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Visyboard 1981-1985

BIA Black Visy Ute SLX LSX-187 .jpg
1981 Visyboard CROP (Janette) Jenny Pete

40 fucking years later

first published 15 January 2021

1980s BIA Visy Leanne Elaine-Lynette B C
1980s BIA Visy Leanne Janette B CROP .pn

Left: Jenny Peters at Visyboard 1981.

Also Mrs Hall and Miss Francis by birth.

Right: Lynette Styles from Wollondilly.

Also Mrs Elaine Sloman at Visyboard 1981.

1980s BIA Visy Leanne Elaine-Lynette A C

Above left: Janette (Jenny) Francis (Mrs Peters & Clr Hall)

Christmas Eve day 1981  "My hair is naturally curly however since the 1990s illegal implants in my head its been growing straight." (Janette) Jenny Peters at her Visyboard work desk reading the Visy newsletter.


You'll notice in both photos (including the "Leanne Walters, shot dead" photo insert) one of Janette's eyes is smaller than the other, that's because she fell, face first, on a hardwood cut plant as a small child that pierced her eye lid and eye. She had to have surgery in the Canberra ACT hospital to have it removed and her eyelid stitched. Miraculously there was no obvious vision loss. For Rex Walters family to say "that's Leanne" can be no mistake that they're criminal liars. I know the photo was reversed as I remember when the photo was snapped then stolen by one of the Sloman sisters pretending to be a Leanne Walters. I used to often cover my left ear and uncover the right one as I was embarrassed that my left was slightly larger and liked the appearance of my right ear. Typical girl stuff and yes I intentionally switch from first person to third person. You can make up your own excuse as to why I do it, I'm sure it'll be wrong, as usual. I'm an INTJ so ask another INTJ they might know but I doubt it. The personality evaluations are a "guide" only. Not all INTJ's are exactly the same and just because I provide an INTJ personality link doesn't mean that's a close reference to me. I often don't bother to read the link content. I don't like to be "understood" you're supposed to have your own brain, use it.


Seen in the background of photo above is Joe Frendo looking for his underling Jennifer Sheehan, Joe was always looking for Jenny Sheehan who excelled at bludging. The photo was candidly snapped on my 1972 Kodak 126 Instamatic camera by John Fazzolarie after I'd just candidly snapped photos of the boys in the production scheduling section. John said "Jenny" I looked up to respond he snapped the photo. Life was that easy back then. I was 25, my children were aged 7, 5 and 3, their dad was 28. I was living at 282 St Johns Road BRADBURY in Campbelltown NSW. I still had my 'gunmetal grey' coloured HQ Holden which cost about $20 to fill for a week's driving to work. I paid about $80 week for rental of a 3 bedroom carpeted house with lounge room and dining room. My bring home pay was double that, if I was a male it'd been another $100. I was in the local phone book under JC Peters because Telecom staff read my "G" as "C" in those days you wrote all your applications in your own handwriting and submitted them in person. I missed out in getting the sales rep job at Visy because the other candidate was a male with a wife and child. I was just a female supporting three children and not considered important in the Australian community, a statement which is proved by the outcome I'm still fighting to resolve 40 fucking years later.

Above Motor vehicle (ute): picture from the book Brothers In Arms & Bikie Wars, showing the black ute I had often parked behind when I worked at Visyboard. As you can see it had LSX number plates.

Below  Motor vehicle: My yellow TE Gemini I bought when it was 3 years old that I'd often parked behind the ute above before that I had a HQ Holden I could park just about anywhere with minimal inches to spare. TE Gemini's were made in 1981 their models were SLX and SL. My model was SL. The most obvious difference between SL and SLX is that the SLX had colour coded side mirrors. I remembered the black use as its plate is a rearranged SLX - LSX. I remember most of what I do remember by using associations.

Card 1987 to 2018 NSW Police Detective R

In 2021 I have requested that NSW police investigate an aspect of these crimes, despite that a 2003 assistant NSW police commissioner wrote to me to tell me NSW Government were going to ignore all associated crimes, which is an admission of their “political conspiracy” to cover up all associated crimes in all the material (past present and future) times. As we all know (or should know) a politically motivated crime is the Australian federal criminal law definition of an act of terrorism. Parliament can't exclude their own public officers from that definition as to do so would be “bad government” and in breach of the Australian Constitution sections 51 and 52 says parliament is to “make laws for the peace order and good government”. Despite that the Constitution doesn't expressly say this, the obvious implication is that the Executive and Judicial Government are to implement those laws for 'the peace order and good government'. As they have not in all these matters that have “acted” or “failed to act” in breach of the constitution. As those actions are for a “political cause” viz: to cover up the truth of the seven deaths on Fathers Day 1984 in the Viking Tavern car park located in Beaconsfield (near Milperra NSW) in then treasurer Paul Keating's electorate - their obvious “cause” was to increase the chances of returning the Labor government to control federal parliament after the December 1984 Federal election.

When I was employed at Visy in mid September 1981 I was using my legally married family name “Peters” which incidentally is historically a non family community link to the Scottish MacGregor clan. In about 1983 despite still being legally married to Mr William Peters I reverted back to my legal birth family name “Francis” because I was separated from my husband. I didn't divorce him because I hoped he would get on top of his alcoholism so we could be reunited, as I still loved him. I detest alcoholism and detest the smell and taste of beer. I'm a life long believer of equality for all. So you see there's no way I'd ever be around beer swilling bikers who treat their “women” like “chattels” which was Australian government “law” for all family relationships at the beginning of 1980s not restricted to motorcycle club members or Muslims. The common misconception for Australian males is that if a woman wants equality “with men” or if they're a strong willed woman who likes their independence, then they're either lesbians or they're “so ugly no man would have them anyway”. I've heard white Australian males express those very statements many times as I grew up in “white Australia” communities and from all Australian males after multiculturalism became the trend. Many wanna-be Australian alpha males and their wives are just as unkind to their fellow non-chestbeating non-neanderthal males/females. Its not me fellas its you. A true alpha male/female is outwardly composed and doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

Its not just me who knows (former Wollondilly Shire (potentially unlawfully) elected councillor LYNETTE STYLES) was known as ELAINE SLOMAN at Visyboard in the early 1990s and that Elaine Sloman was mother of three adult females. That I was informed she was or had been married to a NSW police officer is still to be confirmed, by me.

My time at Visy was quite pleasant everyone appeared to like me up until after Fathers Day 1984, then it became a nightmare and everyone appeared to have mysteriously turned against me as they whispered under their breath looking at me as if they had a huge secret they weren't going to tell me.

I had no grievance with Elaine Sloman, I hardly ever saw her. She had the same reputation at Visy as she did at Wollondilly Council. Elaine was an abrasive person who always appeared as if she hated everyone just for breathing near her. She could switch on the charm like a tap, like a textbook narcissistic psychopath. Like some members of my family. In my lifelong experience with this type of personality I've found its best to treat them the same way as I treat everyone else whose kind to me; with responding polite kindness that also appears to be my polite respect which from experience has the effect of them thinking either I'm a fool or it infuriates them by not getting from me their obvious desired effect of my responding distress manifesting in my emotional hurt or my verbal anger. Its my firm belief that you don't throw fuel on a raging fire you want to quell.

Elaine has physically or visually abnormal arms. Elaine's elbows appear to be in the wrong place compared to my arms where my elbow is in the middle of my arm, so she might be a fellow Rob Roy MacGregor descendant. According to allegations in history my (maternal) 8th great-grandfather Rob Roy MacGregor had abnormally long arms.

Elaine was employed at Visyboard Warwick Farm as the general managers (CEO) secretary (personal ass.) Elaine was known by all of the Visy Warwick Farm (Liverpool NSW) employees and all the major companies who ever had personal dealings with Richard Pratt through our GM Tony Featherstone.

Off the top of my head in no particular order, noting that If they lived in Campbelltown NSW area or on the way there, I probably gave them a lift to or from (work) Visy as one point or another. My fellow Visy employees included; Richard (Dick) Ray, Frances Selway (Dick's secretary lived in Woodbine with her husband George), Lynette Dawson (Frances' friend) lived in Leumeah with husband Ralph, long blonde haired Mary Jane Hill was always used as the 'sexy female of Visy' when Richard Pratt was promoting Visy products to prospective buyers for the annual plant inspection evening I think he'd have had her in a transparent bikini under a shower of water if she'd agreed (Mary's family name is Azzopardi her mum Irish her dad Maltese the family worked a market garden in Leppington), Pauline Azzopardi one of Mary's blonde haired little sisters was an artist in the downstairs Art department sweet-as gentle Pauline always appeared to be sad, John Fazzolarie (has a twin met him when Dave Low & myself went to John's formal engagement party before he married Lena), Barry Quon, front reception Judy Stevens or Stephens (Barry Quon's wife), David Low (married into Nolan Quaries), Pat McBreaty (Lived in Leumeah with his wife), Jennifer Maree Sheehan (lived in Ingleburn with husband Louis Pistardus the curly black haired strikingly pale white skinned Ingleburn Timber Yard merchant employee and Lone Wolf biker; Jenny Sheehan grew up in Green Valley near Elaine Sloman & Zeilla Nellies who she referred to as her “aunts” because they all grew up living near each other in the same housing department community in Green Valley not because they're DNA related, Jenny & Louis pup died of parvo-virus; they lived in Appin when I was an elected councillor in Wollondilly Shire; Jenny Sheehan told me Leanne Walters was her cousin), Noreen in factory (Jenny Sheehan's mum who used to play the poker machines quite a lot), Joe Frendo (Jenny Sheehan's boss), John Tonning he lived in Bondi area had his house painted by state housing every 5 years which caused him grief, Roz Hill accountant until she had a stroke, Phil Rankin a person who in those days and same as Barry Quon, didn't understand the meaning of sexual harassment and were both unwilling to keep their hands to themselves when a female was in the tea room, Phil Rankin was Visy accountant by 1984 he went on to be accountant for my 1987 employee Favco Cranes in Prestons and Macarthur Mutual Credit Union Camden-Picton-Tahmoor who stole my real estate with Owen Hall with an illegal first mortgage to Owen on 16 August 1991. Phil Rankin's birth family also lived in 1960s-1970s Campbelltown NSW when I did, potentially Phil Rankin was a Freemason, Veronica LeJune (of the car sale Peter? LeJune), Leanne Smith ex Mrs Shaffer (ex-wife of Blaxland Road Campbelltown Ken Shaffer Crash Repairs), Zeilla Nellies who acted as if she was having an affair with her boss in personnel, Joe Zarb (Zeilla's boss), Darren Nellies (Zeila's son), Jennifer Sloman (Elaine's daughter married Peter Curtis who used to read the newspaper as he drove to work in the morning - has to be seen to believe), from dispatch Lorraine Sloman (Walters), Robert Delasandro (factory foreman), Ray Gale (sales rep), an older white haired sales rep named George, another dark haired sales rep in the 1985 Sloman-Curtis wedding photos tlking to Dave Low but can't see his whole face, just remembered his name, John Wilson, another sales rep the production team cruelly nicknamed “dogface” Steve Urquhardt he lived in Appin with his wife, George or Graham Taylor (sales rep), Elizabeth Taylor (George or Graham's wife), Terry Snell (married to one of Mary Hill's many sisters), Greg McElwaine (factory staff and Mary's water skiing friend with his wife Pam & Mary's husband Dennis Hill & Barry Quon with his boat & his wife Judy Stevens/Stephens one of the boats was named "The Godfather"), someone in the factory named Zorba I suspect he was Greek, Selina in recycling over the road, and her boss who Mary Hill left her husband for and married and moved to Huskisson or so I heard on the grapevine. . I won't go into their medical conditions. I have one of those memories. I don't remember everything, just the things I feel are important. That's why I snapped the photos on my Kodak 126 camera I was gifted from my parents for my 16th birthday. The photo I snapped of Elaine Sloman were stolen at the Chemist where I'd left them for developing.

Finally: If you can ignore my poor punctuation I can ignore your rudeness in bringing it up.

Below: Elaine SLOMAN from Visyboard 1981-1984 also known as Lynette STYLES Kadar Street Bargo in Wollondilly Shire since about 1985 (to be near Janette's brother)  also known as 1984 politically faked murder victim Leanne WALTERS, the Claytons murder victim. Above: one of the senior NSW police government officials who made this crime possible, Ronald Stephenson and his NSW police wife Gloria Pennington who befriended Janette in 1990s through Zonta Macarthur where (below) Lynette SYLES was not so coincidentally also a "foundation" member.

Card 2013 Election POLICE ACADEMY AREA H
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