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Criminal Masons

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Under the current "political" influence of Freemasons Australia is much worse than China in significant ways. China imprisons people who speak up against the government. Australia imprisons people who speak up against the government. China builds false propaganda to cover up sinister actions. Australia builds false propaganda to cover up sinister actions.

China kills pedophiles. Australia protects pedophiles and tries to kill their victims.

Probably easier to count how many wouldn't.

All the matters listed below are serious crimes in Australia. However when the Freemason protectionist government public officers fully support these crimes on political grounds by protecting the offender and harming the victims - then there is NO WAY to enforce the (fake) laws that make these repugnant events serious crime.

The 1988 14 year old is my oldest child who was born when I was 17. My male parent falsely claimed (behind my back) to all and sundry that my oldest child was also his child. I didn’t put my child’s father’s name on his birth certificate to protect him from my male parent’s murdering Freemason associates. I’m quite certain they murdered doctor Bulloch soon after my first child was born; Dr Bulloch stitched me up after my male parent raped me when I was two years old and due to fact I had stitches after the baby was born I suddenly remembered the rape perfectly clear as if it was yesterday. Still do. Considering the many and varied attempts to kill me since 1974 I suspect they (Freemasons) didn’t expect me to outlive most of them.


As I know quite a lot of you are in selective denial of government crime so I’ll elaborate. The NSW Attorney General has the exclusive right under criminal law to decide whether or not to "charge" a person for incest. Despite my many written protests since 1988; when they agreed to pay my male parent Child Endowment and when they decided not to charge my male parent for incest, the Commonwealth of Australia and the NSW Attorney-General mutually and criminally decided (without DNA tests) that I willingly had sex with my male parent to conceive my oldest child, evidently because my male parent was a Freemason.

CRIMES ACT 1900 NSW section 78F Sanction of  Attorney-General (1) No prosecution for an offence under sections 78A (Incest) or 78B (Incest attempts) shall be commenced without the sanction of the  Attorney-General.

s78C provides the defence if one party says there was mutual consent. So just like any other rape if the male says "she said it was ok" then its not rape despite that it was.


So the government secretly decided I consented when they allowed my male parent to keep my child he kidnapped because he said it was his child despite that, that is an absolute lie. To protect "the Freemasons" (not actually my male parent as an individual) the government falsified documents to falsely accuse me of child sex crimes without ever charging me so I can't ever clear my reputation of the false claims. There have been and are many prominent people who are Freemasons.


Australian government public officers are criminally protecting Masonic reputation by falsely defaming victims of their crimes, then and now.


This is why they wrote the personality of Leanne Walters, the fake-as (1989 first published) BROTHERS IN ARMS 1984 bikie murder victim as a ‘socially retarded 14 year old whose Liverpool hospital friend was a known pedophile and whose boyfriend was also her first born child (the government gave him the same first name.) That’s how fuked up AUSTRALIAN Liberal and Labor party members were back then and still are now.


That’s why my oldest son won’t have anything to do with me, he doesn’t want to be falsely branded for incest. They did similar dirty deeds to my younger four children subsequently I’ve never met any of my grandchildren. Like any criminal psychopath they totally destroyed my life and the lives of all my descendants.

Its time to ban Freemasonry and exclude criminal political terrorist psychopaths (like these) from government public office.

With police to cover for them, how many would make murder look like something else to selfishly protect a reputation?
that you should know.
Card 2012 Noarlunga Nazis Weatherill and

18 May 2013  "I am not glamorising violent criminal psychopaths," Prof Dutton points out, "because these guys completely devastate other people's lives." PDF

1970 Janette Class photo CHS.png

Janette aged 18 on her wedding day 1975 Geelong VIC

Janette Gail FRANCIS aged almost 19 in 1
Card 1989 NOT Leanne Walters.png

Janette aged 28 at lunch time when working in 1984 in office  of Visyboard at Warwick Farm near Liverpool NSW public hospital where she trained as a nurse in 1977.

Card 1995 - 1999 WSC Janette crop.png
2019-12-12 Janette Selfie CROP 2.jpg

2019: Janette aged 63

Australia's government itself (all of them) are the largest criminal organisation in Australia; and the longest "protected" criminal organisation in continual operation, dating back to British colonisation when British prisoners were Colonial police. It's time to outlaw Freemasons and political crimes like these.

Which means Australia is NOT a democracy as they claim. Confirmed by fact the Australian news media has REFUSED to print any of these matters despite the significant evidence that proves them all.


Circa 1982 Nowra New South Wales (NSW) police refused to take my statement of alleged child sex crimes because the accused was a Freemason. He was never arrested or penalised. The child/ren were never allowed right to compensation.

1985 OWEN NEIL HALL (1964-2010) pursued me for seceral weeks before I agreed to date him. It never occured to me his intent was to betray me for profit and steal my real estate.

24 April 1988 Camden NSW police refused to take my statement of "first hand witnesses" child sex crimes because the accused was a Freemason. Same person as 1982, he was never arrested or penalised. The child/ren were never allowed right to compensation. The accused was never charged.

29 November 1989 the same "witnessed" Freemason child sex crime offender AUBREY BERNARD FRANCIS (1923-2017) my male parent then "criminally kidnapped" a child aged 14 years, conning the child by falsely telling the child the sex offender was really the child's "natural" farther. Again Camden NSW police refused to take my statement from me and the accused was never charged.

Circa 1989 Nowra NSW Centrelink paid Child Endowment to the same Freemason child sex crime "witnessed offender" and "kidnapper" and rejected my evidence that State police had illegally refused to charge him and despite that I was not the only family member complaining of my male parent's child sex crimes.

Circa 1989 Camden NSW magistrate refused to take my in court evidence of alleged child sex crimes because the accused was a Freemason. Same person as 1982 and 1988, he was never arrested or penalised. The child/ren were never allowed right to compensation.



1991 when heavily pregnant with my last child I discovered at Cenrtrelink Camden NSW that my file had been falsified but didn't discover the full extent until 2004. They'd stolen my entire file replaced it with false data the indicates the false belief that my oldest child had fathered all his siblings even to the extent that they had changed all Family names of all my children to the same as my oldest child, FRANCIS, despite their legal birth registrations and the fact I'd been legally married as Mrs Peters between 1975 and 1988. OWEN NEIL HALL (1964-2010) conned me into divorcing William Robert Peters (1953-2008) on the false promise to marry. After the divorce he refused to marry me despite that I birthed his only children. He later married a woman 14 years older than him and with whom he had no children whatsoever. HALL's son of Freemason Percy John Hall.

When I was about 5 months pregnant A male I now recognise as REX JOHN WALTERS knocked at my front door at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW. He had a photo of me in his wallet he showed me and started a well-rehearsed speech alleging 'I was his long lost daughter' he's not much older than me. I told him to leave and watched him from the window. I'd just had some frames and trusses delivered for an extension. He snapped one before he left with his bodyweight, he stood on an edge of a roof truss rocking it until it broke stabbing his leg. He then went across the road to Mary street into the house located on the north-west corner of William and Mary Street The Oaks. The people there had followed me everywhere I moved which included far north to Newcastle NSW and back south to Goulburn NSW.

Yes the SAME REX WALTERS from Ingleburn NSW who falsely claimed with criminal intent, that the (stolen photo of me) the female in the 1989 & 2001 published BROTHERS IN ARMS book was his daughter Leanne aged 14 years younger than me. The only police-alleged female murder victim at the Fathers Day 1984 shooting in the Beaconsfield (Milperra) Viking Tavern car park between motorcycle clubs Bandidos and Comancheros and NSW police. The crime NSW State and Commonwealth jointly funded as a mini-series in 2012 called "Bikie Wars" lying pack of psychopathic political terrorists.

In case I haven't said it enough, the Viking Tavern was in Treasurer / Prime Minister PAUL KEATING's electorate. Which infers the Australian Labor Party were and are financially backing these crimes that are now equally supported by the Liberal Party of Australia. Common denominators fully backed by police, are Freemasons in parliament and therefore political cause terrorism to save a false reputation, with their 'whatever it takes to hold power in government' psychopathic attitude.

1991, two days before my baby was born,  Freemasons from The Oaks and Camden NSW stole my NSW State government guaranteed Torrens Title real estate which was only realised in 1996 when I told my defacto HALL to leave our family home, my real estate. HALL produced to NSW police a forged 1991 dated letter from Macarthur Credit Union's Wollongong lawyers KELL HEARD McEWAN & LOUGH falsely saying HALL owned my Torrens Title. Camden and The Oaks NSW police refused to acknowledge my Torrens Title as registered at NSW Land Titles office in Sydney in my name as JANETTE GAIL FRANCIS and refused to evict HALL. The State court system refused me the right to take the matter to court. I never was compensated for the theft of my NSW State government guaranteed Torrens Title real estate.

Circa 1993 neighbours told me they heard me screaming for quite some time the night before and that there were a lot of cars parked in in my driveway, they added that as they saw my defacto partner and father of my two youngest children there, (OWEN NEIL HALL) they thought it was OK. I'd partly remembered screaming. I was drugged and pack raped in my own bed. Then drugged again to try to make me forget when I challenged HALL about it after I spoke to neighbours who were subsequently threatened with violence if they spoke up. Yes, local NSW police were involved. Evidently this was how HALL believed I'd make him a millionaire by the time he was 30 in 1994. If you'd ever met HALL he acted as if he wouldn't hurt a fly. He's a typical "Jekyll & Hyde" psychopath, so is his mother.

Subsequently there were constant false accusations of me that I had been in multiple pornographic movies but the rumour mongers (ALP members) refused to produce the alleged videos. So after I was illegally (without lawful authority) sacked by them from my elected position as Alderman / Councillor on Wollondilly Shire Council I placed an advertisement for $10,000 reward about the alleged porn videos in the local Southern Highlands newspaper. Concerned my mail would be stolen I paid extra for replies to a "bag number" at the Newspaper office in Bowral NSW, staff at the office informed me they gave all my replies to REX JOHN WALTERS of Ingleburn NSW because they claimed, he's my male parent. HALL's mother complained to the Family Court in HALL v HALL that I'd brought "shame" on the HALL family by placing the advertisement for the $10,000 reward. They sound Muslim however they’re atheist. Or should I say "devil worshippers" as a "old" Campbelltown NSW Freemason Family.

Circa 1994 TWO (2) uniformed NSW police threatened to shoot me inside the Campbelltown Catholic Club during an evening Toastmasters meeting because I'd overtly laughed at NSW police detective Paul Shiels after he held a copy of the paperback titled "Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs" copyright 1989 claiming it was his strong belief that the photo of me (left aged 28) inside that book labelled as "Leanne Walters shot dead" meant that I was really Leanne Walters a Rebels Motorcycle Club bikie moll, aged 14 (and aged 14 years younger than I really am.)  I'm confident police "lost" all record of this illegal assault considering "Martin Shiels" the defective detective's DNA brother was the half-witted police informant and fellow Camden NSW Toastmasters club attendee who brought the word "adroit" falsely claiming it described his intelligence. NSW Police never sought to have the book withdrawn from sale due to the criminal defamation about me ithat it contained.

In retrospect HALL was also involved in that he often said to me that "You'll make me a millionaire before I'm 30." But refused to expand on that. He secretly drugged me often so I have staggered memories in this ten years we were together 1986-1996. I told him to leave when I found a prescription for (Rohypnol) the date rape drug memory loss tranquilizer hidden in his wardrobe written by criminal doctor Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed after I refused AHMED's offer to have the script. Owen was in the habit of falling to sleep anywhere and everywhere including at work in the coalmine and probably why he got lung cancer (if he is dead) he had no need for a sleeping pill. His wife never told his children he was dead so we really don't know if he's faked his death and gone overseas to hide.

Last we heard from HALL was his challenge in the Administrative Appeal Tribunal not to pay his youngest child adult child-support in her final years of school after she turned 18. That was last quarter 2009. After rumours we applied in 2015 to see if he had a death certificate, it said he died on 5 March 2010 of cancer. I was not informed he had been diagnosed with cancer he was still paying child support to the end of the 2009 school year. His only children were not informed of his death allegedly three months later. There was no invite to his only children to his "will reading" no inheritance for his only children from his multi-million dollar country property. Nothing. There is a grave but wouldn’t be the first time a criminal fraud faked their own death. When he stole my real estate, he continued to use my banking identity several years after we permanently separated and after he married Legal Services government public officer, Robyn M Noonan JP. The pair criminally operated the joint account in my name with Owen with the criminal authority of Macarthur Credit Union staff in Picton NSW who refused me my legal right to close the account down. They couldn’t close it on the grounds that’s how they stole my real estate. NOONAN became a willing party to the crime after the fact.

1995 evidently all police are also qualified motor mechanics as when the steering arm on my Mazda 929 fell off shortly after I caught my defacto by surprise under my car, police claimed HALL was probably only tightening the steering for me.

1996 when I found the date rape drug in HALL's wardrobe I told him to leave. After all it was my real estate had been living in for the past decade. He became violent and told me if I took the children from him I'd get nothing else. He was true to his word, despite that it was me who owned "everything else" he's brought nothing into the relationship. He literally got everything I couldn't fit into my Mazda 929. Before too long they stole my Mazda too.

I've BEEN FORCED TO LIVE IN RENTALS EVER SINCE creating instability of residence for my children as I was illegally evicted every two years ending with us having to live in our family car for two years - bringing me to be in State housing so they can lord over me and dictate my level of house security.

1999 this is the probable reason HALL started his extensive Family Law Act actions against me in the Family Court. I'd been trying to make the separation work for the children HALL looked after them while I was on Council duties. When I came home I entered the kitchen from the garage, usually smoking but not this time by mere chance. I opened the sliding door to find all four self-igniting stove top gas burners spewing gas (no flames.) All and sundry, including the Family Court judiciary didn't believe HALL was trying to kill me and the children and himself. Our children in bed the house was full of gas. I found him semi-drugged on the lounge room floor. This was the last time I was civil to HALL. I refused to leave him alone with the children. Everyone deemed I was unreasonable in that decision.

Card 2014 Confirmed Noarlunga Nazis - An
Card 1990s Family Album 1997 and 1999 Ro
Card 1990s Family Album 1994 and 1999 Ow
2009 State Premier Spin Dr ID Fraud Jan
Card 2013 Criminal Defamation by Heidi M

1999 (April) I was informed I'd been dismissed from my elected position on Wollondilly Shire Council. Procedural fairness and natural justice deems I'm to be informed before such a dismissal in order to put my defence and point out any legal irregularity. That never occurred, they dismissed me in breach of the intent of Australian Constitution, without notice to me or anyone outside their circle of criminals.

One of the many false rumours about me that circulated in NSW government and their local Council's was that 'as REX JOHN WALTERS daughter I'd suffered a mental breakdown and was in psychotic denial of who I really was'. Children of the effing corn.

This community "delusion" had evolved by 2012 when Tasmanian and Christies Beach SA registered medical doctor Celia Emmeline TILDESLEY informed me she believed I had never been elected as Alderman / Councillor onto Wollondilly Shire and therefore I’m not “Janette Gail Francis” that was "my" delusion. She then secretly referred me to a psychiatrist Helen TINGAY for ritualistic drugging with the intent to ‘re-program’ my brain to accept their “new normal” when TINGAY telephoned me I cancelled the appointment, TINGAY told me “You can’t do that.” You can image my response. I contacted persons in authority about the TILDESDAY defamation to TINGAY. State Premier’s office staff contacted State mental health emergency triage attempting to have me sectioned under State Mental Health Act. See NOARLUNGA NAZIS photo card above & ALP elected State CRIMINALS Premier Jay WEATHERILL and John HILL.

1999 Parramatta NSW Family Law Court allocated HALL's 1999 application for child access with the number PA3302 in HALL v HALL. The number on my 1980's action against my husband Mr Peters was PA302 in FRANCIS v PETERS. Its not likely their numbering system was a coincidence. I was 2 almost 3 when a Mason raped me on 3 March 1959.  In the matter of HALL v HALL of 1999 Mason Judge WADDY exonerated the 1959 Mason of my rape; and exonerated the fellow councillor Michael BANASIK of indecently assaulting me on about 17 October 1997 at the NSW Local Government Conference; all on HALL's evidence who wasn't there in either location and to whom I said little or nothing about either crime. Freemason Judge WADDY decided that because he believed I had "treated HALL unfairly" after he'd tried to kill me and the children then I probably lied about the other two matters. No legality in that. Its all in the transcript they charged me some thousands for despite that I was on a supporting parent’s pension.

The fact the 1959 rapist, my male parent, was sent to prison for some months evidently meant nothing to Freemason WADDY. NSW state has mysteriously lost that record in the interim. Mother crying whenever she looked at me and his lengthy absence tells the truth of it. I told everyone who'd listen after he did it, including Dr Bullock who stitched me up to stop my bleeding as male parent extensively tore my vagina skin during his drunken rape of his baby daughter for telling him foo for punching my mother in the face. I don’t believe in God but I hope there’s a hell.


Owen HALL’s mother Janet M (Kenworthy) HALL JP filed an affidavit in Family Court in HALL v HALL PA3302 of 1999, swearing her belief that I lied about being raped in 1959 because a police person said I couldn't have children if I'd been raped as a child. See NSW State police are qualified medical doctors too. That's why Janet M HALL never got to see her grandchildren again.

About this stage in the Family Law Court hearing I (seriously) found myself staring at the door to see if there was a bundle of thatches I expected to see for the witch burning. Probably a memory from another life. I snapped out of it when the lawyer in the court looked too.


1999 Parramatta Family Law NSW judge unlawfully refused to allow me my right for property settlement after my defacto, the son of a Mason, had stolen my real estate and was squatting in it. I never got the house and land back. I was never allowed my right to compensation.  Judge LLOYD STACEY DENGATE WADDY breached my rights under the Family Law Act by refusing to hear my “Family Law Act” application for property settlement when there was "matters involving children" before the court in a defacto relationship. Self professed Freemason WADDY blocked my right to get my possessions from HALL.


Circa 1999 Bowral/Mittagong NSW police refused to arrest a male person they caught inside my vehicle as he was trying to steal it. I was never allowed my right to compensation.

Circa 1999 Bowral/Mittagong NSW police refused to arrest the persons who had stolen my vehicle despite that I told them where the stolen vehicle was. I never got my car back, it was also still being paid off but I hadn’t insured it. I was never allowed my right to compensation.

1999 I was illegally expelled from my 1995 Electoral Act election onto Local Council in Wollondilly Shire, under NSW State government.

2004 When I saw his legal practice in Goulburn NSW, I instantly remembered my old friend Ian Cheetham from our 1973 quiet social evenings at Leumeah Inn with myself, Phil Stever and a number of well-behaved others, he’s also a fellow ex-student from Campbelltown High NSW.  When we were drinking at the Leumeah Inn and any police walked in, my old friend Ian Cheetham would run like a sacred rabbit "because he said" the "police know his dad". Ian is older than me and was legally drinking in the pub. Regardless, I went in to seek legal representation after Goulburn police had illegally arrested me many times for no recognised crime at all and the local magistrate had illegally imposed a 5 year Apprehended Violence Order on me with no lawful authority (you need evidence of potential crime). But my old friend Ian Cheetham refused to represent me against the NSW police. He's now a NSW magistrate in Local Court system.

I was never allowed right to compensation for the multiple 2004 false arrests that included police invading my single parent residence with pistols drawn to arrest me without any warrant and being strip searched at the police station by NSW police when I was menstruating. Strip searched essentially because I had the audacity to report NSW police crime to NSW police criminals. 


2006 MRI radiology images under Medicare Australia program proved I'd been surgically raped. SA Police refused to take any action.

2006 CT radiology report under Medicare Australia program proved I'd been surgically raped. SA Police refused to take any action.

2007 I was arrested and prosecuted without justifiable grounds for alleged assault of Christies Beach undercover SA police wanker who had criminally assaulted me in the first instance without lawful authority then maliciously assaulted me during the illegal arrest. I was acquitted. I was never allowed right to compensation for the false arrest etc.

Since 2007 Health industry NSW & SA private and Public refuse me medical services to attend to my injuries from 2007 SA Police wanker which includes dislocated hand and shoulder. Still not in 2020.

In 2009 when my youngest child turned eighteen, I dumped Owen Neil HALL's last name I'd assumed by Statutory Declaration in 1980s. I was stunned when Christies Beach (Adelaide) motor vehicle registry office manager informed me she believed my own NSW State birth Certificate belonged to "someone else" refusing to allow me use my own Australian registered birth name in State records. To prove my ID I had my NSW birth certificate and those of all my five children that all show my birth family name FRANCIS. I had my PETERS divorce papers and my PETERS VIC marriage certificate that had my birth name FRANCIS on that. All certificates were dated last century.

Terrorist-moll, Jan McConChie working in the South Australia State Premier's "publicity" office  decided she'd "piss on me" as a State official by sending me this antagonistic letter that informs me staff who allowed my name change had acted illegally and would be "retrained". Then She obviously criminally destroyed my licence photo and my official signature as "FRANCIS" as evidenced on the photo page showing my licences. When I corrected the last one in 2017 they set about to permanently  and criminally cancel my driving licence in 2018 without lawful authority. Which they did. Due to the extensive crime in Australia I'm still without a licence in 2020.

Our bipartisan political party police refuse to intervene to enforce my legal rights. South Australia's criminal public officers, like MCCONCHIE wanted me to continue to be known as HALL to fit in with their plans that included criminally falsifying hundreds of documents with my name as "Janette HALL". Attached is a letter she wrote to me falsely claiming she was working in the department of transport. Jan McConChie's advertisement on internet proves she's a professional liar and government funded political terrorist for and on behalf of an Australian government.

2010 Adelaide District Civil Court SA Judge refused to allow me to put my evidence before the court illegally dismissing my case common law compensation matter involving my illegal arrest and assault etc in 2007. I was never allowed right to compensation.

2012 MRI radiology images under Medicare Australia program proved I'd been surgically raped. SA Police refused to take any action.

2012 My then private consulting doctor Celia Emmaline Tildesley told me she believed every experience I remembered in my life was a psychotic delusion and secretly referred me to a psychiatrist. Her practice had won the contract to provide general doctor services at GP Plus in Noarlunga SA (Adelaide) Tildesley is still a registered doctor.

2014 Adelaide SA police refused to prosecute on video evidence of a multiple persons trespassing on my land to criminally assault me and kidnap me at State election time. I was never allowed right to compensation for the trespass etc. Unable to prosecute or sue me for defamation (true crime in context) they resorted to criminal abuse of the Mental Health Act to lock me up and assault me with drugs they knew I didn't need after creating several years of criminally falsified State records as a "State mental health file" under the name "Janette HALL". They criminally falsified a Medicare card in the process. More on that at page JOHN DAVID HILL & ORGANISED CRIME

2018 Adelaide SA police refused to prosecute on video evidence of a male person jumping my fence to attempt to criminally assault me at State election time. I was never allowed right to compensation for the trespass etc.

2018 I discovered in Freedom of Information Act application response documents that since 2007 the SA State departments of police and health had illegally recorded intentionally false and misleading details in records they titled “Mental Health” and using my identification details. I was never allowed my right to correct the false and criminally defamatory documents or compensation.

2019 Adelaide Supreme Civil Court SA Judge refused to acknowledge my evidence before the court illegally dismissing my case common law compensation matter involving defamation and other matters. I was never allowed right to appeal.


because I reported Freemason child sex crimes to Freemason police and their Freemason politicians.

No Australian government has overtly published accurate information on exactly how to successfully formulate any self-representing application to any Australian court (civil or criminal, State or Federal) where one of the parties to the matter is, or is linked to, any Australian government because the government itself is the largest organised crime syndicate in Australia who abuse the court system and their positions as public officers to fulfil personal or political causes rather than enforce Australian law.

As a point of associated interest: My male parent's own father died when he was three years old. They lived in St Peters Sydney NSW where a Freemason took my male parent under his ‘care’ and turned him on to the devil worshipping Masons. When my male parent was 14 an anonymous person illegally altered his grandfather's NSW marriage certificate which is now the only known government record with his name on it. More on that in the MASON DNA page.

1940 Nana and Mum CROP.jpg

Circa 1940 L-R:, Janette's maternal grandmother 32, Janette's male parent aged 17,  Janette's mother aged 14.


Definition of terrorism in Australian law


Terrorism in Commonwealth law is defined as an act or threat that is intended to:

  • advance a political, ideological or religious cause; and

  • coerce or intimidate an Australian or foreign government or the public (or section of the public) including foreign public.

  • The conduct falls within the definition if it:

  • causes serious physical harm to a person or serious damage to property;

  • causes death or endangers a persons life;

  • creates a serious risk to the health and safety to the public (or section of the public),

25 July 2013 Scientistific brain research proves psychopaths can be both callous and charming switching empathy off and on at will.   PDF

You may be wondering what the link is between the illegal actions of executive State government and State judiciary in NSW and SA.

2007: After I was acquitted in December of the (self defence) assault of Christies Beach 30 something old male police person I went to Campbelltown NSW to meet with my ex-husband, Whyalla SA born William Robert Peters. I stayed there for a few weeks leaving in April 2008. I know he had illegal implants he showed me the evidence.  My husband died suddenly in July 2008 aged 55.

2008: While in Campbelltown I took the opportunity to visit certified hypnotherapist and surgeon Dr Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed who had been my general doctor when I was surgically raped in the 1990s. I informed AHMED i had a number of illegal implants and thta I also had dislocation in my right hand as a consequence of the 2007 assault by COOPER that specific SA doctors refused to treat. So knowing my queries (surgical rape in abdomen and visibly dislocated thumb) AHMED gave me a referral to see specialist Dr Arvin Kumar Damodaran who was employed in the NSW Health system at Liverpool Hospital as a rheumatologist.

2008: DAMODARAN to whom I told the same set of events only referred me the Liverpool Hospital's NSW Health radiology department for XRAYS of my elbow and both hands.

2008: It took almost 2 years before the radiology department at Liverpool Hospital's NSW Health would give me copy of the report written by Dr Glenn Peter Schlaphoff, who wrote that "the base of the righty thumb appears symmetrical to the base at the left hand" which is true however SCHLAPHOFF omitted to note that both CMC joints were (are) dislocated. CMC is where the base of the thumb meets the hand.

2013: With no communication between myself and AHMED he committed Commonwealth fraud by falsely claiming to Medicare Australia 2 "face to face" consultations with me in 2013 in his Mount Annan practice rooms and despite that I hadn't left Adelaide since I returned from my husband's funeral.

2014: On the day I was illegally imprisoned as a nutter at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide SA, under SA Health criminally flawed law for internet defamation of unidentified "prominent persons" in January 2014 some unidentified person from NSW Health accessed my Medicare Australia records, without lawful authority. The distance between the 2 locations is about 1,500 kilometres.

2014: On another day whilst I was illegally imprisoned in a high security Mental Health prison in Flinders Medical Centre AHMED made another fraudulent claim to Medicare Australia, again claiming he had a face to face consultation with me in his Mount Annan rooms, when clearly he could NOT have done so.


Clearly its in the public interest that these three stooges and their co-conspirators go to prison for a very long time for acts of terrorism, because no person is above the law. However the Australian Federal Police, the Prime Minister and the Minister responsible for the federal police don't agreed with me. Evidently AFP, MORRISON & DUTTON are of the opinion that specific medical doctors and specific fellow government public officers are all above the law when it may "advance a political cause" which is a definition of terrorism.  Either that or they've decalared me a "non person" because they've already declared me dead by defamation intending to make me "disappear" from government records after my death as Australia's government's did with another NSW resident last century, my great grandfather George Arthur FRANCIS. Otherwise they've declared me an "outlaw" not protected by Australian law. All of which are a product of their serious delusions.

Janette Gail Francis

born 1956 Cooma NSW in already fuked up Australia.

COVER Chan Thomas.png

This is not a Bible story it’s a story of historical geography, geology and a huge dose of reality. Everyone should have this knowledge it’s our right to know & understand our fate. "US Army went looking for the (North) pole in the late 1940s, it'd shifted 250 miles (400 kilometres) to the northwest... Since 1990, it has moved a whopping 600 miles (970 kilometres) ... Since 2015, the place to which a compass points has been sprinting toward Siberia at a pace of more than 30 miles (48 kilometres) a year."

Sure there’s a lot of bullshit stories floating around like the one our national university subscribes to, Quantum theory and that reality doesn’t exist unless its being observed, or changes when it is obsurved. I suggest that’s the one they use to defeat my legal action against them.

Then there’s that matter if I eat a banana, I spend the next several minutes fishing exfoliated skin from my gums. No it doesn't work the same on my face. Most people would call me a liar because it doesn’t happen to them or they’ve never heard of happening to anyone else.

I'm not defending "religion" if you expand your thoughts a little, you'll understand that the "religious" texts are merely perversion of verbally recorded history. We all know what happens when a story is repeated over and over by different people telling the saga. Our planet shows hard evidence that supports the catastrophe stories of the Bible. You’ve misunderstood me if you believe I support religion and any God. I have evidence to prove the contrary, but people won’t publish it possibly because they’re afraid of what my experience tells us. No I’m not talking about an “alien” visit.

Our planet shows hard evidence to corroborate this theory of the Earth rejuvenating due to our Earth’s rotating core. Its very plausible. More plausible than Quantum theory which our government has spent quite a lot of money investigating.


The fact that the Earth’s core is generating electromagnetic energy is really bizarre in itself. The moment I heard the CIA banned this book - that in itself tells an intelligent person the author is on to something USA’s government wanted secreted. Presumably, they didn’t want the population to panic as it did with the radio broadcast of ‘War of the Worlds’ fiction book.


This rejuvenation process perfectly explains the religious worldwide multi-secular tales of what otherwise must have been (outer) space invaders; and why the highly advanced civilizations before us vanished suddenly leaving only their largest monuments and a stack of mutilated bones or just teeth.


Just because it is or isn’t a popular theory doesn’t make it right or wrong. No theory should be dissed except quantum theory, clearly there’s something they just can’t see or in their stubborn arrogance have simply closed their mind off to seeing it.

It’s believed from evidence that when the poles reverse the earth's top crust will move WEST as the wind and oceans continue to rotate east causing a cataclysmic event with seismic speeds of water earth slurry and built environments and wind. Few will survive. Experiments on mice prove in the pre-warning low-density magnetic field before the pole shift the brain responds to basically make the mice violent and psychopathically cruel to their companion mice and break out in head to toe cancers.


The pole shift reportedly take about 6 hours gleaned from the content of fully preserved food in mouth and stomach of a woolly mammoth that was snap frozen in that cataclysmic event.  Our technology today is incapable of mimicking that quick freeze. Evidence suggests there's been many and they are a regular regeneration for our planet.


The book describes existing evidence of previous violent and sudden pole shifts causing and abrupt end to life on Earth. Explaining why our learnt knowledge and written history is limited and non-existent at times despite that previous generations were obviously far more advanced than we are now. This research explains the violent erosion marks on the Sphinx and the great pyramids and why America’s plateau erosion leaves you scratching your head wondering where the rest of the mountains are. The original 1966 version was forbidden by CIA in America. Chan Thomas was a UFO researcher for United States of America's government. "Dr Thomas attended Dartmouth College and Columbia University, graduating from the latter in Electrical Engineering. As a result of his research and analysis since 1949, Dr Thomas has become recognized as the world's leading authority in cataclysmology."

Thinking outside the box is a term to get you exercising your brain to contemplate the probability of different realities other than the Quantum ones we're spoon-fed from the cradle to the grave.  I would hate to convince myself nothing exists in the universe that we don't know about. Wouldn't you?

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