mind' is in contempt of the Federal parliament by wilfully refusing to maintain "uniform" legislation despite receiving that instruction else it would be a federal Act circa 2004.

Medical Crimes




"It started 24 April 1988 after I complained to NSW freemason police one of their Masons raped my 3 month old baby."  Janette said.

2012-07-11 MRI Insitu NOT noted Screw Pe
2006-05-05 MRI Insitu NOT noted Infectio

... and Shane Goodyear's metaphoric "gun."

When my brother-in-law was in Australian Army circa 1968 he was made to march in the parade grounds with his penis dangling out of his pants chanting, "this is my rifle, this is my gun."



2018 South Australia State government Freedom of Information Act (FOI) documents have many premeditated criminal defamation publications, including this ‘Gold Star’ collection.

Criminal defamation files & more linked HERE

BACKGROUND: in December 2013 the mastermind of these associated crimes is ANDREW ROBERT CHAMPION according to his own words in emails, proving he's a champion shitter of interdepartmental defamation; metaphorically caught with his pants down doing his stinky political business, by inference he's the criminal political liaison between NSW criminal MOHAMED RIYAZUDDIN AHMED a person of interest in my 1990s NSW SURGICAL RAPE, who also forged federal Medicare claims using my Medicare ID in 2013-2014 and other NSW State health criminals; as evidenced by multi government’s own documents.

  • 17/0712012 Noarlunga State mental health public officer, REBECCA SCHEFE recorded these words in her seven (7) page document as a State mental health record under my name: The alleged informant she claims is Christies Beach police cunstable WEATHERILL (same family name as the then Labor Party Premier of South Australia.) The GP she was referring to was Christies Beach CELIA EMMALINE TILDESLEY. The criminal defamation SCHEFE published includes, (but not limited to) the below. The defamatory doctor’s letter from TILDESLEY to Helen TINGAY is linked HERE and above to the photo of TILDESLEY.



“Janette is a 56yr old woman who lives alone in Seaford Rise. Today Christies Beach SAPOL have received a fax from Janette, asking SAPOL to press criminal defamation charges against her GP for ? referring her a psychiatrist. In the fax, Janette claims the GP has used "true facts" but presented them as a "fantasy" in an attempt to "illegally force me into the mental health system." She believes the GP is doing this as a "premeditated crime" in relation to her long standing belief regarding a government conspiracy. In the letter she states she has contacted "approximately 10 lawyers" in an attempt to sue the GP, with only one legal firm responding to her claims. Due to (what seems like) Janette disorganisation, she has not been able to open her skype account or emails to respond to this le-gal firm. She has interpreted this as the government controlling her email. In the letter, Janette also suggests her GP is working with the legal firm, adding to her delusional system”


  • 14/02/2014 Bedford Park Flinders MC general doctor RICHARD THOMAS TELFER, a GP that I’ve never knowingly met or consulted, randomly (with political cause) applied to the State guardianship board, seeking a 12 month Mental Health Act forced psychotropic drugging order. The order was granted on terrorist TELFER's criminal defamation falsely claiming to be State's evidence of mental illness, includ the below:


“Symptoms include paranoid and persecutory delusions which include; accusing many high ranking public officials of cover-ups over abuse she has been subject to, systematic refusal of provision of medical care regarding injuries sustained during alleged assaults by police, refusal of medical care regarding devices implanted in her by other medical professionals, removal of all of her teeth because medical professionals were using them to cause her pain. The patient has expressed these on numerous websites, YouTube videos and has written to Members of Parliament with these concerns … There is also a potential risk that her online publications in which she makes defamatory accusations against people could result in her being subject to litigation. Treatment could also offer protection to public figures from harassment. There is also a risk that without treatment her mental state will continue to deteriorate; and also the small risk of her expressing her distress by acting violently against others. To this date there has been no cited evidence that she has been violent or threatening towards others.”

  • 17/03/2014 Noarlunga Adaire House, (State Mental Health facility for State’s agent medical criminals) The below words were recorded by JANETTE ANNE MOIR. The State public officer attendees participating in this minuted group criminal defamation brainstorming session are: Lynda FORBES, Judith BARKER, Sue McCARTHY, Kerry-Lee THOMAS, (State police officer) Don HODGE, Matt BALLESTRIN, Janette MOIR, Robyn COULTER, Darien FURLER, Sean MILLER, Priscilla JOSLIN, Marg WILLCOCKS, Denise WRIGHT, Julia BACKHOUSE, John STRACHAN, Tanya RAWLIUK, Andrew CHAMPION.


(Janette has been) "making accusations towards members of the general public; public nuisance and erosion of SAPOL time due to same re escalating complaints re antisocial behaviours; defamatory remark / publications via YouTube - harm to reputation -Remains hostile and brittle in manner; less hostile in her delusional idealation; remains litigious towards Adelaide Central Mental Health Team and others; paranoid themes of conspiracy to do her harm."


  • 26/08/2014 Noarlungs State “Senior Consultant Psychiatrist” ANGELOS GIANNAKOUREAS at Noarlunga’s Adaire house wrote to State guardianship board. Quite frankly who in their right mind would NOT avoid this wanker.


“Ms Francis is a patient of the Noarlunga MAC team. She came to the attention of mental health services, after a spate of uncharitable correspondence with prominent citizens. (official complaints to Ministers in State parliament) She was detained and spent some time in a psychiatric ward at FMC, where she was diagnosed as suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. A CTO was applied for and Ms Francis is now obliged to receive Zuclopenthixol Decanoate 150mg, fortnightly. She has a complex belief system involving being the victim of 'implants'. As such, she is convinced of a conspiracy and has been vociferous in her allegations, to the point of naming and slandering doctors, politicians and medical services, online. Ms Francis is articulate and her delusional beliefs are encapsulated. I understand she expressed herself well, during her recent appearance at the District Court. I am not convinced she suffers from Schizophrenia. Her presentation is more in keeping with a Delusional Disorder. This diagnosis is less amenable to treatment with medication, and I do not think there has been a shift in her beliefs. She attends reluctantly and is quite dismissive of advice. She has not demonstrated a predisposition for physical aggression and there has not been any ideation of self-harm disclosed. Despite this, her correspondence has attracted police contact. Ms Francis is at risk of litigation, misadventure and harm to her reputation. Her online behaviour has been noted and she is vulnerable to being sued by defamed individuals. I am yet to be convinced that the depot has helped. I am happy to discuss these matters with Ms Francis. She does however avoid me.”

Mens rea & actus reas -

ask yourself why Angelos?

Celia Emmaline Tildesley Internet CROP.j
Unforgettable pigs .jpg
2007-05-02_SAPOL_Cooper&Nelson Text.jpg
2011 Bruce Lander ICAC Health Crimne Rep
BC v5 MRI Outlaw Front KEEP .jpg

10/10/2011 TILDESLEY secretly referred ME to a psychiatrist, one of the grounds (in the letter the inference is that I'm delusional and make all these unlawful events up) "She was also allegedly assaulted by an undercover police officer in 2007, and has unsuccessfully tried to take this matter to court." TILDESLEY's inference is that I invented being arrested & assaulted by a pack of her fellow Christies Beach pigs. Secretly as Dr (Ms) Tildesley faxed the referral to the shrink Dr (Ms) Tingay who then rang me insisting I "could not refuse the referral." I did with a few more words than no.

2004 (Sept) I came to Adelaide from Goulburn NSW where my children and myself were traumatised by police brutality for complaining FreeMason police family members had broken into our home in 2004 and they are linked to the(1989 Simpson & Harvey; Brothers in Arms published by Allen & Unwin Sydney false claim that my 28 year old face was identified by 1980s NSW FreeMason police as a teenage murder victim during the 1984 Milperra bikie shootings; and they also claimed I an an associated of a Sydney REBELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB which is bullshit.

1995 - 1999 I'd been Clr Jenny Hall, elected member on Wollondilly Shire NSW Local Council; and knew I'd been illegally drugged, kidnapped & surgically raped involving FreeMasons, State police and political party entities, but had no hard evidence. TILDESLEY informed me she believed I'd made up being Clr Jenny Hall.


2006 (May) I got conclusive proof of the cover up when the report for MRI of my head failed to mention the rather large infection at my left ear, (image below)

2007 (March) the evidence strengthened when seven (7) medical industry criminals illegally assaulted my teenage child and myself at Ashford private hospital, financially linked to Adelaide State government through Flinders Medical centre and State's Bedford Park public hospital. This was when the false "gun" claim was created.

2012 (July) now had conclusive proof of, one of many, illegal implants inside me by another MRI, where this largish SCREW item seen here insitu, was not mentioned in this report. Perrett Jones, criminals in hospital radiology, cut off part of my head for the 2012 MRI image prints; the illegal SCREW is actually as long as width of my eye. By default they also prove that Australia's medical industry and parliaments don't give a shit that this illegal implant is physically vibrating in my head causing me to endure constant excess electrostatic shocks all over my head and the rest of me. Another inference is that 'they' (the medical-political terrorist cell) expect me to suicide or die from cancer or infection due to the many illegal implants they obviously monitor as part of government funded BRAIN experiments. Probable relationship to the new AU$3 billion dollar medical research centre down the road in Adelaide CBD, Australia

In June 2011 after I'd tripped on a computer cable inside my home where the floor is concrete, no carpet. My eye jumped out of the socket when first thing to hit the ground was the side of my eye, at the temple. I was refused radiology at the local State (Noarlunga) hospital Emergency Room. In a FOI report (2018) I discovered they lied about the events fortunately I have documents to prove that. I also discovered a history of lies and criminally false diagnosis in State Health records dating back to 2006. This hospital has a history of refusing me treatment for my dislocated shoulder and thumb after I was falsely arrested and assaulted by local undercover cops in 2007. The painful dislocated shoulder finally popped back by itself after 3 or 4 years, the thumb is still dislocated.

2011 - 2012 with obvious intent to murder me by medical neglect TILDESLEY and other Adelaide doctors refused to prescribe penicillin for a server reoccurring infection in the same ear as the illegal implant (images below) I had to approach an Ear Nose Throat specialist directly. The evidence suggests they too were asked "don't treat her let her die." On balance of probability the infection was caused when Adelaide doctors intentionally put dirty instruments in my healthy ear canal. 


2012 in Adelaide District court the judge said TILDESLEY and the others had not unlawfully discriminated against me on the grounds of a false claim of mental illness; and I should expect to be discriminated against due to the “gun” claim 5 years earlier and decided it was acceptable for the State to secret the “gun” claim for the past 5 years and that police had never investigated the baseless criminal defamation from Dr (Mr) Shane Goodyear and others medical industry frauds in Adelaide.

State government health minions manufactured a lot more secreted defamation before they planned to have me kidnapped and imprisoned (in departmental emails) the weeks before they actually did at State election time in 2014. The (equally unlawful) reasons were that 'I'd published alleged defamation on the internet and I had all my rotting teeth removed in 1976, therefore the Crown Solicitor argued that I was at risk of harming myself in 2014, so I needed to be imprisoned under the Mental Healthy Act.' The unlawful Tribunal agreed. Its all in the documents.


That's a tiny peek inside the secret world of the brain-fuked terrorists who have illegal control of our government health system; corroborated by inference after the 2019 report tabled in Adelaide's State Parliament by ICAC boss Bruce Lander QC. Still the Adelaide region Federal police remain in unlawful sympathy with these PROVEN terrorists.

NATIONAL HEALTH ACT 1953 - section 84L:

An approved pharmacist, approved medical practitioner, approved hospital authority or public hospital authority shall not include in a concession card or an entitlement card, as the name of a member of a person's family, the name of a person who is not a member of the person's family.
 Imprisonment for 2 years or 50 penalty units, or both.

Card 2014-01-22 Criminal FRAUD Cheng & N

Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010 (CTH) section 26 Use and disclosure of healthcare identifiers and other information obtained under this Act. (5) A person commits an offence if the person contravenes subsection (1) or (2). Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years or 120 penalty units, or both.

Annette JONES - 2007 FAKE Mental Health
Card 2014 Confirmed Noarlunga Nazis - An
Card 1995 - 1999 WSC Janette crop.png
Cartoon Australia's Political Position B


Card Free Masons and Politics Pg2 100pc.
2011-06-22 Noarlunga ER Refused Radiolog

The flawed theory they work on is as barmy as quantum theory (if its not being observed, it doesn't exist) they insist that as the MRI reports don't mention the foreign items, then the foreign items don't exist. - Despite that they obviously do. So they say I'm the deliusional one.

Card Free Masons and Politics Pg2 100pc.
Card Free Masons and Politics Pg1 100pc.

Gpaxis Pty Ltd is a medical practice in Adelaide's "Seaford Meadows" and "Munno Parra". Alison Barbara Jane COLE is (still) one of their agent medical doctors and on a work Visa from mother England, at all material times. COLE agreed to falsify a medical certificate so the State could illegally and permanently cancel my driving licence that I've held since 1972. COLE agreed to say I was "delusional" with no clinical evidence on the second occasion I saw her at the unlawful insistence of the State at State election time in 2018.

Dr COLE's delusional claim is based on the fact COLE and the State insist the items seen below in the (2006 & 2012) MRI scans of my head don't exist. That's terrorism in action. They're criminally backed by State police and State parliament. That's Serious Organised Crime.

The plaintiff (me) has established this online file in view of the public interest. Documents placed here are considered in the interests of justice. Judge Katrina Bochner of Adelaide Australia Civil Supreme Court deemed that the foreign items in the image below don't exist and that in words this this effect 'its the right of the State government to criminally defame a citizen if its for a political cause.' Which is the defination of terrorism.

Card MRI v6 Website Header 2dogsClub Dot
BC v5 MRI Outlaw Front KEEP .jpg
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