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2005 ICAC on NSW SWSAHS Where Janette Su


"Productive of serious and unjustified trouble and harassment; seriously and unfairly burdensome, prejudicial, or damaging." Extract LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary, 2015.

CASE LAW: Oceanic Sun Line Special Shipping Co Inc v Fay (1988) 165 CLR 197, 247; 79 alr 9.

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Would appear from evidence that any Australian government's "objective" is to do as little as possible for as long as possible before the next election. Unless there's a solid political "cause" to block someone's legal rights without lawful authority then its all hands on deck for "whatever it takes". Its partially true the NSW ICAC may not have had documents to back up the allegations. However when I went to ICAC in NSW circa 2003, I did have the documents but they simply refused to investigate as did ICAC in Adelaide SA. It appears they only investigate the ones they know they can defeat; or where the allegations are made about someone "out of favour" with the government or the unincorporated bipartisan terrorist organisation we know as "the government and the opposition".

Circa 2017 when I was accepted to study law full time at the University of South Australia I had been unemployed for many years. I had been on Centrelink unemployment benefit and had transferred to the student benefit as you must when studying full time despite also still being unemployed and unable to live on student benefit as its much less as I was to discover. To be respectful I informed my jobsearch provider at Workskil Noarlunga that I’d not be attending any more (useless) meetings with her. She also happened to be an immigrant from United Kingdom, the heavy accent is always a clue. She laughed in my face and told me through her laughing that I was mentally ill and delusional. She insisted that I hadn't been accepted to study law because she added, “You’re not intelligent enough to study law.” Evidently that false and malicious criminal defamation is what someone at Noarlunga’s Centrelink office had written in my Centrelink electronic file, it’s been there without lawful authority since about 2015 to be accessed by all my jobsearch providers.  When I’ve asked Centrelink for evidence to prove lawful authority the federal government refuse my Freedom of Information Act applications on the grounds the information “may harm you or someone else.” That’s included in the Act as reason to refuse a person information about themselves. The same exclusion exists under the Privacy Act when government store false information about any of us on a whim.  It’s true that having foreign items sparking and vibrating (or shall we say perpetually tapping) in my left ear, left shoulder and all down my spine into my legs and arms with localised excess heat, that makes it difficult to study (concentrate) and had they not been there I would have better grades.

When I studied tertiary education before the implants in my head (circa 1997-1998) I usually got the Distinction or High Distinction now I only get Credit pass or standard Pass in my final result. Still doesn’t mean I don’t have the understanding of someone who gets a high distinction it just means they don’t like my “language” as I’ve been told many times. I might add that despite having done half of my law degree I have not been taught how to “write” a court document that ensures it complies with Rules of the Court which evidently are fluid from one judge to the next.

​When the jobsearch provider system came to be in 1990s I spoke out against it as having a potential to intentionally exclude people from the workforce. Its true. I've had NO jobs whatsoever through this system. Apart from doing some event cleaning and other temp manual jobs I got myself I've been totally unemployed since the government published their book of lies with my face in it as a murder victim in 1989 and false rumours about my mental "capacity" followed me based on that book. In 2020 I turned 64, since I was 33 I've not had a job because of the governments false "political cause" rumours about me. If they can do it about someone like me who is literally "squeaky clean" then they can do it about anyone, even you. The only way to stop the rot is to object loudly, object visually, object often. Sure that's one example I hear you. 


Recently I applied for FOI from Australian Customs office, another example of where public officers ARE above the law & do whatever-d-fuk they want. Emailed to ask me if I'd agree to extension of time for them to provide the info scheduled by statute to be available to me by 8 August 2020. I said no, I needed data ASAP. Its almost the end of August and I have no response. Evidently its been stalled as the Federal Government's "FOI access" public officer falsely claims  I must be a representative of the company about whom I seek the document under FOI despite section 11 that states "every person has a legally enforceable right to obtain access". That's an example of "Peter Dutton MP's department" being "VEXATIOUS" and "above the law"  I'm sure you can find more examples in this website from other government public officers, like John David Hill and his gang of organised criminals in Adelaide's health department and community.



We are in the midst of a pandemic where Melbourne is presently the worst State in Australia for it. Despite knowing that the Commonwealth government's chronically incompetent Australia Post management are STILL sending parcels from Sydney bound for Adelaide THROUGH Melbourne to be forced to sit in Melbourne for several days because of the pandemic that's stupidity.


DNA test delivery was cancelled by Australia Post public officer some 4 hours before it was even ordered. Obviously the document was forged. The extent of ongoing crime in Australia Post employment is proved in 2 events recently. The first was December 2019 when my 23 and Me DNA kit arrived in my very large very secure Adelaide SA region letter box already opened, the sending pack was no where to be seen the DNA kit was inside an unsealed FEDEX plastic bag/envelope addressed to "ACCESSIONING 23ANDME INC C/O LABCORP 1440 YORK COURT BURLINGTON NC 27215" I repeat the sending parcel was no where to be seen.  August 2020 when Australia Post person in Granville NSW stole or returned my Ancestry DNA kit replacing it with another 2 days after the original one left the fulfilment centre in Minchinbury NSW. Or otherwise interfeared with the first one thereby necessitating printing a second label Each crime has 10 year imprisonment penalty under Criminal Code Act s471.1 tampering with mail.  I returned both DNA kits this proves you're UNABLE TO TRUST the results from any DNA kit sent through Australia Post.


Who remembers this? "Australia Post - visa crime racket"

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A: when they save lives

Left: Janette and her two children on 16 February 1976, she was very ill when the photo was snapped she believed she was dying and wanted one photo with her newly born baby and first child before she died. By early morning the next day she was totally paralysed with septicaemia due to negligence of Commonwealth and NSW State governments. That's yet another miracle.

Why did USA launch the Voyager project? Why did United States of America spent $900 million in 1970s ? Do you seriously believe every person reporting bizarre inexplicable encounters are nothing more than mentally ill ? Have you ever driven in country Australia and seen mystery moving lights near or around your vehicle at night ?

Why won't our government let the news media report on this story and why have they done all the many illegal things they've done to me ?

Today is 24 August 2020, on Tuesday 4 January 1977, 43 years, 7 months and 20 days ago was the day after my second wedding anniversary with William Peters. I was still 20 years old turning 21 on 1st May, my husband was 23, the children were 2 and 1 years old. We had been out to dinner the night before to celebrate and left the children with my mother at 43 Darwin Avenue in Campbelltown NSW. We were living at 23 Derby Street Minto with the children. My husband was working at a chicken farm near the fairly new Macarthur bridge near Camden NSW. I was to drive my husband to work so I had the car, a white 1977 column shift HR Holden. Without any discussion I'd decided to collect the children after I dropped my husband off.  If I hadn't they most probably would have died that morning as this was before seat belts were law in NSW and in those days there was some but not much in car protection for children. So After I dropped him off I headed back north to mum's place circling under the bridge to join the north bound lane. There were a lot of trucks on the freeway that day. It felt like there were a lot more than usual. At this point in time there was no bridge over the Camden to Campbelltown road. This very small section of the freeway ended at a 'T' intersection with the Camden to Campbelltown road. As DMR (NSW department of main roads) intended to construct the bridge over this main road the 'T' intersection had a decline leading up to it so you went from high speed zone to a stop sign in within about 300 meters. You couldn't see the stop sign from other side of the decline and there were no warning signs the stop sign was ahead.  So back to Macarthur bridge. I just joined the traffic noticed all the trucks and got a really bad feeling. I'd driven the Hume Highway many times between Melbourne and Campbelltown, I had no fear of semi-trailers. As I started travelling the short distance to the stop sign I could hear the semi-muffled sounds of an argument that ended in "They're going to kill her." Talk back radio was something I liked to listen to but not today as I felt I needed to concentrate on the road due to the huge number of trucks. I reached down to turn the radio off and realised it had been broken for some time.  I heard the sounds of someone that appeared to be talking to me. This was something that was not unfamiliar to me. I ignored them. 

They yelled louder this time I turned around to see if there was someone in the back seat. No one. They kept yelling at me but I kept ignoring them. Then as I looked out the side of my driver's window I felt their presence between the window and me still yelling at me, I felt them circle around me still yelling at me, I could see no one, nothing was visible, yes they were totally invisible to my eyes. So I broke my silence and yelled OK shut up, I'll put the seat-belt on. That's what they'd been yelling, for me to put my lap-sash seat-belt on that I had never worn before because it wasn't mandatory. By now the decline for the 'T' intersection was upon me. As I slowed for the intersection queue I noticed two or three cars before me waiting to go. I stopped behind them. Within seconds they'd all driven through the intersection. For some unknown reason I paused with my feet still on the clutch and brake. I heard nothing before my hands flew up off the steering wheel past my head over my shoulders they went. I was clueless as to what was happening. The sun-visor hit my forehead. When I stopped moving my first instinct was to look in the rear vision mirror. All I saw was the white bull bar of a semi-trailer it had rammed into the back of my HR shunting me forward two or three car spaces to the stop line of the Stop sign. The car was still running my feet still firmly on the brake and clutch. I turned the engine off and waited for the shock to subside. I soon discovered the back rest of the bench seat was bent back at a 45 degree angle where I was sitting. You can see the tow bar tongue bent up against the number plate in the photo. I had no injury apart from a cut on my arm when it broke the cup hook off I'd put there to hold the seat belt off the ground. I have no whiplash at all. I was in shock however couldn't stop shaking. I was alive only because I'd put my seat-belt on as instructed. So, who are they?


Yes I told everyone I knew. Why does you government NOT want you to know they saved my life in 1977. The obvious answer is the governments want to control you with proven fake religion; and fear of the unknown.  Why did NASA send Voyager into outer space in 1977, later this same year, if not to detract you from what's here on planet Earth?

I have never been legally diagnosed with mental illness. I was illegally and secretly and illegally diagnosed with "schizophrenia"  for the first time in about 2007 on political grounds, from Freedom of Information records, and they did that because I was suing the Health Minister John David Hill for illegally and criminally intercepting and blocking my access to physical medical services and he started doing that soon after I had 2007 radiology diagnosis to corroborate the 2006 radiology images proving (by inference) the Australian Commonwealth government had illegally performed surgery on my heard planting a cochlear SPEAKING device circa 1997 for humans to "talk to me" - evidently they'd figured I think it was the beings that have saved my life many times previously.

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Card 1977 impact HR Holden 100pc


In about 1978 I was employed by the commonwealth department that collected census statistics. I was pregnant with my third child, travelling on the train to Sydney to assist with the recording of the statistic information gathered in the last census. There were many of us. We had to record the answers manually using pencil marking the correct box on a data card that was fed into a mainframe computer. One day my task was to record the religion answers. I was surprised by the numbers of people who recorded their religion answer as "Agnostic" there appeared to be more Agnostics than there were in either of the two major religions, Catholic and Church of England. We had no internet in my stone age so I asked my oracle, mum.


Mum I said, "Where is the Agnostic church?" I was quite offended when someone in my family laughed at me, after all I was the youngest in the family, they were supposed to be my teachers of these things I didn't know. The point is the government knew in 1977 there were huge numbers of Australians with no religion at all, but decided not to make this public knowledge. Why ?

I see logic evidently others can't or don't want to see because seeing the lie ensures they're accepted into the society of "fantasy believers".  Being an INTJ means I simply don't 'need' to feel accepted so I ask why do the enduring myths of religion persist despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary? Its a one word answer. People with religion act predictably. People opposing religion act predictably. To make a population act how you want them to all political powers need do is push those proverbial buttons. The answer is "control".  Freethinkers are the biggest threat to organised political crime gangs we quaintly refer to as our "government". Don't believe me? Than answer this; why is it that we have nondiscrimination laws to prevent your discrimination on the basis of your religious OBSERVANCE, but we can and are discriminated against if we have no religion because that's NOT protected under anti discrimination legislation which by default breaches the constitution's section 116 says there are to be NO religious observance laws, which is what anti discrimination laws are, enforcing religious observance for some and refusing others the right to say no to all religions. Government force car wreckers to fence their yards because they're demed "unsightly" well a mosque or church are "unsightly" to people of no religion and people of other religions. There is no consistance that would prove government are using religion to emotionally controll a large group of people they'd otherwise have no control over. Try not hearing a mosque at prayer or church bells ringing.  Where are laws to protect us from 'political motive' assaults such that I've been subjected to which are demanded in section 51 and section 52 of the constitution. Its NOT good government for well over 100 government public officers to gang-up on an individual for the specific purpose of humiliating them with false rumours to protect a political interest. Protecting religion is all about political control. I don't care about religion I only care about matters that harm me. These issues started harming me in 1980s the same decade that Australian government framed Lindy and Michael Chamberlain. They got their many days in court and an eventual resolve after many YEARS of political stubborness. My days in court mean the judge refuses to SEE my evidence by claiming I have provided none when that's an outrageous political lie Judge Katrina Bochner, State Supreme Civil Court Adelaide Australia.  The majority of us can say,

"When I went to school we were never taught our rights under Australian law and how to protect them, or how to seek criminal penality for breach of my rights with a private prosecution (like RSPCA does) under criminal law in criminal court, or how to get compensation in civil court under common law against tortfeasors, I still don't know that, but every week in public school we had to sit through a scripture class taught by a mum or dad from the local church."


00:00 / 02:33

In my DNA is the ability to remember the past and the future, of others. The closest description I can find from my research is a "seer" but I can also see the past. In my experience its possible one or two things are at play. 1) time is like a vacuum elevator in a building, people are the building I experience their past or future if I get too close to them and the experience, was or will be, tragic for them. 2) I can absorb the electrical brain energy of others. This might be behind why they decided to do brain surgery on me without lawful authority as I accidentally publicly expressed these traits shortly before the illegal surgery.

I'll only give one examples from circa 1993. I was completing a bank transaction with a teller. Suddenly I saw, in my mind's eye, a series of events. The strength of this 'vision' compelled me to vocalise. I told the teller I saw a tragedy in her life that involved her son. I didn't know her or even that she had a son. She dismissed me as an idiot as I couldn't be specific. Within a short time he was killed in a car accident in front of her. Humans being as they are she then blamed me for his death because I couldn't tell her everything. 

My 'visions' always happen so fast its impossible for me to comprehend all of it, I can only get the gist of it and remember snapshots. DNA being a lottery indicates why we don't all have these traits and why I don't have it "full blown" as I can't access this trait at will. None of my known relatives had or have this trait.

My 'visions' are only about people I come into close contact with. No one would like to be subjected to my visions as I only see death, sadly they always happens, unlike that TV series, (Medium) people can't stop future visions from happening. Its like a memory from a different time slice when you see it, its already happened.

True, none of this has anything to do with the how or why government public officers have acted criminally to harm me, 100% unprovoked, it simply proves I'm different to most in ways most can't themselves comprehend. To a greater extent it also proves I'm not a psychopath else I wouldn't have tried to help a mother cope with the immeasurable grief ahead of her. I do regret trying.

Rest assured, if there are intelligent life forms in the universes, I feel quietly confident they'll steer clear of the psychopaths on planet Earth.

Because contemplating a good theory, which is in fact postulation on gathered facts, is excellent for the grey matter let me seed this one; its possible, considering not all of us have the trait I and others have, its possible this planet was seeded by outsiders from another universe, solar system, time slice or any combination of. The fact my "visions" happen too fast from my brain to comprehend lends credibility to this supposition.


How can we begin to understand? Well the least invasive method would be to ASK permission to look at DNA of people with proven "visions" or "dreams" that come true to see if there are any similar markers. You'd need to get rid of political criminals like the ones named above for such a thing to work in the PUBLIC BEST INTEREST that ensures the rights of the individual are protected. As opposed to some political or religious greater good.

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