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Frankly, Its like telling indigenous Australians that they can’t be a member of an indigenous Australians club because they’re still battling it out in court to have their land rights recognised and that’s too political for the indigenous Australians club.


I will say nothing more than has been said in the below other than to say - If an answer to any emailed question is not published below, it was not answered at all so after checking the group's CONSTITUTION I went ahead and paid the 5 year subscription of AU$120 in May 2020. I will say many famous people recorded in history are my great+ grandparents, its impossible for me to know the actual number for every one and absurd for any person to insist that I stipulate "the" number before I'm "believed". As of 1 July 2020, I'm still waiting for any response from contemptuous FRANK McGregor (Tas) Australasian delegate of Scotland's Clan Gregor Society.

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  1. 2017-11-20 FROM Frank

  2. 2017-12-18 FROM Frank

  3. 2017-12-27 TO Frank

  4. 2018-12-02 A-TO Richard in Scotland

  5. 2018-12-02 B-TO Richard in Scotland

  6. 2018-12-22 Mutual

  7. 2019-01-01 FROM Frank

  8. 2019-01-04 TO Frank

  9. 2019-01-07 FROM Frank

  10. 2020-05-09 FROM ANON TO Frank

  11. 2020-05-09 FROM DG TO Frank

  12. 2020-05-22 To Frank

  13. 2020-06-18 8_15 AM FROM Clan Gregor COUNCIL this email address is not in The Clan Gregor Society Newsletter contact list.

  14. 2020-06-19 TO Frank & CGS council.

  15. A24 Acknowledgement - Honorary Consuls' Immunities.

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Frank McGregor Honorary Consul United Ki
2020-06-20 Cease and Desist TAS Frank Mc

Below: This bozo the Australasian executive member of CLAN GREGOR SOCIETY in SCOTLAND from Tasmania Australia personifies by demonstration, an example of the day-to-day unlawful CRIMINAL defamation I'm confronted with in my social life at the hands of lawless wankers who believe being a criminal is the Australian way because the white fellas started out as convicts. 


CLAN GREGOR SOCIETY executive want the glory of my famous great+ grandfather's life but refuse to admit criminal government the suppression defamation rapes and torture continues in the 21st century. Evidently is to do so may harm their social or financial status in that government, thereby shaming not only CLAN GREGOR but all SCOTTISH descendants, whose ancestors fought against oppression at the Battle of Culloden on 16 April 1746.

Lest we forget who the wankers really are.

Perhaps I'm not English enough for current Clan Gergor Society in Scotland, or is it I'm too MacGregor.

Naked Male (Sex Slave?) Escapes

Buckingham Royal Guard passes.

The subsequent 2 April 2015 NBC Daily News claim (BY MARIANNE GARVEY, BRIAN NIEMIETZ AND OLI COLEMAN) it was "a stunt for a British TV show" is highly improbable simply for the fact any stunt footage could be used out of context. Logically, no Royal family globally would ever approve such a recklessly controversial stunt. 


Youtube video link from "zadok Pride Deport those that hate" 3.2K subscribers, QUOTE: "The country is run by pedophiles all the way to Buckingham Palace open your f****** eyes or let your children be stolen from you."

Abuse of Public Office SA.png

Left: This bozo from RESULTS ELECTRICAL Adelaide Australia, personifies by demonstration, an example of the day-to-day unlawful CRIMINAL defamation I'm confronted with in access to government services. He was booked to make EMERGENCY electrical repairs to my State government owned rental I've occupied for the last 12 years. The fence was erected after multiple other State government public officers unlawfully conspired to unlawfully imprison me in a mental health facility in direct contravention of the Mental Health Act, for informing a Minister in State parliament and and my State representative in parliament that I have irrefutable evidence of crime in their State government executive.

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