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kow-tow: act in an excessively subservient manner.        Tow as in, "That's a tall tower" ya twat.


If you're still unsure about the identify of Lynette Mary Styles and the fake murder victim LEANNE WALTERS let me point out that "they" have "half moon" eyes, whereas mine are the more attractive "almond" shape, now sporting The Government's illegal & secreted silicone implants in my eyebrows to give the (false) appearance of natural "half moon" eyes.

The evidence indicates that “they” (this consortium of political “party” terrorists that included 1980s Freemasons) slowly begun their attacks on me in retaliation for me reporting my masonic male parent to masonic police in Nowra after I'd accidentally intercepted him sexually abusing a child at the start of 1982. Then directly witnessing another in 1988. Why did I continue to associate with male parent? Because “they” brainwashed me to forget each child sexual assault I'd witnessed until I was able to pull free on that day, 24 April 1988.


They begun with many attempts to kill me, in circumstances that would appear to be an accident, mostly motor vehicle but included some attempts to poison me and one time they put whitetail spiders in my wardrobe then a live snake in my bed.


In 1991 they started my surgical rape when I was pregnant continuing to surgically rape me many time in the 1990s after drugging me and kidnapping me, not always in that order.


In 1990s they falsely attributed the resultant “surgical rape” harms to a minor car accident in April 1982, they falsely diagnosed me with multiple spine damage but refused to provide a surgical cure despite that I was literally paralysed with pain. Evidently their prime goal was for me to take my own life as they refused to prescribe pain relief, despite being paralysed with pain, telling me my acute early morning pain was all in my imagination.


I recollect being sexually raped as I was being drugged to unconsciousness in my own bed inside my own home at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW by a group of well dressed males I didn't know who stormed my residence in company of my then common law husband, Mr Hall, the son of a Freemason.


Ask yourself: Why have the COMMONWEALTH & STATE Governments refused to charge these people, despite the massive amount of hard evidence to support such charges?


Why hasn't the press let the 1984 photographer tell his story?   The story that proves senior police knew cadavers were moved to create the false murder story.

Card 1984 Police Evidence Tampering 100p

My favourite type of visual fiction entertainment is "time travel" mainly as I believe its possible right now, happens accidently and is proved by experiences of déjà vu. When you reflect upon fabled stories of Ragnar Lothbrok & King Arthur reflect too on these outrageous matters and realise they too probably were "real" people like myself, forced to deal with pure evil people in equally real situations. I have DNA links to Orkney Islands and many ancient royal grandparents from these regions and across Europe. Like my Viking ancestors, my (false) history has been written by people with their own criminal conduct to hide. Do you seriously believe Vikings were the only people in England back then who decided the unsecured monestry's treasures was worth plundering?  Do you seriously believe paid raiders (hit-men) didn't dress as Vikings and arrive in Viking styled longships to plunder an area for the benefit of a existing wealthy british resident? They wouldn't have known which were genuine Vikings and which were the fakes, they didn't have TV. We have TV News and we still don't know who the fakes in Government Public Officer are, because the NEWS teams are just as inclined to lie about the truth. 


Stepping back to logically analyse the ancient situation. There were probably more able bodied men in Ancient Briton than the Netherlands regions, attested to fact Viking women fought alongside the men. Their land was most probably generally unsuitable for farming, (mostly rock) for long periods of time, (long winters) compared in Ancient Britons. If Vikings” wanted to immigrate for these obvious reasons, (history tells us they were avid farmers) its more likely than not they would have wanted the existing people to like them. Moreover, the overlords afraid of losing their wealth or power to Vikings would have made their feelings known in a number of ways, which would have included, hiring hit-men to “act” speak and dress like Vikings, to rape the women and children, plunder villages and kill anyone who stood in their way, blaming it all on the Vikings. Precisely what happens today, its even got a modern name; propaganda.    If only they too had access to the Internet...

Lynette Mary STYLES, (ex fellow 1995-1999 Wollondilly Shire NSW town councillor) alias, Elaine Slowman, (ex fellow office staff employee 1982-1984 Visyboard Warwick Farm NSW) alias, Leanne Walters (ex fellow Fathers' Day 1984, 14 year old “outlaw bikie” murder victim) used reference to the surgical rapes in 1991 by claiming my "back pain" was from a car accident in her book, Kangaroo Court" secretly published and held for public library loan in Picton NSW since 2014. Her book claims to be about the years 1995-1999 but also makes reference to the period of time we were both employed at Visyboard and she was known as Elaine Slowman, but looked different to how she looked when she was Lynette Styles.


I had no knowledge Lynette Styles was Elaine Slowman & Leanne Walters, until I found her 2013 election photo on internet, in my November 2020 Google search, soon after I'd first stumbled upon her book of criminal defamation, Kangaroo Court, where, once again, she falsely paints herself as the “innocent victim”. That bitch is pure evil.


The evidence also indicates that the associated families of STYLES, *SLOWMAN, WALTERS have been criminally stalking me and participating in acts of terrorism with intent to murder me by various means since the implementation of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) The Criminal Code.


The federal offence of terrorism

carries a life sentence in prison.


* The evidence also indicates that the shootings of motorcycle club members the Sydney press dubbed the “Fathers' Day Massacre” was pre-planned by Sydney Freemasons one pivotal part of the puzzle that proves this is the SLOWMAN family had attempted to get me to attend that day. Douglas Ernest SLOWMAN in Scotland UK is the same age as Elaine (Lynette??) Slowman, he was a director of the Allen & Unwin company in 2003, the linked evidence establishes high probability he was associated with “Unwin Hyman UK” when they, “Unwin Hyman UK” published the first book about these Sydney AUSTRALIA masonic murders in 1989, UK, USA and Sydney, publishing irrefutable proof of freemason police involvement on the front and back covers, evidently as an “insurance” policy to ensure non-mason Government public Officers would kow-tow to the masonic story line.

Mis Marple Actors.jpg
Viking Longship .jpg

​​This illegal ear implant GOVERNMENT insist they can't see is sinister enough, but these bipartisan AUSTRALIAN-NAZI cunts put another illegal implant on my eye as well, so they can see & hear what I'm doing to control the outcomes in my life.  Obviously these Government owned involuntary ear implants are intended to replace your own conscious thoughts & decisions.

No government secretly & illegally places an implant in your ear without the intent to use it.

They lost their battle to control me, because I'm and INTJ personality, I questioned what was happening with intent to make logic out of it. What they do is when I meet or contact someone they contact them to "tell" them a bunch of lies about me and possibly say they're got me under "official" police surveillance because I'm dangerous, armed, a psychopath, or whatever -- none of their "stories" are true.

Card illegal SPEAKING EAR implant inside

They had one female employee hiding behind the reception counter in fear for her life when I went up in the lift to make a complaint to the "Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner" in ADELAIDE. She'd called the security to protect her and locked the door so I couldn't get in. The look on the security man's face told me he was disgusted with her reaction to me. H&CSCC refused point blank to look at my complaint about the radiologists who refused to identify the "foreign item" seen in these MRI images.

This is #BREAKING #NEWS Australia's news media outlets want kept secret from you, in case you become the next political target for illegal ear implants, like this one, this is pure evil.

He's stolen a deceased senior's name to use as his on the electoral roll. The senior, Mr Alexander PAUL, was previously registered on the roll at the local retirement village, then suddenly the name is registered to the address across the road where no elderly person even visits. Evidently he's allowed to commit federal crimes which include Mr Paul's identity theft and acts of terrorism against me. He uses "Paul" as his first name.

The Government placed a male cunt across the road from me in a State housing owned residence who incidentally must be an immigrant as he's not on the electoral roll under the name the State has recorded for him in their Government documents, he's proved himself to be a State Government funded terrorist who intentionally lies in said Government documents I secured from recent “Freedom of Information” application they illegally secreted from me for many years, the wilfully premeditated and completely unsubstantiated “hearsay” lies include face to face lies he's evidently “paid by State” to make to others he sees near my residence, he tells them to “be careful” because he says I'm “insane and dangerous”.


How do I know the Government placed him in residence to illegally stalk me? Elementary. When his wife left him and took the children, he stayed in the State owned residential property opposite me, the State allocated another State housing residence for his wife and children a few streets away. Then he moved in a new already pregnant wife with immigrant parents. Evidently to be approved as an immigrant a person agrees to be a terrorist spy for the Government to harm existing Australian citizens, such that I am.


This TERROSIST cunt has more rights than I do. He's called State police to my place falsely claiming I was distributing cannabis from my property in furniture removal trucks, with nothing other than his say-so police attended. He called State mental health to my place falsely claiming I was attacking him with a weapon when I was actually at work for the Federal government during census time, with nothing other than his say-so mental health workers attended demanding the right to enter my residence. The same freaks who criminally jumped my gated & locked fenced yard (caught on video) at election time 18 months later in 2018, the same year State revoked my driving licence as I asked State police in writing to investigate these medical crimes.


Yet, despite his "years" of irrefutably proved criminal defamation campaign against me to State, in State's own records, the State police refuse to investigate him and police refuse to investigate the multiplicity of terrorist crimes and medical crimes against me, proving themselves as participants in the largest terrorist organisation in Australia, quaintly titled “The Government”.


2018-04-20 Janette Right Eye Vibration B

ROOF PHOTO: I've had to erect a front fence to keep him out of my yard, then I caught him on my next door neighbour's roof looking into my back yard, he turned around and pretended to look at their TV aerial when he saw me. The evidence proves he's a political terrorist.

Pervert Paul 2016 .png
Card 1987 to 2018 NSW Police Detective R
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