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 Political Cause Terrorism is 

 Common Place in AUSTRALIA 

and what a pack of worthless cunts our governments have proven themselves to be.
The systematic decay of Australia since Federation includes scandalous greed of unprecedented depths.

Basically the traditional protectors of (Australian) law being  partners or principals of all legal firms in Australia some of whom go on to become Judges in our courts, they earnestly don't give a damn about their fellow citizens, or preserving the integrity of Australian law.    All they care about is politics that assures them more profits, their profits, maybe their own family too from time to time.   

Which means when citizens need to go into a life or death battle against politically oppressive Australian government public officers, they stand completely alone and are not even treated equally before the courts despite that equality is enshrined in Australian law.

Every page on this website tells a different part of the same story. Some parts are told more than once across all pages due to the relevance in that page.


Telling the same event with different words is not what lawyers will claim is being “inconsistent”....

I'll pause here for a moment.


I just wrote the opposite of what I meant to impart when I added the word “not” after the word “is”. This is an example of what these political terrorists did to me when they secretly and illegally subjected me to a lobotomy or secret illegal brain surgery, BRAIN RAPE in 1990s. I've left this one to demonstrate. I authored this text a few days ago. Its like cached memory on the Internet, if I re-read the faulty text too soon I won't see the error. I need to come back a few days later and only then will I see the opposite errors. So if I haven't come back to correct an opposite, I say this:- If I appear to compliment anyone involved with government, including lawyers, judges, physicians, then you're reading an opposite caused by my brain damage inflicted upon me by our government terrorists. Its so frustrating. Before I was brain-raped one of my favourite things was scrambled words, I could look at a scrambled word and see the proper word in milliseconds. That's disappeared in 1990s when my brain was raped by our terrorist Government alien psychopaths. They damaged my short term memory and destroyed part of my ability to see patterns. I presume their intent was to inflict even more significant damage to my brain, but failed. Failure is what they excel at. Specific failure to feel human emotions. Ergo, they're aliens to humanity.

When I say "one of my favourite things". Some people love to ride a motorbike to feel the wind pushing against their person, or blowing through their hair or taking their breath away or the struggle to battle against the wind. In the exact same way I used to love the feeling of competence in my ability to unscramble words and solve problems rapidly. I was always the first in my government primary school to unscramble words in the class situation. Even the teachers were impressed. I love that feeling of success, same as someone who loves winning in athletics, only INTJs (as I am) aren't competitive with others, they're competitive with themselves. The brain-rape stole that from me. I do wonder how many INTJs are in outlaw motorcycle clubs, but couldn't give a shit to do the test. I only did one a few short years ago (recently).

I do wonder how many INTJs are in outlaw motorcycle clubs, but couldn't give a shit to do the Briggs-Myers personality test.


I only did one a few short years ago (recently). INTJs don't give a shit also but they do have empathy, or at least I do as I'm an empath as well. I can actually feel what I see. For instance, back in my youth when I had less control (about 24) I was watching enthralled in a movie where someone was drowning, the camera panned to their face where the actor was doing an excellent job of faking not being able to breathe, I started gasping for air, I couldn't breathe. Additionally I started seeing visions of someone who was actually drowning, like a memory I hadn't experienced. Which plays to my theory we inherit memories in our DNA as I asked mother if she had seen someone drown, she said no but her mother did. So now I try not to get too engrossed in movies and steer clear of others when they're distressed. It also means I know when someone is fake crying, Rex John Walters.

Telling the same event with different words is what lawyers will claim is being “inconsistent” despite that logically its merely elaborating with the use of different words.  They teach the "inconsistent" argument in State Government Law School.


When a person only ever uses the same rehearsed words to describe a event that's an indicator they're probably lying, not as lawyers will tell you is being “consistent” in their evidence. That's the sort of shit the Government preach to students-at-law in university. As I witnessed personally from the mouth of the head of the law school after another retired, they also teach that there are no human rights protections in Australian law. Which is utter bullshit. I refer to The Criminal Code Act, Criminal Code Act in the schedule of that Act which contains very specific crimes identified as “Crimes Against Humanity” as stated in the Act are derived from the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. If you can't trust the head of the Law School at University of South Australia who is a lawyer registered to practise law to be a decent person, you can't trust anyone in any Government in Australia.

Unless I said them when I was being illegally drugged and milked for my memories when I was an elected (Alderman) Councillor in Wollondilly Shire, I don't think I've said these things about my sister before. I never said anything about any of my family. I'm essentially a secret person who thinks these things are no one else's business but mine. Now that this OTHER family of arseholes stole my ID knowing I was a secret type and had told no one anything about myself, they decided to make their own stories up spreading them about behind my back, as lowlife parasitic scumbags do, all too well. This is why I'm now forced to spill my guts so to speak to counteract our GOVERNMENT's political marketing team's blatant lies.



My name is Janette Gail Francis (ex Mrs Hall) apparently my sister Sharon Ann Greene (ex Miss Francis) has been saying nasty things that are obviously false.

On page 10, in THIS LINK my sister Sharon claims "I have often said that as I’m the only ‘normal’ sibling and that I must have been adopted!"  

I hope you get to read this, evidently it'd be the only way I can reach you after you put a brick wall between us as a result of events on 24 April 1988. I often wondered what you tell people to cover for the reason we no longer communicate. You know Jack Basset killed himself that evening, don't you? The way I understand brainwashing is that the perpetrators work on the core personality of their target. That's why they were unsuccessful with me, I work on logic. You unfortunately work of envy, not your fault its your DNA, I would have thought you might like to address that at some stage. I feel the need to note that if you did marry a Mr Greene, then I suspect he's associated with the NSW police, Allen Greene I think he was. If so I also suspect he's the Mr Greene who was the NSW police representative at the traffic committee meetings I used to chair at Wollondilly Shire council. If that's also true Sharon then I suggest you step back and impartially analyse how he came into your life. I'm not your enemy, NSW Government public officers with their insane political drive are. The “divide and conquer” principal in a nutshell is why all the members of our birth family are separated, because its in the best interests of the current political Governments that we are all divided and hate each other. Read the effing evidence Sharon. I take offence to being labelled as “not normal” by my big sister and hereby seek my legal right to redress the matter because my sister Sharon has been brainwashed to forget reality by our terrorist government public officers linked to the (political cause) FAKE murder of the FAKE person Leanne Walters, also known in 1980s as Elaine Lynette Sloman and since 1980s as Lynette Mary STYLES.

Enough is enough Sharon. My sister Sharon is the only sibling (of four children) with black hair like mum and male parent, so to ever claim she claimed as an adult she was adopted and she's the only "normal" one is just another in a long line of attention seeking traits Sharon has.  Fact is because mum gave so much attention to Sharon, I had asked mum when I was little if I was adopted. I resolved that I wasn't when mum answered.  I was the silent shrinking wall flower type not wanting an overt amount of attention just enough to feel respected. My personality type has been confirmed (to me) by my Myers-Briggs personality tests, I'm and INTJ personality. Sharon and myself are like chalk & cheese. Sharon loves to be "in charge" of everyone and loves to be the only centre of attention. Sharon confided in me when I was in high school that I was the only one who didn't fit in our family and that no one loved me. I responded with something like, "You're an idiot."  Its from this very statement that I suspect is compelling evidence that Sharon has been "Freemason Brainwashed" soon after I witnessed the Freemason child sex crimes and murder in about 1967, when I was about 11 and Sharon was about 13.


I'm pretty sure I still have the scars on my hands where Sharon stood behind me reached into the soap suds washing up water grasped the back end of the carving knife handle I was washing from the back of the palm of my hand and pulled the handle causing the blade sliced the inside of my finger on the other hand, just missing the large, visible vein. She didn't apologize she just frowned and snarled at me claiming it was my fault she had to hurt me. I was about 16 so Sharon was about 18. Around the same general time she threw a bread & butter knife at me which sliced a chunk from my upper arm as it flew past. Can't remember why she did that but I do remember saying, "What was that for?". When we were a few years younger she flicked me in the face with our deceased grandfather's jacket because she insisted I wasn't allowed to take it from her wardrobe to wear it. It was hers and hers alone. The metal zip from grand pop's bomber style jacket chipped off half of my front upper tooth. I never got a cap on the tooth, so I had to go through high school and puberty with half a front upper tooth and six missing front lower teeth. These visual deformities ensured I was socially reserved, I was  already naturally very shy and blushed profusely when a stranger looked at me for longer than a few seconds.  It all depends on what you deem as "normal" Sharon. Defaming your siblings in such a nasty manner is NOT normal in my books.


** Fake Coffey DNA: As my sister Sharon is convinced our usually always tanned male parent "NEVER TANNED" then this Ancestry DNA result is fake. That's him sitting with a child standing behind. I'm calling "bullshit" on everything you say Sharon.

Not her fault entirely, she's a slave to her DNA and weak personality. She's easily brainwashed. I've noticed that when they brainwash they build on the target's existing personality. I'm always assessing and reassessing information to keep myself logically centred. Sharon, my closest age sister on the other hand is not like me. She's 2 years older than me. If we had common friends they were her friends. If I had something she liked she stole it and hid it from me to make it hers. If I had an idea she liked it became her idea.

Psychologically speaking, Sharon deemed I was an "invalid" addition to our  family because I'd been born after her, else she was "envious" of my blond curly tresses against her jet black ones and my overall "cuteness" against her old wrinkled worn-out self at 2 years of age. Who knows what sparks the action potentials lurking between another's ears. Her younger sibling envy never ended, which was demonstrated when we were about 14 & 16 and I was taller than her, she was mortified & outraged, how dare I grow taller. It wasn't just younger sibling jealously, Sharon had to deal with, the obvious fact that she didn't look like any of her siblings and she was the only one with black hair, like both of our parents. Apparently she'd decided (in adulthood) she must have been adopted. Marvellous how people cope when they fail to understand the intricacies of genetics and reproduction like Henry VIII who blamed his wives for not popping out healthy male children. On mum's side we have a huge gene pool spanning from UK to Russia and almost every country in between.

As I recollect Sharon was livid a boy from her year in high school had turned up on our doorstep to take me out (1973). I'd left school in 1972 and was working in a government office in Sydney. She'd been out of school for about 3 years and engaged to be married. Later in the evening she saw someone parking and kissing in a car parked out front of our house, so being the hero of the moment Sharon went out to tell me to come inside. Just happened to be one of our neighbours. Laugh is not the proper word for that pleasure. I dread to dwell on what she's said about me to others to get them to detest me as much as she does. I still love you Sharon, despite yourself. If you don't want to be laughed at, try chilling out and learn to laugh at yourself. You've done some crazy shit. I'll list them if you've forgotten sis.


Sharon wasn't an easy sister to grow up with. I understood her and accepted her as she was but I haven't spoken to her for over 30 years after she forbade me form having any contact with her children, because I reported our male parent to Camden NSW police for child sex crimes (24 April 1988). In my sister's defence. I strongly believe she was brainwashed to believe everything was all my fault.


I note that our male parent's best friend, Jack Basset took his own life the evening after I'd reported my male parent to Camden NSW police. Jack Basset was my male parent's best friend when my male parent raped me as a toddler and Jack Basset a Cooma NSW cop and Freemason gave testimony to a court to the effect that what my male parent did to me was “out of character and one off” what Jack Basset didn't know until he was enlightened shortly before he took his own life was that my male parent had a history of raping his children and continued to rape children including the child he raped on 24 April 1988 as I told Camden NSW police unfortunately they too were Freemasons and knew my male parent as a fellow Camden NSW Freemason, which is why, as they told me, they Camden NSW detectives and uniformed police, the entire police station on 24 April 1988 refused to take my statement on that crime.


They were or went on to become the Camden police Local Area Command. Within a few months the SIMPSON & HARVEY Unwin & Hyman book, “Brothers In Arms...” was published with a photo of my face as the child murder victim, as approved by the Freemason controlled State & Federal Governments. That's what this website is all about.


It just so happened that when I examined the photos in that book (in 2003) I realised the police had falsified the evidence of the men who were killed that day, it was obvious senior police had moved bodies, obviously to accommodate the fake shooting of the fake child murder victim. An “assistant” Police Commissioner wrote to me to inform me to the effect that it didn't matter what crime I'd discovered, didn't matter if the crimes were terrorism causing serious harm, fact remained that police would NEVER investigate the government's OWN crimes.


I ask, how much can a koala bear?


Being a not-for-profit seer, (seeress, prophetess, vølve or witch) I was not shocked when a junior member of my extended family mentioned they'd been having many conversations with a deceased relative. I was interested when they referred to the dead relative by the wrong name. They went on to tell me of the “fond memories” of this relative they described in terns that were a dead give-away that this junior member of my extended family has an illegal implant in their ear (see photo of my 3/4" screw like illegal ear implant) and this is how they're being brainwashed. The thing is the only contact they ever had with the dead relative in question was on the event of a photo I'd published on the internet in the context of another website on this underlying matter. When I published the “family group photo” (Ruby Manners in black, she'd been without sight for about 40 years in the photo)


I published her true name, Ruby, with the photo which I've since removed from Internet. Thing is everyone called her “Doodie” including herself. So referring to speaking to the dead her as Ruby was a dead give away, proving 100% the junior member of my extended family was being criminally brain-washed through an illegal ear implant just like mine. So I wonder how many more in my family have these illegal implants. Heck, how many in Australia have them. No government is going to let such a profitable political-power venture go untapped. Might explain the closeness between Labor & Liberal at the elections in modern times.


The dead relative was a person with a quick temper and had been responsible for the death of their own mother after a temper-tantrum. This is why this junior member of my extended family had NEVER had any contact with the now dead relative before the event of the family photo or after and no person in the birth family of the junior member of my extended family ever spoke of the dead relative. The dead relative died before the junior member of my extended family was an adult.


Yet the junior member of my extended family argued with me at length, insisting I was wrong as they've “many memories” of this “lovely” person. So that makes a Celtic three the Australian government is actively attempting to brainwash or are brainwashing, to cover up the underlying extensive political crimes; me; my sister Sharon; and this junior member of my extended family. Any Celt will tell you “three times proves it”.


From my experience they work in groups of two or three sometimes there are a few more “visitors” to the government crime scene. They talk to me attempting to impress upon me that they are my subconscious or a deceased relative. I've heard a mobile phone in the background of their environment and heard them making coffee or tea, I've even heard them copulating. I know a fraud when I hear one, being the genuine receiver of messages from persons who are not living people since I was a child. They've saved me from imminent death a few times the most memorable was when I was driving in my car in January 1977 when they yelled at me to buckle up my old lap-sash seat belt seconds before a huge semi rammed me up the rear while they were travelling about 80 kilometres and I was stationary. The difference is those who spoke to me don't have a voice box like ours. They sound nothing like we do.


I know the difference between conversations with entities not of our kind and perverts funded in an illegal government terrorist program, embarked on “Systematic Secret Separation” SSS tactics by pissing in my ear a pile of rubbish about my family members designed to separate us with brainwashed hate of each other, via illegally implanted ear devices.

I can estimate when it went in as I woke one morning to find my ear canal red, swollen and in great pain with a small (inner pen size) weeping hole on the inner wall just inside the external opening. In Medicare consultation with (terrorist) physician Mr M.R. Ahmed (349 Welling Dr, Mt Annan, Campbelltown NSW) he tried to convince me that it was a "burst pimple" despite that I didn't have a pimple in my ear in the first instance.


AHMED's sideline is hypnotism according to a degree on his wall in 1990s. I became interested in him after my sister-in-law had unreasonably verbally attacked me when I was complaining about AHMED to my only brother. AHMED and his wife had befriended my sister-in-law through the Bargo Pony Club. Despite coming to Australia in 1973 with little finances as a young physician allegedly educated in 1968s India, by 1990s his financial assets were far beyond the capacity of a small rarely busy suburban skin cancer clinic in Australia. Additionally, he's criminally claimed payment from Medicare for consultations with me in 2010's that never occured by any means. He's a 100% proved medical fraud as well as a terrorist but our police refuse to charge him and the DPP refuse to prosecute him.

Likewise with Lynette Styles. STYLES also honed in on my only brother when she moved from a Green Valley government housing estate where she was known as Elaine SLOWMAN to a large property across the road from my only brother shortly before Christmas in 1984 where she first adopted the name Lynette STYLES.


Without provocation, from me, my only brother refuses to talk to me, since the late 1990s, I'm still to learn why; and both my sisters refuse to talk to me. Like our brother, my sisters refuse to say why. I've not said or done anything untoward about or to either of my three siblings. I can only presume they've been convinced otherwise. I only started this campaign after they stopped talking to me.

Someone turned my siblings and my children against me.  The answer of the "who" is derived from "who will benefit". As they say in Murdoch Mysteries, "follow the money trail".

Another indicator that my family are being brainwashed. After drugging me at Wollondilly Shire Council to learn all they could about me in 1990s, which included that I'm a seer and the 1977 incident. All my three (3) children born after 1977 have not had children themselves, despite wanting them. Suddenly they no longer want children. Evidently the Government planned to 'change history' by preventing whatever good they thought would come of my life being saved in 1977. Thing is, its about them, it has always been about them, the criminals in government. Never been about my children born after 1977. Preventing births, in a specific family group, is an act of genocide. Beep-beep.


Remember the TV show Medium. This person is alleged to hear voices from the dead and literally see them. The USA TV creators claim this is based on a real-life person. I've seen her interviews on TV. Well I say this person is complete bullshit. There are so many flaws in her claims its obvious she's Government support to con brainwashed victims into believing they can “speak with the dead”. It doesn't work like that. Another hint she's fake is the fact she has presence on Wikipedia. I published one about me and this underlying incident, my page was soon deleted as “invalid”.

When she first cropped up a couple of decades ago her "published" family name was "Dubious" they gave it a French accent to change the sound of the spoken name more recently the written name has also been changed to DuBois, evidently to match the French sound. I was all over her public information when she was first put on public display, to see if she was genuine. Her first TV interview showed a person completely different to the public one we see today.  I remind you  USA started their MK Ultra Brainwashing programs the decade after Hitler's WWII medical teams were experimenting on brainwashing. USA hired ex-Hitler research scientists.

Under MKUltra, the CIA gave itself the authority to research how drugs could: “promote the intoxicating effects of alcohol;” “render the induction of hypnosis easier;” “enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion;” produce amnesia, shock and confusion; and much more. Many of these questions were investigated using unwitting test subjects, like drug-addicted prisoners, marginalized sex workers and terminal cancer patients–”people who could not fight back,” in the words of Sidney Gottlieb, the chemist who introduced LSD to the CIA.


If you believe no project that big could go on for so long without it being public, think again.


If everyone was able to impartially analyse facts like myself and other INTJ personalities there would be no misunderstandings and no indigation. You'd know when someone is plain old unprovoked nasty, that they're actually psychopaths or narcists or both or have been brainwashed by your government.


INTJ's make decisions based on logic and reasoning. Yes I (have always) do enjoyed logical reasoning and complex problem-solving. Can't have one without the other. No I'm not a perfectionist.

I refer you back to the photo on this page showing the illegal implant in my head as seen in MRI. Not only is it still there, no physician will admit they can even see it. I was illegally imprisoned at election time in 2014 because government public officers insist it isn't there. That was sanctioned by the Premier of South Australia and backed by the political party in opposition parliament; and backed by South Australia's Supreme Court in 2019 where the Judge refused to acknowkledge the existence of the MRI evidence in my evidence, Francis v Cole ANOR.


What more evidence do you need ?


On a personal level. as an INTJ personality I may be less than 1% of the USA population of females but I'm quietly confident I'm less that .0001% of the female population in Australia and that no INTJs at all are in any positions of authority in government or the medical industry. I say this because above all, I have unyielding integrity on the basis that, that mindset is logically the best for the population as a whole.

You've got the arseholes government you deserve.


I'd been legally married as Mrs Peters from 1975 to 1988. I had separated from Mr Peters and reverted to my birth name by about 1983. I was known as Jenny being short for Janette, but have always used my full name being Janette Gail (last name) in employment and any official record, never just Janette always included my middle name. Always.

I hardly knew Lynette Styles when she was known as Elaine Slowman. True I didn't like her much as she was unreasonably abrasive, but what I did do as I did to everyone, was treat her as if she was a nice person. I find that really irritates nasty people far more than treating them like nasty people. So when Lynette Styles claimed to the "A Current Affair" TV program in about the year after we were elected in the same Council election that I was in a long-term feud with her. Its apparent to me now that I must have recognised her as Elaine Slowman. Even knowing what she's done to me, I would never lower myself to her level and embark on a hate campaign. All I have ever done is report crime. There is no "hate" involved on my part. As an INTJ personality I don't feel the same way about people as others do. I can control my emotions like others can't. I still have the same emotions its just that they don't effect me in the same way as they effect you. It makes me immune to corruption. 100% immune to corruption in fact. I couldn't care less about a perfect arsehole if I tried. In the scheme of things she's not important. What the political parties have done are at the centre of this underlying issue of "significant terrorist crimes effected by the misappropriation of Australian government resources."


I'm not 100% sure if my face was intended to be used as the visual ID of the fake Leanne, or if I was intended to the murder victim in the first instance. Only Rex Walters and his family of criminals can answer that. I do know there is evidence to suggest but not prove that scenario. The suggestion itself may well be one implanted in my head during brainwashing. I do know for certain that at end of 1981 start of 1982 I'd visited the Nowra NSW police station with my suspicions that my male parent had indecently interfered with one of my children. I know the uniformed Nowra police male refused to take my statement because, as he said, because my male parent was a Freemason.


However what someone at Nowra police station also did was inform my male parent that I'd reported him without telling me. That's a breach of trust and invasion of privacy by NSW police. I had a diary of the events I suspected were child indecency. That diary was stolen and I was then drugged and raped. I had a vaginal swab to determine who might have done that. I told Camden NSW police I had the pathology done and requested an investigation. Again they refused to take my statement of that rape. Within a day or two that test was stolen from the medical location also in Camden NSW, my local physician's home / office in Elderslie to be precise. I also know that when I lived in Elderslie that same year, 1985, Camden NSW police arrived on my doorstep to arrest me over an unpaid fine from my minor car accident on 3 April 1982 when I was rear ended. The first words one said when I opened the door was, “You're dead.” Judging from the shock on his face and the whispering between them, as they glanced at my children at my feet cramming to see the police at the door, in retrospect they recognised my face as the fake Leanne Walters. In their defence, from the memory of the meaning of their words and the expressions on their face they acted scared for their life in the truth of it. Freemasons were 100% in control of NSW police in 1985.


So I can only presume a photo of me was in the hands of NSW police and had been falsely identified by NSW police as the face of Leanne Walters way back in 1985 and those two uniformed police knew full well I wasn't 14. They asked me whose children they were, if I was babysitting them stupid shit like that. My children at that stage were about 11, 9 and 7. Despite in their words, having a warrant to arrest me they didn't arrest me. They told me to pay the fine on my next payday. I was working in the office at Visyboard Warwick Farm near Liverpool NSW. The same office that Elaine Slowman worked only I rarely saw her. She was the General Manager's secretary. Elaine Slowman, now known as Lynette Mary Styles, is about 10 years older than me. I have a memory of her telling me at Visyboard that we are family related. Distant cousins I think she didn't elaborate. It may be a brainwashed memory as I can't connect that memory to any other event. I can just see her standing over me wearing something sleeveless and I's recognising her short upper arms so I know it was when she called herself Elaine as I never saw her with bare arms when she called herself Lynette. I only saw Elaine with short hair and only saw Lynette with longer hair. That I didn't connect the two as the same person in my current memory suggests to me I must have when I was at Wollondilly Council and was drugged and brainwashed as a result, MK Ultra style. To forget what I remembered.

Card 2003 Sydney Australia Police Falsif
2003 NSW Police Commissioners Office Ter
Card 1985-2021 Government Brainwashed My


Apart from potentially causing death of skin cells, infection, allergic reaction or blindness, face fillers cause skin sagging potentially needing corrective plastic surgery.

Facial plastic surgeon Michelle Yagoda:
{Filler in someone whose cheekbones are already defined pretty much just stretches out the underlying tissues. Fillers can migrate you could end up with over (bits) that look like saggy boobs. You can be left with wrinkly lips that may require surgery to correct.}

Facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono:.
{You dissolve away the filler and there’s all this extra skin and I have to cut it away. It’s a pretty big procedure and takes about two weeks to recover.}

Dr Michelle Yagoda

Dr Andrew Jacono

Card 1989 ID Theft by Filler Face Rape10


Any reasonable sane person wouldn't even contemplate the depths of depravity in the minds of the people involved in Australian politics. I've never been fat, so I was at a loss to understand why the skin of my fingers and toes had stretched and was now deflated giving the appearance of not being hydrated. I've never been fat so I was at a complete loss in understanding what was happening to me. The skin on one of my big toes has been so stretched that it folds itself under the toe next to it causing me to walk on it. The pain is excruciating if I forget to tape the toe before I walk around too much. I now had a permanent crease where the skin folds under the toe next to it. When I do tape the toe it still hurts considerably.


They've obviously damaged nerves in various locations all over me. I was using a hand saw when I sliced the side of my thumb, twice, but didn't feel only realised when I saw the blood on the timber. When it was healing the skin below the sliced wound peeled off for about two inches, it was brittle, almost like stone. My finger nails are so brittle if I bite them they cut my lip. A while back when I suspected I had fillers inside me I thought they might be silicone after I'd punctured my hand, but only an oily yellowish fluid leached out for about two weeks but not a drop of blood. I told my GP but he just laughed refusing to do any tests. So I went to donate blood figuring it'd be tested before use. They refused to take my blood and treated me as if I was drug addict donating blood for a feed. As if anyone would do that. Then I realised I'd seen that woman treating me so bad on the phone shortly before she came over to me to reject my donation. You'd be surprised how many medical practitioners have laughed at me when I showed them my concerns looking for a solution to this crisis. It took me a long time and accidental research to realise that its from cosmetic fillers these freaks had injected into me after they drugged me when I was an elected Alderman (Councillor.)


I can only imagine what else they did to me when I was unconscious. They're such brain-fuked sadistic calculating bastards. I'm not talking about a handful of people, there's been hundreds involved in bullying me out of my statutory right to medical services free from an illegal cartel arrangement for a political cause. Hundreds put pen to paper in intentionally falsified government medical records they secreted from me. Only a few are recorded in their own documents linked in this website. I stopped counting when the names reached the 100 mark. Life in prison is what they need. What the rest of us need for them, to protect us from them. It'd certainly create quite a few employment opportunities and create an efficient government for the first time in the history of Australia. Could re-purpose vacated immigration detention centres for a quick prison for political terrorist who are ex-government. Or build one on Robert Menzies British atomic bomb testing range. Win win.

Below: When the 2012 Adelaide hospital radiologist printed the MRI pictures they cropped off the side of my head. I compared it to the first MRI in 2006 and obtained the actual guess od the size from the 5cm scale on the image. Its possible closer to 25mm than 2cm. Have no idea what's at the base, next to my ear as the 2006 one shows a massive infection around the implant. The 2006 infection and the 2012 implant were  NOT mentioned in the accompanying reports. The reason I had the 2006 MRI was to look for the reason my head was (is still) "vibrating" If you're curious, they're linked on other pages in this website. Despite asking Adelaide physicians to look for an answer to "why I vibrate", not only did the government contracted GP PLUS SUPER CLINIC physicians refuse, they recorded their refusal with justified because a co-worker had (secretly) referred me to a psychiatrist/psychologist. One of the three physicians who refused to refer me to an ENT for the infection in my ear in 2011-2012 and the only one who had convinced herself that I was “deluded” in my belief I had been Wollondilly Shire Councillor Jenny Hall. Isn't that right Ceclia Emmaline Tildesley? Her shrink buddy Helen Tingay told me I wasn't allowed to refuse the psychiatric referral appointment. You can guess what I told her to do with her appointment. Have to wonder how many Australian physicians bought their medical degree parchment as opposed to qualifying. So tell me Scott Morrison, who owns the title deed to me? Myself or your Liberal-Labor political party?

Card 2021 Change Inevitable MRI x 2 200x
RR Janette Road-Runner.jpg
1959 Bunyan Janette and Sharon Bunyan Ho

Right: My siblings and parents. I wasn't invited. Boo hoo (not).

My head is about 3/4 the size of Sharon's, similar to Lynette's. Lynette and myself also have a long neck.

Card the only Gladys & Aubrey - STRACHAN

Family pic 1987: I'm in black on white stripe shirt,  very pregnant & standing behind my recalcitrant aunt, Ruby Manners in black.

Card 1987 Nanas 80th Birthday Sharons ho
Card Three Full Sisters Lynette Gladys F


Video: interview with Bob Logie, his account of his 1956 drugging and brainwashing in Canada (MKII Ultra) is precisely what Australia's government public officers, secretly, did to me inside the Wollondilly Shire Council building in late 1990s. Precisely. There was no medical consultation whatsoever. They took me back in memories to being born then dredged my memories from then making me dwell on every painful memory in what I can only presume was intent to cause me to take my own life. Only difference was they told me they'd given me LSD, then told me, "but you won't remember". I'm naturally resistent to most psychotropic man made drugs. However I did also experience (drug indiced) anxiety for the first & only time in my life after Lynette STYLES & her accomplices criminally assaulted me with LSD circa 1998.

Card 1989 ID Theft - Different Like Swee
2003 Janette when Living in Goulburn the
2003 Police Card Nice Car Leanne.png
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