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AUSTRALIA's smoke & mirrors when the national threat is to their tourism dollars.

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King John Magna Carter Great +s Grandfat

In 1215, King John of England (my great ++s grandfather) was forced to sign the Magna Carta stating that the king was not above the law, to protect rights of all the people. Today, the Magna Carta is considered to be the basis of English / Australian law, however for the past 40 years Australian people in Government have acted and deemed as if they're completely above the law, being a million times more evil than GG King John.

For all you Scottish & Irish, English haters, I'm only directly descendant from King John via my more recent Irish & Scottish ancestors who immigrated to Australia 160 years ago.



Democratic government in Australia, indeed globally, are like riding in a vehicle with square wheels; it works but its far far away from legal. The principle of law "anywhere" isn't about innocence or guilt, it's about a complete lack of Government's evidence to support their guilty outcome, which naturally infers absolute innocence & perversion of natural justice. If we deviate from the "evidence" principle we're nothing more than barbarians.

Literally everything that's happened in my life after I was raped as a toddler is the direct result of government corruption. With the federal parliament's enactment of the Criminal Code Act 1995 these serious actions that physically harm me became acts of terrorism. The actions to cover up or play down my rape as a toddler occurred back on 3 March 1959 because there was a “political cause” to protect. Over the decades that followed others decided that the hatred levelled at me must be my fault, must have only happened because of something I've done. Didn't matter what I said, the general consensus was that because “the Government” said “whatever” about me then the Government were right and I was wrong. Despite the existence of The Criminal Code that outlaws acts of terrorism I'm not allowed those protections. Why? Evidently because the career of those who have physically harmed me is far more important than my health and safety, my life. After all they're nice people aren't they and because they say I'm not nice then they must be right because they're judges, lawyers, physicians, politicians, police, Bunnings Seaford SA hardware store checkout chicks, anyone else but me.


I was in Bunnings today. I spend a lot of my meagre government income in Bunnings, today it was $107 and another hundred earlier in the week. I've never been charged with shoplifting or any other crime. As a matter of fact shopping at Bunnings is the full extent of my social life thanks to the parasitic arseholes in The Government who surgically raped me 30 years ago and refuse to let me live my own life in privacy. I had a 2400x1200 sheet of ply cut into three 1200x800. I also selected a rubber mat on clearance special at $3. Because The Government illegally cancelled my driving licence, on political grounds, I had travelled on an electric bicycle and brought my home made trailer to cart the ply home. I had the battery in a bag, with my bicycle helmet and had a back pack. Initially the mature aged checkout chick virtually accused me of putting a fake clearance sticker on the mat. Then she basically called me a liar when I said the three sheets were from one sheet, pulling out her tape measure to be sure. Not happy with that then in her tone she accused me of stealing insisting she must look inside all my bags. I point out that I could have told her no as Bunnings has no legal right to search my bags. But I decided to play the game and see what else she would do when she was unsuccessful at accusing me of crime a third time. She decided to ask me what I planned to make with the ply, a complete invasion of privacy. Clearly this person knows who I am, I don't know her, but evidently she knows all about me and apparently in her peanut sized mind I'm dishonest, a liar and a thief who has no right to privacy, because I'm the outlaw. I'm contemplating suing Bunnings. This is one in a long line of defamations or physical assaults from staff that are still employed at Bunnings Seaford SA.

Considering he spoke to me briefly (with sexual overtones, he said, "Looking good") when I was strapping my ply to my bicycle trailer, then stood watching me, at the east side of the western foot entry (only COVID foot entry) where there's a security camera, there's every likelihood Bunnings Seaford (Old Noarlunga SA) has one of the 5'4" male persons who caused my surgical rape & probably indecently raped me after I was drugged unconscious & has been criminally stalking me since I lived in NSW in 1980s (1500 kilometres away) on their security camera footage relatively past my 1:59:24 purchase on 1 April 2021.

As far as NSW & SA police are concerned literally everything I say is “delusional” and not to be taken seriously - even the evidence that 1940s born Lynette Styles is the newspaper face of the fake 1969 born fake 1984 murdered fake child, the NSW assistant police commissioner put in writing in 2003 that anything I write to them about will not be responded to because they claim not to have the budget to investigate crimes against me - which is significant evidence that he's either an active Government public officer or a retired one, he's about my age, a bit older, born 1940s - 1950s. I'd appreciate community assistance to provide me with his current name & address as evidently he lives in the Moana Seaford Noarlunga area & probably boasts that he “knows me”. So if the psychos for the Channel 7 television news "team" can investigate their fake allegations of more fake crimes Ivan Milat is posthumously responsible for, the community can police the people who've committed these associated crimes.

These three matters below (not just mine) establish 100% that Australia's Governments are controlled by terrorist barbarians.

I'll digress for a moment; it amuses me that some 21st century women choose to roll back time and dote over mid 20th century fashions and culture. Australian parliamentarians still legislated to suppress 1950s women to the point that the law said their wife and any child was the exclusive possessions of every male person. Our Muslimesq Christian law persisted until about 1985 when the parliaments finally rescinded legislation that required every Australian female to get written permission from their overlord male to withdraw her own money from her own bank account. Can you imagine how outrageous that was but it was law right up the time of the Fathers Day 1984 incident when police used the face of say, 41 year old Lynette Mary Styles as the face of fake murdered 14 year old Leanne Walters.


Stop reading and think about that. The men born in my time, mid 1950s were groomed by their male parent to believe they would literally own their women when they grew up. Imagine how pissed off they were when it the law had been revoked and it didn't happen for them? Suppression of women, (not just dark skinned people and non Christians) is the political foundation of our current Australian parliaments; an intrinsic hatred for women was born in 1980s political circles because Australian men thereafter felt “cheated” by Australian women reverting to claiming women were not as intellectually capable as men to sit in parliaments. Now look at what men in politics did to Cheryl Kernot, Pauline Hanson and Julia Gillard.


By John Hill MP's and Premier Jay Weatherill MP's treatment of me in refusing to recognise my rights as a person under Australian law and fact women are still not equal in the eyes of Australian State law courts, Australian men in government, on average, are dangerously psychopathic and narcissistic, a horrible combination for anyone in the ultimate position of power in any country.


This is an example of my INTJ (sorry people) superior intelligence. In 2010 South Australia's State District civil court deemed that the actions of State and registered physicians was not unlawful disability discrimination, (false belief of mental illness) or gender discrimination, or race discrimination, when they had (unconstitutionally) declared me “schizophrenic” and forging other medical documents expressly for State usage to criminally defame me with inference of me being “delusional” because and only because I was suing male politicians and registered physicians. Therefore the Adelaide State District ruled by inference that these unconstitutional actions are political terrorism.


To cement the obvious unconstitutionally blind insanity of that State District Court Judge and the State Crown Solicitor office public officer, I had several “unlawful discrimination” cases before the court on the same day they unlawfully conspired to use the Judges own first unconstitutional Court (order) decision against me as precedent law to make all the remaining court orders. The two males were a law unto themselves completely ignoring Australian anti discrimination law. It was in fact unlawful disability discrimination, which says its unlawful to discriminate against someone even with the false belief they have a disability. Think about it you'll probably understand eventually.


Then in 2018 same State Government used the same unconstitutionally false medical claims of mental illness to illegally cancel my driving licence I'd held since 1973 without causing any accident of any kind. They're like dogs pissing on a post to mark their territory.


I ask what sort of a person illegally & secretly inserts a vibrating implant through the crease of a heavily pregnant woman's arse? They did that to Janette in 1991, the only way its still vibrating after 30 years is if its powered by her own body, (breathing.) What sort of a freak protects another who did that, for the love of fuked up Australian politics?

Brain-fuked human parasite LYNETTE MARY STYLES lied & lied & lied every time she bleated to someone that I've been treating her poorly or defaming her for the patsy 20 years when it wasn't until November 2020 that I realised she is also Elaine Slowman from my 1980s employment at Visyboard Warwick Farm AND the Sydney 1984 daily newspaper face of the fake murder victim Leanne Walters. Its this person who criminally defamed me for the past 40 effing bloody years. So what was my alleged motive whatever your name is LYNETTE MARY STYLES? I'd like to be let in on your little secret. Its time for a public response this rime to my face instead of behind my back which is evidently your life-long modus operandi. Would you tell the readers what provoked you to fake the death of a fake child? Was it that one of the club bikers told you that you were to fugly to fuck so you decided a life of revenge at everyone in your vicinity was in order?

Was that it Lineypoo? They thought you were too fugly even for a smelly biker to fuck? Boo hoo.

That is the ONLY nasty thing I've EVER said to the eternal lying bitch who calls herself Lynette Mary Styles or Elaine Slowman or Leanne Walters; and probably also the fake Leanne's mother who signed the death notification for fake Leanne, none other than the fake Pamela Walters who apparently had fake sex with the fake Rex Walters to produce the fake Leanne as the fake bikie murder victim, Fathers Day 1984. If I'm going to be offensive I like everyone associated to know about it, isn't that right JOHN DAVID HILL? Not like lying Lynette Mary Styles and all the rest of her scumbag lowlife Government cohorts NONE of whom have EVER made an accusation to my face or proven me wrong on ANY thing. They just ABUSE their position in PUBLIC OFFICE and like LYNETTE MARY STYLES, they lie & lie & lie, isn't that right Labor Party ex-MP JOHN DAVID HILL and ex-Premier JAY WEATHERILL? Both left.

I'm here to remind you there is only ONE LAW in Australia, not your law for you, your law you apply to me and the laws everyone else has to follow; there is only ONE LAW and on this and all associated issues that have seriously harmed me for the past 30 something years since the Fathers Day 1984 lies, you're completely outside of our Australian law and clearly defined as political terrorists pursuant to Australia's national law.

My name is JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS, get used to it I'll be around for a long time yet.


As a matter of fact that's the nastiest I've been to anyone ever. If Lynette Mary Styles claims I must have known she was Elaine Slowman, let me say this, I was born myopic, (my 2017 script under the Labor Party terrorists at left)  I've required eye glasses to see clearly all my life but was 6 years old before I got my first pair which meant for me that people thought I was retarded because I couldn't see. People generally are expert arseholes from my personal experience. I don't wear them as an adult as I prefer the look of people without seeing them clearly. I didn't recognise Elaine Slowman as she didn't want me to recognise her.


Apart from the unspeakable violence I've inflicted on at least two males after they illegally drugged me and I was forced to morph into a state of blind rage. Something I can easily control if I've not been drugged by a spineless wanker. I make it a personal philosophy in life never to be a lowlife scumbag, so I have never stooped to act in revenge or retaliation when an arsehole has harmed me. Anyone who says I have or says, “We don't know what she's going to do next” as Leisa Maree Bradbury said in 2004, say that because they or someone like their male parent Leisa had criminally drugged me. Only voluntary action I've ever taken in reaction to something someone like Lynette Mary Styles had illegally done to me, is a strongly worded letter to an expertly worthless member of parliament, or taken opportunity of my right to litigate. So when a short fat absurdly grinning blondish white middle aged female at Adelaide's branch of South Australia Law Society said to me about a year ago when I approached them for legal assistance, “You won't get what you want.”


What she meant is that she and they, the two party preferred terrorist politically parties have decided I'm not entitled to my legal rights so long as they're able to keep me in their prison by literally ensuring everyone I encounter actively refuses me all the freedoms a person is an actual prison is denied as an Australian citizen. So that that pack of rabid scum can save face over their actions of political terrorism targeting me and my family. I'm the type of person whose always on the right side of the law so what else would I “want” from any Law Society? I don't need to be aggressive, nasty and vengeful to anyone like Lynette Mary Styles because I'm always right. I've never been anything but friendly to everyone until its obvious they're devoid of all humanity, then I simply avoid them and don't engage in conversation. So when Lynette Mary Styles claimed I was in a friendly airhead conversation with her about Michael Banasik that's bullshit. I never spoke to her after she barged me several times and I attempted to get an AVO against her. Unless she'd criminally drugged me and struck up a conversation with me when I was durgged sensless or talking in my sleep.

Card Active Terrorist LYNETTE MARY STYLE
John Hill Health - Jay Weatherill Premie
Janette Script Eye Glasses.png
Australian Politics.png

Above: Pictorial representation

of our two party preferred's implementation of our Australian law.




Ivan Milat 1970s.jpg
Lindy Chamberlain 1980.png
1989 BIA Stolen Photo Janette Gail Franc

Lindy Chamberlain

Northern Territory

a wild dingo stole their baby Azaria, to save face Territory government stole their reputation & her freedom.

Born 1948 NZ. Convicted & imprisoned in 1982 NT for killing her baby who was snatched by a Dingo in 1980 at a popular tourist destination.


Government's forensic tests said carpet glue in the family car was blood.


If not for unfaltering legal support from her church Lindy would probably still be in prison.

Ivan Milat

New South Wales

someone else murdered several tourists, to save face State government stole his reputation & freedom.

Born 1944 NSW. Arrested in 1994 NSW for killing several "tourists" in a forest location 1989 and 1993.


There was no actual or DNA evidence linking him to the murders.


Hair found in the hand of one victim didn't match Ivan or any of his family.

In 2019

Ivan died in prison.

Left: These are examples of what sly sadistic immigrant physician cunts do in Australia. Government won't deport them as they're exercising the Government's criminally illegal political will. Ergo “Terrorist birds of a feather flock together.”

The Government utilise Quantum theory in these matters; according the a university graduated scientist in Australia, matter doesn't exist if its not being observed. Quantum Theory. Studied researched in great detail at Australia's National University in Canberra, “matter doesn't exist if its not being observed” Quantum Theory. Wondering if that's actually sunk in yet.


Here's how they do it.
Physicians refuse to see it.
Police refuse to investigate it.
Television news media refuse to air it.
Health Minister refuses to acknowledge it.
The Courts refuse to see all evidence about it.
Minister's departmental staff forge records to hide it.
ICAC staff refuse to put it to the Commissioner to review it.
AHPRA refuse to investigate any of the physicians refusal to see it.
Evidently the entire Australian community can't understand it so they remain in a blissfully clueless idiot's denial about it.

Medical Terrorism & Australian Government premeditated murder for

any bipartisan political cause.

SEE VIDEO BELOW: "Politically illegal Forced & Enforced Medical Mutilation in Australia"


Apart from stealing my visual identity, Australia's government medically mutilated me to change my visual identity, then they literally did what Nazis were trying to do with the Nazi Youth, they brainwashed my oldest children to turn against me and their natural male parent who'd I'd separated from. Then they claimed my life as it really was, had been a “delusion” and I was obviously mentally ill.


Australia, in the press they're benevolent and fair, in secret they're just like 20th century Nazi Germany and just like 21st century communist China.

I don't have any excess skin from old excess weight. I've never been any heavier than I am right now. I weight about 70-72 kilograms for my 168 cm height. That's about 11½ stone for 5'6”. I've always been at the low end of my ideal weight and at times of stress I can't eat so I go underweight. I only have one main meal a day, in the evening. I almost never eat before midday as I can't stand the smell of food after I wake. I detest the smell of baking bread. Probably as I'm allergic to beer. It makes me automatically vomit when it hits my belly if I can manage to swallow it. As a small child, from time to time when my 33 years older demented male parent then in his 40s thought it was a great laugh to spike my soft drink with beer to get his jollies from watching me vomit. The world is populated with a majority of people like my male parent.


Many people from NSW State Government's law enforcement department personnel not known to me who illegally drugged me, in the company of their local council associates known to me, when I was an elected local Councillor to illegally interrogate me when they discovered I was allergic to beer they forced me to drink it, on the basis they they believed my allergy to beer was “in my imagination.” Those people got my allergy vomit on their head and in their lap. I can remember when I was drugged because I don't think like most people. My brain stores memories differently to most of you. Lucky me.


I also have broken memories of being surgically raped, literally to my head, before during and after. I clearly recall and have always recalled, waking up in extreme pain during one illegal procedure, circa 1997, they were shoving something through my nose, evidently into my face or into my brain.


I immediately felt, with my fingers, the physical changes they made to my face. Like most women I looked at my face in the mirror very closely every day; and touched my face to apply makeup, knowing the proximity of my skull under my skin. So when they put fillers in my face, I could no longer feel my cheekbones and my forehead and the hard part on the tip of my nose and my chin and jaw bone. With age the fillers are putting undue stress on my now non elastic skin. When I smile instead of crows feet, I have several cheek long creases from my eyes to the corner of my mouth. I can actually feel the fillers with my fingers and I can feel the lengths of thin surgical cables in both my lips and across the bridge of my nose.


I can't actually get at the lengths of the thin surgical cables across my eyes and jawbone, but I can literally feel the effects of their irritated sparking. The fact they're irradiated is evidenced by the extreme loss of hair on my eyebrows and my eyelashes have stopped growing. I noticed the hair loss on my face arms and legs almost immediately, as any woman who practices self grooming every day would.


They also put fillers on my arm and leg muscles and around my torso. Its probably pockets of illegal silicone. When my nose started leaking through the pores of my skin a clear slightly viscose fluid, I showed my then local physician from Mt Annan near Campbelltown NSW, Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED, he decided it was a sign of, wait for it, “skin cancer”. He burnt my skin with liquid nitrogen to seal it. Apparently that's how you cure skin cancer. Not. He then renamed his local general practice to a “Skin Cancer Clinic”.


AHMED is a qualified hypnotist according the the degree on his wall. After someone had brainwashed me and asked me what features I liked the most about my face, which were my natural beauty marks, he illegally burnt them off without asking permission from me. I can't prove AHMED surgically raped me, but I can prove that he claimed medical payment for consultations with me at his NSW rooms from Medicare Australia that simply never occurred. One such consultation occurred at a time when the State of South Australia had illegally imprisoned me in Adelaide in 2014. This Medicare claim indicates NSW registered physician AHMED was a party to my illegal, political imprisonment in January 2014. I was imprisoned on fluid grounds. Some of them wrote in State records that a Minister of a parliament ordered it, when that's Constitutionally illegal. Some wrote I was imprisoned because I (lawfully) wrote on my website that some Adelaide State employees acted equivalent to the Taliban. While others wrote I was illegally imprisoned because I have my rotten teeth extracted in 1976 in a public hospital by a qualified dental technician. Obviously the correct one was what another wrote, I was imprisoned because I wanted to sue the State of South Australia. Another truism they used to illegally imprison me was that I had defamed “others” they never named the others; and they didn't use criminal law to illegally imprison me as they know I had valid defence for defaming specific others. They'd illegally imprisoned me and drugged me, expressly to defame me by illegal use of their Mental Health Act.


They also added the times they#d failed to secure a permanent Mental Health Act detention against me as proof that#s I'd been previously “referred” for detention under the Mental Health Act.


This farcical political bullshit is exactly the modus operandi of political crime. Its how they “got” Lindy Chamberlain and how they “got” Ivan Milat and probably many others you and I don't know about. The lunatics are literally the ones who run the asylums.


I would like you to look at this video, notice that as Christopher Reeve is unable to breathe unassisted, you can see at regular intervals he stops talking as his throat is seen jerking evidently the other end of the diaphragm muscle (centre base of ribs) that forces him to take a breath.

This is exactly what Australian authorised medical terrorists did to me, without the external wires and tubes. It appears they they have full control of the motion and use it randomly, ,when I'm drinking or eating in an apparent attempt to cause me to choke of my meal. I feel the forced mechanical contraction in my diaphragm immediately followed by the forced muscle/nerve response in my throat and the intake of air.

On the left side of my lower ribs is an area that I feel perpetually vibrating and sparking, its covered in a largish pocket of silicone. When I'm asleep and feel this happen its immediately followed by an increase in activity to the already vibrating and sparking of the item in my lower left rib. Ergo, the forced intake of air and my breathing generally is powering the illegal implant in my lower left rib.

I've complained in two separate incidents years apart to Adelaide AUSTRALIA Ear Nose Throat specialist Paul Varley about this very incident, initially in about September 2006, he claimed that “everyone has involuntary impulses in their throat” then proceeded to defame me to every other registered physician he communicated with about me, including local doctors at Seaford Meadows in South Australia GPAXIS Pty Ltd medical centre who have stored Paul Varley's criminal defamation of me in my permanent medical record; which they used to their benefit to again criminally defame me to the State of South Australia resulting in the illegal withdrawal if my driving licence in 2018.

That's something like how the State “got” Ivan Milat” for the backpacker murders and someone else's DNA.

Evidently they used the Christopher Reeve breathing research method as a component to criminally and politically surgically rape me circa 1997, for the direct benefit of the state of NSW after they stole my id and used it as the face of a child murder victim. This as they say is the “tip of the iceberg" its one of many illegal, sparking and audible rapidly pulsating with movement, criminally terrorist implants inside me.

Janette Francis

New South Wales &

South Australia

someone else faked a child murder, to save face State government stole her reputation, freedom & identity.

Born 1956 NSW, SA resident from 2004.

Janette was surgically raped in 1990s after being identified in a 1989 Government supported paperback as a (fake) 1984 fatal shooting victim during a two motorcycle club conflict in southern Sydney on a Sunday afternoon.

They surgically raped her when pregnant, then claimed to all & sundry she couldn't walk because she was a prostitute. When she had head infection from another surgical rape they claimed she did it to herself refusing her penicillin. They're murdering barbarians & they're protected by the silence of the Australian news industry.

Below is the executive summary or grim fairy tale version of this website. They hijacked my life, the Liberal Party of Australia & Australian Labor Party, in criminal concert with the Governments of NSW, SA and Commonwealth, they diverted my life from the natural course it should have taken, they hijacked my life so that they could have unjust enrichment as the direct result of fulfilling their criminal corporate & personal political goals.

Make no mistake, they are cold-hearted callously sadistic parasitic terrorists.

When police have the right to choose between compliance with Australian law & prerogative, as they do, to pervert the course of justice, that there is a law for bad Government in direct breach of Australia's underpinning law, our national Constitution.

Police like Anthony Wainwright, Don Hodge, Bob Bradbury and Michael Fuller have and have taken advantage of their prerogative to pervert the course of justice.


Ivan Milat & Lindy Chamberlain "rejected the claims" against them that didn't stop police pursuing them with groosly insufficient evidence.  SEE STORY NSW police refuse to pursue Liberal Party federal Minister for alleged rape with the lame political excuse of insufficient evidence,

perfect example of the fact that politics, not Australian law, always defines what police do & don't do; despite that politicians & political parties are NOT expressly protected under our Constitution any more than you or myself.

Wollondilly Shire Council crimes.

Card 1982-2021 Styles of Sensational Lie
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