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Card 1985 BIA What If -Lynette Styles is

This is predominantly a criminal matter with me and my family as the “serious harm” victims. Why are NSW police refusing prosecute these associated crimes? Answer: because senior Government past and present are personally involved in these associated crimes.

These ARE acts of terrorism.

Card 2021 Fake Lynette Styles Kangaroo 1

The Sun VICTIM right: Under the sub-heading "1983, 5 March (Double dissolution)" this Australian Parliament House website says, "The 1983 election was a triumph for the ALP" the use of the word "triumph" does not refer to motorcycles. When you examine this t-shirt, in my opinion, it looks like the word "triumph" with its continuous underline et cetera, suffered the same fate as the ear lobe, it was edited in. Our Government public officers are ruthless psychopaths, they'll do whatever it takes, according to Labor Party's Graham Richardson, to maintain power.

This logo is referred to as "Smile line: 1934-1990" There is too much of a gap between "T" and "R"; "P and "H" are blurred, like when you write too close in felt tip pen, as opposed to being obscured if it were on t-shirt; "M" is far too low like the press who failed to bring up all the errors in this "fake Leanne" story.



Illegal Secret Face Fillers between 1982

No one gets that ugly naturally.

Below: Janette's transformation despite virtually no alcohol, no drugs and minimal sun exposure. This harm was due 100% to secret politically motivated terrorist government face fillers. Courtesy of criminally sadistic Freemason BROTHERS IN ARMS.

Fillers don't vanish they migrate to other areas of your face etc. 'Dimple' is where I'd just poked my finger, stays indented for several seconds due to the illegal fillers. I'm completely hydrated.

Right: Video link to see the faces of members of only motorcycle club I was involved with since or prior 1983-1984.

Image by Jorgen Hendriksen
Triumph Logo 1934-1990.png
Card 1982 Janette from VCR Video V2 100p

I'm not a greedy person, I won't take from you more than you took from me, that's fair enough; 40 years of your life, your looks, your daily comfort, your ability to undertake daily tasks without physical pain, your ability to sleep undisturbed by torture, everything you own, everyone you love, everyone you call friend, all your family, that good reputation you've built up over the years and permanent brain damage from 2 secret lobotomies, or was it 3?

LEFT: LINK Janette Gail Francis' (in) 1982 video.  (see # comments below) In Australia, like anywhere else humans inhabit, pretty young females are treated by men (and jealous ugly females) as an invitation to sexually exploit them, using a huge variety of justifications. I never considered myself overly attractive, my introverted humble politeness failed to protect me from the political terrorists that inhabit our parliaments and other Government Public Office, a multiplicity of (government's) false and ugly defamations are in circulation about me with Government's obvious express intent to make sure no one will stand by me.


Evidently no Australian in authority give a fuck that I've been and am being physically tortured for an unincorporated terrorist organisation's political cause for the past 40 years, so lets wind this back to less national scale. Lets make this about violence against women.

As a young female I was physically attacked in 1980s and 1990s by my male parent, (Aubrey Bernard Francis 1923-2018) and my male defacto partner, (Owen Hall 1964-2010). These attacks left me permanently injured. These injuries are yet to receive medical care in my country where they occurred, Australia. In 2021 my male parent and my male (ex) defacto are now both quite dead and buried. If I were the murder victim they both expected me to be I'd have been dead long ago and you could do nothing to help me in 2021. I'm not dead, so there's no excuse for you to be silent. I ask YOU to respond to this question in a positive manner:  Do you think its "just" (legal and fair) for anyone to be refused "physical" medical treatment in Australia, after being criminally assaulted or for any other reason?   ...   Only psychopaths will remain silently aggressive on this NATIONAL issue. 

For people who don't know what Australia was like as I was growing up, you may get some insight by researching the video this photo came from. The photographer was my husband, we'd married in 1975, we had two children together. His highly offensive disrespectful behaviour, laughing at me as he zoomed in on my private parts was considered “mild” by other men and women of that era. I had an 'athletic' body I never expose my chest, never sexually flirted, yet that didn't stop even my husband from leering at me. The 'deep thought' look on my face was one of sadness at the emerging realisation that, that was what he was doing. This is the real Australia, chock full of perverts who sexually exploited me with a political motive when they labelled me, internationally, as a “bikie moll” despite that they also claimed I was 2 years younger than the age for lawful sex consent in Australia. Amazingly literally no one in authority in Australia since 1984 had publicly expressed the sexual exploitation of “this child” as a problem. Which in itself is the inference of a lawfully acceptable admission from all State and Federal parliament since 1984, that they were a willing and active party to this criminal fraud to pervert the course of justice. This fake murder story of the fake person they named “Leanne Walters aged 14”.

History claims Britain, Australia  & USA fought WWII because Hitler committed atrocities against civilians as he wanted world control.


What's difference is between Hitler & his political party, the Nazi Party, England, Australia & USA ?


Answer: Hitler did it publicly - Britain, Australia & USA did it secretly.

  • 10 years after the end of WWII USA secretly started MK Ultra illegal experiments on their own citizens, atrocities in breach of human rights.

  • 20 years after the end of WWII Britain was secretly dropping atomic bombs on Australia, their own colony, which caused terminal or long-term mutations in the DNA of the harmed people, Britain still refuse to accept responsibility 60 years later, atrocities in breach of human rights.

  • 40 years after the end of WWII Australia was secretly medically mutilating its citizens stealing private land, again, and punishing citizens who attempted to sue them for their injustices in breach of local laws and other atrocities in breach of human rights.

People ask  -- Is it acceptable to use data from Nazi medical experiments?   

No absolutely 100% NO on grounds that using that data would & HAS encouraged the government to conduct even more inhumane experiments.

Card 1989 ID Theft Prime Minister had my

1995 Keating Terrorists


The Criminal Code Act 1995 was approved by the federal Government that had been elected in 1993. I have not bothered to fully research who held the balance of power in the (upper house) Senate, if my memory serves me well it was Labor Party, who were also elected in the (lower) house of representatives with Paul Keating as Prime Minister. The same Paul Keating whose personal political interests were served by this “fake Leanne Walters farce and my surgical rape” because the “Milperra” shootings actually happened in Beaconsfield NSW, which was the electorate of the same Paul Keating and occurred at the time the federal election was due to be called by Bob Hawke & same Paul Keating controlled the federal Australian government Treasury.

All this is relevant as Criminal Code Act 1995, has “The Criminal Code” within its Schedule. Within The Criminal Code is a prohibition on “Crimes Against Humanity” which occurred as a prohibition from a United Nations agreement in response to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party in WWII. Within prohibition on “Crimes Against Humanity is a prohibition for “Torture” and “Other Inhumane Acts”.

The problem is that the 1995 Federal Parliament made sure that no person could privately prosecute Crimes Against Humanity without the consent of the “Attorney-General.” The Attorney-General like the Prime Minister are elected into their positions by their political party and only become appointed to these posts by a general election of the people registered to vote. Therefore the Attorney-General “exclusion clause” is a clause that enables the Attorney-General to act on their own belief system, be it cultural, religious, political, financial or a family. As the Australian Constitution has no protections for decisions made on an individual elected persons personal belief systems and specifically no “political” protections, then the “Attorney-General exclusion clause” is politically motivated and unconstitutional. Just as unconstitutional as Robert Menzies decision to allow the British to drop atomic bombs on Australia in the 1960s. I could expand on the associated political parties as being therefore proved terrorists, but I presume that most reasonable free thinking Australians have already got that part by now. This is why they lobotomised me a number of times in 1980s and 1990s, anticipating they'd turn my free thinking brain to mush.  I say, "stiff shit wankers" .

I'm Janette Gail Francis. I think my DNA is pretty special, but then again I'm affected by direct bias, like the Government is when it comes to investigating all the crimes against me.

​I've inherited all the determination of the English, the French, the Irish, the Scottish, the Spanish, the Vikings, the Romans, the Egyptians and the Macedonian Ptolemy I Soter in my DNA and if the historians are correct, William the Conqueror himself all determined from years of research by historian and is read from my motherline only. I haven't bothered to look through my fatherline. Being female at this point in time, my fatherline can't be proved, apart from the fact my male parent and I share the same “A” bloodgroup. My mtDNA: Haplogroup H is predominantly European, originating around 16,500 years ago. My motherline signature belongs to the H1 group. H1 is the most commonly found subgroup of H found across Europe today. It is estimated to originate around 16,500 years ago (Hernández, et al., 2017). It is a very large group, and has around 64 subgroups of its own. Although most common in Europe, H1 is far from bounded by this continent. Its is found as far as Africa, Central Asia and Siberia. Populations from southwest France, Sardinia and the Iberian Peninsular showcase the highest levels of H1 within Europe (Eupedia, 2017). Outside of Europe, Tuareg populations of Libya have a very high frequency of haplogroup H1 (Ottoni et al., 2010). Similarly, the majority of North African H groups belong to the H1 sub lineage (Hernández et al., 2017).

In 2014 when the decision LEFT was made by Justice Anna Katzmann, I was yet to make the discovery in the images RIGHT as it wasn't until mid 2018 that I went back over the 1984 pictorial evidence realising the EAR-HAIR tampering between the photographs when the WALTERS family were supposed to be grieving they were heavily involved in this criminal perversion of justice that developed into an


This set of documents is all that's needed to prove these crimes, its up to the Government to do the right thing. Seriously an action of honesty and integrity these people have proved themselves to be absolutely incapable of performing, proved time and time again. The CONVICT MENTALITY.

Card 1984-2018 Police Brothers Lie ears

In 339/2014 Sydney Federal Court Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd (A&U) selected Mr Peter Banki (BANKI) as their legal mouthpiece. BANKI produced to the court about 500 sheets of printed paper he declared were from my websites to allege to the court I had been “defaming” his clients on my websites. As he was the only lawyer representing all the respondents and passed messages to the court from Mr Rex John Walters, one can only presume, despite the appropriate forms to the court, that BANKI was indeed representing all the respondents, all of whom failed to file any documents. A&U were the only respondents filing documents, so presumably A&U was taking responsibility for the actions of all other respondents and despite that the current A&U didn't even own the publishing company when this book was first published by Unwin & Hyman UK in 1989. PROVING 2014 CRIMINAL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A&U BANKI and STYLES - at the same time BANKI produced, to the court, a copy of the 2014 published book authored by ex-Wollondilly Shire Councillor, Lynette Mary Styles (STYLES) which in its pages I was to learn several years later, (Nov 2020) many plagiarised extracts from the same websites of mine that in the republishing by “that woman” she defended everyone who had committed crimes against me. Using a criminal perversion of my words from my websites STYLES blatantly & falsely defamed me with pure fiction, (State criminal law breach) and infringed my moral rights pursuant to Copyright Act 1969 (Cth). BANKI was supposed to send me copy of the STYLES book on instruction from the court, but he failed to do that. I found it by accident in November 202 and that it'd been in (WSC) Wollondilly Shire's Picton NSW public library since 2014, for public loan. As we know, the NSW State Government control and oversee the actions of all local councils. Through WSC the State of NSW declared the STYLES book had "not defamed" me and refused to provide me with a copy for the second time so I can challenge them in a court of Australian law as opposed to a Kangaroo Court.

Anyone who knows anything about Bandidos, Comanchero and Rebels motorcycle clubs knows that if I'd acted the way STYLES claimed I did in her book, my life would have been short lived. Participants in these events know I had no part in their world. Likewise, that STYLES survived means she's an expert liar. I don't mind growing old and wrinkly, but I do mind growing old looking that that brain-fuked super-bitch for the past couple of decades.


In 3302/1999 Parramatta NSW Family Court brought by my ex-defacto Mr Hall (HALL) against me and an associated following action in Picton Local Court brought by me against HALL, HALL committed very blatant and obvious perjury in his affidavits; where is one to evade the charge of theft of the motor vehicle in question, he claimed to have “only lent” me a cheap vehicle for myself and his children to have use of after my Mazda 929 sedan was stolen by Wollondilly Shire Council's organisation of criminals; then in the other he claimed he “gave to me completely” the same vehicle to reduce the amount I was claiming from him; along with other items that were mine in the first instance before he stole my real estate residence and everything in it with the active co-operation of NSW police and various State and Commonwealth controlled agencies.

1984 Dec obvious start of my face mutila

Left: 1984 the face mutilations started with my mouth & jaw, physicians told me it because I'd had false teeth since 1976 (8 years) & needed a new set. I've had the same set now I go in 1996, that's what 25 years & no sunken jaw. I note that anyone who has permanent teeth removed suffers from the deterioration of their jaw mass. For me, my four front lower permanent (adult) teeth were removed in about 1967 when I was about 11 years old. Two more were taken when I was in high school before I turned 16, so  "dramatic jaw bone" loss should have occurred before I entered puberty, when I was 14 not when I was 28 in 1984.

{People will not have access to justice if the hurdles to litigating in a practical way are too high. The aphorism “justice delayed is justice denied” expresses a deeply embedded value of the common law. It stems from c 29 of Magna Carta where King John promised 799 years ago that: “We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either justice or right.”}


I've heard them say, to the effect, "As long as you have a politically affiliated friend in Australian Government you can get away with literal murder." & so they have.


In every outrageous transgression against Australian law that has harmed me, I've been 100% denied my legal right to secure the independent services of a lawyer and “my day in court” free from direct bias, which is the definition of a “Kangaroo Court” and a term or phrase I used in the websites A&U passed to the Federal Court and evidently to STYLES who used that term to name her book and claim she was once again, the innocent victim, same as her family said about her photo when they published it in the Sydney newspapers in September 1984, as a innocent bystander and bikie murder victim in the story the Australian Freemason Governments blatantly lied to to world press about, despite the obvious facts. Joined in that “political cause” by every ensuing Australian Government since, State and Federal, in Parliament, in the Executive departments and in the Judiciary. Making these terrorists, pure bloody evil, scum.


In the interim, the 1990s the Governments funded my medical mutilation so that my adult face now looked more like STYLES face in the 1984 newspaper photos, than my own face and STYLES herself in the 1990s. Completely despicable premeditated actions of any Government, let alone one who proclaims to be FAIR & DEMOCRATIC to the global population.


They're all guilty, they all deserve to rot in prison under out Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) The Criminal Code's penalty for terrorism, “imprisonment for life”.

Card 1989 ID Theft - Different Like Swee

I draw your attention to the above 2021 video of my face after my Government's criminally illegal medical mutilations, with specific reference to the inability of my forehead to move with appropriate expression (due to illegal implants) compared to the uninhibited expressions in my forehead in the below 1982 video of my face before the illegal medical mutilations begun to make me look more like STYLES in 1984 newspaper photo than STYLES herself looked like in 1980s, evidently STYLES 1984 newspaper photos were of her in 1960s. I'm not wearing make-up in either videos, apart from eyeliner in 1982. I've never worn "face foundation" makeup, always referred to that as "spakfilla". I had no idea at the time that I had that accent. I reiterate, I've NEVER been "plump" if I gained any weight I simply stopped eating to loose it. You need to click on Youtube to watch.

1985 on beach with Mother - Gladys & Jan
WSC 1995 Election.png

Left: 1985 Mother & I have completely square shoulders. Mother had her permanent teeth removed when she was about 20 causing her sunken jaw back then. In this photo she's had the same teeth for about 20 years. My mother is 29 years older than me.


Leanne Walters, alias Lynette Mary Styles, alias Elaine Lynette Slowman has droopy non-square shoulders. However, its more likely than not that STYLES also has false teeth due to the appearance of her sunken jaw in 1984 "Daily Mirror" Sydney newspaper as Leanne Walters which I would suggest is newer photo not "The Sun" pic.

LEFT: As you see in the two Council photos right, STYLES and myself (Cr Jenny Hall) the obvious government deception is that when sized the same & published on the one sheet, with her head turned STYLES & myself (Clr Hall) falsely appears to have SAME size head.

SEE THIS LINK for original council record still held by 2021 NSW government as only official Wollondilly Shire Council photo of STYLES & myself.

RIGHT: baby Stewie & baby me - If you don't understand what I mean by “oval” find the closest helmet (any kind) flip up over so you're looking at the hole the head slips into. When the penny drops you'll see the oval shape. When I'm riding my bicycle on a windy day my S/M child's size bicycle helmet remains flipped up in the font, catching the breeze, as my head is a round head in an oval hole. Usually it makes me laugh uncontrollably imaging it looks quite ridiculous. I have similar problems with most sunglasses, the arms are too long.

I'm the height of your average Viking male 5'6, also have Danish ancestors and the most common blood type in Denmark, like two of my siblings, I was born with blue eyes and blonde hair that grew out brown and (glistening) copper and (glistening) silver as I aged. Both my parents have black hair. I'm shorter than all my siblings. I was taller than my same age sister when she was 16. Never been called "shorty", 4 eyes yes but shorty no.

Card 2021 The Leanne Lie - Perhaps Dista
Baby Stewie & Me.jpg
1966 Janette East Campbelltown Primary S

"I don't want anyone to scientifically, medically or financially benefit from the outcomes of the PHYSICAL TORTURE my government has subjected me to in the past few decades. To allow such information to be used means its OK to torture and artificially * disenfranchise to benefit the wealthy or politically favoured. Stinks like Soylent Green"

* disenfranchise meaning :[archaic] deprive (someone) of the rights and privileges of a free inhabitant of a borough, city, or country.

Always ask someone who call themselves "a Dr" if they're a physician, as, from my experience in Australian political circles, people with non-medical doctorates pass themselves off as medical doctors, they start with, "How can I help you? I'm Dr ..."

I'm Janette Gail Francis, wearing eyeglasses in the 1966 East Campbelltown NSW public school photo. Our red-head teacher, Peter Ellsmore was a Freemason who lived in Ingleburn. I tried to learn who were the Freemasons in my area, from a young age. Up until about 2010, I'd been the same height and weight since 1970, when I was 14 years old. I grew rapidly in a short space of time then stopped growing completely. One of my children suffered a growth problem as did one of my school friend's siblings. The evidence suggests that it was the nuclear fallout from early 1960s after the British Government's unconscionable atomic bomb tests in Australia that caused this DNA growth defect to some children much further from ground zero.​​​​​​

This started, in part, in the 1960s when the British were dropping atomic bombs on Australia, one twice as large as the one dropped on Hiroshima. The atomic tests were given the green light by one person acting on behalf of the 13 million Australian residents without consulting with us, Australia's Prime Minister Robert Menzies. Our Government has ALWAYS held us in contempt, we're placated only as an ends to their wealthier means. Also in 1963 the same year as the Australian NUCLEAR fallout accident, USA President Kennedy was assassinated, 22 November 1963 to be precise, very publicly assassinated by his political opponents, all Australian residents were covered in nuclear fallout due to a change in weather. HAD KENNEDY OBJECTED ? Was his assassination a 'polite' warning to other leaders opposing good old MASONIC England & Scotland ?

Lets diverge for a moment. I have DNA from many UK and Europe ancestors. Despite that my great grandmother's grandfather was born in Paris France, what's that? FIVE generations ago, Despite my very French ancestry, my DNA tests comes back telling me that in the past 10 generations I'm 100% British UK. We have no secret parentage in these generations. I picked up the French language like a natural, my french teacher told me in 1969. I spoke a sentence to a France born person in 1984 making her believe I could speak fluently when that was all I'd remembered from my lessons in 1969. Speaking French feels less stressful to the shape of my mouth than speaking English. I can't speak French proficiently, but there is no doubt my DNA has French ancestry in the past 5 generations but my French DNA is invisible to the DNA testers. Why would that be?

Its not like I woke up one day as an adult and suddenly remembered everything. I remembered as it happened, despite the Freemasons, I retained many of these sinister events. I even remember hearing the news of the Kennedy assassination on the wireless at home, alone.  I didn't know who he was, but I automatically cried for "our" loss. "Our" being the global community?? The year I was nightmaring, (REFER BELOW) was about 1963-1964, I was about 6-8 years old. Why would I cry, he was nothing to me? Was I brainwashed to feel sadness or was I picking up on the sadness felt by my brain-washers? I was hyper-alert to what the Sydney-Canberra Freemason crime syndicate were doing to my birth family.

In 1965, the year I turned 9, I was the only one in the family who was severely affected, (bedridden and too weak to walk for many weeks) with the hepatitis epidemic that spread through the families at my NSW State Government primary school, allegedly due to the negligent treatment of the onsite sewerage disposal. In fact I was one of the first, if not the first infected. I see this as the NSW Freemason state's first attempt to murder me making it look like an accident. however, there's every probability they were continuing Nazi Germany's secret experiments on citizens, to see what happens when children are infected with hepatitis after nuclear fallout.

When you're learnt to be hyper-vigilant as a child you only get better at it eventually becoming an expert on the indicators of political terrorism.

When I was close to my birth family, there were many indications that they were being brainwashed and suppressed by Australian Freemasons. Mother used to always drum into us that “family” was the most important thing in the world, yet she ended up doing everything opposite to what she taught us as children. Mum and her little sister were involved with the Sydney championship rollerskating scene as a teenager, I used to use her dress costumes for dress up performing in the (pretend) theatre when I was a child which means her parents supported them in their hobby despite not being wealthy and her mum encouraged her to keep her roller-skating costumes as an adult.


In stark contrast, unlike my other siblings, I too loved rollerskating but my male parent discouraged me from taking it up as a hobby. When I taught myself to ride my (10 years older) sister's adult sized bicycle when i was about 10 or 11 my male parent ordered my brother to dismantle the bicycle so I couldn't ride it. Doing two things, teaching my brother to detest me and denying me a simple and natural childhood skill development. Male parent's Freemason BROTHERS told him I'd been doing the most feared thing a Freemason doesn't want their child to do, independent thinking, I was reading books at the (then new) Campbelltown NSW public library.


Unlike my siblings who also never had a hobby, I loved tap dancing, was allowed to do one season, in the same hall from which I'd (then recently) witnessed my male parent's entire Masonic Lodge murder and rape boys during one of their meetings, my mum was there to cook a meal for them to consume after their sexual arousal. I suspect she took me for her own protection figuring they wouldn't hurt a little girl.


I suspect they decided I needed to replace memories inside that publicly leased Hall. I came top of my experienced tap dancing class in 1968, attaining the "honours" classification and badge from the the Sydney Royal Ballet/Dance Academy annual exams, but my male parent refused me permission to continue.

I was never allowed to have my costumes in my wardrobe as a child and was not allowed to have them for my children to “dress up” in. My male parent even kept my most cherished (little girls) dolls. In reflection, the gunge I often found on my doll meant he used to use the hard legs to masturbate, when my dolls went missing I always found them in my male parent's wardrobe, I had to wash the dried up gunge off every time. In 1980s he still had my dolls, not any of my sister's dolls just mine.  I saw one of my dolls, my favourite, prominently on a bed amongst his possessions not long before I stopped associating with him in 1988. I was not allowed to have any toys when it was obvious I liked anything especially. I cried for days when my beloved Irish flute was taken off me. When I was playing it, the sound opened up a distant memory evidently from another life or passed down through my DNA. As long as I played I could remember living a life long past. These sounds still evoke emotional responses and distant memories I've not had in this life, memories of being somewhere else entirely. Is this evidence I was brainwashed to think I was Irish?


Freemasons tried to break me when I was a child, but I got the DNA jackpot. I'm seriously not, personality wise, like any of my siblings and parents. I can't expect my birth family to be anything more than what they are, they're weak, I'm not, I will always love them, somewhere deep inside their soul they know they love me the same, its just been brainwashed out of them. I knew all this when I was still a single digit old and used to have the premonition nightmares telling me I was the physically strongest of all my family. Evidently my brain-washers had stated, in my hearing, that I was "psychologically" the stronger in my birth family, I simply didn't know that, (very adult) word as a child.


In 1972 after I passed the School Certificate in year 10, (4th form) male parent refused to let me continue to year 12, (6th form) so I could get my Higher School Certificate and continue to university. Yet in 1995 after he stole my first born and sent me to my oldest sister's house in Geelong Victoria on the false claim she was ill and I needed to nurse her, he threw all my possessions to the rubbish tip because I get married.


My defaco Mr Hall (1964-2010) did the same when the Freemasons stole my Torrens title in The Oaks, Mr Hall changed the locks on my house the local police refused to assist me to evict him, then me threw all my possessions to the tip.


Then in 2007 when I was illegally rendered homeless in a criminal cartel in the State court system, I got behind on my storage unit payments in Queanbeyan ACT when I was homeless in Adelaide paying two storage units in Adelaide and unable to secure any rental accommodation at all, so the storage company took possession. I'd been paying more to be homeless than in a rental. All my school reports. My Tap dancing award medal and certificate, my christening papers, my immunisation papers, everything that apparently my mum had secretly kept for me and passed on to me secretly including the films from the 1990 falsified radiology reports and all my own children's treasurers, irreplaceable things they made for me - all my personal possessions were in the unit, but they claimed there was nothing. So for the 3rd time all my personal possessions were thrown out, despite that this time, under the storage contract, they're not allowed to keep my personal effects.


So tell me how does this happen in a country that Australia is supposed to be if the Government are not a party to these crimes?

The irrefutable evidence, all the relevant evidence, proves that they, Sydney-Canberra FREEMASONS kept up this practice all through my life, attempting to brain-wash me and suppress my natural talents to control my life outcomes, to ensure I would never have too much wealth or influence as an adult.


Then in 1998 when they forcibly kidnapped me in broad daylight and the direct presence of my Mayor Christine Towndrow and the entire meeting contingent who obviously knew what was going to happen to me, they all stood in silence and did nothing to help me pretending they couldn't see what happened during that Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils meeting I was to chair for the very first time as Wollondilly Shire's Clr Jenny Hall.


> In the kidnap they criminally surgically raped me with brain surgery, possibly also another lobotomy and left behind the illegal implant in my left ear and the vibrating sparking items on top of my head and down the back of my head to my neck and torso. The illegal EAR implant clearly seen in 2012 MRI and infection around it iwas seen in 2006 MRI - both very obvious  MRI abnormalities were completely ignored by Australian medical profession; Australian executives in NSW & SA State Health departments; Australian parliament members; and Australian Judiciary in Adelaide SA Supreme Court in 2019, Francis v Cole ANOR. ​That's spells an act of terrorism with a political cause

Let me make two things perfectly clear; any love I had left for my male parent was extinguished on 24 April 1988 by his own actions; along with any respect I had for the Australian Governments due to the actions of the entire compliment of the Camden NSW police station that afternoon. That date marks my rebirth into enlightenment. The first day I had begin evidence gathering to prove them to be the terrorist scum that they really are, all the while I remained calm, composed and level headed, despite their outrageous war against me and my equally completely innocent family.


 THIS is Australia stocked with top down spineless arselickers.

Cartoon Australia's Political Position B

# comments

After you've watched the 1982-1983 video I can say that the type of recorder meant that the film was recorded directly to the full sized VCR tape. Yes it was heavy. The content proves that I had what appears to be a “normal” relationship with my family; and that my male parent was infatuated with my oldest son, you could say he was “in love” with the child who is now almost twice the age I was in the video so he should be able to cope with that being said. This was evidenced at the dinner table segment. I snapped at my youngest child as I had been trying to understand the muddled garble that was coming out of my male parents mouth. Off camera I apologised to the child. This recording was after I'd reported my male parent to Nowra police for suspected paedophilia involving my youngest son, the 4 year old when he was still 3. That's why I recorded my doll on the back bed and recorded my male parent with my children, that's why I took the video camera to my parent's house. I was evidence gathering.


I've always demanded equal rights for women since I was a young adult in my teens. When my separated husband wanted sex “because you're my wife” I set him straight. That's what these generations of men were like and mostly why I don't like this group of males, at all, why I took on Owen Hall as a defacto (1985-1995) who was 8 years my junior, he was exactly the same despite pretending he wasn't. Behind my back and amongst other things that were also outrageous lies, Owen Hall had been telling people that my sons were his sons and I was younger than him; that I was Leanne Walters who faked her own death.


This insistence of men dominating women is why I don't have a life partner. No one tells me what to do, this assertive attitude is part of my DNA and why my male parent nicknamed me Bull when I was a very small child. Their mind is still on that “female domination” page. Equally, I won't associate with women who want to be dominated and refuse to support fellow women in view of ending the injustice that women STILL endure in 2021. I have absolutely no respect for women who make it into any parliament and still remain silent on this issue. The 1980s Labor Party women called it “refusing to help fellow women up the ladder” they have dual standards, the public platform and the private one for fellow women. All political parties want to keep women suppressed. For the ambitious women in the party it means LESS COMPETITION for them. What Lynette Styles wrote in her fuked-up bullshit book about me is same as what Simpson & Harvey wrote in reference to my visual identity, its the exact opposite of my own personality.


After my male parent saw that my husband and myself were getting on well again and considering reconciliation, (we'd separated) my husband almost instantly turned full blown alcoholic never to return to his beautiful self for longer than a few days. My husband was the obvious “main threat” to the paedophile who was my male parent and his intent to steal my son as my male parent's brainwashed sex slave which my male parent did in 1988 when my son was 14. Its no coincidence fake Leanne Walters stated age was 14. The reference to Leanne Walters being 15 in the 1989 published Simpson & Harvey book with the use of my stolen visual identity (my photo my face) was reference to my age when I was raped on the say so of local Freemasons (1971).

My male parent had convinced my oldest son that my male parent was also my oldest son's male parent. Centrelink paid my male parent Child Endowment payments after he had criminally kidnapped my oldest son (1988) when the boy was only 14. This unpleasant and outrageously sordid circumstance is what forced me to seek out and enlighten my oldest son's actual male parent that he was a dad, I hadn't done before as the boyfriend had constantly boasted he already had a son before my son was fathered. I was not going to be another trophy. Confusion was added to the fact that I had been raped three times around the time I'd conceived my oldest son (1973) because I'd been walking alone in daylight hours; and why my own daughter was not allowed to walk alone anywhere. I'd been ultimately convinced my blonde haired boyfriend at the time (1973) was my blonde haired oldest son's male parent because of their visual similarities in the shape of their face and expressions and the fact my boyfriend's mum was Asian. My oldest son has Asian like eyes. Life wasn't easy being me with a Freemason paedophile male parent who had Freemason paedophile friends and Liberal Party Freemason friends in Governments across Australia, including Canberra and in the Australian judiciary. In 1970s when future Labor Party 1984 Prime Minister Bob Hawke was head of his union and on TV news rabble rousing, my male parent stated to those in the room that he (Bob Hawke) was also a Freemason.


I saw, I was a victim of the irrefutable fact that Freemasons and other Government Public Officers who had equally criminal physician contacts, criminally drugged and criminally brainwashed their family to enable their sex crimes against the children; they were confident they were allowed to do that because the Government laws said to the effect that they “owned” their family. Despite that these laws changed in the mid 1980s this generation and their children, people my age, still believe they have the same legal rights. Its what they have done to me, now I'm trying to get a legal resolve and have tried since 1988, I'm STILL treated as if I HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS that's proved irrefutably by the evidence I've gathered since this 1982 video.

In the beginning (the video) when I spoke about “Frances” I was referring to Frances Selway, a fellow Visyboard employee who I used to give a lift to, to and from work. My reference to her “son” was because I suspected my husband wasn't listening to me when he was playing with the camera's zoom. You'll see the dynamic between my mother and closest age sister, (black hair) they drift into their own world and ignore everyone else. I was hurt when they got up and walked off without even acknowledging me but that's how it had been all my life, so I simply swallowed my pride and said nothing. This disproves the claims made about me by Elaine Lynette Slowman (aka Lynette Mary Styles) in her 2014 self-published Google ebook (Kangaroo Court) secretly kept in print by NSW Government in the Wollondilly Shire Council public library for public loan since 2014. Her "Kangaroo Court" references to me are mainly criminal fabrications to conceal her part in the, Masonic premeditated Milperra 1984 murders as the fake child murder victim; and her part in the theft of my visual ID (my photo, my face) in her own daughter's 1989 book (Lynette Slowman aka Sandra Harvey) "Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs" co author Lindsay Simpson.


IMPLANTS what they did to me in multiple


1982 1983 Bob and Jenny Peters and boys 282 St Johns Rd Bradbury NSW

I remind you that 1982 (when video recorded) Australia demanded in its laws that females MUST have written permission of the "male" in their family (husband or father etc.) before any bank would allow any female permission to withdraw money from female's own account. Been refused money from my own account for train ticket home from work in Sydney NSW in 1973. I closed that COMMONWEALTH account and never saved a single cent since. I'm still enraged by that outrageous federal Australia Government legislation which has been replaced by non-gender-specific "dual-standard" application of Australian law on interchangeably fluid, political grounds. Obviously I have had continual personal possession of this video of "my boys" being my own family; and my birth family since 1982. Any Government Public Officer needing me to PROVE my identity need only to have asked me, I would have told them, as they did and I did. Perfect I'm not but patient and mature I most certainly am. The "pear" segment was all in jest, it was not intended to be sexual, just a bit of a laugh, if you think it was sexually provocative then you should visit a psychologist at your earliest convenience, to discuss your repressed "mummy" or "daddy" issues. The WWII 1940s Australia Post date stamped with young Queen Elizabeth postage stamps, addressed to my mother by her birth name (Strachan) give the irrefutable evidence of who she was and that she lived at "14 Creek Street, Forest Lodge NSW" before she was married to my male parent and before it was allocated the 2037 post code. I'm a comedian at heart however like most comedians I'd never make a living from it. When you get to the part in my mother's back garden you'll see me kicking up my legs attempting to dance. What I am doing in fact is a quite poor version of My male parent's nickname for me is Bull sometimes stated as Bully, because I'm Taurus star sign and undeniably assertive. In my school years I was academic, almost always at school, never wagged even one day. In about 1970 I convinced 3 of my female school friends to enter annual school Eisteddfod with a comedy act. I convinced them that it would be a great laugh if we dressed up like a serious rock band, when on stage we were to fiddle with our instruments (borrowed from the music department) then finally start singing 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'. We were obviously ahead of our time. They all thought we were a serious act who couldn't sing. Ah well. On the up side, we were the first female Rock band. Ironically our co-ed State run school, Campbelltown High, reinvented itself as Campbelltown Performing Arts High School about two decades later. I hope they got rid of our 1970s career adviser Mr Hayes who refused to tell me how I could study acting as a career, because, he said, I was "just too ugly to be an actress". According to my male parent he was one of his Brother Masons. I find it amusing that ugly people tend to believe they're best judge of who isn't ugly. I could say Mr Hayes always looked like he'd just been shot out of back end of a pencil sharpener. But I won't. I knew, from observational experience, this was how adults in this era spoke to females they wanted to suppress; by attempting to destroy their self-confidence. 1970s was not the pleasant place its professed to be. No past era in all recorded human history has been respectful of women. Our current era in Australia has enacted a multiplicity of pro-female anti-discrimination unenforced legislation and call that respect. When not at school I'd be home mostly singing, dancing, or (badly) playing an instrument. Music kept / keeps me sane in these demented patriarchal times in which we, the reasonable and fair-minded, are forced to either exist or perish. I live in hope. Perusal of this "family" video will inform the reasonable and observant viewer of the facts about my personality. That I am mostly introverted and serious with a dash of satirical humour; and my closest age sister had very little respect for me or my choice of partner. This sister experienced "karma" as in this time period her partner the tall dark haired one, was having an affair and a baby with his hairdresser in between the births of this sister's two youngest children. Mine didn't do that. Additionally, it'll prove I'm not the 1984 newspaper photo of fake person named Leanne Walters, that's Lynette Mary Styles when she was a 1960s teenager, aka Elaine Lynette Slowman in 1982-1984 when we worked at Visyboard Warwick Farm. DATES: December 1982 to January 1983. LOCATION: Mainly at my house, 282 St Johns Road, Bradbury. Bradbury is a suburb of Campbelltown NSW in AUSTRALIA.

Something is only obvious after you have ALL the information which is why I'm rarely ever brief.

The more of the TERRA the less of the FIRMA.

There's a million miles between love and trust.

My opinion:

All sex crimes should be able to be reported online (like crime stoppers) and only involve respected females investigations; they should all be investigated and the alleged offenders charged; given a prima facie case (motive and opportunity) when evidence gathering is complete in a timely manner, only involving respected females, the matter should be prosecuted in an all female court environment with trusted females (Judge Katrina Bochner would thus be excluded) ensuring everyone has complete anonymity until the decision is reached, after which the female (or male) victim chooses if or when she is identified, it should be a criminal offence to publicly shame or name ANY party to a case before the decision, which naturally would include a victim for an unproved matter where there was "motive and opportunity" (and even when there was not) as no one is to be identified no one is defamed in the community, even the charged and no one therefore benefits from a false allegation. Failure to reach Government agreement to the victim's claim of "motive and opportunity" should be allowed automatic (protected) appeal to the High Court involving an all female court environment.

The offenders are all identified only after their conviction and (all female protected) appeal exhausted. That's fair. Yes it would mean more female judges, separate, secret and random court locations.

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IMPLANTS - Fave Fillers in MRI BioMedCen

What they're still doing to me with complete impunity is, criminally illegal physical torture.

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