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You could classify this website as “evidence of terrorism” or my memoir

(a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge) but you can't classify it as evidence of mental illness “delusions”, else you have to equally classify every prior and proceeding “memoir” in recorded history as “delusional”.  This is an account of my experiences and my opinions based on my experiences, before, during and after I had been elected in 1995 (Clr Jenny Hall)  on a majority of first preferences onto my local council, Wollondilly Shire Council AUSTRALIA. I'm Janette Gail Francis.

nEurolink or Neuralink & Leon Muck

or Elon Musk


When someone like Leon or Elon Musk invests in a brain implant that his marketing claim "hopes to help cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer's, dementia and spinal cord injuries". Cure. Well one day I hope to be able to eradicate psychopathy from planet Earth with nothing more than my dazzling charismatic charms. I suspect we both have an even chance at attaining our hopes.

So where is the economics of scale? Seriously how many people need a robotic limb? That was the last 'big sell' for the last round of electronic implants. How many people have you seen with one? I've not seen any. The likelihood that this brain implant they say "can turn your thoughts into text" will benefit any group other than our currently active home-grown government terrorists is probably a billion to one.


I say you're a charlatan Leon Muck, or Elon Musk, I say you're marketing your device to terrorists.

Charlatan: a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.

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Card 2021 Elon Musks Neuralink & Me 100p
Card JOIN MRI x2 Elon Musk NAZI styled B

Only psychopaths fund & work in brain research in what other field do you get paid to learn how to control another human without their permission. Where's the economics of scale? The image with Elon Musk's “Neuralink architecture” is roughly the layout of the ACTIVE & NO CONSENT criminally experimental implants inside Janette's (my) head since early to mid 1990s. At blue arrow - that cable was being pushed into my nose to my brain when I woke in agony but was unable to scream due to the drugs they'd injected into me also without my consent circa 1997. I had been criminally kidnapped from a NSW State Government council official meeting where I was the chairperson. There was no medical consultation. There is no medical benefit. Only possible benefit of forced brain implants is political. That's where the “economics of scale” lies. This people tarnished by the news media and other in Government as “conspiracy theorists” were & are telling you the facts the Government's and Elon Musk & other billionaires don't want you to know.


When they saw I was awake and tears of extreme agony were streaming down my face they laughed and continued saying something like, “she'll pass out with the pain in a minute”and “she won't remember”.


These implants inside me are not passive. They literally RAPE me 24/7. They work by leaching onto my breathing & my blood flow & my nerve reflexes & my muscles. Evidently they're remotely controlled as most medical implants are; only the control is not in my possession as all remotely controlled are allegedly intended to be. Someone else has the controls. So that person dubiously thinks of me like a “remote control human”. A billionaire's toy.


This is the basic sequence of events when I'm asleep and the 'motor' slows to their distaste. I feel the 'energy' impact point on the top of my head. I feel the 'energy' travel to my left ear and down my throat to my diaphragm under my lungs. On the way I feel an involuntary contraction in the base of my throat. This involuntary contraction is also exercised when I'm eating in an obvious attempt to choke me to death on my food or liquid. When it reaches the diaphragm (under my lungs) it contracts. This contraction switches on a motor of sorts in my abdominal cavity and enlivens all the connecting cables causing vibration (friction & sound) and electrical sparking & generating an amount of excess heat from its friction.


The sparking leaves burn scars on my skin. The vibration in my throat & ear causes infection and swelling. My left ear canal is always almost completely closed which adds to the infection potential due to natural heat generated in the naturally vibrating ear. But the torture doesn't stop there. I feel sparking and vibration all over my face and on my eyeballs. As I have implant cables to the tips of my fingers and toes & the palms of my hands & soles of my feet & are wrapped around my torso like an electrical power supply. That makes for a rather large human aerial.


Therefore, it would appear that my skull is being used as a parabolic dish and my face is being used as the receptor for the parabolic dish. Ergo: the remote controls are most probably operated via standard (sophisticated) communication satellite as opposed to being in the hands of some garden variety Nazi next door. Can't get more Nazi psychopath than that Elon and I say you & your fellow Nazis associates are funding my illegal implants & probably got a few more like me spotted across the globe so they don't stand out, telling your fellow psychopaths its for a greater good when in reality “its” for ultimate control of a select minority from time to time. That's your economics of scale you pack of brain-fuked retards.


Proving to themselves they treat me like a toy, they force vibrations in my throat after I've evidently done 'something' they disapprove of. There is a pattern. Vibrating my throat makes me cough causing a perpetually inflamed throat, I've noticed whenever I'm in specific locations in my own back yard I feel significantly stronger more intense or narrower more rapid wave vibrations in my throat, indicating “hot spots” same as we experience with mobile phone reception.


These retards also force the reflex actions of my hands & legs in my sleep. Interestingly the implants over my knees that force the knee kick reflex have been coated so much by my immune system that now (since 2019) my physician was unable to evoke my knee and ankle reflexes when treating my physical health when I was suffering a recent incident of spine nerve pain as a direct result of the illegal implants down my spine since 1991, when I was about 6 months pregnant.


Death is too good for you sadistic retards.

So Elon Musk, want to run that by us again?



I refer you to my MRI medical diagnostic services rendered through the Medicare Australia program of the Commonwealth of Australia, on 5 May 2006 & 11 July 2012.


These radiology images and their accompanying report are irrefutable evidence of an ongoing multi decade criminal medical service cartel that begun in 1980s in Sydney NSW.


The Cartel is enabled and sustained by consecutive State & Federal parliaments, Labor & Liberal & National Party political organisations; and enforced in concert with (as yet) unconfirmed or unknown individuals in government.


This cartel is also an act of terrorism that State and Federal police I've approached refuse to acknowledge by refusing to even take my statement about this serious terrorist event or any other associated medical crime. Police refuse on account that the physicians won't back me - despite that obviously physicians involved in this matter are either a part of the crimes or they're victims of terrorism, too scared to say or do anything to back me in fear of suffering ongoing vendettas themselves.




Did you know that all Australian governments have they own legal department?

Commonly designated as the Attorney General's deportment and the Australian Government Solicitor or Crown Solicitor' and their department called Crown Solicitor's Office.


Did you know that the majority of large legal firms are or have worked under contract to provide legal advice to Australian governments ?

Which effectively is an active system of bribery or enforcing illegal cartel provisions to restrict legal services to an Australian consumer to benefit the governments in Australia.

Did you know a legal firm can refuse to represent you if they have ever acted for the person you seek to oppose in court? Which naturally includes any government.


Did you know denying an Australian consumer their guarantees under Australian Consumer law is an infringement of that Act?

Our Australian consumer guarantees include that a service or advertised service is provided "with due care and skill" and "fit for purpose" and there are "no hidden defects" and you're provided the service "in a timely manner" and "without cartel restrictions"

A cartel is an illegal agreement to restrict supply chain. Which includes any political 'understanding' your service provider has with any other not a direct party to your service. Your service is automatically deemed an "informal contract" under Australian Consumer Law, even if its not a formal contract you've signed.

​Got the picture yet?

Did you know that any State's anti-association laws can equally be applied to a group of government public officers and their non government associates?


Or any combination of people not recognised as a formal or incorporated association.


Did you know that any individual in Australia can privately prosecute a criminal matter under any criminal law including the Criminal Code Act?


Did you know that areas of any Act of any Australian parliament that require a Attoney-General's consent or other Ministerial consent, are all also capable of being subjected to a constitutional challenge in High Court of Australia?

On the grounds that the requirement of Ministerial consent is an inferred “direct bias” on political grounds and therefore renders any part of any Act that requires any Ministerial consent to proceed, constitutionally void. Ergo: its one huge bluff your Australian lawyer is also a party to, to protect their own financial interests; and infringing your Australian Consumer Law irrevocable rights.


Did you know an organisation need not be officially incorporated to be a terrorist organisation?

Ergo: a collection of individuals not officially or legally linked in any way can be defined as a terrorist organisation. This naturally includes any government public officer whatsoever. Every individual who is elected to a council or parliament, employed, contracted, or appointed by tenure to any activity of any Australian government is a government public officer pursuant to Australian law.


The Criminal Code, schedule Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

Part 5.3—Terrorism

Division 100—Preliminary

100.1 Definitions {the dictionary for this Act}


terrorist organisation means (a) an organisation that is directly or indirectly engaged in, preparing, planning, assisting in or fostering the doing of a terrorist act (whether or not a terrorist act occurs); or(b) an organisation that is specified by the regulations for the purposes of this paragraph (see subsections (2), (3) and (4)). Definition of advocates

(1A) In this Division, an organisation advocates the doing of a terrorist act if (a) the organisation directly or indirectly counsels or urges the doing of a terrorist act; or (b) the organisation directly or indirectly provides instruction on the doing of a terrorist act; or (c) the organisation directly praises the doing of a terrorist act in circumstances where there is a substantial risk that such praise might have the effect of leading a person (regardless of his or her age or any mental impairment that the person might suffer) to engage in a terrorist act.



Did you know that individuals convicted of "financing terrorism" get (Imprisonment for life); and individual convicted of terrorism also receive “Imprisonment for life”. Other acts done in preparation for, or "planning, terrorist acts" (Imprisonment for life) ?

Did you know that pursuant to Australian law an individual who is a multi millionaire of part of a parliament "must" be treated equally before a court of Australian law with any other who is not?


Did you know that imprisonment is incurred by any individual; found guilty of, "Providing or receiving training connected with terrorist acts" (25 years); "Possessing things connected with terrorist acts" (15 years); "Collecting or making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts" (15 years)?


2006 known terrorists include directors of the company Benson Radiology; and their William (Bill) Kingsley Loftus radiology specialist who has since parted company with Bensons. In 2006 Bill Loftus was working at ASHFORD HOSPITAL radiology on Anzac Highway; and Ear Nose Throat and Cranial specialist Neville Lister Minnis, of King William Road Unley. Who told me to my face as he was laughing & pointing to the huge infection next to my brain that “this is normal” therefore he was an active party in these crimes.


2012 known terrorists include directors of the company Perrett Jones Radiology, specialist Claudio Coscia, at Calvery Wakefield Hospital, Wakefield Street Adelaide. I've no confirmation whether COSCIA is his real name or whether its an alias for the United States of America secret government syndicate known as CIA.



terrorist act(ion)


Did you know that any Australian resident too afraid to stand by any other Australian resident because any Australian government is behind an illegal action that can be defined in Australia as a “political cause" is a victim of terrorism?


The Criminal Code, schedule Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

Part 5.3—Terrorism

Division 100—Preliminary

100.1 Definitions {the dictionary for this Act}


terrorist act means an action or threat of action where (a) … {subsection 2} causes serious harm that is physical harm to a person; or … causes a person’s death; or endangers a person’s life, other than the life of the person taking the action ... (b) the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause; and (c) the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of (i) coercing, or influencing by intimidation, the government of the Commonwealth or a State ... or (ii) intimidating the public or a section of the public.

Did you know that any brain or body implant device could fall into the category of an “ideological cause”?


Did you know that Australia's government covering up the 1984 Fathers Day fake murder of the face girl would most certainly fall into the “political cause” category?



My 2006 referring GP, (referral resulting in the MRI subjected to illegal cartel agreement) was too afraid to refer me to another ENT specialist.


This common "fear" within the medical community was the direct result in the delay to me receiving treatment for infection in 2011 and 2012 and the inability to achieve a diagnosis on the illegal all-of-person implants inside me still.

Did you know that a government has no capacity to commit crime? Only an individual can commit crime. Australia's governments are bound by the federal Australia Constitution which stipulates quite clearly that (all) parliament(s) "must make laws for the peace, order and good government" which means the government simply can't make any decisions based on party politics that would result in an illegal cartel or an act of terrorism or any other harm. Only an individual can commit crime, pretending to have government authority.

Did you know that Australias governments are constitutionally barred from defending a crime their public officers committed? Yet the bastards in government still do it. That defence can also take the form of prosecuting their victim of crime for a crime that wasn't committed, as they did with me and have done to many others.


My 2012 referring GP, (referral resulting in the MRI subjected to illegal cartel agreement) was too scared to even allow me to make further appointments with her, after State Health public officers approached her secretly, (without my consent but documented in their own records attained by FOI) demanding my private medical records in her possession.


Obviously the State Health Department individual's demands were without lawful authority. However she worded her demand as if they did have government authority. Ergo: misrepresentation or perverting the course of justice.


Along with myself, these three physicians are obvious victims of these acts of terrorism. How many other physicians were threatened without my knowledge over the past 30 years if they tried to assist me have these illegally placed implants identified or removed from my person?


Probably every physician I consulted since 1980s were either victims of terrorist acts or agreed to participate as terrorists themselves.


Every physician who refused to assist me identify and remove the implants have indeed “given effect to an illegal cartel” which is an infringement pursuant to the old Trade Practices Act and the new Competition & Consumer Law Act, Australian Consumer Law. A medical service is a consumer transaction according to the High Court of Australia.

Did you know that despite that individuals in a cartel arrangement are not able to be identified, the illegal cartel can still be subject to Federal Court action and penalty pursuant Australian Consumer Law?

There were people linked to Federal government who called me a lair to my face, and defamed me in their employment office when I informed them I'd been enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws at Adelaide's, University of South Australia, fairly recently. Government rumour says I'm a born retard who never finished high school, which is drivel.

That was Workskil Australia next to Noarlunga TAFE & public Library. These morons are tasked by Federal government to find jobs for disabled people but thought it a fine idea to laugh at me when I informed them I'd been accepted to study my Bachelor of Laws in about 2017. Evidently Noarlunga office of Workskil Australia subscribe to the latest gossip and sensational rumours to satisfy their psychopathic mind. The office manager refused to apologise, screw Australian law I recon she figured, verbally backing her defamatory irrational recalcitrant immigrant staff from good old England. When you walk into Workskill a whole new set of laws apply. As usual I remained calm and composed on the outside. I'd also passed with Distinction when I studies a psychology course as part of my 1980s TAFE Diploma in Personnel Management. Been chronically unable to get a job to suit my high standards, all those jobs go to friends of friends with no standards.

I'd half completed my law degree by 2018. I switched over to law when I was studying a UniSA Bachelor of Business Human Resource Management and discovered I was intellectually unable to complete the Macro Economics course I flew through and passed when I was studying a Bachelor of Economics in 1995 at UWS Nepean (NSW.) Thus realising the government's late 1995-1999 surgical rape to implant devices in my brain had caused permanent brain damage. So I switched over to the law degree. Since I passed my defamation assignment with a High Distinction (the Torts B coarse with Credit) in 2018, despite the brain damage, State public officers had stopped assaulting me. They still refuse me access to Legal Aid to sue the associated governments or individuals. In breach of Australian law, again.

Revolution is impossible until it's inevitable

Leon Trotsky.


I like my evidence (like me men) “ironclad” this is why everything I've published in my website has been included. Its ironclad evidence or as they say in our Australian law dictionaries, “intrinsic evidence” or “irrebuttable presumption”. Thing is the statutory “limitation periods” set by parliaments have a tendency to give the balance of convenience to the perpetrators.

Despite that Channel 7 TV News advertise non-stop for past decade that “if it happens in Adelaide you'll hear it on 7 News” they decided this threat with a gun and my imprisonment wasn't news worthy, or any other crime I've been subjected to. I'm virtually invisible unless government public officers want to assault me or defame me or basically refuse me access to justice. Can't tell me there's not big business profits as the root of their assaults.

Limitations periods would be the underlying reason why I was drugged and brainwashed to forgetting what was happening to me, or the government public officers involved simply secreted their falsified documents from me until after the limitations periods had expired or any combination of any other matter with the obvious (intrinsic) intent to separate me from my legal rights pursuant to statute, in a timely manner. Theft of my Torrens Title is one example, but this appliers to probably just about everything. For example in 2007 I was illegally drugged & imprisoned at Ashford hospital when I informed a person there in a non-medical context that I had radiology (in prior year) 2006 at Ashford radiology that failed to identify the massive infection in my brain. (see above MRI)


The Ashford person, Shane GOODYEAR was apparently a GP. He secretly signed a Mental Health Act "detention & treatment order" after he'd drugged me unconscious with a syrunge drug, as I tried to leave Ashford hospital after I'd walked in to ask if they had unrelated outpatients services. I had a referral for a neurologist. All the while I was my usual calm and composed self. In his detention order Shane GOODYEAR wrote that I was “extremely agitated, verbally & physically aggressive, threatening to harm others, shoot others (with a) gun”. Pursuant to Mental Health Act Shane GOODYEAR had to give me a copy of his detention order and transfer me to the State to be reassessed within 24 hours.


I was taken unconscious to Royal Adelaide Hospital and released within the 24 hours. I was not given any document whatsoever to say that I had been detained or why.  Nothing.


Five years later the SA State Crown solicitor pulled the detention order from their arse to benefit the State in a matter I was suing the government over. They still claim I was “legally detained” and naturally I was never allowed my day in a legal court of law, just multiple Star Chambers where the decision was made in breach of Australian law and despite that all the evidence is in my favour. The District Court (civil) judge said with words to this effect, "What do you expect when you go around threatening people with guns." He treated the falsified document as fact despite that I pointed out to him the absence of police involvement.


I note that despite that I was deemed NOT to have been mentally dangerous, State police refused to take my statement over Shane Goodyear's “gun assault” allegations. Thay also had declined to charge either myself or the criminal defamed Shane GOODYEAR, despite that his criminal defamation caused me to be seriously assaulted and my child in my company at the time. Proving, by irrefutable evidence that 2007 South Australia State police in Adelaide and State Health Department and Crown Solicitor's Office were all an active party to my criminal assault that included me being criminally injected to render me completely unconscious.


Same as the State had in Wollondilly Shire 1980s to 1990s.


257—Criminal defamation

        (1)         A person who, without lawful excuse, publishes defamatory matter concerning another living person—

            (a)         knowing the matter to be false or being recklessly indifferent as to whether the matter is true or false; and

            (b)         intending to cause serious harm, or being recklessly indifferent as to whether the publication of the defamatory matter will cause serious harm, to a person (whether the person defamed or not),

is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.

        (2)         A person charged with an offence against this section has a lawful excuse for the publication of the defamatory matter concerning the other person if the person charged would, having regard only to the circumstances happening before or at the time of the publication, have a defence to an action for damages for defamation if such an action were instituted against him or her by the other person in respect of the publication of the defamatory matter.

        (3)         On a trial before a jury of an information for an offence against this section—

            (a)         the question whether the matter published is capable of bearing a defamatory meaning is a question for determination by the judge; and

            (b)         the question whether the matter published does bear a defamatory meaning is a matter for the jury; and

            (c)         the jury may give a general verdict of guilty or not guilty on the issues as a whole.

        (4)         Proceedings for an offence against this section must not be commenced without the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

        (5)         In any proceedings for an offence against this section, a certificate apparently signed by the Director of Public Prosecutions certifying his or her consent to the proceedings is, in the absence of proof to the contrary, to be accepted as proof of the Director's consent.

Card 2007 Shane Goodyear Aggrevated Crim

There's actually 3 PARTS to this matter

I'll listed in chronological order of how I discovered them.


Part One: Simplified

I was subjected to a vendetta as a result of a form of nepotism. I reported crime to police. The criminal was a member of the same club the police belonged to, so all the members of that club attacked me.


Part One: Complex

I reported my male parent for child sex crimes. He was a high level Freemason, so were most of the police and quite a few males in government. Freemasons are a secret society in which in order to attain impunity from local laws, they all swear an oath to protect all other Freemasons despite the laws in their country and will operate outside local laws despite being police and other members of government. Freemason allegiance has waned to a degree, but Party politics has taken up the slack. This is why the people belonging to the Labor & Liberal political party “clubs” are neck to neck come new Government election time. From the recent history of elections in Australia I personally suspect they agree to win or lose each election so they take it in turns to play at government leaders.


Part Two: Simplified

One form the nepotistic vendetta took was to falsely defame me as being they type of person the criminal was whom I reported to police.


Part Two: Complex

In this instance my face was identified by police as the visual identity of an existing fake female who was a fake murder victim from the 1984 Fathers Day Milperra incident. The government swapped my face with the face of the existing female (Elaine Slowman aka Lynette Styles) who had agreed to be the visual id of the fake murder victim. They drugged me to secretly inject cosmetic fillers in my face to make my face better match the face of the mega-bitch they re-badged with the name, Lynette Styles.

Part Three: Simplified
Once the government had gotten enough people to co-operate with them to marginalise me and separated me from my statutory rights (effectively outlawing me) they decided to use me as a medical science guinea pig. Conscription with a twist. Instead of me being forced to fight a war the government was at war with me as an individual.

Part Three: Complex
It appears that this became or was already the blueprint for the government to attain living human test subjects for their nano technology human-computer interfaces. They drugged me implanted devices in my head near my ear and near the movement and speech centres of my brain with intent to read my thoughts as I was thinking them and planting thoughts in my brain by talking directly into my ear, from the implant in my ear. They drugged me to secretly inject cosmetic fillers over the implants so my fingers could not feel them, but I still can feel them. All vibration is sound and all sound makes a vibration.

I hear and feel the ear implant pulsing about to 8 times a second when I put my head on my pillow. The ear implant is the only one I have on MRI but I can feel other implants on top of my head due to fact they emit electrical-current, emit heat and are lumps that when compressed alter the vibrations in my head. There are other vibrating electrical-current implants in my torso where their effects are altered by the use of magnets and dense material or leather. That is, thicker skin. There is therefore truth in the saying associated with, thick skin making you more resilient to the insult, or assault.

YOUR QUEST: (Mission Impossible)
So the big question: Based on fact Elon Musk has now gone public with his disc chip that can turn your thoughts to text and know what you're going to do seconds before you've made any move - do you REALLY trust your government to act with all honesty and not forcibly and secretly drug sections of the global population in order to control them through their brain?

Hint: They've already done it to some in my family & I'm 100% confident they've already done it to other families. From my personal evidence I'm also 100% certain my surgical rape is in fact part of the run up to Elon Musk's recent revelations of having a chip that can read your thoughts. See how well Australia's Governments (plural) and medical industry have (not) protected me.        


Change is inevitable for sure, evil may prevail from time to time however, sooner or later that too is completely destroyed.

©2021 Janette Gail Francis.

I have no government university degree, awwww darn it.

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