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Q: What do gangsters; physicians; political party supporters; and government public officers all have in common?

A: The majority support illegal, immoral or irrational decisions of their peers because the majority are psychopaths.

Facebook post: prime example (recently in 2020) of a psychopathic person (lack of empathy, cunning, etc) comes from the head of clan Gregor Australia who's also "honorary consul" in Australia for UK citizens, (aka frank) Francis McGregor who breached the clan Gregor constitution to refuse my 2020 membership renewal because this website is political. Then five days ago (10 august 2020) he published this political post on the official clan Gregor Facebook page (below right) showing a photo of Anthony Albanese MP present leader of the Australian Labor party with his own political comments.
Including a member of a political party on the Australian 'Clan Gregor Society' Facebook page is a “political” comment in itself. Proving in the land of 21st century 'Clan Gregor Society Scotland' there one rule for the males and another for the females.
It also appears that 'Clan Gregor Society Scotland' has been infiltrated by non Scottish people who choose not to have an opinion on the recent Scottish independence vote. Like I said, not having a political opinion is an opinion in itself, indicating you want to maintain the “political” status quo CGS.
You can guess how this McGregor deals with UK citizens in Australia who have a “political” problem with our federal Australian government's political party, who Frank obviously idealises over and above the laws of his country, Australia.
Like my MacGregor ancestors, I detest organised politics it breeds crime and its my legal and moral right in 21st century to say so, without being penalised by Clan Gregor Society Scotland executive, who are happy to ride on the coat-tails of my famous ancestor but turn their back on me due to their own traitorous political opinion and affiliation with the devil-worshipping Freemasons.
Its not that Clan Gregor "Society" in Scotland don't want to express a political opinion, its that they don't want anyone in their "Society" who holds a political opinion contrary to their own.
When Clan Gregor Society Scotland executive unconstitutionally ejected me from their secret political club, the only page on this website was the one totled "HOME" its not been altered since I was unconstitutionally ejected as you can see its not overtly “political”. I presume they object to me demanding my legal rights on my other website which had absolutely nothing to do with Clan Gregor Society Scotland executive apart from the fact I'm a MacGregor by blood and not merely name as many of them in Clan Gregor Society are.
There's only one qualification to being Scottish, Scotland has to be in your heart first and foremost. That's how I believe nationality should be determined. Nationality is imprinted in a part of your DNA, not where you're born. I've always been emotionally overwhelmed when I hear Irish bagpipes and see Scottish landscape. I played a flute non-stop as a child until my mother took it off me, because it reminded me of a distant memory I've never experienced in this lifetime. I begged my parents to let me play the violin as a child but they had no money for that. They let me do tap dancing (circa 1967) to discover I was a natural with a near perfect score after a few weeks to discover it wasn't the most talented who got the solo at the annual Sydney University/Union/Footbridge Theatre Christmas concert, it was the children of the politically aligned. I've never been out of Australia and had no cultural connection with Ireland or Scotland until I researched my family tree in 2017. If there was ever a war between Australia and Scotland I'd want to move to Scotland, the land is in my heart of hearts. Can't deny my Irish heritage its in my talents, but Scotland is in my heart.  And yes, had I received the slightest bit of encouragement I'd have been a singer and tap dancer and performer in the theatre generally. Mr Hayes a freemason and our "career adviser" at my school, Campbelltown High NSW public school, now known as Campbelltown Performing Arts High school, told me in 1972 aged 16 that, I was "too ugly to be an actress". That was the government's blueprint for the rest of my life.
I'm 166cm tall. According to a 2019 short and portly mature female staff at Law "Society" of South Australia in Adelaide office, "You won't get what you want." That's precisely what medical doctors say when I ask them to investigate the extensive evidence of "active" illegal implants inside me. Evidently my legal rights and my plans for my own life pales into insignificance against the plans our "political" government has for my life and Australian law plays no part in their plans for me. They all believe they "own" me proved by their actions in actively refusing me access to my legal rights.
I hadn't actually told her what I “wanted” I merely asked if I could get the names of Adelaide lawyers experienced in civil litigation so I didn't have to contact every lawyer in Adelaide to ask as evidently none I asked thus far are, despite that when I challenge someone in civil court they crawl out of the woodwork. Also evident is that every registered lawyer in Adelaide (I've contacted) does the bidding of our “criminal-political” government. She told me they don't provide that information but expected me to pay for an appointment with a lawyer she refused to identify, evidently for advice on what the “Society” wanted me to do.
If corporations in Australia insist that I'm “not allowed” to have “what I want” which is “access to my legal rights” then this saga is exactly like the story of Ben & Jerry's ice cream company with their slogan “What's the dough boy afraid of? They illegally withdrew my driving licence so all I have to raise awareness to my plight is my websites, which makes it all up to you to do your part, after all this could be you or your descendants in my situation.
They're been doing this sort of thing to me all my life so I figure that's 100% proof there's more wanna-be “dough boys” in Australia than there are decent law-abiding people. Must be the "colony-criminal" mentality in their DNA.
I feel fortunate that I didn't have high school history forced on me. I took geography as an elective as we had the right to choose (1970s) between a class on history or geography. It meant I didn't have our government alternate reality in manipulated historical propagandas drummed into my brain. I was free to learn history at my own pace my own way forming my own opinions on who was in the right and who were the mega arseholes. Perhaps that's why I have a logical outlook on politics as opposed to being like everyone else and parroting what the news media try to brainwash us all with as the major stories in “local news”. Perhaps that's how I was brainwash-proofed. Thank you Principal Gorman. 
Who was it that said 'you can't see the right path forward if you don't look back'?
RR MacGregor History Repeats Preferred C
Frank McGregor Honorary Consul United Ki
2019-12-12 Janette Selfie CROP 2 MacGreg

Above: Janette in 2019 aged 63. Poor lighting no makeup

good angle phone selfie.

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Dominant psychopathic traits include (alphabetically):

  1. Always expect others to implicitly trust them, despite their own past lies proved (aka politicians’ mantra).

  2. Callousness and lack of empathy.

  3. Criminal versatility.

  4. Cunning and manipulativeness.

  5. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions.

  6. Superficial charm.

  7. Impulsive irresponsibility.

  8. Lack of remorse or guilt.

  9. Parasitic lifestyle.

  10. Pathological lying.

  11. Poor behavioural controls.

  12. Superficial expression of emotion.

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