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Lets take a peek at the mental health "culture" of our government public officers who "live" to bully the rest of us.


Since the 2014 date of NSW resident and ex-elected Councillor “Lynette Styles Kangaroo Court book of lies about me” I've had at least two sets of current neighbours in my State some 1500 kilometres away “criminally” defame me to others. One I discovered from State records in concert with department of health and housing public officers, the other I heard for myself as I walked down the side of my house and he was on his roof with another male attending to his roof top air conditioning system, I later discovered his family works in State health department.


So stepping back to look at the government health system, we see our governments fund medical research to extend the life of “entitled” people while millions in our global community are dying from lack of a sandwich. The same government publicly criticise and restrict CASH payments of native Australians for buying alcohol instead of food for their family. Personally I can't seen any difference between the two scenario. I add that my white husband and my white male parent did the same, bought alcohol instead of food for their family. I think its the government's illegal prohibition of home grown cannabis, that's to blame for people buying alcohol to deal with their shitty life in this politically shitty country.


Going back to the “Lynette Styles Kangaroo Court book of lies about me” she goes into great detail to defame me in every aspect of my life to explain away four things:


  1. The government falsification of evidence at a murder scene on Fathers Day 1984.

  2. That her face appeared on the front cover of the 1984 Sydney newspaper as the dead victim I was later framed as being in 1989.

  3. That I was criminally assaulted an kidnapped by a person with a gun in 1990s when she knew me.

  4. That I was surgically raped when she knew me in 1990s.

On the latter, being secretly surgically raped and politically implanted with devices to "talk" into your ear, is a great threat to many;


A] In 2006 I discovered I had “something” next to my brain, I didn't know it was an infection around an ear implant.

B] In 2007 when I took specific State government public officers to court who were covering up for the physicians who refused to diagnose the infection in my head, the State government obviously did know what caused the infection as they secretly diagnosed me as schizophrenic knowing also that the main symptom of schizophrenia is “hearing” voices of people you can't see.


C] In 2012 was when I discovered proof the infection next to my brain had been around an illegal implant behind my outer ear.

D] In 2012 multiple physicians criminally refused me antibiotics for significant infection in the same ear canal, I had to take extreme steps to prevent my death from infection.

E] In 2013 State health department government public officers illegally conspired (2018 FIO evidence) to illegally imprison me and say it was on the orders of the State Health Minister, with false claims I had an unidentified mental illness. As we know the State Minister for police can't order the police to do anything.  The crux of "State Health physician's" claims was that the government “was afraid” I'd “have the implants removed” because their physician argued to the Guardianship Tribunal that I was a risk to myself “because I had all my teeth removed in 1976”. They decided not to add that my teeth were rotten with no outer enamel and I had them removed in a public hospital by a dental surgeon. The Tribunal accepted that rubbish and maintained my forced drugged imprisonment. Sara Conner and the Terminator movie springs to mind.

So you see the above proves the above persons pandered to by our elected government are certifiable as a serious physical threat to the rest of us, proven on the governments own documents.


What many people probably don't know is that Wollondilly Shire Council ex- General Manager (CEO) Gary Clark took weeks off work circa 1998 because Lynette Styles was bullying him and he was unable to prevent that evidently, on political grounds.


Janette 13 December 2020.

WSC Badge Photo.png

The claims made in  “Lynette Styles Kangaroo Court book of lies about me” are outrageously false on the basis that she would have been maimed or killed if I took positive acts of revenge against her. I intentionally never get angry, laughing off everything because I've known since I was 16 that I've inherited the recently identified condition of “Berserker/Blind Rage Syndrome”. Evidently me laughing everything off is explained away by others as proof I'm 'stupid'. I also have NEVER been drunk and NEVER taken mind altering drugs as to do so would render me incapable of preventing my anger from manifesting. I also practice “avoidance” of situations that have potential to anger me, which evidently is explained away by others as proof I'm 'not going to sue them' - because I'm scared & stupid.

I love saying this, I got a perfect score in my "defamation Law" assignment for my law degree in 2018. The State rates their perfect score a a HD (Harley Davidson? no) HD at Uni in Adelaide stands for High Distinction.

I've never been "scared" of anyone, ever. I think it goes with the affliction. Having said that, I'm not "stupid" eother, I know when someone is a danger to me.

As I've recently discovered with DNA test that I'm descendant of Scandinavian vikings I suggest I inherited my blind rage from those Vikings labelled as Berserkers. I've only been in my blind rage three times, where I literally go blind according to what I remember, before I black out and act out horrible things I can't remember. to my mind can't remember anything. The first was when I attacked my bitch of a sister when I was 16. The second and third was when I was illegally drugged during official Wollondilly Shire duties when I gave Michael Banasik a black eye after hitting him before he flew through the air. The sound of him crashing to the floor and Christine Towndrow yelling at me snapped me out of it. I was still drugged. The third was when someone had kidnapped me from my residence in Branxton NSW drugged me and told me I was a toddler and they were my dad who was going to rape me. I came to seeing his head bobbing up and down in front of me with people yelling at me I had killed him. It was only then I realised my hands were on the sides of his head smashing it repeatedly into the ground. He must have gone to a hospital as the men with him were crying in their belief he was “almost” dead. I was still drugged. I remember before and after but have no memory of the in between. None. At all materiel times I weighed about 50 kilograms or 8 stone with my height at 166 cm or 5'6” with regular muscle mass that women have. I eventually remembered the last drugged incident (before and after) as my arms muscles ached for days after I could hardly move my arms. I don't know who the short and fat man about 10 years older than me was, but he deserved what he got, obviously knowing I suffered this affliction. The last thing he said to me was "Lest see what you've got" then "I'm done for"; and why arrogant men sicken me.

Having said all that. Every time blacked out  I felt something “move” in my brain, before my brain felt like it was heating up not with heat just the effect of heat. Hard to explain. Sometimes I feel my eyes flutter but the same happens when I get a certain type of premonition. I get multiple different types of first hand peeks into future and past events. I'm intrinsically a non-violent pacifist person. When I lashed out those three times I did it in self defence. Likewise I taught my children it takes the bigger person to walk or run away from a fight. I also told them its ok to defend yourself as needs be if you have no other option. I'd say its my personality type, pure logic, that has taught me what I know about this condition which is no different to any other person with an allergy. Its by no means a mental health condition, proved by the fact its controllable without drugs. I can honestly say I have an allergy to wankers. They're probably narcissists too but I prefer the term “wanker” because everyone knows at least one of those.    Janette 13 December 2020.

I'm quietly confident great+ grandfather Rob Roy would be happy to let me publish this in his named website. He's not complained to me thus far ;P


If you hear me speak the name I say Wallondilly Shire with an Wa. I say it because it feels right to say it. I've always said from the first time I said the name. A staff member of council pointed out that Wa was the original spelling. I had that confirmed when I saw a painting titled "Wallondilly" so when you say it say Wallondilly and have it culturally returned to its original pronunciation.

This Shire is nothing like the sweet one in the Hobbit or Lord of the Ring.  Considering at least one family from the hundreds involved in this serious organised political criminal fraud had always followed me when I relocated, moving in next door or opposite me as "Peter & Rose" did at 80 Gibson Street Goulburn  New South Wales with their little red Mitsubishi sedan, then its more likely than not that at least one from that criminal group are living in my street right now in Seaford Rise, South Australia some 1,400 kilometres away.

Lying is second nature to the type of person who has stalked another for decades out of necessity to conceal their own "family" crimes, Isn't that right number 10 Harley owner Paul?

Circa August 2016: By mere chance I caught him on the roof next door looking into my back yard, I just happened to have a phone (camera) in my hand. When he saw me he turned to look at the TV aerial or antenna. The powers of the universe always look after me like that. If I were the religious type, I might say I was blessed. He's Paul Shilldarien-Henley to SA Housing, Paul Henley to SA Health, Alexander Paul from stolen deceased ID to Federal Electoral Office.  When he split from his first wife, circa 2015, he stayed alone opposite and his separated wife had to move out with the children.He brought his second pregnant wife to live with him. So why did he get to stay alone in his State subsidised rental while his wife and children had to move? Short answer, he's a criminal political stalker, illegally funded by our government to illegally intimidate me at my residence and spread false rumours to my other neighbours about me to create the fabricate claims I "don't even" get along with my neighbours - because I've not done anything they claim I have and they can't prove any of their existing claims, like the ones Lynette Styles published in 2014. Two years later they're faking proof for "neighbour" and "everyone" claims she made. Ahhh now you see the link. I hear you.

Harry [David] Wilson WSC.jpg

Above: Harry (David) Wilson, Wollondilly Shire Council outdoor staff who suicided after the last of many failed "breach of conduct" bullying claims were effectively ignored by Council and in direct breach of their Code of Conduct. I say the WSC COC investigator should be charged with manslaughter.


Councillors should move to do what police have to do. Make policy so that all staff are issued with a body camera. Bullying will stop pretty fast when the bullies will easily be caught. That this wasn't done for Harry in 2018 is gross negligence on the part of Wollondilly Sire Council the day he suicided WHEN they informed him his last claim was not proved.


When I installed security cameras at my State housing rental, Housing SA, NOARLUNGA CENTRE staff complained to State Civil & Administrative Tribunal that I'd installed cameras without permission that caught their staff illegally trespassing to harass me. Boom boom. No more politically motivated criminal trespassing.

CLICK-CLICK-BOOM!: prime low-life parasitic fraud

C-Ward, Wollondilly EX-councillor "Lynette Elaine STYLES (Sloman)" previous alias "1984, age 14-16 bikie murder victim Leanne Walters", 1984 aged 40+ secretary to Richard Pratt's Visy Board CEO Mr Tony Featherstone "Short-arms Elaine" Sloman, from Sydney's wild west, Green Valley NSW, below.

Right: click on image ​Sep 2016: Pervert Paul Shilldarien-Henley criminally conspired in defamation to make completely false claims about me in at least 2016 and 2018 when he rang the emergency mental health help phone number in Adelaide evidently because I complained about him erecting security cameras to illegally keep me under surveillance in my own private front yard from his own location opposite and most likely from the roof of my neighbour’s property looking into my back yard. I presume you're aware of the size of the antenna used in your mobile phone transceiver.

Pervert Paul 2016 .png

This text gives a little insight on my personality and my experiences as a Wollondilly Shire electoral office elected Alderman/Councillor from 1995 to 1999 when unlike STYLES I was in fact illegally dismissed by my fellow Councillors after they set up the sequence of events to ensure that outcome.

Australia doesn't have any civil rights guarantees in their constitution. The long-term effect of that negligent Federation omission is catastrophic.

Addressing that undemocratic act of the Wollondilly Shire Council elected miscreants who illegally dismissed a fellow elected person (me) from my democratically elected position in 1999, one of whom is currently Deputy Mayor: These individuals formed the political opinion that they have the legal authority to “refuse” an apology for non attendance at a meeting when the intent of the apology is exactly what it infers in the dictionary. No one anywhere across the globe has capacity to refuse an apology to a meeting or anything else. It’s a non-tangible concept that’s virtually given that can’t be refused because it has no construct. Its like saying, “I refuse to accept you’re raping me.” Doesn’t matter what state your trouble mindset dwells in, the emotion still exists and remains for all time.

The inclusion in the constitutionally flawed Local Government Act to dismiss an elected person for non attendance is not lawful its political. 

Australia’s Constitution gives no parliament any authority to act with a political motive therefore where any law (Act) deems that any democratically elected person can be sacked by anyone whatsoever is unconstitutionally political. What would stop a political organisation from unlawfully imprisoning any political opponent specifically to prevent them from attending meetings to create the satisfaction of this political clause of dismissal for non attendance? Simple answer is nothing and basically that’s what happened to me. 

As the only person with dependant children and no support group of babysitters they illegally dismissed me because I refused to bring my children to the council meetings after KUIPER and VONCINA both lied to Council over the incident of STYLES shoulder-barging me in the chest inside the Council Chamber before a meeting. God only knows what they had planned for my very young children after they’d surgically raped me multiple times. The “political” dismissal clause in the Act is constitutionally void.

I was illegally sacked as revenge from the ALP clan for reporting my assaults from BANASIK, STYLES and Shane APPEL - and illegally sacked as revenge from the other clan because as a swinging voter not a clan voter, I'd assisted in voting out then general manager Gary Clark after he was off sick for weeks due to STYLES harassment and had failed in his ultimate responsibility to set up an effective process to prevent bullying at Wollondilly Shire Council.

Can we see a pattern here yet?

I know STYLES was harassing the general manager as I heard her yelling at him on the other end of phone when I was standing at the door of his office waiting to speak to him. STYLES was not a victim, she was a perpetrator.

I liked Gary Clark as a person but he was an ineffective leader at that time, in the top job and unable prevent his own bullying. The buck-passing stops with the General Manager.


These things I can prove with outcomes, I feel only I have the right to publish and not have them misrepresented by STYLES with irreverence, completely out of context or in terms that are simply, absurd baseless bullshit.


Lets examine one glaring fact, if I really was the uncontrollably psychopathically obsessed, outraged revenge-taker STYLES makes me out to be in her 2014 vanity-publication; then its more likely than not that I would have poisoned all her dogs, stealthfully and silently snuck up behind her in the dead of night outside her country property in Bargo or Thirlmere to slit her flabby throat, long before she had a chance to put her poison pen to paper 14 years, or is it 15 years after we both left Council in 1999. Its clearly fortunate for STYLES that I'm not who she claims. Considering she's still in the land of the living, that fact discredits her every word about me, about my children and about my ex-partners, both of whom coincidentally are very much dead. It wasn't me.

[Deadly Ernest's Creature Features musical score slowly fades in.]


You're “Kangaroo Court” self published FAKE story is even less convincing than the “Blair Witch Project.” Even I didn't think that would have been possible.


Council still owes me a duty of care on issues they failed to investigate which includes STYLES revelations I'd made “assault” allegation/s I don't believe I ever said it was “sexual” assault. As I recall I used the word “indecent” with the word “assault” on the basis that “sexual” infers “forced penetration” as in rape. There was no rape. There was an untrustworthy sexual predator who indecently assaulted me by trespassing in my private room as I slept, after his sweet Catholic wife who gave him many children went to the swimming pool at the Council funded inappropriate family bungalow accommodation, for an early morning swim. This was on about 17 October 1997 at Port Macquarie for the NSW Local Government Annual Conference.


I went to the press to ask them to report on the fact Councillors refused to address the Councillor's breach of Code of Conduct issue, and in those words. Macarthur region press refused because the offender was a long-term member of the Labor Party, just like Sydney NSW press refused to report on political crimes in (then Treasurer Paul Keating's) 1984 federal seat of Blaxland twenty years after the event. Evidence of serious crime was falsified in September 1984 to make ALP look good for their December 1984 re-election. Same deal was made in Wollondilly when Clr Micheal Banasic (BANASIK) stood for federal election in Macarthur federal seat fourteen years later in 1998.


Had witnesses been police interviewed after my Wollondilly Councillor's assaults in 1997/1998 supporting evidence would have emerged. Evidently councillors and staff destroyed the evidence against their comrades so I didn't have enough to prove anything on anyone. That was until I read bits of STYLES 2014 book the other day all these years later. The time limit to sue for defamation under State law starts when I see the article, not when it was first published.


I should have been officially informed of what STYLES had said or written about me twenty years ago after I left council. Council owed/owes me a duty of care on that. Victims have the legal right in Australia to anonymity after alleged sexual assault and a falsely alleged one. Under the circumstances Council should have sued STYLES for my defamation using their lawyers; and sued the newspaper that ran that bullshit story about me harassing STYLES; and sued John McAvoy and 'A Current Affair' corporate owners for their bullshit TV news slot falsely claiming I'd been in a long-term feud with STYLES the year I met her. The reality is that TOWNDROW and AUCHTERLONIE were the ones in the feud with STYLES. Everyone let me be humiliated and falsely accused for their garbage on national TV. Council showed favouritism to STYLES and every other Councillor by letting them get away with my criminal defamation back in 1997 well before BANASIK assaulted me. The motive, was some benefit they all received to defame me to assist the political powers continue to cover up their criminal fraud on the 1984 Fathers Day motorcycle club member murders – there was no little girl murdered.


The term recidivist offenders rings true.


One 1990s staff member told me they always knew when Clr Hall arrived at Council as they could hear my laughter ring through the office. I was/am never grumpy, depressed or aggressive. I created no enemies.


In my first year after election Council proposed a rate increase which I opposed. I'd designed and funded the printing of a petition. Using my Mazda 929 I personally delivered a copy of my anti-rate increase petition to all residents in my A Ward asking them to pay for postage to council for return of the signed form. There was a massive response that caused the councillors to refuse the increase. Staff were so impressed with “democracy in action” that I was presented in meeting with a folder containing photocopy of all the couple hundred responses informing the council it was the largest response they'd ever had from the community on anything. Wonder if that character evidence has been destroyed. Being a very humble introvert I naturally blushed profusely when I was congratulated. In stark contrast the local newspaper ran a story that had BANASIK as the main person behind the petition. My Mazda developed engine problems so I purchased a brand new imported Mazda engine from Japan and had that installed.


Early on out of curiosity I paid for a horoscope reading, based on my date and time of birth. I had the the bound booklet with me at council the day I collected it. BANASIK asked to read it. Within a short time he returned, he'd photocopied it editing the front page replacing my details with his. He showed it to others claiming it as his own and that it proved he was a born leader. I remained silent.


I too was a member of Labor Party. I resigned from the Party when BANASIK informed me that Picton Bargo ALP branch caucus voted that if I didn't vote for a development application before council then I'd be expelled from the Party. I was a member of the Camden branch. BANASIK continued to illegally renew my Party membership. BANASIK told me he did it so that he had my (illegal) vote at NSW ALP annual conference. I don't know when he stopped illegally renewing my membership, or if he ever did.


At another WSC meeting in the newly refurbished office there was a large number of the public. ALP supporter (Bob Waller) blocked my access up the internal stairs at council and threatened to throw me down the stairs. I loudly repeated his threat as a question causing him to back off. You can see from my council group photo that I was short and thinner than most. Most certainly no overtly physical threat to anyone.

The only reason I once put myself forward for vote as Mayor was to attempt to stop the infighting between TOWNDROW and STYLES. I've always been non factional and logically impartial. After my failure TOWNDROW nominated me for deputy, I declined as status was not my desire. Clr Wilson became deputy. If Councillors truly desired a mature outcome instead of calling police to remove STYLES from meetings for refusing to apologise for in meeting verbal abuse, they would have introduced something like a three strikes financial penalty system that went to local causes. Instead they acted like little children in school playground, abusing their position to waste valuable State police resources on personal non-threatening political issues. The same Picton police who refused to investigate every serious assault on me in the same time period. I left the meeting room to get a drink or something a few times because they started with the infighting. I was never involved in anything other than council meeting debate.

I highlight the fact that a person's deeds define a good or bad reputation, not rumours.


Card 2020 Click-click-boom Lynette Elain

Click-click-boom! criminally false & defamatory publication (Kangaroo Court) and photos (2013 & 2014) accidentally discovered by Janette on 18 November 2020.

Left B&W: September 1984 front page fake murder victim known as, age 14-16 bikie murder victim Leanne Walters, who in 1984 was actually "Elaine Sloman from Green Valley" aged 40+ working near Liverpool NSW as the personal assistant to 1984 millionaire Richard Pratt's Warwick Farm NSW Australia Visy Board plant general manager Tony Featherstone.

Centre: 2013 Looking more like her 1984 self (Lynette) Elaine Sloman (Styles) is now a candidate for election on the One Nation ticket where the candidates pay for their own nomination and campaign.

Far Right: 2014 ex Wollondilly Shire Councillor Lynette styles with her self-published book specifically intended to defame ex Councillor (Janette) Jenny Hall (Mrs Peters, Miss Francis) as described in evidence at the link BELOW which proves the current Wollondilly Shire Council executive are a party to the 1984 criminal fraud to create the FAKE murder victim LEANNE WALTERS.

As a pre-internet 1960s child it was a popular thing for children to have an small book with  monogrammed cover that read “Autographs” and to collect life quotes from respected adults. My Campbelltown East NSW primary school needlework teacher, Mrs Gamble wrote this most memorable treasured quote in my olive green covered autograph book; “A stitch in time saves nine.” 


Had my Council legally addressed the many breaches of Council's Code of Conduct after the October 1997 assault we would not now be facing this rather large significant legal issue; my family and I would not have sustained the last 20 years of defamatory harm. I would not have had to leave my older sons in NSW and flee to Adelaide for presumed safety that still doesn't exist in Australia.


Its that deeply entrenched 20th century convict solidarity culture and top-down Colonial bullying that was obviously the catalyst for the 2018 suicide of Wollondilly outdoor staff, Harry (David) Wilson. 

I don't mean to be melodramatic but Wollondilly current executive have the golden opportunity in this to make significant changes. A safer future starts today.

I suspect this was 1997, Clr Voncina was mayor she invited all councillors and partners to a weekend day Christmas gathering at a public picnic spot. I brought my young children with me. I'd stopped letting their dad have contact after he'd attempted to blow us up in a gas explosion at my rental when I came home from a Council meeting. Prior to that he'd loosened the steering on my Mazda. When I took the car to a repairer it was just up on the hoist when I saw the mechanic first touch the steering, it fall off in his hands. I know my partner loosened it as I'd sprung him under the front of my car, then the steering was wobbly. It drove like I'd imagine it would've if the wheels were oval shaped. This is the reason I told Mr Hall to leave my real estate at The Oaks NSW, but he refused. Clearly I was unable to stay in co-habitation with someone intent on murdering me. It wasn't his first attempt on my life. Unlike STYLES and TOWNDROW I didn't run to the newspapers when police turned their back on me,  I quietly gathered evidence. There never was a “custody” application he never wanted the children.


Back at the picnic ground; the children and I had to park our Mazda away from the venue. I'm technically minded and know well enough about cars. It appeared to me someone had mechanically interfered with my Mazda's fuel injection system in my absence. We barely made it home. It never started again. I contacted a local Bowral NSW mechanic for a quote to determine the problem. He came and towed my 1987 luxury Mazda 929 to his workshop. I never saw my car again. This was after BANASIK assaulted me at October 1997 Local Government Conference.


Please note officially there's no such beast as “Local” government. The title “Local Government Act” is fraudulent. Technically on that basis the Act is Constitutionally void. Councils are not given any authority as a parliament in Australia's Constitution. State government don't have Constitutional authority to create nestled levels of subservient “government.” Councillors have no qualified privilege for meetings, they can sue and be sued for defamatory remarks. Council has no seat of parliament. No upper house. No lower house. No local government. Its merely a committee of the State Government that takes care of local council matters from funds taken by State authorised Council Rate collection, in same manner as the Water Board takes care of our domestic water supply. Our governments deploy many layers of fraud to mislead you, the voting public, with premeditated intent to deceive.


My new 1997 Tulip Close, Bowral NSW neighbour from down the street was BANASIK's sister who'd sought me out to befriend me and gain my confidence, evidently so she could betray me for political benefit of her little brother. She declined to mention she was BANASIK's sister. After my Mazda 929 had been at the mechanics for a about ten days and they refused to give me the quote, I'd confided in BANASIK's undercover sister that I was not waiting any longer for the mechanic to return my calls on the quote.


She phoned them to alert them I was on my way with a tow to retrieve my car. When I got there the car was not on the premises. They verbally informed me they had “repaired” the car they alleged needed major engine overhaul claiming I owed then $5,000 which was considerably more than the receipted cost of the brand new imported Mazda Japan engine still under warranty. If they'd done any work to the engine they'd voided my warranty. They refused to give me an itemised statement of alleged parts.


ALP supporting police refused to take my statement about the theft on the grounds they figured the mechanic “would claim a lien for unpaid repairs, despite that I insisted they had an unsubstantiated claim and I had official Mazda receipts for the new engine, these Bowral NSW police didn't give a shit about my evidence.


I presume this is the “lien” mentioned in the BOOK where STYLES inferred a lien against my car was valid and I was a credit risk on that basis. State Fair Trading rubber stamped the theft. I searched across the region, no lawyer would represent me in a civil suit for my stolen Mazda 929. One lawyer in Moss Vale told me “They won't let you have anything.” Then refused to expand on that. This was the same ending after Macarthur Credit Union staff stole my real estate in concert with Mr Hall in the same general period of time, post publication of the 1989 copyright SIMPSON-HARVEY BROTHERS IN ARMS bullshit cover up on 1984 politically falsified police evidence to benefit the Labor Party. Libs are no better they rubber stamped the crimes against me when it was their turn to run the country.


I'd a high interest personal loan for the Mazda 929 I'd secured soon after my Council 1995 election specifically to be able to drive around the Shire to fulfil my council responsibilities. The lien claim meant I was unable to claim insurance for theft. Its my presumption intent was to use my car theft to prevent my attendance at Council meetings to cause my expulsion that way.


I accidentally discovered my neighbour was BANASIK's sister after I saw him meet and kiss her out front of the council building as I'd just walked across a room to gaze out an upstairs window to wait for whomever I was in the office to see after they'd just left the room. The powers of the universe have always looked after me like that. We'd been close, my very young daughter had slept over at her house with her children. The children and myself, not just me, were being betrayed in every area of our life.


When bullying me became 'best practice' at Wollondilly Shire, at one official function where elected Council and senior staff had a dinner meeting to discuss budget or policy, Finance Director Col Mitchell and another went off to buy Chinese takeaway from personal orders. Upon his return Mr Mitchel handed me a fresh lemon, not what I ordered, they bought me nothing else. I stayed for the meeting. Defiantly ate my salted lemon with a knife and fork as if it was a plated meal of fried fish, modestly laughing and joking about it as we sat to table and they all ate their hot meal. I never sulked, frowned or complained to anyone.


There's a vast difference between blind stubbornness and logical tenacity, I'm one of the latter. As a younger child of physically aggressive and naturally taller siblings I learnt how to effectively defend myself without violence before I reached 2 digits. Many have tried to break me, everyone failed miserably. When it comes to mental health I won the DNA lottery. My only enemy are those who mistakenly believe I'm their enemy. I'm simply incorruptible. I have no level of respect for anyone who is corruptible. I've never sought revenge for anything, only justice according to written law.


So that'd be another big fat “fuck you too” lynettestyles@gmail.com lynettestyles@hotmail.com of the Wollondilly Shire. AUSTRALIA. You obviously know you don't have enough assets to cover the extensive serious harm you've caused to myself and my children. You belong in prison STYLES with no release date.

Card 1995-1999 WSC Janette Francis [Alde
Card SYMPATICO The Real Heros 100pc.png

SYMPATICO: always justice according to written law.

'government political crimes must be 100% outlawed'

In her custom of enduring externalised self-pity Lynette Styles (STYLES) said or inferred she was akin to the Nursery Rhyme character Humpty Dumpty. Analysing that from my expert psychology training circa 1990 training, I say STYLES intent in her book “Kangaroo Court” is to elicit public sympathy. Defining the actions of fabled Humpty Dumpty; he sat on a fence making no decisions; he fell off because he grew too fat to be able to efficiently balance his nothingness. I suggest SDTYLES is implying she was “shattered” by her experience on council. Yet she was happy to stay in the same geographic location surrounded by the alleged persons who victimhood her. That's not a text book definition of a victim who tend to employ avoidance traits as a coping mechanism.


If I were to describe STYLES from her attempts to define herself as a victim in her self-publication “Kangaroo Court” clearly she's be the Jesus Christ from the publication named, The Holy Bible and Council collectively are Judas Iscariot; where Matthew directly states that Judas betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver" by identifying him with a kiss. Or so Google tells me.


However if I were to define what I personally know about STYLES using a cartoon character from my TV childhood, I'd call her Wile E Coyote the Looney Tunes evil schemer in Road Runner, who in his perpetual plots and actions to kill the Road Runner he blew himself up instead. Looks like to me in that scenario I'm the Road Runner.


When Council sacked me after I was suddenly unable to access reasonable childcare that was only after they changed the meeting frequency from once a month, (as defined in the Local Government Act) to once a fortnight. Evidently to hasten their plan to dispense with me for persisting in my Sex Discrimination application to Anti-Discrimination Board against WSC and sexual harassment claim against Michael Banasik. They made themselves a collective Judas Iscariot.

I will add that I can't directly prove BANASIK indecently assaulted me. But the evidence proves that probability by the way Council refused to address the breaches of anti-discrimination law, refused to implement protections against discrimination as defined in Federal law; and London UK import, Liberal Party member Chris Puplic then head of the Anti-Discrimination Board refused to list my written formal application; and that, when I telephoned staff at ADB to ask why it wasn't listed yet, (after I'd been sacked) the female voice at the other end said, verbatim, “I thought the Labor Party took care of that.”


So I say this; Liberal Party wanted / want to see me discredited as I have an inordinate amount of evidence that prove they headed a NSW /A CT Child Sex Crimes criminal organisation in the 1960s and 1970s. Labor Party wanted / want to see me discredited as I have an inordinate amount of evidence that prove they headed the NSW / ACT fraud over the government public officer murder of the unarmed person, Ivan Romcek, who was killed on Fathers Day 1984, falling on the screw-in table leg he was trying to defend himself with. As seen on the back cover of BIA copyright 1989, before senior NSW police ordered moving the bodies of Mario Cianter and Tony McCoy; then with premeditated intent to pervert the course of justice claimed to 1984 Sydney press that the trio “fell side by side”. Seeking to be returned for their second term in a long time the federal Labor Party member of the electorate where this POLICE crime occurred, (Treasurer Psaul Keating) and Prime Minister Bob Hawke, (a Labor Party FREEMASON) agreed to the perpetuation of the cover up by instructing POLICE to fabricate a teenage female murder victim; “shot dead” Leanne Walters was born. That my own male parent was also a FREEMASON and had been a grand-poo-bar in 1973, is probably the only reason I live to tell the fact of it, over and over again.

So despite having said Wollondilly Shire Council were a collective Judas, I personally see myself not as the Jesus Christ or any other “worshipped” one, (being the centre of attention is the least of my desires.)

BELOW & RIGHT: Poison pen vanity author and recidivist criminal defamer, Lynette Styles when aged about 75, Wollondilly Shire when I knew her in the 1980s she called herself Elaine Sloman @Visy Board Warwick Farm. 

Photos from left to right circa 2013 to 2019, from copyright owners public pages as per internet, fair use Australian copyright law. I've never seen her open mouth smile before this One Nation campaign photo circa 2013. The bipartisan governments were all laughing at the rest of Australia ready to lap up their outrageous political lie.

Card 1984-2018 Police Brothers Lie ears

To be dramatic about it and completely factual I will say however that I “am the truth” I have spoken the truth about these matters all my life, (Masonic child sex crimes) despite the personal risk. Evidently my DNA inherited a selfless sense of duty. I attest to the fact that I have been been rescued from near death many times in a variety of ways, which proves to me, not a God or Gods, but a collective of powers that control our universe. Perhaps they might be best described as the collective of the human soul. One of my living and breathing rescuers who appears to have given his own life to save me, was a man at perhaps last South Western Regional Economic Development Organisation (SWSRDO) meeting I attended, headed by developer **ROY MEDICH whose off-sider at SWSREDO was a Mr Berry. I was Wollondilly Council's nominated and elected representative. I don't know if there was pre-knowledge to attempt my murder at SWSRDO meeting by whomever I heard a muffled gunfire shot soon after he blocked my passage up the stairs telling me to flee, before he prevented the aggressor from following me. I do know the hero of the day was a quiet mannered polite man who bears a striking doppelgänger resemblance to 1984 Comanchero Motorcycle Club member, Mr James Morton, as pictured in BIA photo labelled “Morts later” I also know that fellow councillor Christine Towndrow had after knowledge of it all. When I knew my selfless hero he was a silent attendee at the last few SWSRDO meetings, he wore his hair pulled back in a ponytail. I had been to Mr Morton's grave site circa 2001 or 2001 and wondered why he was that same person and why “the” James Morton was not buried with the other deceased Comanchero members. Whomever he was he will always be remembered with my eternal gratitude and should have yours for assisting me correct these many political crimes from the murder of forever young Ivan Romcek and his associates to the rape and torture two little boys my age at my male parent's Masonic Temple meeting circa 1967 and the murder of one. For your part in preventing me to access justice of these innocents, you deserve to be in prison with no release date Lynette Leanne Styles, so mote it fuking be, I've never known anyone who deserves it more. When its all said and done the rest of you can think whatever you like, its not up to me to be your conscience.

My memory of where I worked at Visyboard Warwick Farm NSW 1981-1985, where it appears the fake Sandra Harvie worked in factory despatch area and drive 4 cylinder green car with black & white NSW plates starting with LS-??? The general manager, Tony Featherstone had a personal assistant named Elaine Sloman. We also had a salesman around my age named “George or Graham Taylor” this Mr Taylor was married to an Elizabeth Taylor. Our ex-GM named Graham Taylor was also married to an Elizabeth. I thought it odd that this Mrs Taylor never came to council functions with other partners. The most memorable feature of Elaine was her shortish arms compared to the rest of her. Elaine was then about 45. I'd imaging she looked remarkably like Lynette Styles below when she was 45. Elaine had a bob cut same as STYLES below second from left for the 2013 One Nation election photo. When I knew STYLES from WSC 1995-1999, I've never seen Lynette Styles without long sleeves. I believe I was told Elaine's husband was a NSW police officer. Circa 1985 / 1986 Sydney TV news reported suspected arson at Visybosard Warwick Farm, odd thing is only the personnel records were destroyed.  Fancy that. 

Not having a photo from back then, its my best guess Lynette STYLES & Elaine SLOMAN are the same person.

Why? Both had the same unjustified abrasive personality, same appearance, same age, Elaine was natural mother to persons the world knows as authors Jennifer Cook & Sandra Harvey. I knew them at Visy Board as Jennifer Sloman &

Leanne Sloman. BELOW:

Elaine Sloman, not Lynette Styles.

As I recall Elaine was a single mum living in assisted housing in Green Valley. A false claim she made of me in her rubbish book as Lynette.

Sloman Green Valley Teachers Barmaids.pn

Video:  Pervert Paul infers he's with the local Rebels Motorcycle Club, he parked his motorbike out front, waited outside with 2nd wife for me to come back from local shop on my bicycle. They sat on windowsill as he's video recording me with his motorcycle in the foreground. This prick too gutless to face me with his false claims, so spineless that he hasn't said a single word to me. He spends his time lying about me to everyone who comes near my house. Pervert Paul lies to State with he's AFRAID of me. A worthless piece of TERRORIST garbage is this State funded Pervert Paul.

Click Click Boom Tramp .png
Card WSC Fake Lynette Leanne Styles 100p
Sloman sisters wedding Peter Curtis 1985

Because "many" of my ancient ancestors were royals, in my family TREE there is well over thirty recorded generations. The system crashed before it got to the end of the download. The download data say there are well over 50,000 recorded families and over 25,000 recorded +grandparents across all the continents of the northern hemisphere apart from Asia. That's a small number compared to our total ancestors. 

I share many "recorded" ancestors in common with thousands of other people walking this planet this very day. Its a highly probable some live in Australia. Considering "all" of my recent ancestors came with the convict ships to Australia and as paying passengers or ship's crew in 1800s Its probable some are criminally inclined and would therefore happily seek out distant family that have no value to them to use as scapegoats in their plots to secure "unjust enrichment" for themselves.


Therefore under the circumstances, its highly likely I'm "DNA" related to quaintly obsessed people like Lynette Elaine Sloman (Styles) and her equally recalcitrant offspring who were laughing about what they'd already done to me by December 1985 in Jennifer's wedding photos when I snapped the photos.

Generally, authors write "true" stories about what they know personally about themselves, not necessarily what they know about others.

Sloman Sisters Jennifer Cook & Sandra Ha

To clear the air. It wasn't until about 18th November 2020 when I saw the 2013 election photo of Lynette Styles that I realised she was fellow office worker Elaine Sloman from early 1980s Visyboard and the face on 1984 front page of FAKE murder victim Leanne Walters.


What Lynette Styles wrote “about” me was complete drivel. I've not written anything whatsoever “about” Lynette Styles or about her life when she was known as Elaine Sloman. The “care” factor I have about what goes on in this person's head is zero percent. I don't know what she wrote about my application for AVO against her as its not in the Google Books preview and both STYLES and WOLLONDILLY SHIRE COUNCIL have refused to provide me with a copy, paid, on loan, or give away. I can say this, before the AVO hearing I was asked by a totally different person at WSC if I knew a “good” lawyer. I immediately thought of my old high school friend Ian Cheetham from 1971 when I had a mini crush on his best friend Phillip Stever and subsequently drank with him and my 1973 crush at the Leumeah Inn where we were always well behaved, there was a motorcycle club group who came to Leumeah Inn often but never caused trouble and although they were trying to chat me up they were always respectful. Ian drank his Jim Beam bourbon with dry ginger ale, the only person I've known to do this.

WSC Badge Photo.png

True to form STYLES engaged Ian as her defence lawyer. One of the witnesses for Styles was Michael Banasik, which was amusing as he was not there when the event occurred enabling him to tell the truth in the fact he hadn't seen Lynette Styles barge her shoulder my chest at council. One of the two who were the only eye witnesses refused to give testimony evidently as a lawyer and politically motivated she wanted to play her cards politically, but not lie to the court about what she saw. The other was a future Wollondilly Mayor Helen Kuiper, she had no problem whatsoever with lying under oath.

If I had a predisposition for vendettas as Lynette Styles claimed in her "book of rubbish" I wouldn't have bothered with the AVO application, I'd have encouraged someone else to bash the crap out of her as she was leaving her shop one dark evening, or something like that. Evidently this never happened to her, if it did we'd all heard about it many times on front page of the Labor Party's local newspapers.


When the local newspaper snapped their photo of me that Lynette put in her vanity publication, I'd been feeling shattered in the knowledge that KUIPER had lied to the court and VONCINA refused to be my witness and speak the truth. All local police were interested in was examining my discarded cigarette butts in front of me evidently to see if they contained cannabis leaves. Another false rumour they'd spread. Like I said before, being "betrayed" by everyone closest to me is a shattering experience which is why I moved out of the area then out of State.


One glaring question is WHY did Lynette Elaine Styles (Sloman) outright lie to A Current Affair reporters to claim I had a long standing vendetta against her well BEFORE she started barging me?


When the ACA story aired I had no idea WHO she was pretending NOT to be.


Hi Roy - ​Roy Medich is a NSW business developer we were casual friends during my experiences before the last incident at the SWSRED office. I'm not suggesting in any way whatsoever that Roy Medich was invo9lved in any plot to harm me. Indeed he had ample opportunity to do so if that's what he wanted. He was always pleasant and respectful to me and in my presence. I don't know who was in the office when I was blocked on the access stairs.

Roy is mentioned here because of our common 'arrow' nose shape. Let me say its a fine nose with a very proud ancestry, if someone wants to complain about it its probably because they're jealous of our fine nose.


I've often wondered where it came from geographically. After my research I suspect the Medich family and my family are distantly family. Here's why.

The Medich family website says they immigrated from Croatia. After my 2017 family tree research I discovered my ancient ancestors are from Macedonia, which is in the same neck of the woods.

Indeed my own brother's face visually resembles a current bust and old coin claimed to be the likeness of Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy I Soter, (born 367/366bc Macedonia, died 283/282 Egypt). So I search my extensively recorded family tree which has many names and many more living descendants.

Searching my family tree from family names similar to Mr Medich where I found one +grandfather listed as Averardo de Medici III (1330-1363) he was born and died in Firenze (Florence) Toscana, Italy. His claim to fame was one of his children founded the Medici Bank (Italian: Banco dei Medici).


Ptolemy & Medici family link is from my mum's royal ancestors, she has a smaller nose than me. My male parent, (photo wearing eyeglasses) has the same arrow nose I also share his blood group which is different to mum's 'O' group. but I don't know his distant ancestry. However considering he had black tight curly hair when younger I'd say at least one of his distant ancestors were from same region, 94 year old male parent (1923-2018) even has the same smile as Roy Medich.

So looks like I'm distantly related to another Roy from a different continent. Don't recall if he remembers I said he felt like family when I was in his company. Evidently its proved by the 'strong' nose.


You're still a fine looking man Roy. All the best.

2017 age 94 male parent Italian ancestry
Clr Jenny Hall 1990s WSC.jpg
Card 1975-2020 Janette Above and Below.p
Roy Medich Sth West Syd Reg Eco Dvt Org
Averardo de Medici III, 1330-1363 -My No
Ptolemy I Soter Alexandria Coin.jpg