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My primary school teaches used to (intend to) humiliate me for being a deep thinker. I'd be labelled as and “idiot” and a “dreamer”. In Mr Ellsmore's class I'd often I'd get stood out the front of the class and ridiculed because I was in deep thought, then stood in the corner at the front of the room . That's what school was like in the 1960s. Mind you the same fool didn't know the correct spelling of Mount Kosciuszko because most Australians were completely racist then and didn't like to spell Kosciuszko after the Polish man man it was named to honour. Many Australians were just as racist as Southern American slave traders. Our teachers in State schools forced children my age to incorrectly spell it as “Kosciusko” without the “z”. I was born in 1956 Cooma NSW at the time of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Scheme was being built 1949-1972 and many immigrants were employed to work on that. I had immigrant friends much to my parent's discontent and instruction. However my Cooma NSW State school teacher Miss Rosenberg, was obviously proud of our multicultural community, ensuring we knew the correct spelling. My family moved to Campbelltown East in 1962 where I was punished by Freemason red head Mr Ellsmore for correctly spelling Kosciuszko. I was so enraged I learnt enough about Ingleburn resident Peter Ellsmore so I could out him when I grew up. I was that type of child. Kościuszko was the first big word I learnt to spell in Kindergarden. Mount Kosciuszko was named in 1839 by Polish explorer, Paul Edmund de Strzelecki after Polish leader, Thaddeusz Kościuszko.


If you're like me, a dedicated seeker of knowledge and understanding, (sponge brain) you'll have read everything I've written in this website bringing you here. Someone whose a deep thinker like myself has many theories they either choose to prove or disprove. I'm the latter seeking to disprove my theories I search for more data. However despite that I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I'm also logically lazy in that I understand I can't possibly understand all that I want to understand. Human life is not long enough for that. I'm happy to entertain anyone's theory when there's not enough data to disprove it we simply must accept all theories as potential fact, despite how unpleasant they may be to our own concepts of correctness. For instance I've physically travelled through time. I can't prove it but I did phone someone to tell them what I saw before it happened. The event was not fantastic in fact it was quite mundane.


As I've also said before and proved to various narcissist psychopaths, I can see future events that unfold so fast its impossible to comprehend them Therefore my theory on time is that is coexists in unison. That is all past present and future events are occurring concurrently but on different levels as its popularly thought. I think its in different locations on the one level. I believe time is like a Rolodex. You have to have been around a few decades ago to know what a Rolodex is. When I see the future that flashes by fast I see it from the memory of the the person who that future effects. That is when I'm in their personal space I pick their future experience just like a TV with no sound only its on fast forward. The unfortunate thing is that my visions like that are usually, no always about someone's death. I can't prevent their death because its already happened. Not “pre-ordained” and "going to" happen, its already happened because time exists in unison. Grab that concept and run with it and someone will be able to construct a mode of time travel be it visual or physical bearing in mind you'll not be able to change anything you'll merely be a witness, which is pretty special in itself.


In reference to various narcissist psychopaths, not only have they blamed me for the death of their loved one because I saw it happen, they've taken unlawful steps to harm me in retaliation. Another reason why I'm a recluse. Its also my theory that the majority of the human race are narcissist psychopaths which is proved 100% by the state of everything to do with human emotions and beliefs on Earth today and as recorded in history. If that statement wasn't true they'd be no war, no hate, only understanding that we're all different and we all have the right not to be harmed to fulfil anyone else's beliefs.


Ok that not what I wanted to talk about. I agree with an unpopular theory that says the earth was virtually fluid at one point rotating in the opposite direction. I also agree with the theory that the entire universes and everything else that exist is also fluid, just not as we understand fluid to be. Its like looking at things through a microscope those tiny things exist but most people can't understand that as they've not seen things through a microscope. Clearly everything is endless no matter what it is you're researching there is no limit to it.


Back to the reverse rotation theory. The best way to explain that is to explain what happens when you clean a paint roller in a certain way. Hold the roller itself vertical, (sponge or fluffy) put a narrow flow garden hose on it at the edge of the roller and it spins as fast then little bit faster than the pressure of the hose. Take the hose away and it stops when Earth's gravity fully controls it again. Naturally if we were not in Earth's atmosphere, ie outer space, the roller would continue to spin until something else hit it. But then you wouldn't be there nor would your garden hose. Hit the roller in the exact middle and it does nothing. Hit it on the other edge and it spins the opposite direction. Therefore if something big enough had hit Earth on the edge it would have caused the Earth to spin until the forces that control Earth's rotation around the sun etc, took over again.

Its also pretty obvious that nothing is "made" its simply rearranged. You can't create something from nothing, you rearrange what's already there. A plant grows and dies perpetually changing during that process. You consume its parts to fuel you but it and you return to another form to be rearranged elsewhere. Nothing is permanent everything gets rearranged sooner or later.


Stop contemplating your own personal wealth and power, understand where you are. The reward will be beyond your present understanding of bliss.


Janette Gail Francis, 19 January 2021.

The other (main) purpose of this page is to collate basic background on ESTABLISHED FACTS from government records and my own experience, for the “public interest” constitutional legal challenge. Reproduced here "in the public interest". It also explains why so many people hate me;  why I have no person on the planet I would consider my friend; and why I've not been in another close relationship since I left Owen Hall in August 1996. I attempted a normal girl casual friendship circa 2015 but was soon betrayed again by ex-government public officers pretending to be a friend one of whom is the mother of a Christies Beach cop.


Circa 1960 NSW Cooma Local Court.


My male parent was sentenced after he raped me on his wedding anniversary when I was 2 years and 10 months old “because” I told him not to punch my mother. He was about 33 when I was born, mother was 29. He'd come home drunk, she reasonably complained, he punched her in the face making her nose bleed. I witnessed the assault punch and saw her bleed. I told him off, mother ran to me and picked me up. After a few minutes he sought me out, carried me to his bed shared with his wife that was covered with a pale green chenille fabric, flowered bedspread they got as a wedding gift, and said “I'll teach you not to tell me not to strike your mother” then he raped me. I screamed, mother arrived, saw what he was doing, pushed him off me, he fell to the floor. I needed many stitches to repair the extensive skin tear which was done by Dr Bullock who had room in a house in Cooma and worked in the Cooma public hospital.


Male parent was sentenced to a term of incarceration for a few months only because I told everyone what my male parent did to me. Dr Bulloch didn't report it to police. Male parent's best friend was policeman John Frederick (Jack) Bassett. Evidently he gave court testimony to the good character of male parent, as when he discovered male parent was a life-long paedophile after he raped my 3 month old baby on 24 April 1988, he shot himself dead. His son was a NSW police detective in 1988 and blamed me for Jack's suicide at the point of his NSW police issue handgun (drawn from his chest holster) at his father's wake in this parent's residence. Mother ran from nowhere and stood in front of me to protect me. All the Bassett's blamed me for the suicide. That's how fuked up seemingly sane people can be, particularly those employed in government law enforcement.


Despite being so young I'd realised the 1959 incident caused mother to have a breakdown, she changed long-term. After he sobered up, after the crime, they sent me outside where I heard them arguing she was sobbing incessantly to male parent because of what he did to her. I heard mother say that "if I was a boy it wouldn't have happened" this comment altered my perspective as a female making me want to like boy things to prevent a reoccurrence. I didn't have a clue as to what male parent "really" was, primarily he was a pederast. he preferred little boys arse as did many of his freemason associated in 1960s Campbelltown NSW after we moved from Cooma due to the public hatred of male parent. Children had no hope in those days as under Australian law the male parent “owned” wife and children as “his chattels” that didn't change for another couple of decades. Dangerously psychopathic 2020 government personnel still believe they “own” me in the same way, to protect the best interests oif their political Party.


Initially my parents refused to take me to the doctor. When Methodist Christened mother did she expressed to Dr Bullock her fear of the “shame” it would bring to her. She only took me because the bleeding wouldn't stop. I presume they contemplated letting me bleed to death. Long-term she detested the sight of me. The stitches hurt more than the rape. I received very little nurturing love as a direct result.


After male perant was incarcerated mother was left to care for us alone. Every time she looked at me she burst into tears blaming me for male parent being away. She would have benefited from psychological counselling. In my heart I knew she didn't really mean what she was saying.


I became her object of hate and male parent became her saviour. So don't tell me she wasn't brainwashed by freemasons with that training. Good thing I was born with my personality type as I don't need a lot of love to be a mentally well-balanced person. The ensuing events in my life created by psychopathics in government and freemasons have proven beyond any doubt that psychologically I'm able to survive literally anything.


When I became an adult in 1974 the NSW State negligently declined to inform me I was able to apply for compensation over my 1959 rape. Evidently to protect the good name of the freemasons or the commercial interests of the federal government as our residence was owned by federal government's Post Master General (PMG) which was absorbed by the office of the Attorney-General. Mother was the Postmistress. There was a Post Office at front of the residence. Mother was also the telephone exchange operator. There was a small lever exchange in the residence. Mother was also paid by the State to open and close the railway gate next to our house at Bunyan. The Post Office Exchange residence is still standing today, it should be heritage listed as it was very old when my parents took residence circa 1953. I don't know when it was sold off into private hands, I do know it happened before the 1990s. The State “lost” the Cooma NSW Local Court paperwork.

To say I couldn't remember the incident when I was so young is like saying children can't remember the holocaust or the bombing of their residence in any war. Its maliciously absurd. As a near adult I had total recall after I suffered the pain of vaginal stitches after the birth of my first child in 1974. When I challenged male parent, he threatened to kill Dr Bullock through freemason resources. Dr Bullock died later that year, I say that was no coincidence.


1974: Not taken to court but should have been by Geelong VIC police.


Male parent sent me to Geelong Victoria on the false claim that my oldest sister “needed” me to look after her as she was very ill. When I got there I discovered she was not ill. It was a ruse cooked up by male parent who had also fabricated a story to mother falsely claiming he was my oldest child's biological father. Mother asked me but my denial was evidently not “convincing” enough for her. I had my own set of psychological issues to wade through due to the pregnancy when my parents asked me to let them take my unborn child and raise it as my sibling after I refused to adopt the unborn child out when it was born. I refused that too. So in 1974 when the child was 10 months old this ruse was cooked up so my parents could “possess” my first born as their own. They told everyone male parent was the biological father behind my back.


Geelong was where I met and married my only husband, Mr Peters. After we were married in 1975 I went to Geelong police telling them what my parents had done with my baby. The uniformed police officer told me to say to male parent that “if he insisted that the child was his, the police wanted to talk to him.” My baby was shoved through a crack in my parents fly screen door followed by a bag of nappies. Because there was no psychological counselling available for me, it only took just over a year before I fell back into what in my mind was a normal parent/child relationship with my dangerously psychopathic parents. The truth of it was far from “normal” for a sane person.


It took me another 15 years and the 1988 rape of my 3 month old baby to realise I needed to divorce myself completely from my lethal birth family. I knew if I didn't they'd succeed in their many prior attempts to kill me. The denial ended but not without a fight. The final realisation and acceptance of ultimate betrayal by family and government caused me to cry in the shower every day for a year. From the constant third party government based brainwashing we'd been subjected to (my birth family) as children and my mother, throughout my upbringing under the “control” of my male parent and other criminal behaviour of State police as freemasons, it'd been drummed into us by government personnel that male parents abnormal and harmful behaviour was a “normal” loving relationship.


My shower crying sessions brought me to realise that the only way I would be able to find “normal” for my own children was to do exactly the opposite of what I was taught as I was growing up.

In progress

My Court Cases

Thaddeus Kosciuzko Polish Leader 1746 -

Circa 1985: Not taken to court but should have been by Camden NSW police.

I have no subsequent recollection of being raped by male parent until one Monday morning in about June 1985. The exact date has been falsified by NSW police in their corroborating records; I was fined for speeding on the F5 as I approached Campbelltown NSW. I was doing about 100mph about 140 kph. I was contemplating what had happened to me after I woke that morning and after I went to sleep the evening before. I'd been on my way to work, after the cop pulled me over and fined me I decided to visit my local doctor for a DNA rape swab. I'd spent the night at my parents residence I'd woke to find my vagina stretched and covered in fluid.


As I was driving I recollected drinking a cup of coffee before bed and no memory of getting into bed but I remembered my child being removed from the same room I was sleeping in and remembered opening my eyes in a drugged state to see my male parent's face and feel that someone had penetrated my vagina I must have fainted or blocked the rest out psychologically. So realising I could have killed myself and left my children with that rapist I drove to my local physician, Mr John Schwartz. I now try to refrain from calling medical practitioners doctors as I now realise people saying they're a doctor have drugged and assaulted me, but they weren't as doctor of medicine.

On my way to Camden NSW I decided to go to local police first to report the rape. They refused to take my statement. So I went to my physician who worked and lived in a house located opposite the Elderslie primary school. He always had religious pamphlets on his reception counter that was usually manned by his wife. The physician was reluctant to do a DNA rape swab complaining to me that police usually order that to be done. I had to argue with him. He did the swab agreeing with me that it appeared I had been raped. I wasted to take it to the testing facility personally but he insisted it would be sent from his premises. Naively, I went back to Camden police informing them I'd done the rape swab and they could investigate when that come back.

When I went back for the results a not recollected amount of time later I was confronted with the sight of a smashed glass sliding door that was the entry to the medical practice. I was informed that “someone” had broken into the medical office and stolen all my files, including the results of the rape swab. Oddly the physician directly accused me of breaking in because only my files were stolen. Obviopusly to me they were after my rape swab result. I asked Dr Schwartz to get a copy of the result but he refused. I asked him if he was a freemason and he became aggitated, defensive and directed his very composed anger at me asking me to leave.

I went to police to ask them to investigate the break-in as a theft of my rape swab DNA result, surprise surprise, they refused. Eventually I slipped back into denial. When I recollected this event again some years later in 2004 I applied for and got copy of my driving record which recorded the date of the speeding fine as 8 June 1985 which is a Saturday. Freemason police must have altered the date after I noted that I would remember based on the date of the speeding ticket. I never drove back from my parents on a Saturday it was always Sunday evening or early Monday Morning. Whenever I think of it I feel that I was still working at Visyboard Warwick Farm.


I was unreasonably sacked from Visy on my birthday, I May 1985, a Wednesday. I did complain to State Industrial Relations about unfair dismissal and won my claim. Visy personnel staff, Zeilla Nellies, made sure I was sacked me on my birthday as psychopaths do.

I was sacked because Zeilla claimed I'd done something associated with the Fathers Day 1984 crime.  I don't recall what they said I did as I dismissed it all as insanity on their part. One of the older than me women at Visy had a a NSW cop husband. Can't recall who, however it was either Zeilla Nellies, Elaine Sloman mother of a Visy Jenny or Maureen Sheehan mother of another Visy Jenny. Including me there were three Jenny's at Visy Warwaick Farm, all in the office. Elaine was the General Manager's secretary, Tony Featherstone. I have an excellent long-term memory.  My best (subconscience memory) guess would be Elaine's husband.

BIA book says (using my face and their fake Leanne) I sent someone a Valentines Day card which caused him to suicide, (reference to Jack Bassett) the book was internet advertised as being released initially on April Fools Day 1989. This was an obvious pattern of crime by the bragging psychopaths involved. I was also illegally evicted from my residence on Valentines Day 2002 after I went to Newcastle police about the BIA book in 2001.


Circa 1990 NSW Camden Local Court.


After local freemason State police refused to retrieve my 13 year old child kidnapped by an ex-Camden freemason, I applied to the local court for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against the kidnapper to protect the kidnapped child and my remaining children.


I soon discovered the long serving magistrate had also been a fellow Camden mason with the kidnapper when the magistrate agreed with the kidnapper to not hear the matter. The freemason magistrate sent the criminal child sex crimes and kidnapping matter to mediation where the Wollongong based mediator (Menka) unconstitutionally rubber stamped male parent's kidnapping of my oldest child and his rape of my 3 month old baby.


Subsequently the federal department of Social Security paid Child Endowment (Family payment) to the kidnapper who was never charged. I lost my first born child forever. The kidnapper was my male parent a 1959 Cooma NSW sentenced paedophile.


Circa 1994: Not taken to court but should have been by Camden NSW police.


In 1993 I had informed my defacto Mr Hall that I was thinking of enrolling in a university law degree. I applied but was not accepted due to numbers they said. Someone told me I could enrol in something else then transfer over so I enrolled in an Economics degree in about August 1994 and was accepted.


I was operating my sole trader retail computer business in Camden NSW between 1989 and 1995. In 1990 I had an acute spine injury of an unknown (to me) origin. Pretty sure my defacto Owen could tell us all about it only he's alleged dead. The spine injury stopped after I became pregnant in 1991. Then in 1993 it started up again just as mysteriously as it did before only this time I was in incredible agony. I went to bed in no pain but woke in so much agony I was unable to get out of the bed. Owen had to lift me and help me to the toilet. Local physicians refused to give me pain relief, one even suggested I was a “prostitute” and that was the cause of my injury. That was Dr Fred Uehlin. I was left to slowly shuffle around in dire straits until I found a physician who prescribed me codeine.


Mid 1994 a series of events unfolded not sure of the exact order. I had a phone call at my shop on a Saturday from a male calling himself “Matthew” he said he was from “Natural Symphonies” and asked for Owen. I told Matthew Owen wasn't here asking if I could I help. Matthew told me to, “tell Owen his video is ready” I quizzed Matthew who said something like perhaps I shouldn't have said anything. At home I asked Owen what it was about, he claimed it must have been a mistake but I wasn't convinced. I was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. I knew Ian O'Hare who owned Natural Symphonies from Chamber so I asked him if he had a Matthew working for him on that Saturday. He said he didn't, he added genuinely remembering, that he had a half brother named Matthew Searle who he'd let came into his video recording studio to do odd jobs for himself. Matthew is the son of a Marsden lawyer with the same last name.


Still in 1994 I asked Owen to mail some product booklets I'd compiled to post to my regular customers. I also sold office stationary. Owen used to come into my shop in the day despite that he was working ion the coal mines. He told his mates he owned my shop. I used to send him on errands to get him out of the way. I gave him a blank shop cheque to post the booklets knowing roughly how much it would cost. When he came back I questioned him about the cost as it was well over double of what I'd expected. I wasn't convinced so I went up to the post office to ask them. It must have been after the Matthew phone call as I was stunned momentarily when I saw a pile of VCR video taped on the shelf with my envelopes. The Post Office staff acknowledged that Owen brought them in but refused to let me see them. I was livid. Went back to the shop but Owen was gone.


Still in 1994 Camden police officer Paul Fryer came into my shop to accuse me of selling pornographic videos from my shop. He said he had complaints from several of my customers. I suggested that Owen might be able to assist in his inquiries but I knew nothing about it.


Still in 1994 I received in the mail an invoice addressed to my business name, Datamouse Computers. It was from Tony Wolf Printers in Graham Hill Road Narellan. Tony had been in business for years. I also knew him from Chamber. The invoice was for the design and creation of a website in my business name. I went to Tony's business where Tony informed me his son Ian had a website creation business operating from his premises pointing to the figure of a male in a windowed back room. I asked to talk to Ian. Tony went out back but returned alone. Tony was genuinely embarrassed and apologetic that his son refused to talk to me. Tony told me Ian said Owen ordered the webpage. I told Tony to tell Ian I was not paying it as I had not authorised. I had no knowledge of the internet as it was new technology. I wasn't interested in it as I was winding down business at the shop in preparation for university. I had no idea what the internet would mean to all of us in the future.


Still in 1994 one of my customers did have access to the internet. He had a teenage son who accompanied his dad to tell me that someone had created a webpage using my shop name. They said there was pornographic images of me and other men on the website. I asked them to take that information to the police. This man was a regular customer in my shop he told me he reported it to the police but that the webpage was still going.


Still in 1994 and after the Ian Wolf incident I took the invoice to Camden police asking to speak to Mr Fryer I showed him the invoice. I'd reminded him told him about the videos at the post office when he came into my shop and told him about the internet information from my customer. Fryer asked me for the invoice, like a fool I gave him the original. Within a short time he'd mysteriously lost the invoice and had failed to make any record of my contact with him. He also claimed there was no webpage named Datamouse on the internet. Which was interesting as in 1999 when I mentioned it to Bowral police the officer in charge told me, “We closed that page down.” My complaints the police commissioner were met with silence in the beginning persisting by 2000 they responded with “Paul Fryer didn't work at Camden at that time.”


Still in 1994, I'd decided to join the local Toastmasters as I was contemplating standing for a seat in local council. I was at my second meeting when two uniformed police and a police detective came into the meeting room. As already recorded on this website, it was detective Paul Shiels, big brother of fellow Camden NSW toastmaster Martin Shiels. They decided I was really Leanne Walters 14 years younger than my real age and that I'd faked my own death in 1984. I specifically asked detective Shiels to investigate the authors of the book and arrest them for fraud. Obviously that never happened.


Still in 1994 everyone in my family was ill with flu like symptoms so we all went to the doctor at the same time, myself, Owen and all my children at home at that time. I was a little stunned when the doctor told me he “had to do this” I was really too ill to understand what he was talking about. What he did do that was odd was stick a long cotton bud inside our mouth and put it in a long tube. I was told he “had to send them away for tests”. Turns out it was the police who told him to grossly invade my privacy and illegally steal all our DNA for illegal government records. That was the doctors rooms in Argyle Cottage in Argyle Street Picton NSW. I only discovered they did this after specific NSW police illegally kidnapped me, illegally drugged me and illegally attempted to convince me I was really Rex Walters daughter.

I can't put a date on this one so I'll presume its 1994 as I was illegally drugged a lot in this year thanks to the psychopathic freak who weaved himself into my life to become my defacto from 1986 to 1996 Owen Hall previously of 21 Lillian Street Campbelltown NSW. Owen told me there was a wives outing at a horse track somewhere in Sydney and they the event was by bus. There were no other wives, I asked the only other women in the room if they were with the “coal mine group” they said no. I was wearing a black and white thick vertical stripe, thin floppy material, hip length coat, I'd bought especially for the outing from David Jones for $100 to $200. I'm pretty confident they used that coat with me in it in their porn videos, as some years later a female mentioned something like that to me when I wore it at a council outing as Clr Jenny Hall for Wollondilly Shire (1995-1999) at that time I had long dark brown wavy or very curly hair someone was secretly dying black on me.  Owen left me alone most of the time knowing I didn't easily socialise and didn't really want to be there. I only went because he pleaded with me to go. The bathroom attendant at the Burragorang Valley Oakdale Colliery came up to talk to me. I think his name was Ron. Her was not the sharpest person I'd met, he'd often been to see me at my shop to talk socially. Owen told me Ron had a crush on me. He came close to me this day and said out loud, "Jenny I loved your videos especially the one we made." I hadn't made any videos. I was about to ask him to expand on that, a group of males I didn't know but included Owen, surrounded Ron and hustled him outside like a football huddle. When he came back inside he looked roughed up. I asked him to tell me about the videos he answered that "I can't they'll hurt/kill me." Which made it almost impossible to use him as a witness. I didn't want his death on my conscience. Ron never spoke to me again, ever. Whenever he saw me down the street after that he put his head down as if in shame.

So I ask, if anyone has a copy of any of them PLEASE send me a digital version. I put a public notice in a local newspaper with a $10,000 reward in 1999, but got no response from the newspaper bag reply address. Newspaper staff laughed as they told they sent all responses to a truck driver named Rex Walters of Ingleburn NSW. Owen's mother complained that I had brought shame to their atheist HALL family by placing that public notice in the newspaper. This is why she never saw her grandchildren again.

In progress

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