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Political Cartel

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From governments own policy & actions you wouldn't know cartels are illegal in Australia. Government "policy" is not law and no defence in the High Court.

We must stand as one to face this as a legal challenge, a divided community is a conquered community “anti-biker” laws were named that, on balance of probability, expressly to divide us.

Card 2020 Fake 1984 Rex Walters Murder V
Card DNA Related Vella & Walters & Style
Card 1981-2019  Qu Jock Ross Fireman Com

What do the alleged Leanne Walters siblings look like?

One brother. one sister according to BIA and Bikie Wars the book.

Only first cousins I have are (1950s born Mandy & Larry) from my mother's Townsville QLD based younger sister and (1940s & 1950s born Jim, John, Marjorie, Ken and Jeanette) from my male parent's Granville NSW older brother. I don't look anything like any of my known first cousins.

Before she married my grandfather in 1909 my (Port Macquarie 1882 NSW born) paternal grandmother (Ruby Ethel Anne Reid (Battle) they all called her Ma) had been married in Kempsy NSW to Alfred Bridge in 1901 she had three even older (future) half siblings to my male parent.

Ma was daughter of Macleay River NSW born Harriot Elizabeth Battle (1860-1946 and Maclay NSW born Charles Reid (1858-1921. Both their parents were born in England around Leicestershire or Kettleburgh, Suffolk England). The plot thickens as her husband's male parent's paternity was politically erased in NSW last century with FRANCIS relatives in NSW & Federal parliaments and links to the then newly formed Liberal Party.

Their first born was Adeline (1902-1981) who married John Goldsworthy (1902-1990) in 1922 St Peters NSW. Then Baden (1904-?) who married Reenie they lived in north Sydney. Last one being John (1908-?) I don't ever recall meeting him. I don't know if they all had children however I do know Adelaide had a son named Lenny Goldsworthy who was (younger) around the same age as my 1925 Sydney NSW born male parent who'd lived in the same St Peters house as a child that my grandmother lived until her death in 1972. I don't recall ever seeing him before that day or since. I only remember meeting Lenny Goldsworthy once at my grandmother's house in 13 Florence Street St Peters, when he carried me home on his shoulders from the local pub where he and my male parent had been drinking. they were both drunk. yes it was scarey on the shoulders of a drunk as a small child.

I also remember intending to “walk to my grandmother's house” in St Peters after a rather nasty experience with a Freemason at my Campbelltown East (state) Primary School when we lived at 43 Darwin Avenue East Campbelltown NSW. A story claimed of the Leanne Walters the government used with my 28 year old face to ID in 1989 BIA as the 14 year old murder victim, but removed my photo for the same story in 2012 Bikie Wars. Like the fake Leanne, I also had a childhood illness that felt like it would kill me. It was hepatitis caught by half the children in 1965 from the NSW State school's onsite sewerage transpiration bed. We were never compensated. At my male parent's full brother's funeral in September 1984 there was a male mourner who looked like my male parent's twin. Only much shorter. I was introduced as him being my male parent's brother. I always felt my male parent was suspiciously secretive about his half siblings and their families. He'd been a Freemason before I was born in 1956 Cooma NSW.

Interestingly Ma's little sister's husband (Radford Gamack) had a maternal great grandmother who was also a MacGregor from Rosshire, Scotland. Just as interesting is that Radford Gamack maternal Gamack-Griffin Port Stephens NSW Bransdon-Griffen grandparent's youngest daughter Nora married, (1897 North Balmain NSW born) Roy 'Roley' Page in 1923 Liverpool NSW, he died in 1973 Liverpool NSW, potentially leaving children who are obviously distant cousins of mine and potentially providing the “family” link to Labor Party's Ernst Page MP (NSW Minister Local Government) who rubber stamped my illegal political dismissal from Wollondilly Shire Council in 1999; related to Sydney 1885 married Catholic named George RICHARDSON (related to ALP's Graham Richardson MP?) and related to a 1480 Lady Alice FULLER of Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England and (related to the current NSW police Commissioner, our Mick Fuller?) Sorry got a bit carried away.

I was implicated as a fake murder victim then surgically raped because I tried to report my male parent to NSW police after I’d witnessed child sex crimes. That’s the extent of my involvement in the 1984 Fathers Day, Viking Tavern incident. Those days virtually all NSW police were Freemasons, same as my male parent and same as Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Make no mistake I’m not trying to “save” anyone my sole intent is my legal right to damages under Australian law for the many serious harm you spineless terrorists caused to me and my family these past 30 something years. This “family” of sadistic terrorists use the illegal implants to torture me 24/7 where the obvious intent is to inflict as much pain as they can for as many years as they can anticipating they’ll either send me insane or slowly cook me to death with the perpetually sparking caused by the illegal implants and the excessive “sparking” and “vibrating” static electricity they’ve generated inside me these past 30 something years.

For the naturally confused and proportionately innocent, the “they” in the 2dogsClub is obviously the consortium of criminals intent on concealing the “Lynette-Styles_Leanne-Walters_Elaine-Sloman” fraud for the past, what 36 years? That’s well over half my life. For your edification STYLES a psychopath is proved by their deeds, not by what someone else writes or says about them. Ergo, you’re "the" pathetic psychopath in every part of this equation. You’ve demonstrated a 36 year long complete disrespect for life and lack of empathy for the people you let be accused of your own fake murder, their children & extended families, my extended family & my life partners and my children, criminally perverting your own children from a young age, damaging reputations of our fellow Councillors, reputation of the people of Australia generally & myself. You belong in prison for the rest of your unjustly enriched pathetic life with your politically organised crime gang that, for me, started with the 1989 dirty deal between Hawke & Keating Labor Party and Allen & Unwin publishers & which included my 1990s surgical rape with bipartisan cover ups under three parliaments.  You all made a mockery of the people who had actually died in that violent incident & mockery of all the children who have actually been violently killed & caused even more grief to their family. To label your actions as parasitic would likely be seen by you as admiration. Pity it wasn't a few centuries earlier I could have stuck you on a pike on London BridgeSo mote it be.   Janette Gail Francis,  3 Dec 2020.

Wollondilly Shire's Psychopathic Terrorist Tramp  Lynette Styles

is Leanne Walters is Elaine Sloman from dodge-city Green Valley.

Card 1984 Fake Fake Ear Fake Murder Vict

I draw your attention to several facts perhaps not so obvious from PDF file LINKED to "fake Leanne cartel" photo cards in this section.

  1. Lynette Elaine Sloman Styles (STYLES) born circa 1945, is clearly the same person first identified as 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters aged 14-16 being younger than her own children at that time; and close DNA related to ‘Brothers In Arms - Bikie Wars’ (BIA) authors, L Simpson and S Harvey. The letters “L” and “S” play a huge roll in this names scam. Harvey & Simpson describe the fake Leanne as being aged 14 and 15 when the fake murder occurred. Official NSW police record, as per official letter to me from NSW Coroner says the fake Leanne was 14 when murdered so there’s no truth in the Simpson & Harvey claim she was 15 years old as stated on their back covers of all three versions, 1989, 2001, 2012 BIA.

  2. I have two natural sisters the oldest one was born in 1946, her first name is Lynette. The evidence suggests Lynette Styles intended to confuse her identity with my sister Lynette’s identity.
  3. I have one brother whose first name is Alan. The evidence says this crime consortium published the fake Leanne BIA story with “Allen and Unwin” to confuse my brother’s identity with the publishers.

  4. Circa 1985: STYLES relocated her residential address some 60 kilometres from State Housing in Dodge-City Green Valley to a large block country property in Bargo evidently to insert herself into my family by living near my birth family brother, accomplished from the description I gave fellow Visy Board Warwick Farm (VISY) 1981-1985 office staff of where my brother lived. As a driver I'd decided Alan lived at the end of Kadar Street Bargo, when in fact he lived at 11 Gwynn Hughes Street in a house he built himself as a young builder with a young family; precise detail wasn't anyone's business at VISY so I didn't include it and made a point of not looking for his street name if it existed. I also note that someone kept stealing the street sign for my street [William Street The Oaks]  from the main road end.

    1. Evidently STYLES mistakenly believed the Auchterlonie’s residence was my brother’s, considering they lived at the end of Kadar Street and STYLES purchased the property directly opposite Aucterlonie's and proceeded to complain to police and council about them. I presume STYLES planned that after her clan had murdered me STYLES would tell all and sundry she was really me living near my brother.

  5. As 40 something year old “Elaine Sloman” in 1985 STYLES resigned from her highly paid private secretary / personal assistant to the General Manager position at Visy Board Warwick Farm, to do what? How did a subsidised housing resident afford to buy a large country property and buy a country retail antiques store with no other income in the same general time period?

  6. After we were both elected to Wollondilly Shire Council [WSC] as Alderman / councillors 1995-1999, STYLES failed to disclose to me that she used another name (Elaine Sloman) when she knew “of” me when I worked at VISY where she was “allegedly” the seldom seen secretary for our General Manager, Tony Featherstone and natural mother of fellow VISY office staff Jennifer Sloman whom I often drove to VISY in my yellow TE Gemini, with many other fellow VISY female office staff.

  7. Official copy of WSC minutes 10 May 1999 page 5 prove “beyond doubt” that I was (illegally) dismissed on basis I was unable to secure childcare to fulfil my Council responsibilities where I was the only elected person in need of childcare to be able to fulfil my elected responsibilities. This was voted on by fellow councillors in WSC Ordinary Meeting and recorded in Minutes as “official refusal” to accept my apology, breaching Commonwealth anti-discrimination law specifically enacted to protect women such as myself in a like situation. Obvious probability under all circumstances is “political conspiracy” to flush me from Council under a completely flawed guise of lawfulness under State Local Government Act. That the motion was put by a lawyer Mayor Voncina proves to me madam Mayor had either been brainwashed to do something she knew was illegal under Federal law, or knowing the full extent of the scam she did her best to provide me with enough evidence to prove what was being said behind my back. I’ve witnessed the effects on others who’ve been brainwashed by our members of dictatorship masquerading as a democratic government. I don’t put the blame on Marina our terrorist government owns that blame.

    1. Incidentally, I note that Alex Vella the exiled national president of the Rebels Motorcycle Club has an official Wikipedia page. NSW State government claim the fake Leanne murder victim was an associate of Rebels Motorcycle Club. Some years ago I created a Wikipedia page to describe these events. The group controlling Wiki in Australia deleted my page on the grounds (they wrote) that being elected on local council was not a status that made a person eligible for a page in Wikipedia. That in itself proved Australian government controls Australian content in Wikipedia. In Alex Vella's instance its probably NSW police department in concert with the Rebels Motorcycle Club, business as usual.

  8. After I contacted WSC CEO Les McMahon in 2013 STYLES published her “Kangaroo Court” (FAKE STORY) in 2014, that’s 14 or 15 years after the end of our elected term, like the age of fake Leanne in BIA and once again STYLES was painted as the innocent victim, despite being a perpetrator as is her habit.

  9. Someone at WSC illegally authorised re-published the STYLES FAKE STORY as a library loan book, despite reasonably knowing it was utter garbage when it came to STYLES inference of telling of my history during my four years at WSC when in fact STYLES concentrated on fabricating the 14 or 15 years after I left WSC being from 1999-2014. Once again all involved in the republication breached many federal laws including Australian Consumer Law.

  10. Its equally clearly obvious that I’m the same person as the face printed in BIA 1989 and 2001 indeed at least once a week when I was an elected person on WSC someone alleged I was the fake Leanne from the fake BIA story. Including the three NSW police who wanted to arrest me at gunpoint in Campbelltown NSW circa 1994 the year before being elected to WSC, which begs the questions, why did I run for council when I had no interest in politics? And why did I win the election so well when I had very little to no contact within the Wollondilly community? And what’s the odds that two fake Leanne Walters’ would be elected in the same Local Council area and in the same election term? Gotta be a trillion to one. It was obviously a set up folks, chances are neither of us were truly elected the evidence says Labor Party rigged the election so that we were.

  11. I also note that the State government changed the word for Alderman to Councillors, effective from my term of election. The word “Councillor” gives the inference of a mental health environment along with the existing term for council areas as “Wards”.

  12. Despite claiming to tell the life (inside story) of the motorcycle clubs involved, BIA authors went into extensive detail about the fake life of the fake Leanne Walters.

  13. Despite claiming to tell of the four years she was elected onto WSC STYLES went into great detail about her fake version of my life after I left WSC falsifying every detail and virtually claiming she knew personally that I had no links to the fake Leanne Walters BIA murder story. If that’s not a veiled confession I’ll eat my cat. Its an expression, yes I know its supposed to be hat and I don’t have a cat and I’m vegetarian, I am prone to blurting out intentionally misworded expressions to describe a similar circumstance, that's my dry humour; and which is the style STYLES copied in her FAKE STORY. I’m wondering if STYLES can remember her real name.

  14. On balance of probability STYLES only joined the local historical society to get close to my sister whose been in the Camden Historical Society for a long time. The evidence says STYLES approached my sister circa 2016, directly or through a third party, to convince my sister to get a DNA sample from our male parent so that the “fake Leanne Walters crime syndicate” could misdirect or contaminate my male parent’s DNA to link my family to STYLES DNA family. My sister was falsely convinced our male parent (page 15) "has pale white skin, never tans" so therefore with the falsified DNA result we must also be an Irish Coffey family not a FRANCIS family descendant.

  15. Evidence suggests my sister was brainwashed to believe that garbage, This photo proves our male parent tanned deeper and darker than all of his descendants, after being an outdoor worker in building trade most of his life. I don’t put the blame on my sister Sharon, our terrorist government owns that blame.

    1. To clarify, that's a popular WWII Australian Air Force tattoo on male parent's right forearm, not a "biker's wings" as suggested in BIA.


On top of all that Australian State and Federal police refuse to investigate these State and Federal crimes as crime. If you can’t trust police in your own country to impartially stop political crime then you’re entitled not to have to trust anyone in your government. Which means NEVER take a phone call from any government public officer, insist that every communication to and from them is in writing. Always keep copy of that. Photograph, video or audio record everything. In a Constitutional Democracy its your High Court deemed right of "equality" with government, to keep your own accurate records of your contact with your government.

Janette Gail Francis

2nd December 2020

Card Mexican Mo Boss Chick 100pc.png
1961 Bunyan NSW.png
Pervert Paul 2016 .png

Video LINKED HERE: Pervert Paul infers he's with the local Rebels Motorcycle Club, he parked his motorbike out front, waited outside with 2nd wife for me to come back from local shop on my bicycle. They sat on windowsill as he's video recording me with his motorcycle in the foreground. This prick too gutless to face me with his false claims, so spineless that he hasn't said a single word to me. He spends his time lying about me to everyone who comes near my house. Pervert Paul lies to State with he's AFRAID of me. A worthless piece of TERRORIST garbage is this State funded Pervert.

Sadists used illegal spine stimulation at four points in my spine with many connection cables threaded through Janette's entire structure, even the lips, both sets, for maximum effect, they spark along their entire lengths to CAUSE Janette pain rather than the alleged intent of this dangerous life threatening technology. They insist Janette has no right to have them legally removed under threat of illegal imprisonment if she tries.

They've put that threat in writing.

Card 2019 Janette selfie aged 63.png

Compare the character of the pair:

RED link proves GoogleBooks withdrew Brothers In Arms due to my copyright claim, the probably reason NSW & Cth caused it to be removed in the 2012 publication rebadged with the addition "Bikie Wars". Within the year Owen was allegedly dead from cancer. Excuse me if I don't believe that.

GREEN link STYLES 2014 from GoogleBooks extract.; with a surprise that proves her mens rea "motive" to defame me as aggressively as she did.

BLUE link to my book extract published in 2017 without knowing of STYLES 2014 publication, or her 2013 One Nation election photo which tells me she's Elaine Sloman and Leanne Walters fake murder victim no.1.

Book 2009 JGF Brothers {soon to be} In C
Book 2014 LS-ES-LW.png
Book 2017 JGF.png
Cartel  (02).png
Cartel  (03).png
Cartel  (13).png
Cartel  (04).png
Cartel  (05).png
Cartel  (01).png
Cartel  (06).png
Cartel  (08).png
Cartel  (09).png
Cartel  (10).png
Cartel  (11).png
Cartel  (12).png
Cartel  (07).png
Card 1984 Fake Fake Ear Fake Murder Vict
Cartel  (15).png
Card 1982 Mum 56 Nana 75 Aunt Joyce 54 J

The extensive evidence proves

beyond any doubt whatsoever that

your precious Political Government only

form Political Parties

in order to be

well organised criminals.

Card 2019 Janette selfie aged 63.png

I have the government documents to prove Labor and Liberal Party in 21st century Australia are no different to Germany and their Nazi Party mid 20th century; when I've spoken out against “The” Labor Party or Liberal Party they illegally retaliated. These are some of the most outrageous State Government examples. I've not been allowed to access Civil court for damages under Tort Law for anything.


NSW 1988 a Local Court Magistrate refused to hear my evidence in Camden Local court on my application for Apprehended Violence Order to protect my children and my sister's children from a Freemason sex predator who I'd caught in the act of raping my three month old baby; and Camden police refused to take my statement about the incident because he was a fellow Brother Mason, the Camden Masonic Magistrate tossed my application out of court because the respondent was a fellow Brother Mason and a Liberal Party supporter. By their actions at the Executive government level, Federal government supported this illegal State decision. Naturally Australians are kept clueless on how to legally defend themselves from criminally inclined government public officers so I had NO LEGAL RECOURSE.


NSW 1989 they published a “true crime” paperback with my adult face as the only child murder victim.


NSW 1991 they forged documents to illegally steal my real estate and residence.


NSW 1998 they forged documents to illegally steal my Mazda 929.


NSW 1999 they had me illegally dismissed from my community elected position in Local Council (Wollondilly Shire Council, Clr Jenny Hall) after I complained they'd assaulted me and refused to be silent on it.


NSW 2004 they broke into my house then arrested me illegally many times for complaining then had me arrested and imprisoned threatening me in Goulburn Local Court NSW that either I remained silent about “the Party” or I'd go to prison.

Adelaide SA 2007 (ongoing) they forged more State government documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act.


Adelaide SA 2007 they illegally arrested and assaulted my minor child and myself because I defending us after they illegally assaulted me.


Adelaide SA 2007 they they forged more documents to illegally deem me mentally ill in secret records because I was suing “the Party” In the lowest State court.


Adelaide SA 2009 they refused to acknowledge my Australian birth certificate as my own, claiming it belonged to “someone else”.


Adelaide SA 2014 they forged more documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act.

Adelaide SA 2016 they forged more documents to illegally imprisoned me under Mental Health Act but failed.


Adelaide SA 2018 they forged more documents to illegally cancel my driving licence, heald without disqualification since 1973, when I was 17.

Adelaide SA 2019 begun Tort law proceeding FRANCIS v COLE & Gpaxis Pty Ltd, in State Supreme Civil Court, where I was unconstitutionally blocked with direct bias, where my legal rights as an Australian citizen were completely ignored, where the existence of Australian law was denied and where the existence of my affidavit evidence was also totally ignored to unconstitutionally toss out the matter on the first Interlocutory Application by both respondents; and in the best interests of the State who were the not-so-silent third defendant in the matter. That was Judge Katrina Bochner's part in this political cartel or actions of terrorism in concert with the person (Chief Justice or another) who “appointed” BOCHNER to have carriage of my matter relating to the illegal and political State cancellation of my State driving licence without any lawful grounds whatsoever.

Naturally their prime objective is to silence me. To achieve that some of your “politically aligned” precious registered medical doctors refuse to prescribe me antibiotics for infection near my brain (one MRI seen implant) behind my ear and the linked connecting cables in my adjacent jaw on the grounds someone phoned them to say I “faked” the visual appearance of the infection which included a very swollen outer ear (like mastoiditis) they also refuse to acknowledge the network of illegal implants inside me some seen in radiology but like my evidence in Supreme Court they're ignored. Some out of fear of our democratic government, some out of intelligence with the network of political criminals within Australia's governments. Possibly the implant of most concern is the one that vibrates in my throat behind my voice box intermittently preventing food and liquid from passing and spontaneously contracting as I'm chewing which forces food into my lungs. Naturally the vibrations in my mid throat cause me to dry cough incessantly until I can take measures to ease the vibrations that are ALWAYS intermittent which under the circumstances entertains the supposition the illegal implants are being monitored by a person/s, as are all current radio frequency/microwave medical implants.


Every time I've attempted to get a government official to investigate why I can't get access to illegal implant diagnosis despite the extensive evidence of illegal implants inside my person, they pull out their “you're delusional card” and threaten me with incarcerations and forced drugging under Mental Health Act, just as “The Brain Doctor” did to “WIZz” page 50; or African trained medical doctor, Gpaxis Pty Ltd Seaford Meadows physician, Earnst Winfred Saunderson did to me in Adelaide SA (South Australia) when I told him he should check Australian law as he had unlawfully defamed me - 29:55 - At the end of this consultation --I didn't edit the sound track at all as you possibly can tell.


In short the intent of your precious bipartisan Labor and Liberal Party Australian governments is to torture me and slowly murder me by politically enforced medical negligent and claim total ignorance.

Adelaide SA 2017 I begun a law degree at UniSA where I hadn't realised the criminally offending State Health Minister John David HILL was handed a spot on the board circa 2015 but it explains quite a few experiences, like not telling us how to write a potentially successful State or Federal court application; and claims by a lecturer that the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act crimes against humanity, torture etc doesn't exist. That (the Act says) you must (unconstitutionally) seek "permission" from federal Attorney-General to privately prosecute (government) for your own illegal torture indicates the parliaments actually do only have political parties to be organised and opportunistic political criminals, ie: terrorists. Which is “a law for bad government” in breach of sections 51 and 52 of the Australian Constitution, "The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government"


Evidently the Adelaide State public officers don't recognise federal law in Adelaide in same way they don't recognise my official NSW birth certificate, my children's NSW birth certificates, my NSW divorce papers and my Victoria State marriage certificate. They'll have you believe I'm “really” Leanne Walters shot dead someone their political “Party” deemed was mentally unstable in their Simpson & Harvey paperback (Masonic) Brothers in (each others) Arms as above.

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition & Death Penalty Abolition) Bill 2009:
Date introduced:  19 November 2009
House:  House of Representatives

Card 1987 Nanas 80th Birthday Sharons ho

Australia doesn't have any civil rights guarantees in their constitution, the long-term ongoing effect of that negligent federation omission or illegal erasure is catastrophic causing many deaths and serious harm: acts of parliament sanctioned political terrorism to their own residents and citizens.

From my personal experience I'd imagine it'd be akin to 20th century Italian Mafia controlling Australia's parliaments.

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