A few words to the gullible;
This planet is dominated by psychopaths. Governments and medical industry are saturated with psychopaths.
PSYCHOPATH (noun) a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal, or violent social behaviour.
FACEBOOK POST: Prime example (recently in 2020) of a psychopathic person (lack of empathy, cunning, etc) comes from the head of Clan Gregor Australia who's also "Honorary Consul" in Australia for UK citizens, (aka FrankFRANCIS McGREGOR who breached the Clan Gregor Constitution to refuse my 2020 membership renewal because this website is political. Then five days ago (10 August 2020) he published this political post on the official Clan Gregor Facebook page.  
You can guess how he deals with UK citizens in Australia who have a problem with our Australian (Liberal) government. Like my MacGregor ancestors, I detest organised politics.
I say FRANK McGREGOR should be expelled from
Clan Gregor Society; and relieved from his consulate responsibilities.

Dominant psychopathic traits include (alphabetically):

  • Always expect others to implicitly trust them, despite their own past lies proved (aka politicians’ mantra).

  • Callousness and lack of empathy.

  • Criminal versatility.

  • Cunning and manipulativeness.

  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions.

  • Superficial charm.

  • Impulsive irresponsibility.

  • Lack of remorse or guilt.

  • Parasitic lifestyle.

  • Pathological lying.

  • Poor behavioural controls.

  • Superficial expression of emotion.

Frank McGregor Honorary Consul United Ki
POLITICS 00 Facebook Clan Gregor -Overt
Frank McGregor Honorary Consul United Ki
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Brotherhood Masons Stephen Knight.jpg

Some of Rob Roy's paternal grandfathers from 1300s were the first several chiefs  of Clan Gregor, you#d think that'd entitle me to at least a minimal amount of respect from The Clan Gregor Society in 2020. Alas they love to bask in the spotlight of my ancestors but refuse to acknowledge the political injustices aimed at me, I haven't asked for help, only recognition.

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