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Australias being flushed down the toilet




​​The evidence proves a prima facie case against the Rex John Walters FAMILY & Lynette Mary STYLES, that they murdered my nana when she insisted I was her grand-daughter, not their fake murder victim, fake Leanne Walters.


I'm an INTJ personality according to the Briggs-Myers test. I'm aware that I don't think like most people, in fact my personality type is shared by less than 1% of the female population and which means by default if I've accused someone of a wrong I've fully researched it and proven it to be true before I publicly say its a fact. Admittedly until I took the test a few years I did think everyone else thought like me, which had been quite confusing. I can't speak for all INTJ's and don't actually know how they each think, but for me being my personality type means I don't have the common emotions that are perceived as negative. I don't hate, not jealous of anyone, I feel no greed or envy, I'm never depressed, absolutely NOTHING worries me and I'm never stressed. Call me Jo Cool.  I do get annoyed at idiots paid to be intelligent people but never demonstrate my annoyance. Most specifically, as I don't hate I'm never angry which is a good thing for everyone else as if I did get angry I'd change into a proverbial beast with no knowledge that I was attacking my target. Elsewise I'm an introverted pacifist who used to blush profusely whenever anyone looked at me too long. Took me 40 years to put the brakes on that. Like all INTJ's I'm a pure logic thinker, which means I see corruption of the law like a flashing beacon and don't gossip. Therefore if someone has said to you that I'm crazy because I've attacked them that's bullshit, else they're admitting they illegally drugged me, for if I ever attacked them in any way they'd ended up seeking medical aid like Michael Banasik and fatboy. They're the only two I've “attacked” and justifiably so. Banasik & his Wollondilly Shire co-criminals drugged me after a Council meeting, the evening finished for Michael with a black eye and a sore arse I suspect. Fatboy kidnapped me from my residence in Branxton NSW in 2002, illegally drugged me then told me he was a paedophile about to attack a child. I think I almost killed him. This is why I'm never drunk and never take drugs. Its in my DNA, I discovered this gliche in my DNA when I was 16 after my closest age sister injured my soul. I discovered my absolute inability to successfully consume beer when my 30 something male parent kept spiking my soft drink when I was little, to watch me vomit so he could have a laugh. I'm also possessed with an overwhelming sense of justice for the common good. I've never met anyone even a little bit like me. All this means I don't care who my ancestors are but I feel its my innate right to know. I also feel that anyone who charges money to people to know their ancestors is in breach of a person's basic human right to know who their ancestors are. As noted by United Nations, right to practice your own culture, which obviously includes the right to “know” who your own family are.


As I've said to Campbelltown NSW police officers Mr Urquhart and Ms Connolly in my prior sworn audio recorded statement at Bowral police station in late 1990s, I don't blame any one in my family, even my peadophile male parent, the reason being that none of the events that have happened would have been possible without the premeditated participating controlling element, the two party preferred Government, now the Labor and Liberal political parties, whose members, evidently, have paedophilia traits themselves and are clearly have narcissistic psychopaths in their executive majority since I was raped on 3 March 1959 and my grandmother was raped as a 15 year old, 100 years ago.


In 1989 I went to visit my grandmother in her (Auburn) Sydney nursing home to discover she was in their own private hospital with gangrene to her foot. Nana always had doctors cut her toe nails because having had diabetes for about 30 years, she was well aware of the danger of causing gangrene if she cut her toenails too close. When I saw her she was heavily sedated but when she saw me she aroused rapidly, one of the last things she told me is that, “They told me you were dead.”

In the 1990s the Rex John Walters FAMILY surgically raped me many times after they criminally kidnapped and drugged me, not always in that order.

Establishing the who in my surgical rape question comes from the fact that 30 years later, NSW Police locked up my husband for being released 15 minutes early from Silverwater (prison) in 1979, 30 years earlier. This occurred after they'd criminally drugged me and criminally kidnapped me and criminally interrogated me on literally everything they thought they might be able to use against me and my family to turn us against each other. I distinctively recall being forced to tell them under the influence of a drug that my husband told me back in 1979 the prison guards, (screws) told him he was being released 15 minutes early. I recall telling the same criminal police that according to my watch he'd been released on time. They locked him up using the court process on the testimony I gave them after they'd illegally drugged me. This is the basis of NSW police evidence gathering. Illegal drugging and illegal interrogations of people under the influence of psychedelic drugs.

FYI: I never take any drugs and I've never been drunk.

My nana died within a few days. Against Nana's expressed desire I asked police to investigate to determine if the doctors were negligent. Auburn area NSW police decided the doctor was negligent. From what Nana told me she saw the photos of me STOLEN by the Walters Family and published in the Allen & Unwin, Lindsay Simpson & Sandra Harvey book titled, “Brothers in Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs” then duplicated in Sydney newspapers for publication of that criminal government propaganda book. My nana was murdered because she recognised me as I am, Janette, not the Government's propaganda Leanne Walters.


1994 NSW police detective Paul Shiels in company of two uniformed police with pistols point at me falsely accused me of "being Leanne Walters" the fake murder victim from the Government's "Brothers in Arms propaganda book.


2003 NSW uniformed police left the below card (see card on my vehicle accusing me of being Leanne Walters.


2004 the evidence proves that Goulburn NSW police defective Burnie Ryan had me falsely arrested, after threatening he would, because I refused to accept that my face in 1984 was the face of the FAKE murder victim, FAKE Leanne Walters.


2009 South Australia State Government refused to accept an official NSW Government authorised copy of my 1956 NSW birth certificate when I wanted to revert to my birth name on my drivers licence from my assumed ex-defacto's name, Hall. They then destroyed my signature as "Janette Francis" and illegally cancelled my driving licence in 2018 when I had the signature reinstated.


2011 and 2012 AUSTRALIA physicians refused me antibiotic for repeated infection at one illegal implant site, in my head, a site that still swollen and gets reoccurring infection, despite that the INFECTION CAUSING illegal implant can be seen in MRI the Government refuse to acknowledge its existence.

2003 Police Card Nice Car Leanne.png
Card Active Terrorist LYNETTE MARY STYLE
1987 Nana and me Janette 2 yeasr before

Above AU Masonic Government Secrets - "whatever it takes":

1987, my French & Scottish Nana (Charters Towers QLD AUSTRALIA born Olive Strachan, Hussey 1907-1989) & me (Janette) Nana is the 6th great grand-daughter of “the” Rob Roy MacGregor. Nana's grandmother is Agnes McLachlan the 4th great grand-daughter of “the” Rob Roy MacGregor. Nana's grandfather is QLD AU born Louis Henry GAUVIN 1867-1912, oldest son of  Louis Marc Francois GAUVIN born 1833 Paris France, he immigrated to QLD Australia, his second son was QLD AU born Walter Frederick GAUVIN, about 1870-1894 QLD BDM. His only known daughter was Esther Fanny Gauvin 1870–1940, she was a Charters Towers pub owner as per QLD police gazette 1908, when my Nana was raped as a 15 year old (1922) by her Freemason male parent Oliver George HUSSEY (1875-1958) a matter the Australian Governments of the time evidently figured was his legal right. This was the GOLD RUSH. Charters Towers was discovered by Hugh MOSMAN (1871) towns people became very wealthy CT was known as "The World". The decline came when Nana was about 9 years old. Nana told me her dad and aunt sold her and her younger sisters into prostitution in Charters Towers, I presume this is the "madam" Aunt. There's a street in Charters Towers bearing the name "GAUVIN." Her male parent was born in Ecchinswell, England he immigrated to QLD AU with his Hampshire, England born parents Charles Hussey and Mary Ann Woodhouse. Nana's first child (Agnes see linked photo) was born when she was only 16, fathered by her Freemason male parent. My Aunt Agnes was born deaf & retarded.


My life in contrast to my grandmother's who'd been raped at knifepoint by her Freemason male parent in the beginning of the 20th century and prostituted by her male parent and his sister, her aunt? Not that much different.

My Freemason male parent had raped me when I was a toddler in 1959, his NSW MASONIC police mate Jack Basset got him off, he went on to rape all his children and all his grandchildren, I caught him raping my 3 month old baby on 24 April 1988 but once again NSW Masonic police got him off, then in 1989 NSW MASONIC police they decided to steal my visual ID as the face of a 1984 child murder victim, evidently because Jack Basset committed suicide the evening of 24 April 1988 after I informed him of what he allowed my male parent to do after giving himself as a character witness after my rape in 1959.


Clearly NSW Freemason tail-coat-tugers in Australian Government public officers from Canberra to Sydney deemed it was my fault that Jack Basset committed suicide. That sentiment has been reinforced in 21st century by over a hundred Government public officers in Adelaide and the entire Australian news media who refuse to expose these extensive MASONIC sex crimes and government vendettas against the sex criminals victims.   So muthur-fukers when will she be right?

Card 1989-Now Terrorist Liars in News Me
Card Terrorist Face Off V2- Lynette Mary

The REX JOHN WALTERS family and LYNETTE MARY STYLES wanted to kill me off publicly to steal my visual identity as their fake Leanne Walters who Rex John Walters claimed was born in 1969, the year I started high school at Campbelltown NSW (public co-ed) and was first in my class in French and Geography.

My 2nd great grandfather Louis Marc Francois GAUVIN was born in Paris France, he immigrated to Australia where he had a family and died at a place unknown to me.

I discovered I was part French when I told my mum my French teacher said I was a natural, I got a perfect score in my final test. I discovered French was easier for my mouth to pronounce than English. Recently I discovered GG Gauvin has artworks in a QLD government museum. I too have an artistic flare that's been untapped due to the Freemason desire to keep me suppressed and destabilised as their target of terrorist crimes. You'll need to ask them what their individual motives are. I'm sure they all have a different one that pivots on their own psychopathically narcissistic insecurities.


During my high school years I missed maybe 4 days in those 4 years 1969 to 1972.


My freemason parent (Aubrey Bernard Francis) refused my request to allow me permission to finish high school, I was the youngest the others were married. He refused he claimed because none of my siblings had finished to year 12. Evidently they wanted me married and off their hands instead of bettering myself with university education and greater prospects for a better life than theirs. My male parent was an arsehole, same as is Rex John Walters. This is how Rex John Walters described me in his ex-wife's fake book where he falsely claimed I was his fake daughter:

“... she'd been expelled from school. He knew she had been wagging. Pamela Walters rang to tell him Leanne's latest ploy. “She kicked a teacher,” Pamela told him when he questioned her as to why she had been asked to leave Liverpool Girls' High School. Her school report to a social worker described Leanne as grossly insolent, violent, persistently disobedient, exhibiting profane and immoral conduct. Her interests were listed as vodka, bikes, bikies, drugs, sex—in no particular order of preference. Leanne drifted into a girls' home and was put on a bond.”


Source: 1989 Simpson L & Harvey S, "Brothers In Arms, the inside story of two bikie gangs" published by Allen & Unwin and others; re-badged 2012 fior the Government's fake TV mini series as "Bikie Wars"      


Considering the depth of completely baseless hatred levelled at me from Lynette Mary Styles, Rex John Walters and the bipartisan twin state criminal actions over past 40 years, I'm intrigued with the probability there's more here than meets the eye. More than I can directly prove. We all know that “family” are the ones who love you the most and can also hate you the most, especially when a large inheritance is involved. My intrigue extends to the disappearance of my great grandfather from Cowra, my male parent's paternal grandfather. My intrigue spiked when a “police” family came forward after I'd published family matters. They faked DNA tests to convince my closest age sister that we're really catholic Irish “Coffey family from south Ireland,  not the protestant English “Francis” family from London England. I do have Irish ancestors but they're on mum's side. Lynette Mary Styles claims to have Irish ancestors as did when she was Elaine Sloman in 1980s.


Seeing evidence of my close aged sister's, (brainwashed) gullibility I researched my great grandfather to discover he may have been already married when he had an affair with my great grandmother, or else her link was forged in State records. He disappeared completely from Cowra NSW and in State records, after arson razed his main street property. My research says his real parents immigrated to San Fransisco USA after immigrating from London to Sydney Australia. All records that part of the family have on their same name and age, (time relevent)  son are just as vague as the records on my great grandfather. We can't find his parents with the records as is. Compelling inferences from my research says I'm DNA related to the Francis and Grosvenor and Suttor families that held positions in various early Australian parliaments and had farm lands in the Bathurst region. I suggest someone in this family died leaving an open will, perhaps with the words “all my descendants” that would therefore include my male parent, my  paternal cousins,  my siblings and myself, et cetera. Its just a hunch but with the evidence its a compelling one. I'm willing to have a high security DNA test that doesn't involve any Australian government.

For more indebth info go to my MASON DNA page

Card 2013 Election POLICE ACADEMY AREA H
2003 Janette when Living in Goulburn the
Card 1984-2018 Police Brothers Lie ears

I'm Janette Gail Francis,  born on 1 May 1956 at the Cooma NSW public hospital. My mother was the telephone exchange operator, post mistress and railway gate operator on Rose Cottage Road, at Bunyan NSW Post Office. The house and land was owned by the Post Master General, (PMG) an office that was subsequently absorbed by the present day title of Attorney-General of Australia.

Channel 7 news, went to great lengths to posthumously accuse the obviously innocent Ivan Milat of additional “backpacker murders” they alleged in 2021 occurred in 1971, but waited until after he died from cancer in prison. I've approached them several times at their buildings in Adelaide, even camping outside one night sleeping in my sign written car which attracted the attention of their security patrol 7News persisted in completely ignoring me.


Channel 2 ABC news, the federal government's own, employed alleged journalist Sandra Harvey in Four Corners program despite reasonably knowing she'd been a party to the fake 1984 murder of the fake child Leanne Walters as the named copyright author of “Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs”, which was written mainly from the NSW police perspective. I'd personally visited their buildings in Sydney and Canberra leaving letters for the Four Corners news program that they completely ignored.


Channel 28 SBS news, the fed's other TV network employed alleged journalist Jeanette Francis when I'd emailed her personal email address at SBS TV to seek her assistance with exposing these extensive crimes that harm me, obviously pointing out our similar names. Her only response on the matter was to change her public “fake journalist” name to "Jan Fran" as opposed to Jean Fran which would be more logically accurate. Recently she too was employed to be a presenter on “The Project” at Network 10.

Incidentally she has the same name as my same age paternal cousin, Jeanette M Francis whom I haven't seen since her male parent raped her when we were little and I witnessed that. Her mother's name was Jean, my Granville NSW cousin Jeanette was born in June 1956. I was told by family she married in 1980s a motorcycle club member named Micheal Howard. Keeping with the global average, most of my family are maladjusted narcissistic psychopaths. If you don't know any in yours then you'd be one of them. On the significant and compelling evidence they're all psychopaths in politics, government generally, the medical profession and the Australian television news teams. Like I said, if you don't know any then you'd be one of them.


Channel 10 TEN illegally supported the fake story of the fake murdered child initially published by Lindsay Simpson & Sandra Harvey, re-badging it Bikie Wars a TV Miniseries; based on the book “Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs.” I'd also personally visited their TV news building in Sydney they too completely ignored me.


Additionally Channel 10 TEN illegally defended the initial action and their 2012 appeal I attended in public gallery. Ten supported potty mouth Mick Molloy and lost. Hed indecently defamed an Adelaide woman on TV, hes still employed in entertainment industry. Illegally defended as it was obviously criminal defamation, being reckless as to whether what he said was true. He maintained it “was a joke” to accuse a woman of being a whore.


Channel 9news, illegally defamed me when I was Wollondilly Shire NSW elected town councillor Jenny Hall 1995-1999, network 9's John McAvoy and 'A Current Affair' falsely claiming I'd been in a long-term feud with the woman who owns the 1984 first face of the fake child and fake Fathers Day 1984 bikie murder victim.

More astounding parts of these events:


2014 ex Wollondilly Shire Councillor Lynette Mary Styles criminally defamed me in her book titled “Kangaroo Court”. I discovered it by accident in 2020, did an internet search on “Lynette Styles” to discover her recent 'One Nation Party' election photo with short hair made her look exactly like Elaine Sloman, as an elected councillor she only ever had longer hair and wore lots of makeup. Elaine never wore makeup. I take people on face value. I look only for the good in people. I'm not suspicious of others. These are the reasons I didn't recognise Lynette as Elaine, coupled with the fact Lynette made sure she never wore short sleeves near me, she (Elaine aka Lynette) has an obvious arm disability.


1995-1999 Lynette Styles was a Wollondilly Shire elected town councillor after a number of failed attempts, I was also elected in Wollondilly Shire in 1995 after one attempt with no prior interest in politics. David Auchterlonie had also been elected, he stood for election because Lynette had. I suggest I was brainwashed to stand as the State had decided they were going to rig the election so that both Lynette and myself were elected in order to defame me, as I lived a relatively secluded life centred around my little family and my small retail computer business (1989-1995) they'd already illegally falsely defamed me through.

1989 and 2001 Lynette Styles was an active party to my face being criminally used to pervert the course of justice as the second face of the 1984 fake child murder victim (Leanne Walters aged 14) with her author daughter's 1989 and 2001 publications of the book (Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs, later the 2012 TV miniseries Bikie Wars)

Card 2019 Janette selfie aged 63.png

1984 Lynette Styles was then known as Elaine Sloman, future author Sandra Harvey was known as her daughter Lynette Sloman, future author Jennifer Cook was then known as Jennifer Sloman. Jennifer and Elaine worked with me in the office of Visyboard the corrugated cardboard manufacturers, in Scrivener Street, Warwick Farm a property that backs onto the Liverpool public hospital property separated only by a small feeder railway track. Yes, near to the Warrick Farm horse and car racing tracks.


Circa 1984 Elaine Sloman informed me she was relocating her residence from the State housing subdivision of Green Valley, then known as the crime centre of Sydney, to Bargo, to live opposite my brother whom I had mention lived in Kadar Street Bargo. He didn't he lived in a off road, Gwynne Hughes Road. Evidently I'd been drugged and quizzed about where my only brother lived back in 1984. I recall the events well. The man who approached me on 1 April 2021 at Bunnings, Old Noarlunga, was the same male who drugged and quizzed me with Elaine Sloman in 1984. As fate would have it my brother's street wasn't signposted.


Circa 1984 - 1985 Elaine Sloman informed me she and her motley crew of hardened NSW police department criminals, set up house at the end of Kadar Street Bargo NSW. Elaine told me she believed she was now opposite my brother's house and was going to cause him strife. She was actually opposite David Auchterlonie who, like my brother also had two sons. Wollondilly Elaine adopted her daughter's name Lynette, Lynette became Sandra. Don't know where “Styles” came from, possibly her birth family name. Wollondilly history tells what this psychopathically vindictive bitch, Lynette Mary Styles, did to poor David and his young family.

In September 1984, Lynette Mary Styles, then known as 1940s born Elaine Sloman, willing gave her visual identity to "The Sun" Sydney daily newspaper and the second major, "Daily Mirror" The photos she used were her own face when a 1960s teenager as the face of 1969 born Fathers' Day 1984 Viking Tavern car park FAKE CHILD FAKE MURDER victim, Leanne Walters. The events the newspaper called "Bloody Sunday" the police called it the Fathers' Day massacre and held a neck tie competition for the best "Viking Tie" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their success in fabricating the fake murder victim in their war on Australian citizens.   An act of terrorism.

I'm Janette Gail Francis, get used to hearing

that name I'm here for the long haul.

In 1996 my defacto refused to leave my real estate I owned in The Oaks forcing me to seek a rental. After a few weeks a Picton real estate agent approached me with a rental that had “just become available” a corner block house at 1 Swaine Drive Wilton signing a lease with landowners according to the Picton real estate agent, had the family name of Allen and were both or at least one was a NSW police detective. The neighbours beside me in the next street had the family name of Brennan with the wife being from memory, Patricia, (she let herself in pushing past me when I opened the kitchen door to her) told me she was a nurse at Liverpool hospital, proceed to inform me I was Leanne Walters and she knew me from Liverpool hospital. I stopped her short telling her the only connection I had with Liverpool hospital was the 1970s birth of one of my children; and I'd worked there as a trainee nurse when I Mrs Peters and 21, in 1977, under the name of Nurse Francis-Peters. I wore a size 8 blue nurses uniform. The hospital hyphenated my name (they claimed) because they already had a nurse Peeters. (Was an annoyance to me, I detest hyphenated names, I'd always suspected it was something to do with the Freemasons, they did shit like that to “mark” people they deemed “dissidents” with every intent to completely destroy their lives as they have done with mine. I can prove a multiplicity of examples.) With that she acted simultaneously perplexed and shocked adding, “they told me” then in an overt move to silence herself she covered her mouth, then left abruptly.


Mr and Mrs Brennan had twin sons aged 10 turning 11 at that time who also had the habit of inviting themselves into my kitchen and talking their heads off telling me all about mum and dad. I presume from his demeanour and propensity to wearing dark suits to work, Mr Brennan was in an intellectual profession. The neighbours next to me in 3 Swaine Drive evidently had installed multiple miniature cameras somewhere in the house so they could perv on me in the privacy of my residence, perhaps in the roof cavity. I heard them calling their mates on the phone soon after I arrived home the names were. Mike, Davo, Rob and Jeff, plus the male who spoke those names. I know they were criminally perving on me, I'd seen a male enter the house wearing a long hair ponytail wig and recognised him as being one involved in my prior kidnap and illegal drugging. I always wear my seeing glasses at home. I'd never spoke to them so when they came bashing on my door after I did something that I knew would attract their immediate perverted attention this confirmed to me who they are and their direct involvement in my surgical rape. After meeting him after they drugged me.


I presume the Mike they referred to is Mike McGann, the NSW police detective see photographed in the Simpson & Harvey book, “Brothers In Arms ...” Allen & Unwin were the publishers, in the book a Karen Brennan was nurse at Liverpool hospital who allegedly befriended the fake murder victim and fake person they used to visually describe with a photo of my face that was stolen from my residence in The Oaks. I'd confirmed the family names (Allen and Brennan) from either or both the electoral records and the telephone book.


This was the blueprint, modus operandi (stalking neighbours moving in after me or already set up when I arrived and includes my current address) for every rental I was forced to secure as my defacto refused to leave my property with police assisting him to illegally occupy my rental calling it his own with forged documents NSW police at The Oaks fully supported despite that my name was on the Torrens Title at the Land Titles office. The State refused me access to compensation for my stolen Torrens Title, and everything else they and their co-terrorists threw at me before and after this point in time.


So you see I know NSW police and their politicians were behind this humongous criminal fraud and multiple acts of terrorism targeting me, right from the get go. All I needed was to gather the evidence. When I had that evidence by 2006 and the political government reacted by name calling and blocking my access to medical services, that's when it became "acts of terrorism". The Government were completely obliging in not only making the proverbial rope to hang themselves, they also put it around their own neck. No too bright are our police detectives.


"Ching ching wankers." Or should I say, "Click click boom?"

I've often wondered about Mr Brennan whom I stopped to talk to as I drove past when he was tending his garden. Was he a judge? Was he a parliamentarian? Was he a medical specialist involved in my surgical rape? Or was that dark suit I saw in the distance before he popped into his vehicle actually a police uniform? I suspect the fullness of time shall reveal all as NSW police Commissioner Ken Morony liked to say in the media when he wanted to say nothing at all.

BC v5 MRI Outlaw Front KEEP 50pc.jpg

Common Knowledge:


It was the Freemasons who brought us the “Stolen Generation” and stole the children in English orphanages for child slave labour in Australia. What's yet to be aired in the news is the extent of Freemason's own family's “brainwashing” and destruction of State court records to conceal child sex crimes. Evidently the Australian “news media” won't air this because their “executives” are directly involved in these concealed crimes. Why else fellas?


In the 1960s every adult not taking drugs was terrified of the Freemason fraternity. They were known as Australia's Mafia. Unlike the Mafia Masons committed “unspeakable” crimes on their own immediate family. Masons always had members of parliament in their numbers along with lawyers, judges and medical professions. My male parent was devoted to the Liberal Party in the centre of Sydney NSW, that was his ticket into the Freemasons since he was a young man in 1940s Sydney NSW. In 1950s he moved to Cooma where he became acquainted with the Canberra Freemason lodge, arguably the most powerful Lodge in Australia.


He relocated to Campbelltown NSW in June 1962 into a War Service loan house despite that he never was in a “theatre of war” during WWII, he was posted to a safe location at Darwin NT Air Force. For his 25th wedding anniversary in 1970 he travelled the 1,500 clicks (about 600 miles) to Adelaide SA from Campbelltown NSW to make the acquaintance with the membership of Adelaide's Grand Lodge Freemasons, the year later, like as my grandmother some 50 years earlier, I was raped aged 15 instigated by the daughter of a police officer fellow-Mason to dear old dad the baby-fuker, the female rapists older brother had been best-friends with my brother at (NSW) Campbelltown's State government High School. In 1973 he was the “chairman” of his Lodge, the top spot in the local Lodge. After the Allman Street Lodge was sold and torn down, (despite its historical significance and good state of repair due to continual occupation) he relocated to Camden NSW to rub shoulders in 1970s - 1980s with the Camden NSW local court magistrate who dismissed my AVO against my male parent without even hearing my evidence (which is what's happened to the vast of my civil actions to Australian State Courts) Arguably the majority Camden NSW Freemason Lodge membership in 1980s came from Camden government public officers from the Police Local Area Command, uniformed and detefectives, some of whom were also in the local Rotary Club. By about 1990s the Masons were forced to accept women in their numbers the crime syndicate drifted to the control of the two party preferred political parties, Labor and Liberal where these days they're clearly defined as political terrorists but treat themselves as being outside the reach of Australian law.


I have always loved my mother and siblings, despite their inability or unwillingness to dwell in the realms of pure logic. I know the people they are when they weren't brainwashed. Love and trust are worlds apart. I don't think like them which is why the Freemason brainwashing didn't stick with me. Moreover someone who does think like me, a fellow INTJ personality, simply wouldn't brainwash another person.


When you look at it logically. My siblings are all older then me if they can't cope with the truth now they never will. I'm the only one in my family who can save the rest of them from the CURRENT government's brainwashing. Coincidentally perhaps, I used to have reoccurring premonition nightmares as a child to that effect. Wake screaming at the top of my lungs.


I don't do this because I “want to” I do this because I must. Its the most logical course of action. Its is the current's Government's for the simple fact they refuse to admit these crimes despite the copious evidence. I know my family would want me to push on with this despite the embarrassment to them as mature adults, because I know they wouldn't want the same to happen to any other child.



1959 to 2020 State Terrorism for FREEMAS

PHOTO: 3 March 1959 the afternoon of my rape after my sister came home from school. Shows me in the foreground with my 12 year old sister in the background, I had to lighten it as she was in the dark otherwise. She's crying because she knows what happened to me that day as it's happened to her many times before. The Cooma - Canberra Freemasons brainwashed us as time progressed, to forget about our male parent raping us. That's what Masons do to their wives and children to secure their life-long “devotion” even after committing serious child sex crimes or murder.

So lets look at the logic. A 'Town Councillor' is a person the court accepts to sign a Statutory Declaration, yet when the reported crime involves Freemasons a Town Councillor becomes automatically "untrustworthy". When I was an elected Town Councillor (Alderman) in 1990s I gave evidence to 1990s Campbelltown NSW police officers Mr Urquhart and Ms Connolly at the Bowral police station on a series of Freemason child sex crimes. What did they do about it? They confiscated my male parent's firearms, that's all. He claimed he didn't do it so they took his word for it and refused to charge him. Why? Because he's a Freemason. Another person had given a statement to police about my male parent's child sex crimes, without my knowledge. What did the political Government do? They blamed me said I coaxed the statement on that basis police refused to take any action on it.


The day ex-NSW policeman Jack Basset took his own life he told me, confessed to me that he gave character evidence to the Cooma NSW court that my male parent's rape of me on 3 March 1959 was “out of character” and a “one off crime”. Why didn't NSW Government have record of my 1959 rape in my male parent's criminal record in 1990s? Obviously because the Freemasons destroyed it. I know my male parent went to prison as he left for some months and mother kept having mini breakdowns blaming me then apologising to me.


I told Jack Basset the evening before he took his own life that my older sister told me, in tears after I was raped, that our male parent had raped her many times.


I also told Jack Basset the evening before he took his own life that my brother told me many times our male parent had raped him and that I saw it a few times. I can't blame mother she was just as much a victim as me and my siblings.


I also told Jack Basset the evening before he took his own life that I was there at the lodge hall next to the lodge temple (circa 1967) when my male parent's entire Freemason Lodge membership in attendance that winter's night, had raped two boys my own age then murdered one of them.


So you see Jack Basset accepted the criminal guilt on 24 April 1988 for what he did in his official capacity of a policeman after my rape on 3 March 1959 and took the only action that he thought was possible. Obviously he was a man of honour but a fool when it comes to the cunning of his fellow Freemason psychopaths in the Government. My male parent was a “fetter” for NSW railways when I was born.


I didn't want Jack to take his own life, I wanted him to stand beside me and speak out against the Freemasons. I guess his oath of honour to protect his fellow Freemasons with his own life was paramount in his thoughts, evidently he decided 'to hell' with his own immediate family and the hundreds or thousands of male and female children raped by Australian Freemasons since Federation.

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