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Evidently democracy means the rights of the individual can be completely withdrawn by any majority.

Janette Gail Francis

Card 2020 Political Criminals Australia
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Australia's "political" government don't care how illegal or insidiously cruel or criminally harmful a citizen's situation is at the hands of their fellow government public officers. If it doesn't get aired on the news in their electorate they maintain the status quo.

Make sure to read the letters from and to Electoral Commissioner after WENHAM and her ALP cronies lodged a vexatious formal complant about me which was dropped by EC after my last email with the word "unconscionable". Mind you there was nothing in the news about it. NSW ALP State refused to let me lodge a legal challenge in 1999 but 19 years later SA ALP State wanted me to prove the event occured, and the Libs sit back smirking. That's unconscionable. 2018 I'd nominated for election on my local Onkaparinga City Council. An ex-local councillor Yvonne Kirsten Wenham and others extensively criminally defamed me on their OCW Facebook page. Wenham followed her tirade against me with a very racially hatful comment with the message that I shouldn't be proud to be English. Research indicated her birth family is Scottish. I have a mixture of every race and hate none as to do so would mean I hate myself. Not so for poor little Yvonne.  The "book" they kept referring to intentionally avoiding the title is "CHILD IN TIME justice out of reach is justice denied" officially published ISBN 9780244326388 I've gathered considerably more evidence since then; and repeating what anyone has said or written 'out of context' or 'selectively' is defamation, moreover its "malicious defamation" which carriers additional penalties (criminal and civil law.) See section 257 Criminal Defamation under South Australia State law. Even with the sparking vibrating implant in my left ear and elsewhere, I got a High Distinction in my oral "video recorded" 2018 defamation assignment in my Torts course under my law degree, so I'm officially an expert on defamation law; and why an ex-president of law society was employed to oppose me in Adelaide Supreme Civil court, against me as a self represented untrained layperson in 2019. I'm that good. Police or anyone else are welcome to accuse/charge me for (civil or criminal) defamation anytime, including BANASIK. They haven't and won't because those involved KNOW what I've written is true in context. Isn't that right John-boy?



Its true I was visited by two police and various other State government public officers including psychiatrist Georgina Ai-Chin CHENG who took me into custody under Mental Health Act at State election time 2014. However as I'd published in 2018 when Brenton KNOTT and Yvonne WENHAM maliciously defamed me, out of context, the State health documents (and subsequent FOI sourced interdepartmental emails between the 'gang') prove 100% their motive was political terrorism in breach of the MHA. Including the Medicare data forged document CHENG signed. In one document they wrote from a group discussion about me 'she still plans to sue us'. Just because 100 people repeat the same lie doesn't make it the truth but it does make them all liable for prosecution for defamation or worse. If you're going to 'bad mouth' someone, remember that in court you must prove what you say is true “in context” the court will look at all the information relating to the matter and determine if the defamer had made effort to discover the whole truth. The defamed person does not have to prove you're lying. Notice I grouped all your nasty defamation by who. The onus of proof is on you not me. Isn't that right John-boy? Not only that if it is 100% true, based on something other than your opinion you have to prove it was in the public interest to publish it. "Publish" includes speaking it to another person.


My basic philosophy is same as Mahatma MK Gandhi (1869-1948) I'm also a pacifist vegetarian. Gandhi often said (in his autobiography) 'hate the deed not the doer'. Being a realist I add, "not their fault they were born retards".  For Australia's current political parties representative government is the “means” to get into parliament not the “purpose” for being in parliament. That's what makes them unconstitutional terrorist organisations. I'm just a student-at-law but I can see that, our false-great leaders know its true but hope you don't notice until after they qualify for their life-long six figure parliamentary pension. Where the High Court has decided the government is not to restrict “political advertising” on the grounds of a “necessary aspect of representative government entrenched by the Constitution” refusing to represent me and this huge breach of my legal rights, in State and Federal parlaiments, is unconstitutional. Labor party representatives in my electorates, Kingston (federal) and Kaurna, (state) are recidivist offenders.


Therefore, since 2007 ALP's John David Hill (KAURNA) and ALP's Amanda Rishworth (Kingston) and ALP's Christopher Picton (KAURNA) have uniformly maintained their “unconstitutional refusal to represent me on terrorist attacks by their political party's government or the Liberal party opposition government” in their State or Federal seats in their parliament - in breach of thenecessary aspect of representative government entrenched by the Constitution  thereby being active terrorists themselves along with every medical doctor who refuse me appropriate medical services by restricting me access only to the medical services they deem fit on political grounds.


Australia's Constitution has only one reference to "political protection” its in "Chapter I The Parliament, Part II The Senate, section 15 Casual vacancies" that is the beginning and the end of express political protection under Australian law.


There's no right of any government to discriminate against any citizen on political grounds the only right to governmentally discriminate involving terrorists and citizens is discrimination “against” terrorists not with them fucktards.

That I'm able to cope and go on (like the persons who cut their pinned limb off) after multiple politically motivated serious and organised criminal physical assaults and extensive false defamations by no means means it hurts me less than it would anyone else. That the people who have and keep harming me are not inanimate objects and reasonably know the serious ongoing harm they're causing me proves the depths of their psychopathic mental illness and their natural inappropriateness to be in any position of authority at any point in their life whatsoever.

They all belong in prison for life from my neighbour who on the enticement of State housing incited State health to criminally commit acts of violence against me abusing their position in public office because State housing and Flinders University Law school told him I'd made enquiries about suing him for erecting a camera pointing down my driveway recording my movements effectively criminally stalking me allegedly justified with secret claims I hate him because he's MUSLIM – self professed MUSLIM NSW arsewipe registered medical doctor Mohamed Riyazuddin AHMED also trained in hypnosis, who indicated his motivation to harm me was based on his religion and on his own evidence in concert with Adelaide State government public officers evidently (for profit) committed criminal acts of surgical rape leaving pulsing, sparking, radio/micro wave active implants inside me from head to toe in 1990s when I was pregnant and when I was a democratically elected local council politician for NSW State government – to the the politically organised terrorist arsewipes in Adelaide who refuse me the right to say no to the illegal implants in concert with their bipartisan political allies in all three terrorist governments who've stolen my NSW real estate, my Mazda 929 motor vehicle, my personal possessions, my excellent reputation, killed my pet dog Samson, killed my pet cat Oscar and criminally obstructed my right to exercise my legal rights in Australian State civil courts in two States after they illegally dismissed me from elected office in 1999, and the many times they criminally kidnapped and terrorised myself and or my children with the approval of State and Federal police; ergo, politically organised TERRORISTS who all belong in prison for life. What has the government police done when handed irrefutable evidence to establish misconduct on the part of the government public officers involved? Fuck all because like the FREEMASONS they hide behind the criminal deeds of other PSYCHOPATHS. Its non-believers who serious Christians and serious Muslims hate more than each other; and its non-believers like me who couldn't care less about religion and religious people. Chances are a hatred of MUSLIMS and others is what the State government have in their criminally falsified SECRET files on me they redacted and refuse to show me in breach of natural justice and procedural fairness.





My mother My Siblings My Children:
No my siblings aren't my children if you thought that its because you've got an evil mind.

So how do I know police brainwashed my mother, my siblings and my children on political grounds and that they all didn't just 'naturally develop' a mental illness at the same point in time causing them to all believe in a false reality and I've not? Elementary deduction. Once again, look what they've done to me that's totally criminal. The high probability my mother, my siblings and my children were brainwashed is gleaned from the evidence of what POLICE did to me, which includes refusing to arrest those who've committed crimes against me, which includes the criminal defamation in these LINKED FILES not to mention the aggravated criminal trespass, aggravated criminal kidnapping and imprisonment on political grounds – ergo multiple acts of politically motivated terrorism.

If my parents had their way officially my oldest child would have been brought up as my brother which is an example of the evils in our community where parents freely and despicably deny their their daughters and grand-children's natural right to be mother and child because the mother was not married. When my parents put that proposal to me I said a quite RAPID AND LOUD no. But that didn't stop them, they went on to secretly convince my first born his father was my father despite that there was no truth in it. God knows how many other people they told that lie to, and my son told believing it was true. Fuking demented.


Religion teaches that you should be kind to all people in case a stranger is really a God. If I were a God I'd send me to Earth not knowing I was a God so as to “catch” and rid the world of as many true sinners as I could. You'd better hope I'm not a God as if I were I'd put the people who've hurt my mother, my siblings and my children is a screaming hell where they'd spend another lifetime, to contemplate the errors of their ways. Personally I'm of the opinion that all religion is for “loser ants” too afraid to face life on their own.

Now if I were another planet alien God, I'd blow planet Earth up. Evidently Australia Post agrees with me as they held back my 'solar powered fairy lights on copper wire' a few weeks back and conspicuously opened my “Thick As A Brick” (Jethro Tull) CD parcel with a thumb nail pretending a machine tore it open. I had two Australia Post parcel deliveries on the same day. One was the regular person the other was a female who had the afore noted two items. She acted more like a cop than a postal worker. Cops tend to have a virtual neon sign above their head, a big red pulsing arrow pointing at them emblazoned with the word “dickhead”. They also tend to pause as if they're waiting for you to pay them a tip. Unmistakable dickheads.


Mother told me her dad told her “if a job's worth doing its worth doing well” I tend to agree. If I was going to blow something up it'd be the entire planet so the innocent don't suffer the loss of their evil loved ones. So the likelihood I'd blow anything up is negligible considering I never get angry to that point I lose control and its ONLY the true psychopaths with that sort of explosive power, our politicians. I never get angry, unless I've been drugged by dickhead government public officer POLICE who lie for each other before during and after they drugged me in the past along with my mother, my siblings and my children for the “political” greater good.

The LINKED FILES are from South Australia health department secured under 2018 Freedom of Information Act application. I also received over 100 completely redacted pages, that is the entire print area of the pages were shaded. How fuked is that! That's political terrorism, refusing me my right to know what's in their SECRET FILE. That's what your taxes go to financing, LABOR and LIBERAL party BIPARTISAN political terrorism.


The State had not informed me they added any of these documents and their accusations to a record in my name. Ergo; its a SECRET FILE of total bullshit. 99% of what they they said about me is 100% bullshit. The (2008 Alison Bee police defective and 2012 police cuntstable Weatherill) alleged police to health department entries are 100% bullshit. Never been sexually assaulted by a "minister" or "psychiatrist" in the past (and what the fuk were they doing saying that to State health) I'd never even consulted a psychiatrist. Only association I had with a psychiatrist was once in NSW about 1994 for a NSW motor vehicle accident claim report; once in 2016 when one from State Health criminally threatened me at my front door on the fabricated claims of narcissist arsewipe neighbour Paul; then multiple times at election time in 2014 when a politically organised gang of LABOR party employed psychopathic psychiatrists falsified Federal evidence to illegally imprison me on political grounds because (in their own words) 'I was planning to sue the government' so they imprisoned me using false claims under the Mental health Act which in itself is a crime that carries imprisonment however when POLICE freely participate in political crime the criminals are never arrested. This perfect crime was used as the basis for LIBERAL party employed public officers to illegally cancel my driving licence just after next State election time in 2018, via criminally unlawful orders from same State POLICE department.

What I'd really written in 2008 was "person to person" registered letter to the Commissioner of Police which was illegally intercepted and opened and destroyed by Alison Bee (according to the police complaints authority who deemed the federal POSTAL crime was legal under State law and be damned with the Constitution that says otherwise) where I'd requested that the Commissioner lay criminal charges on the two Christies Beach undercover police (Timothy Cooper & Christine Nelson/Neilsen) who the court found had illegally arrested me when I stumbled upon them doing an illegal drug deal on 2 May 2007 (during which they significantly assaulted me and my 15 year old daughter.)

What I'd really written in 2012 was to ask police to lay criminal charges on Christies Beach Medical Centre registered doctor Celia Emmaline Tildesley who SECRETLY defamed me to psychiatrist Helen Tingay falsely alleging I had never been elected councillor/alderman Jenny Hall of NSW Wollondilly Shire and her delusional belief that my entire life was a fantasy I'd made up, following that with an official medical referral to TINGAY as registered psychiatrist. Allegedly the State PREMIER Jay WEATHERILL's Labor party department answered that with the false allegation that I'd claimed to have been "SEXUALLY assaulted" by a NSW State Minister in 1999 to confuse that FALSE criminal defamation with the very real "indecent assault" in October 1997 at the NSW Local Government Conference by Councillor/Alderman Michael Banasik who had then been nominated by the Labor Party as their Macarthur electorate candidate for the federal election against Liberal's John Fahey who won the election, because Fahey had been NSW premier and was a long-tern local, like me, whereas BANASIK was a fly in and nominated by Labor party because he's an ingenuine political terrorist like most PARTY elected members are. I discovered that YEARS AFTER I'd resigned from Labor Party Left-Wing communist supporter Michael BANASIK was continuing to illegally pay my membership dues, presumably to illegally control my vote at NSW ALP Annual Conference.  This was also after ALP supporters had illegally drugged me interrogated me kidnapped me and surgically raped me. To them I was and still am "ALP property" to own and control.


EXTRACT pp163-163 (NSW ALP) "Conference 
 its own

I was a well known elected Councillor/Alderman in Wollondilly Shire NSW based in Picton from 1996-1999. I discovered in 2001 that Picton and Tahmoor NSW's Macarthur Credit Union management and staff, predominately ALP supporters, were illegally allowing my ex-defacto (Owen Neil Hall) to continue to use my ID in his credit union savings and loan account also for many years after we separated in 1997. I informed the Judge in Owen's Family Law federal court proceedings against me but Judge Waddy considered there was nothing wrong with Owen stealing my financial ID. When I approached the Credit Union to close the “joint name” account they refused telling my I “had to get written consent from Owen Hall” so I withdrew his money leaving him with about $20 which was more than he ever did for me. I presume the account was closed soon after. Its like I'm living on a different planet to everyone else. They're all psychos. Then Owen complained to police that I'd stolen his money. Naturally they could do nothing to me but at the same time they did nothing to Owen for stealing my ID. This is the credit union who stole my Torrens Title real estate with my defacto when it was registered at NSW Land Titles office under only my birth name, Janette Gail FRANCIS. ALP and Libs have denied me my legal right to compensation for that and everything else.

An interestingly pathetic example of how brain-fuked and petty people really are is the other day I gave a friend's phone number to Sprint Auto in Seaford Meadows, mature male was to order in an electrical part from McLaren Vale for me, he recommended a specific AMP that he confirmed was at McLaren Vale, the part they allegedly ordered in and tried to sell me the next day was a fatally wrong AMP on the low side, less than half of what he knew I needed. Almost immediately I get multiple phone calls from medical doctors rooms, to the friends number, to confirm medical appointments I hadn't made. The friend never gives their number to anyone but close friends. It was a test. “You passed.” Proving my life is still being harmed by political terrorsts in 2020, most probably supporters of the political terrorists who surgically raped me decades ago when pregnant and when I was an elected member of local Council in Wollondilly Shire, now some 1500 kilometres away. They've never stopped as the evidence in (or linked in) this website proves. These political terrorists are also harming my equally innocent children and grandchildren. That's very IRA-ish. They also claim by stolen DNA that my male parent is "really" Irish with last name "Coffey" not very original, Irish Coffey. Male parent's DNA was probably stolen by Australia Post sorting workers at Granville NSW as my DNA test kit was a few weeks ago as proved on MASON DNA page. When you live in a community you're forced to trust others won't kill you for THEIR political cause, especially those employed in government or medical industry. Our laws are supposed to stop them but our laws are useless when the psychopaths are in the majority, we may as well be living in any period of history where there are no law other than the law of the majority. That's right, that's democracy, we're here. Evidently democracy means the rights of the individual can be completely withdrawn by the majority.

South Australia State, New South Wales State and Federal police have systematically illegally and totally ignored both the above and many other formal requests to pursue criminal charges for serious crimes against me and my family, proving BEYOND and doubt whatsoever that the three terrorist governments are afraid of me because I'm 100% incorruptible by fear and money and I'm brainwash proof, so they resort to false criminal defamation in SECRET files they'd politically secreted from me. Ergo they're spineless LAWLESS political terrorists.

Some of the LINKED FILES are written by hand that's from another 2018 FIO application held by a different section of the same State health department and that's the section who sent me the 100 plus 100% redacted pages evidently as they're afraid I'd sue on the content, dickheads don't realise I can sue because the redacted pages imply significant defamatory content that harms my reputation and the State recognises that high level of defamation by redacting the entire page. That's an example of a political implosion, its a backfire dimwits.


There may be some highlights on the LINKED FILES, used as my references when creating picture files or other documents.


ADDENDUM: I know you 'political-terrorist' morons are my largest reader segment, so I say this, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your evidence that proves 100% you psychopaths are indeed political terrorists.



Traditionally freemasons are also Liberals or believe in Conservative government, a number have been Prime Ministers of Australia and many more MASONS have been or are government public officers in all of Australia's federal, state, territory governments and in local council's.


My own male parent was a Liberal party supporter and a MASON. I often heard him reciting his masonic verse for his upcoming masonic lodge meeting. I heard my 40 something year old male parent reciting the part about ancient devil worship and also heard my 40 something mum trying to convince him to see the masons were clearly evil and devil worshippers, I heard my 40 something year old male parent agree to give masonry up but he never did.


Despite that some MASONS were also prominent members of the Labor party, the party developed their own form of masonry through party ranks. When I was in Labor party (circa 1994-1996) and attended my local Camden NSW branch meeting headed by (then future Senator) Peter Primrose, putting myself up for a one of the various branch offices. Myself and a visiting long-term Labor party member (and prominent real estate agent) were stunned when the entire branch voted against me. Evidently on the basis of me publicly outing Labor's Kim Beasley (Sydney TV news few years prior) for directly harming my teenage son and his friends and misappropriating public money and defrauding voters in a scam he had going falsely promising apprenticeships with the NSW Master Builders Association, through Campbelltown NSW TAFE and DEET Minister BEASLEY's Department of Employment Education and Training. So I put myself up for every other position in the branch and again they all voted against me. What the branch said to me was that they 100% supported abusing the rights and emotions of teenagers (apprentice builders) and expenditure of taxpayer dollars to secure votes for the Labor party on false promises of jobs BEASLEY never intended to provide, simply to maintain LABOR party control over government. Isn't that terrorism?


The devil Labor party worship is no different to the Liberals. They both want total control over our country for the “party cause” and force “party opinion” on everyone as law passed through our parliaments, despite what the people want. The best example is seen in Victoria through the COVID-19 epidemic. Another example was in NSW State government in 1988 when the parliament had made law that a Judge could force a case into mediation or arbitration with no right of appeal and included the child sex crime allegations I made against my freemason male parent to a freemason magistrate in Camden NSW local court who sent me to medicate with the sex offender with no right of appeal. That law was repealed. I hope I contributed to that decision by my many complaints at that time.


However in 21st century State courts still try to force you to “mediate” your rights, perhaps to save the State courts money or simply to discriminate against Australians on political grounds, not sure which one. Your Australian Consumer Law rights are NOT negotiable. ACL found in the Schedule of the Act (Competition & Consumer Act 2010) directly states that Australians have consumer guarantees, which means its illegal under the Australian Consumer Law to make false or misleading statements and that includes statements about having to "negotiate" your rights in court. They're irrevocable rights under statute that can't be negotiated to benefit the infringing supplier and therefore its illegal for a State Registrar or Judicial officer to insist a consumer must "negotiate" their (national law) irrevocable rights with a supplier. I was forced to argue my rights with Adelaide Magistrate's Civil Court Registrar Ms Good who deemed me "aggressive" because I was adamant about ensuring my rights were protected. Imagine what happens to someone less versed in law than myself. This was only last year, in 2019, over a breach of my consumer rights and the delivery of 3 tonne of landscaping stones that sat totally blocking my driveway for 12 months waiting for the infringing supplier to collect them after I rejected the multi-coloured stones that were falsely advertised as “white” stones and had been delivered covered in white powder that washed off. The State executive Consumer department refused to take my claim so I was forced to take it to State court who refused to recognise my Consumer Right to compensation but ordered the supplier collect the stones. Interestingly the supplier made a reference to my website as his reason not to collect his falsely advertised stones. The compensation matter is yet to be resolved.


After I relocated to Adelaide in the state of South Australia in search of a political party I could truct to look after the interests of fellow Australians I joined the Liberal party. I went to a couple of branch meetings in Adelaide and in my local area at Maslin's Beach. I remained my normal self, politely reserved. Then they changed the date and the local venue and despite many emails the local Kaurna / Kingston area Liberal party branch refused to tell me where they were meeting.


That my friend is an example of two terrorist organisations not interested in democratic representation they push the “party ideals” which is an obvious intent on replacing Australis's Constitutional government of the “citizens” with the terrorist government of the “party” just like Germany's Nazi party terrorists of last century.




In the ritual of exaltation, the name of the Great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON -not a general umbrella term open to any interpretation an individual Freemason might choose, but a precise designation that describes a specific supernatural being - a compound deity composed of three separate personalities fused in one. Each syllable of the 'ineffable name' represents one personality of this Trinity:


JAH = Jahweh, the God of the Hebrews.

BUL = Baal, the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with 'licentious rites of imitative magic'.

ON = Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld.


Baal, of course, was the 'false god' with whom Jahweh competed for the allegiance of the Israelites in the Old Testament. But more recently, within a hundred years of the creation of the Freemason's God, the sixteenth-century demonologist John Weir identified Baal as a devil. This grotesque manifestation of evil had the body of a spider and three heads - those of a man, a toad and a cat.


A description of Baal to be found in de Plancy's Dictionary of Witchcraft is particularly apposite when considered in the light of the secretive and deceptive nature of Freemasonry: his voice was raucous, and he taught his followers guile, cunning and the ability to become invisible.


In 1873, the renowned masonic author and historian General Albert Pike, later to become Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Supreme Council (of the 33rd Degree) at Charleston, USA, wrote of his reaction on learning of Jah-Bul-On. He was disquieted and disgusted by the name, and went on: 'No man or body of men can make me accept as a sacred word, as a symbol of the infinite and eternal Godhead, a mongrel word, in part composed of the name of an accursed and beastly heathen god, whose name has been for more than two thousand years an appellation of the Devil.'




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